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2013-07-26 09:20 1011655 Anonymous (1359628529465.jpg 1024x640 180kB)
Sup /lgbt/ Im really depressed. I was enjoying hormones, but this last week's been shit. Several people have mentioned to me that i "dress like a boy" and it just shattered my confidence. I thought i was doing good, but after talking with some people on here we came to the conclusion i was undergoing it with just skinny jeans and girly tshirts, hell people are probs thinking im gay. The worst part is my face is not awfully male, it's rather androgynous. But i have somewhat broad shoulders and manly arms, which i feel just shit all over anything i try and do. But then again a part of me knows that the hormones should eventually make those arms girly as most of it is muscle and not bone structure, but im worried that will never happen. Im only 2 and a half months in and im not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and i seriously feel like killing myself. Im not going to, because of that part of me that knows i haven't given this enough time...but that dosen't stop it feeling any less shit. Can any MTF's share things to cheer me up? I will share what i have in regards to transition timelines ect

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>>1011655 and another

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>>1011677 The top middle picture looks like Lily from VTM:B. Just saying.

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>>1011741 haha

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18 min later 1011802 Rhythm Emotion
A good amount of transwomen have what I call the 3 month hump. It's when they reach that 3rd month of hormones but start losing hope. It's when it becomes an uphill battle. Just keep going. Once you get over the "hump" it'll start becoming a much smoother ride. Around the 6 month on hormones is when things will usually start getting better. You're very early on hormones, so you're already expecting way to much. These things take time.

22 min later 1011834 Anonymous
>>1011802 oh that makes me feel better, thanks.

25 min later 1011850 Anonymous
>>1011655 Hey, I remember you from a thread a couple of nights ago! My best advice is to not worry about it. I'm only just now starting HRT, but I wear girly clothes and I've practiced my voice and i'm good with makeup, so it's okay. Yeah, I still have some broad shoulders and my manly arms and slight gut get me down sometimes, but you have to keep in mind that irl, people aren't on the lookout for trans people. If you make it painfully obvious that you're female (without just looking like a total slut or an awkward lolita or something) no one will think twice. People don't give a second glance to you on the street. If you look slightly female and you act female, no one is even thinking about whether or not you're trans. It's just not something on anyone's mind. There are plenty of women with broad shoulders, big arms and hands, manly jawlines, adam's apples, etc. If you act confident, you'll be fine.

26 min later 1011853 Anonymous
>>1011802 I'm coming on 3 months, starting to grow boobs(getting really self-conscious about hiding them) I've been alternating all week between hating presenting male and doubting whether I'm trans, examining my past for reasons that'd make me feel this way and I don't want to feel this way any more but I hate being a man and I have nobody to talk to about any of this and I really feel myself cracking. One night, my father left the room, I was alone, and I just started crying right there.

29 min later 1011868 Anonymous
>>1011802 Thanks, that makes me feel way better. >>1011850 That's the thing though...i don't know how to "Act female". I mean, i am me and i never really thought about it. But if my mannerisms are wrong after years of fooling myself into thinking i am male, then i need to fix it. I just don't know where to start cause everyone says "observe women" but that seems creepy to me.

31 min later 1011877 Rhythm Emotion (1366382448391.png 1000x2386 2944kB)
>>1011834 Pic related to kinda show what I was talking about. >>1011853 Everyone has doubts. But you wouldn't have gotten this far if you didn't believe you were trans, right? Just don't lose hope and keep going! If you truly believe your life will be better presenting as a girl, then go for it! If you're so worried about passing, then put an effort to help pass. Diet and exercising will go a long ways. Face is a problem, but a lot of transwomen tend to exaggerate their situation. In truth, it's unlikely you will have a very super ultra cute attractive face that barely any cis women have, but you will still likely get a face that passes.

31 min later 1011879 Anonymous
Do the people who said it know you're trans? Because people tend to hold trans people to being more feminine/ masculine than average, skinnies and a t-shirt are what most of my (cis) girl friends wear most of the time. Are they dressed too much like a guy?

32 min later 1011886 Anonymous
>>1011868 I don't mean your mannerisms. Again, there are probably women with way more feminine mannerisms than you. No one actually pays that close attention to the little things. They do make a difference, but only really if someone is actually on the lookout for trans people--which no one ever is. When I say 'act like a woman' I just mean act like yourself, act like you know you're a woman and there's nothing else to it. Don't go changing your behavior just to fit the little weird physical things that only some women even do. If you just dress up more and are confident, no one's gonna give it a second thought.

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>>1011879 1 did, one did not.

35 min later 1011901 Anonymous
>>1011886 Im more worried im doing something that makes me instantly look male and not even realising it.

41 min later 1011927 Anonymous
>>1011901 there is nothing you can do to avoid instantly looking male

42 min later 1011928 Anonymous
>>1011901 Unfortunately, this isn't the kind of thing anyone can say without meeting you, but I don't think there really is anything you can do that'll get you instantly read as male or anything like that, assuming you're trying to be feminine.

46 min later 1011952 Anonymous
early hrt makes you a vampire.

48 min later 1011957 Anonymous
>>1011952 Not OP, but does it get better by the end? I really need to know, im considering going on hormones but i don't want to end up looking like a freak by the end

52 min later 1011972 Anonymous
>>1011957 better than being a man

59 min later 1011994 MoapChan
>>1011655 Dress how you feel comfortable, Im over a year on hormones and Im still not confident enough to wear a skirt or dress on most days. Also having one or two manly features wont stop you from passing, I have a tree trunk neck and a pretty solid chin and I pass allright, Id post pics but Im on my moms labtop and dont have any on hand. Two months is nothing, wait four more, or talk to your doctor about raising your prescription. >>1011879 That is true, people will really scrutinize you as being more/less feminine than a real girl. Ignore it because people are stupid. >>1011901 Worrying about it is normal, and its going to happen. Don't let it phase you if it happens, if you appear unconfident or weak about it, people will leap on it like a hungry wolf. That's easier said than done, I know. From one mtf to another, you're just going to have to be strong and know it gets better. I promise.

59 min later 1011996 Anonymous
>>1011686 that picture reaks of boo hoo i cant be a woman because i have no friends.

1 hours later 1011999 Z
>>1011655 u want to kill uself because of ur inadequate hormones supplement retard

1 hours later 1012015 Anonymous
>>1011999 This you need to raise your estrogen levels + hook yourself on progesterone

1 hours later 1012090 Anonymous
>>1012015 I am on these 2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levono rgestrel http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethiny l_estradiol So estrogen and progesterone.

1 hours later 1012106 Anonymous
>>1012090 And i have noticed boob growth, but what i really want is my face to swing over to the female side so people look at me and think "girl in guy clothes" Then i would feel comfortable putting a dress on without worrying im gonna get bashed

1 hours later 1012117 Anonymous
While googling about hormones, i found this guys. http://hoydenabouttown.com/20091018 .6873/quick-hit-want-androcur-join- the-sex-offender-registry/ IS THIS FUCKING SERIOUS? Australians, what the fuck do you have to say for yourselves?

1 hours later 1012124 Anonymous
>>1012117 My god, Australia confirmed for land of bigots. I know i won't be taking a holiday there.

1 hours later 1012135 Anonymous
>>1012124 This. Fucking thought this was a joke to begin with, it turns out they're serious. Australia placing trans people on the sex offenders list? Unbelievable.

2 hours later 1012213 Anonymous
>>1012117 Oh okay, that's just fucking retarded without even mentioning trans people.

4 hours later 1012431 Anonymous
>>1011877 As a 29-year-old just starting HRT, this makes me feel all kinds of good.

12 hours later 1015172 Anonymous
>>1011893 Sigh... my problem is that there is virtually no space between my eyes and my eyebrows.

15 hours later 1016093 Anonymous
>>1015172 What does that look like?

15 hours later 1016260 Anonymous
>>1012431 That person had a pretty androgynous face and small body frame to begin with though.

16 hours later 1016485 Anonymous
>>1016260 You're right. Everyone should just hate themselves forever and give up because there's no possible hope to ever be happy. Your post has opened my eyes. ATTENTION TRANS FOLKS: WE SHOULD ALL GIVE UP AND KILL OURSELVES BECAUSE WE CAN NEVER EVER BE PRETTY AND IF WE THINK WE CAN WE ARE WRONG AND DELUDING OURSELVES.

16 hours later 1016701 Anonymous
>>1016260 >>1016485 But in all seriousness mate, what was the point of your post? "It helps if you already look a bit alright before you transition." No shit, Sherlock!

16 hours later 1016703 Anonymous
I'm just an average, boring heterosexual male but I love this thread & find it somewhat inspiring. Especially >>1011877

28 hours later 1020214 Anonymous
>>1011698 wth passable right away. wowww

29 hours later 1020354 Anonymous
>>1020214 hair is a large portion of passing imo. it takes less than you think to pass.

56 hours later 1028238 Anonymous
>>1011686 Requesting name of herb that softened and firmed skin appearance pls thanks.

58 hours later 1028667 Anonymous
can someone post more timelines? so i can show them to my mother because I fear she's not going to be supportive because she thinks all trans look like freaks, so timelines will def help

66 hours later 1031130 Anonymous (IMG_20130729_022227.jpg 960x1280 343kB)
This thread is seriously making me feel excited about HRT seeing these results, I'm hoping I can look as good as these people D-do you think I-I'll look good, l-legbutt senpai?

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