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2013-07-26 08:26 1011220 Anonymous (Asexual_Harassment_by_eviltogepi.jpg 398x267 34kB)
tell me why you think asexuality doesn't exist

1 min later 1011231 Anonymous
It does, but most people who say they are, aren't.

2 min later 1011247 Anonymous
I don't think that

28 min later 1011441 Anonymous
Do you consider asexual to mean not having any sexuality at all, but still sometimes acting on sexual urges?

30 min later 1011461 Anonymous
>>1011441 no, I consider asexuality to be not attracted sexually to either gender, which means they never have any sexual urges

33 min later 1011487 Anonymous
What the fuck is with asexuals and cake? It's not fucking cute, it never was, it's just annoying and makes you all sound like children.

37 min later 1011519 Anonymous
>>1011487 one person said cake was better than sex and a bunch of other people jumped on that, I don't actually like cake or any sweet pastries, I prefer salty snacks, like fries, chips, or pretzels, but the best thing is coffee

2 hours later 1012066 Anonymous
>>1011519 Mmmm. Coffee. The best cakes are ones like cheese cake. I am not sure how many people who call themselves asexual are. I sort of doubt people who go on about asexuals totally being able to want sex and still be asexual, but I feel like doubting people would be kind of hypocritical. Call yourself what you like, what does it matter to me? They will either settle down as actually some suxual sexuality in a few years, and the new crop of people just discovering the internet will probably have a new thing they can be.

2 hours later 1012102 Anonymous
Because...basically put almost all living organisms main purpose is to procreate--which means fucking. People who don't want to fuck are seen as a black sheep because, well, they're not adhering to that rule

3 hours later 1012179 Anonymous (tumblr_lsjrnij3HS1qa80geo1_400[1].gif 400x226 508kB)
Asexuality does exist, however, the term has been taken over by bored white (late) teenage girls who want to be different. When one of these bored white girls say to you that they are asexual, and then complain that their boyfriends aren't fucking them enough, in all seriousness, something is amiss, you just have to call "bullshit". Not feeling the need or desire for sex, okay, fair enough your asexual, but just how fucking quantifiable is sexual attraction?

3 hours later 1012194 Anonymous
>>1012179 I had someone tell me she was asexual. 18 month relationship with only 3 months of sex at the beginning and very rarely masturbated. It wasn't long before I started having sex with her and it was obvious she was sex-starved, it was excellent. She definitely had a functioning sex drive but I think for some reason she isn't comfortable with it.

3 hours later 1012282 Anonymous
I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT. Like, is it due to chemical imbalances or something? A fear of physical intimacy? Do you not like how it feels? Are you telling me that when you were teenagers, you DIDN'T spend most of your time jacking off? What DID you do?

4 hours later 1012329 Anonymous
>>1012282 Like, you guys must've gotten really good grades.

4 hours later 1012386 Anonymous
>>1012102 >almost all living organisms ALMOST all... Which excludes humans, since the memes that occur in their brains matter more than their genes (prove me wrong). Why would a mind want to spread genes, it has nothing to do with its interests.

5 hours later 1012407 Anonymous
There is no reason for asexual pride to exist. Gays and lesbians want to be able to be open about their sexuality because they want to find other homosexuals to date. Trans folk wants equal rights because they want to do something in public that is not yet accepted by society. Asexuals can just... not date.

5 hours later 1012418 Anonymous
Asexuality exists but a lot of people that claim they are asexual aren't. I had a female friend that claimed she's asexual but it was obvious she was a lesbian and a few months later she came out. I think for some people it's just easier to say "I'm asexual" than "I'm gay".

5 hours later 1012420 Anonymous
>>1012102 Well if you decrale yourself as asexual, that might cause problems, but no one's going to discriminate you for not having sex. And, asexuals may want to procreate, same with gay guys but they don't actually like the girl sexually. Have you heard of couples who don't want to make children even if they can?

5 hours later 1012440 Anonymous
Being asexual must be so nice. I hate being reminded that I'm an animal. Getting someone to have sex with you wastes a lot of time and effort too when I could be doing something more productive

11 hours later 1014229 Anonymous
>>1012282 They just plain don't think of it much, at all. Some did jack off, but likely just to get it out of the way. >>1012329 Unless they traded the time they would've spent on sex-related things, on other monotonous things like vidya or something else not related to their classes.

11 hours later 1014275 Anonymous (thatawkward.jpg 550x774 357kB)
>>1012179 >but just how fucking quantifiable is sexual attraction? A lot apparently which is kind of depressing. I'll fap but not to the idea of having sex. Some people have sex while still saying that they're asexual which is kind of silly. >>1012282 I feel like I'm a biromantic asexual, but I don't fear physical intimacy. I want intimacy but not sex. I wouldn't mind having someone to cuddle with while watching movies or play video games. It's sort of a turn off if that makes any sense. Not the most abhorrent thing, but it's more the fact that I don't actively seek it so it doesn't get to that point. Also about hormone levels, I don't know. I think I'm old enough to know when I don't want/desire something and hormone imbalances shouldn't be that long lasting unless it was really obvious. Some people have been tested and were found to have normal hormone levels. I don't feel like it's something I need to do. On oppression/whatever, I don't feel the need to be included in the LGBT movement so it doesn't bother me. I feel like homo/bi/pan-romantic people can still be oppressed/part of the movement, though. I think people assume that all asexuals are also aromantic...

22 hours later 1018576 Anonymous
bump and stuff

22 hours later 1018643 Anonymous
>>1011487 Yeah, I have to admit the asexual community is fucking annoying as a whole. I went to Aven a few times and decided I couldn't stand the cake shit and the general weebish nature of a lot of the members.

23 hours later 1018763 Anonymous
Because its fun to see them get all butthurt

23 hours later 1018870 Anonymous
Who cares about asexuals. They're boring.

23 hours later 1018926 Anonymous
>>1014275 I will repeat what I said the first time this image was posted: If the guy was that hot I would get excited too. And I add, I would let him do it as many times as he wished.

23 hours later 1018938 Anonymous
I don't mind asexuals, as long as they don't start doing asexual things around me. I respect people's right to be themselves. But I don't want to see them gushing over toy trains in public or whatever it is that asexuals do. That's disgusting, I want to see some people getting laid proper.

24 hours later 1019134 Anonymous
Don't believe in asexuals? Try dating one.

24 hours later 1019335 Anonymous
There are people who believe it doesn't exist? I've never met one, but it doesn't sound completely implausible. We had one deliver a monologue during our Coming Out Monologues, was bretty good.

25 hours later 1019468 ¤čteven Beard
Asexuals are just people that society has rejected to the point of sexual retardation. It's a respectable excuse for virginity.

25 hours later 1019492 Anonymous (hlTPIEM.jpg 827x966 208kB)
Which one and why?

25 hours later 1019493 Anonymous
its does. you just shouldn't be a part of lgbt stuff. you have nothing to fight for other than public awareness that you're an awful date.

25 hours later 1019505 Anonymous

25 hours later 1019606 Anonymous (asexcake.jpg 412x511 68kB)

25 hours later 1019642 Anonymous
>>1019492 >ultra tumbler shit I feel oppressed as an Asexual when i full monk status and i have to deal with faggots who are just bitches

26 hours later 1019695 Anonymous
>>1019606 The cake... The cake is a lie!

27 hours later 1019987 Anonymous (booty.jpg 400x241 27kB)

28 hours later 1020200 Anonymous (ngbbs4905a3f3ef50e.jpg 478x357 18kB)
Why do I see more asexual threads than bisexual threads? Inb4 reply with stereotype/generic insults.

28 hours later 1020202 Anonymous
>>1020200 because /lgbt/ hates bisexuals get used to it.

28 hours later 1020203 Anonymous
>>1020200 Because bi threads are trollbait now.

28 hours later 1020213 Anonymous
>>1011220 >tell me why you think asexuality doesn't exist No, I think it exists. But I do have doubts, because I keep finding out the people who call themselves asexuals are 14 year olds who go "Oh hey suddenly I am having exceptions!" a month later, or because of all the "grey" asexuals. That's not asexuality that's just you being really fucking picky.

28 hours later 1020219 Anonymous (1374376797904.png 462x320 19kB)
>>1020202 no. respectful discussion or gtfo

36 hours later 1021578 Anonymous (1374145952010.jpg 500x333 53kB)

36 hours later 1021653 Anonymous
>>1021578 >coral and sponges Of all the asexual life forms out there, why coral and sponges?

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