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2013-07-26 06:25 1010403 Anonymous (1344047632282.gif 300x321 62kB)
I just read through maybe 10 posts and I don't understand a single fucking "movement" term you faggots use. Maybe the reason why nobody cares about your position in the world is because you've already isolated yourselves in a bubble of bullshit and made-up words in order to label yourselves as something "unique" and "different" when in the end we're all people and you can't be satisfied with that. I mean think about it! Really just think about it. The only reason this whole "lgbt" movement exists is because you wanted to give yourselves a label which has no relevance to the real world at all.

15 min later 1010497 Anonymous
>>1010403 >The only reason this whole "lgbt" movement exists is [...] Also marriage and adoption and shit

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