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2013-07-26 04:48 1009815 Anonymous (1345284398350.jpg 291x297 10kB)
>http://patdollard.com/2013/07/it-b egins-pedophiles-call-for-same-righ ts-as-homosexuals/ >Using the same tactics used by “gay” rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals. >Critics of the homosexual lifestyle have long claimed that once it became acceptable to identify homosexuality as simply an “alternative lifestyle” or sexual orientation, logically nothing would be off limits. “Gay” advocates have taken offense at such a position insisting this would never happen. However, psychiatrists are now beginning to advocate redefining pedophilia in the same way homosexuality was redefined several years ago. >mfw /pol/ was right again

2 min later 1009824 twerk it (Toshusai_Sharaku-_Otani_Oniji,_1794.jpg 427x647 103kB)
i don't have to time or patience for this shit so ill be cheap and point out that the very first reply opens with "logic dictates..." followed by someone whining about liberals.

3 min later 1009828 Anonymous
If straight people allow pedophiles to fuck children, that's not gay people's fault.

4 min later 1009833 Anonymous
>>1009815 >a pedo asking for rights >it was the jews! >muh tribalist nationalism based on shitty logic and emotional reactions /pol/ is my go-to board and you're a fucking retard

5 min later 1009836 Anonymous
> not knowing that the pedophiles have been doing this since the 60s > not knowing that the gays kicked them out of the GLBT movement in the 60s, because child rape is not defensible like gay sex is stay pleb

14 min later 1009881 Anonymous
Well, pedophilia IS the same as homo/heterosexuality in that it's a form of sexual attraction that the person has no control over. However, it should not be advocated as an "acceptable alternative lifestyle" because children cannot consent to sexual acts because they don't know the gravity of the situation nor the consequences of it. It can't be rehabilitated, but I don't think that a pedophile who has never touched a child or even come close should be demonized for something they can't control.

22 min later 1009927 CMPWhiteBox
Jesus fucking christ. The comments thread of that page was horrifying. There was one guy in there acting rational and provoking conversation about the subject, and EVERYONE just dismissed him as an "indoctrinated homosexual pedophile," when he explicitly stated that he was straight. THESE PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE.

28 min later 1009961 Anonymous
>>1009833 Just like this is my go to board to laugh at fags in drag. It's not like what the article is saying is wrong. We should all fight to advance the LGBPT agenda.

57 min later 1010134 Anonymous (polgbt2.png 772x1818 43kB)
>>1009828 this. I thought you're better than that, /pol/

1 hours later 1010249 Anonymous
>>1009927 'muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrica

1 hours later 1010256 Anonymous
>>1010134 Don't assume anything positive of /pol/. It's always a let down coated lavishly in neo-nazi hopes that Hitler was right.

1 hours later 1010261 Anonymous
Pretty much all of that stuff was already happening in the early 60's to the early 80's via the homophile movement. Until 1994, NAMBLA was a *large* organization and was invited major pride parades. They were only kicked from the UN-recognized International Lesbian and Gay Association after Clinton wrote a law strong-arming them into doing so. And Harry Hay, the father of the modern LGBT movement, supported NAMBLA's inclusion until the very end. This has all happened before.

1 hours later 1010269 Anonymous
>>1009836 They weren't really kicked out until 1994, though

1 hours later 1010287 Anonymous (pppuv.jpg 680x510 184kB)
>>1010134 >that picture

1 hours later 1010306 Anonymous (X4dAi.gif 371x331 2037kB)
The fact is they're right in that pedo's can't help their attraction to children. But ever wanting permission to have a "relationship" or any kind of sexual contact with a child is obviously never going to be accepted in most parts of the world, at least not for a long, LONG time. I mean shit, if anything people are becoming even more protective of their kids. No one would ever accept an adult/child relationship. Shit, even adult/teenager relationships are taboo as fucking hell and illegal in most places, as they should be. That shit would need to be accepted LONG before adult/children relationships would.

1 hours later 1010500 Anonymous
>>1009815 If the argument from gay rights activists truly were as simple as "all forms of love are beautiful," then, yes, aside from a few technicalities (such as the fact that children cannot legally consent), the gay rights movement would have supported pedophiles. However, the real argument was, "homosexuality really is love, and all real love is good," which allows for the possibility that pedophilia isn't real love; it's just sexual attraction with no ability to yield meaningful emotional connection. In the end, that difference is significant enough to allow people to support one and not the other. The logical next step isn't pedophilia. It's group marriage. I don't see the arguments leading anywhere from there. At least not at the moment.

2 hours later 1010611 Anonymous
there is little evidence that voluntary pedophilia harms children

2 hours later 1010633 Anonymous
>>1010611 How much evidence is there for voluntary pedophilia? As well, it could easily be argued that most cases of "harmful" pedophilia are retro-defined as being against the child's will, whereas "harmless" pedophilia is considered, by the child, to have been consented.

2 hours later 1010672 Anonymous
no non no no no no no CONSENT THAT IS AN OPERATIVE WORD. and that doesn't include the go ahead by sick pimps either. shit no does no one think, how is this even an issue.

2 hours later 1010711 Anonymous
>>1010611 >implying relevancy

2 hours later 1010732 Anonymous
>>1010633 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rind_e t_al._controversy Normally the child sexual abuse studies are done on children that's been in court or treatment. This is comparable with comparing the effects of heterosexual sex by talking to rape victims. This one study was done on college students and did not come to the conclusion that it was especially harmful. Obviously that generated a lot of controversy, people claiming the study is flawed because asking college students "introduces a systematic bias by excluding victims so traumatized that they did not go on to attend college." That's really grasping for straws, considering how studies are normally conducted.

2 hours later 1010798 Anonymous
>>1010732 studying pedophilia in general is all about not conducting studies normally

3 hours later 1011085 Anonymous
The main question I have to ask is what exactly do pedos want. To marry children(don't see the point in that) or the ability for them to consent?

3 hours later 1011257 Anonymous
Pedophiles should wait until they can transfigure their bodies to look exactly like that of children before they go on about "rights". What rights? The right to fuck children? Hell no, that's not comparable to gay sex. However, pedophiles are totally going to look like little kids and have sex with each other. And there's going to be a whole heck of a lot of people who are going to want to stop them from trying to look like children. In which case, there's actually a case for that. What right does the government have to tell people what they can look like?

3 hours later 1011265 Anonymous
>>1010500 >the next stop is polygamy >the Mormons will be on the side of not fucking people over for once It's a strange world we live in.

3 hours later 1011287 closeted /pol/ anon
>>1009815 We tried to warn you

4 hours later 1011467 Anonymous
Fact: Murder is illegal and having sex with preteens is illegal. Fact: If someone is worried about constant fantasies about violence, that person can visit a shrink and be treated without the pigs being informed about a potential killer. Fact: If someone is worried about constant fantasies about raping preteens, then there's places where that person can't meet a shrink for treatment, because the shrink has a legal obligation to snitch to the pigs. So if it's good that potential killers can be treated without the pigs knowing anything about it, why can't kiddie fiddlers be treated in peace?

5 hours later 1011914 Anonymous
>>1011467 Because experience has taught the doctors and the police that most people who claim to have fantasies about violence are just edgy wimps that wouldn't know violence if they were knee deep in a pool of it. Maybe for every 1000 people who talk about violence there's one who will ever do anything more harmful then push somebody. Pedophilia desires almost always lead to pedophile actions against children eventually, though. Also, you have to understand that many cops and doctors are still very stupid and believe that everybody chooses every single thing they do or think about in their life. So somebody who's thinking about doing other people harm is just considering his options, and violence is celebrated still most everywhere. But somebody who chooses to think about fucking children is obviously not trustworthy.

5 hours later 1011949 Anonymous
Now, I'm not completely adverse to the idea that pedophilia could be a sexuality as well as a... fetish. But I seriously have no idea how these guys can think that the relationship between two consenting adults (or teenagers) is the same as an adult and a child, where one party could give verbal consent, but not informed consent - they don't have any idea what it's all about. It is obviously harmful to the child if they are exposed to activity like this at a young age, come on. This poem fits quite nicely. >Roses are red >Violets are blue >Don't have sex with something >That can't consent for you

5 hours later 1011976 Anonymous
If pedos think its a sexual orientation, do teenage boys with things for milfs have their own sexual orientation too?

5 hours later 1011984 Sage
>>1009815 Changing the definition of paedophilia isn't somehow going to make it okay to fuck kids. They're just being clearer on what paedophilia is, which is a sexual orientation. Only a moron would think that this is somehow going to lead to legalised child molesting.

5 hours later 1011993 Anonymous
>>1011984 Sage, we all know you are a pedo, just leave.

5 hours later 1011998 Anonymous
>>1011984 But sexual orientation refers to the sex of person you're attracted to; nothing else. Things in regards to age, appearance, race, etc are just fetishes/kinks.

5 hours later 1012003 Anonymous
This is what happens when instead of giving reasoning for why gay adults are the same as straight adults you just yell "EQUALITY" at everything.

5 hours later 1012007 Anonymous
>>1011976 lol >>1011949 >>1011984 In ancient times fucking children was the norm, even celebrated, and hardly illegal. 20 year olds were considered old women. Personally, I think it's about culture. It's become culturally unacceptable to fuck children, this morality is nothing innate. In other words, if culture dictated that children were desirable like in the Middle East or Spain, then people would be fucking little girls and boys. The fire and brimstone people have for pedophiles is completely learned, reversible, and it's already fairly muted. People just like to giggle about pedo jokes, stare wide eyed in amazement around the coffee machine at work with their mouths hanging open, etc. There's very little real hate expressed out there, and what is never seems that real. Of course, that doesn't stop people from MAKING it real, with laws and such. People hate gays because of the bible. That's changing because legally it's obviously unfair, and also obviously there's no logical reason to fear gay marriage or anything, so with a whole lot of work it's righting itself. But anti-pedo laws are based in fact. Children are much easier to talk into things that will cost them dearly than adults are, too easily talked into things, and especially by adults as opposed to other children.

5 hours later 1012009 Anonymous
>>1011998 It didn't refer to anything until you invented homosexuality fifthy years ago. Stop thinking there is any objective truth in any of this.

5 hours later 1012022 Sage
>>1011998 I guess I can see what you're saying. It is more fetish than orientation. But both of those are just part of sexual identity - how you identify and position yourself within sexual situations. So it all sort of comes under one roof, but I totally agree its more fetish than not.

5 hours later 1012030 Anonymous
>>1012007 It kinda comes down to something important to 4chan culture...when does it become illegal to talk people into things? Talking others into suicide? That's obviously illegal. Talking people into commiting murder? That's obviously illegal. And yet people who do these things are hardly ever punished as severely as other criminals, and that's if they MEANT to do it. Why? They were trying to do it, they certainly thought it would work or they would have tried something else. They usually see the effects their words are happening before the deed is completed. If they just ACCIDENTLY talked someone into doing something like that, then it's not illegal, but if you accidently kill another person with your car or whatever that is illegal. What about talking people into hating other people? Talking people into being racist, or homophobic? That's not illegal, not in the U.S. anyway, maybe under certain circumstances in Germany and what-have-you. I mean, it is illegal if it's incredibly incredibly overt, like teaching that the others are not human and don't deserve to live and where they hang out and whatnot. It's legal to talk your children into almost anything, but illegal to talk other adults into some of those same things. It's all a confusing mine-field. But one thing people have pretty well settled on is that you have to be very careful about talking OTHER people's children into things, people get up in arms over that in school, when it comes to in-school-prayer, when it comes to evolution, and then of course sex. In the U.S. at least you have no right to talk any child into having sex no matter what, unless you yourself are a child. I think that's the right stance, since they're so easily swayed and what they learn as a child will impact the rest of their life.

5 hours later 1012044 Anonymous
>>1011467 It is NOT the legal obligation of a doctor/psychiatrist to report a pedophile to the police IF the pedophile has never acted upon those urges. It is technically possible for pedophiles to be treated without being reported as long as they haven't actually committed the crime. The only time a doctor is obligated to report to the police is if the crime has been committed, or a threat to commit the crime has been made.

5 hours later 1012055 Anonymous
>>1012044 Meh, doctors have a lot of leeway in what they can deem a "threat." And trust me, that same thing is true of claims that you're having violent thoughts. Trust me. It's just that if you tell a doctor you're a pedo, there's a very good chance that they will tell somebody, because culturally they've been taught that pedos always act, pedo is always wrong, and that pedos are liar when they say they won't do it. When it comes to violence, culture has taught doctors that most of the time it's just someone trying to look tough, that nothing comes of it almost every time, and that people are liars when they say that they WILL commit violent acts.

5 hours later 1012056 Anonymous
This doesn't make any sense. Pedophiles already have all the same rights as straight people. Anyone who fucks a minor is committing statutory rape and no group will ever gain the right to fuck/marry people without that persons consent. Their only way of being allowed to fuck kids is to lower the age of consent and even with that it's the kids gaining rights not the pedophiles.

5 hours later 1012058 Anonymous
its natural being pedohile, but misusing your powers to have sex with a child shold still be punishible the same way its allways been.

11 hours later 1013113 Anonymous
>>1012058 >the way its always been One problem, the majority of human history has it as legal so you could say it's part of our DNA and this recent criminality is learned due to : muh chilling, muh morals and the bittersweet doubling of our life spans.

12 hours later 1013187 Anonymous
>>1012055 Do you have evidence to back this up? Doctor-patient confidentiality is an ethic most doctors, especially psychiatrists, take very seriously. I will not believe that a doctor is more likely to snitch on a person who has thought of pedophilia than a person who has thought of violence unless you provide evidence.

12 hours later 1013214 Anonymous
>>1013187 it's more a matter of what doctors perceive as more of a threat, violent threats in this day and age aren't very often followed through with actual violence, where as the only time people are usually exposed to pedophilia is when they hear of a child who got molested, therefore it's easier for anybody, even a doctor, to consider a pedophile a higher threat to society then someone who says they want to hurt people/

44 hours later 1023516 Anonymous
>>1009815 >it-begins >pedophiles have begun Was this article written in the 70s?

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