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2013-03-09 03:56 9013398 Anonymous (1361210403591.png 3039x1941 401kB)
Describe people from different countries according to each accent/language with a catchphrase or adjectives EEUU: richfags or niggas(however always talkative bitches, they always remind me to pretentious rich bitches) UK: pretentious France: pretentious and faggy Italy: funny people Portugal: huehuehue Brazil: huehuehue Mexico: Drunk and noisy Chile: In a hurry Chinese: ping pong chin chong Cuba: Generic caribbean accent Germany: Nazispeak South Africa: goblinspeak Russia: Cold and distant speak, however sexy in some weird way Japan: BANZAI!

1 min later 9013429 Freedom Fries (murika.png 178x187 57kB)
>Argentina >white

5 min later 9013474 Anonymous (fdfdf.gif 184x160 4kB)

6 min later 9013500 Anonymous
>we're not listed eat shit, negrito

8 min later 9013527 Anonymous

12 min later 9013582 Freedom Fries (spain.png 603x300 59kB)
>>9013474 >Spain >revelant

14 min later 9013608 Anonymous
>>9013500 stfu pibe de las papas

15 min later 9013629 Anonymous
>>9013608 >Pibe de las papas Es un nombre para un tema de los redondos.

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