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2013-03-09 03:47 9013250 Anonymous (western-australia-kangaroo-beach.jpg 700x494 41kB)
Why does /int/ have a hard on for canada? Australia is superior in every way. >higher hdi >beaches >better weather >distinguishable from america >etc Also, I'm not trying to hate on canada, it's a great country (any anglosphere country is god tier) it just seems that straya has them beat in everything.

2 min later 9013294 Anonymous
>Land of attractive men, ugly women >ungodly heat spikes >spiders the size of dinner plates Nah, I like it here in america.

7 min later 9013364 Anonymous (1362796939450.gif 210x209 38kB)

9 min later 9013403 Anonymous
causes more immigrants to go to canada >le happy khaki wearing man with cold hands

10 min later 9013413 Anonymous
>>9013250 Because I prefer cold and snow to heat and beaches. I'd rather live in Canada, plus if I wanted to make a quick trip to the land of the free it would take me way less time.

14 min later 9013468 Anonymous
There's nothing there.

51 min later 9014069 Anonymous

53 min later 9014094 Anonymous
>>9013250 Fuck off

57 min later 9014182 Anonymous
Because it's the nearest and therefore more exposure

57 min later 9014189 Anonymous

58 min later 9014202 Anonymous
so fucking fat my god

1 hours later 9014246 Anonymous (australia flag one.jpg 500x251 12kB)
Canada had nuclear power before Australia, suck it.

10 hours later 9021864 Anonymous
>Land of attractive men, ugly women lel, I visited gold coast last year and this is false.

10 hours later 9021895 Anonymous
>>9021864 Australian women are disgusting whales.

10 hours later 9021900 Anonymous

10 hours later 9021907 Anonymous
Canada has guns.

10 hours later 9021930 Anonymous
>>9021895 Really? Maybe in Sydney or Melbourne, not in Gold Coast.

10 hours later 9021931 Anonymous (gypsy2jp1[1].jpg 430x505 53kB)
>>9021895 >serbia

10 hours later 9021935 Anonymous
fuck off cunt, Australia is full

10 hours later 9021965 Anonymous (zyzz_profilethumborig[1].jpg 482x720 57kB)
>>9021907 We have guns also.

10 hours later 9021967 Anonymous
>>9021931 I lived in Australia, you can't fool me.

10 hours later 9021990 Anonymous
>>9021967 List three mites then.

10 hours later 9021999 Anonymous
Where's Australia?

10 hours later 9022012 Anonymous
>>9021967 Who invited this slav to the party?

10 hours later 9022016 Anonymous
>>9021930 >confirmed for tourist who's was just in australia for gold coast >probably thinks canberra is a big city

10 hours later 9022034 Anonymous
>nogunz >abos >small tits are illegal lel

10 hours later 9022036 Anonymous
>>9022026 gold coast is shit tier city. we dump the tourists there and charge everything at rip-off prices

10 hours later 9022042 Anonymous
>>9021930 For Australian standards Gold Coast is a rich city or a normal city?

10 hours later 9022053 Anonymous
>>9022034 we have guns abos are 2% small tits are legal Next please.

10 hours later 9022056 Anonymous
>>9022016 >never been to canberra >thinks it's small

10 hours later 9022098 Anonymous
>>9022036 >Gold Coast >shit tier city How can anyone hate Gold Coast?

10 hours later 9022118 Anonymous
>>9022042 The Gold Coast is filled with bogans, drug dealers and tourists. It's a poor city that thinks it's a rich city. It's an OK place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there. >>9021965 They're very heavily restricted compared to Canada.

11 hours later 9022131 Anonymous
Les Stroud vs Steve Irwin freestyle fight, who will win?

11 hours later 9022136 Anonymous
>>9022056 >well its sure not a fucking big city >>9022098 pretty much just a tourist and bogan paradise. if you stay more than a couple weeks, youll hate it >>9022118 if you need guns, you could get em

11 hours later 9022142 Anonymous
>>9022053 >that meal is only 2% shit, why won't you eat it?

11 hours later 9022162 Anonymous
>higher hdi There's not a big difference >beaches Since when Canada is landlocked? >better weather Cold climate is better. Just wear more shirts. Heat makes you tired and is the perfect climate for terrible diseases and insects. >distinguishable from america Canadians are not stupid. >etc You just ran out of ideas. Australia is only good to go on vacation. Nothing else. Everything is expensive as fuck, and they have some stupid laws.

11 hours later 9022167 Anonymous
>>9022142 >Aboriginal peoples in Canada totaled 1,172,790 people, or 3.8% of the national population

11 hours later 9022195 Anonymous
the dangerous animals, bugs, insects. Thats why I will never move there

11 hours later 9022202 Anonymous (thatfeel2.png 645x773 95kB)
>be me >have to go to Australia to attend a Pharmaceutical conference >make the mistake of using my Portuguese passport >everyone that was with me on the plane gets to leave the airport no questions asked >I'm interrogated by airport security guards for hours Fuck you, Australia.

11 hours later 9022208 Anonymous
>implying NZ is not the better Australia

11 hours later 9022215 Anonymous
>>9022162 >Canadians are not stupid. We have a lot more in common with Australia than with Canada.

11 hours later 9022218 Anonymous
>>9022162 >>9022034 >>9021967 >>9021935 >>9021895 >>9014246 >>9014202 >>9013413 >>9013294 OP makes an anti-Australia thread, all nations start praising and defending Australia. OP makes a pro-Australian thread, all nations start insulting and attacking Australia. Very clever.

11 hours later 9022225 Anonymous
>>9013250 >fat arrogant ignorabt people

11 hours later 9022229 Anonymous (1359088100777.jpg 379x451 71kB)
>any anglosphere country is god tier

11 hours later 9022230 Anonymous
>>9022202 It's your fault for being a muslim.

11 hours later 9022276 Anonymous
>>9022167 our government isn't run by them and our PM goes out of his way to not help them http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idle_N o_More

11 hours later 9022286 Anonymous
fuck off cunts we're full

11 hours later 9022298 Anonymous
>>9014246 Do we even have nuclear power at all yet? Don't think so

11 hours later 9022322 Anonymous
>>9022298 remove greens from the premesis next question

11 hours later 9022334 Anonymous
>Australia >not New Zealand

11 hours later 9022335 Anonymous
>>9022276 our government doesnt even have any abos in government at all, and our pm is doing literally nothing about them. we just said sorry for bad shit back in 2008 and since then just walk away

11 hours later 9022342 Anonymous
>>9022334 >>9022208 New Zealand > Australia

11 hours later 9022343 Anonymous
>>9022276 Abos weren't classified as humans until 1967. It was only Kevin Rudd who gave half a shit about then, and he's gone now.

11 hours later 9022357 Anonymous
>>9022343 he didnt really give a shit he just said "vote for me and i'll give you 3 minutes of a speech in parliament"

11 hours later 9022378 Anonymous
>>9022208 >>9022334 New Zealand is poor as shit, barely even first world, chu talkin about nigga?

11 hours later 9022401 Anonymous
>>9022378 If your not poor in New Zealand, you're living pretty good in New Zealand. A lot of people from there come to Australia to get jobs though.

11 hours later 9022860 Anonymous (1327459750676.jpg 385x383 86kB)
Australian city stereotypes: >Adelaide Literally fucking nothing. A terrible city with nothing going for it >Brisbane Hot, was really bogan, now modern and full of artfags. Served as inspiration for the videogame "Mirror's Edge" >Canberra Planned city, not a lot going on. Can grow your own weed and porn on the TV after 5 pm (I think) >Darwin Tropical dump. Can't swim in the ocean, because of wildlife, can't exist on land due to heat. >Hobart Inbred stereotypes aside, a quaint little city, cool climate, quite a lot of history >Melbourne Incredibly hipster and trendy, the most 'european' of all Australian cities. >Sydney Financial capital, chinatown, New Beirut >Perth Isolated, similar to Brisbane. Full of British expat cunts. I'm from Noosa

12 hours later 9023643 Anonymous
>>9022860 What are you doing in the UK bruv?

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