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2013-03-09 03:41 9013151 Anonymous (1355147395916.jpg 605x495 72kB)
Anglo vs Germanic + Slav + Nordic + Latin which will win??

1 min later 9013171 Anonymous

1 min later 9013176 Anonymous
No way Germs and Nodicks wouldn't work with the anglos. Either way the answer is Latin

1 min later 9013179 Anonymous
Germanic by itself would win, silly nippon...

1 min later 9013180 Anonymous
What the potato said.

1 min later 9013181 Anonymous

2 min later 9013183 Anonymous
>>9013151 the jews, the muslims and the asians

2 min later 9013184 Anonymous
mongols >>> all

2 min later 9013197 Anonymous
>>9013151 This fight is rather one-sided isn't it? Only idiots bet on Anglo

3 min later 9013210 Anonymous

4 min later 9013224 Anonymous
The whole Europe + Russia probably wouldn't stand a chance against the US.

4 min later 9013225 Anonymous
>>9013210 africans never win

4 min later 9013230 Anonymous
>>9013197 Ahem, America, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and about 30 African countries

6 min later 9013263 Anonymous
>Anglo >Race silly jap

7 min later 9013280 Anonymous
>>9013263 you silly jap bitch

7 min later 9013283 Anonymous
>>9013224 ALL of Europe? I'm not so sure.

7 min later 9013284 Anonymous
>>9013263 No one claimed it was

7 min later 9013291 Anonymous
>>9013151 Anglos would lose. Hard. At least when we get their navy which should be possible. Would be tough to get control over the USA, but hey, we have time. We could easily sperate them and slowly let them starve, send them some epidemics or something.

8 min later 9013303 Anonymous
>>9013230 you're mistaking Anglosphere with Anglos, irish friend

8 min later 9013307 Anonymous (le texas bear.png 244x284 58kB)
Anglo if it includes America!

8 min later 9013314 Anonymous
>>9013263 >any of those >races is diz nigga serious? those are ethnies there are only 3 races (4 with Capoid if you wish)

10 min later 9013330 Anonymous
>>9013280 I think he meant most their heritages derived from Germanic one

11 min later 9013336 Anonymous
ok I am OP hard-mode => no USA in Anglo side

11 min later 9013342 Anonymous
slav anytime

12 min later 9013350 Anonymous
>>9013330 yeah I know. 4chan taught that.

12 min later 9013361 Anonymous
>>9013336 Still putting my money on anglos.

13 min later 9013366 Anonymous
>>9013151 anglo is germanic.

13 min later 9013375 Anonymous
>>9013336 Which countries does Latin include? All of south america, islands mexico and the shit underneat mexico connecting it to south america?

15 min later 9013405 Anonymous
>>9013151 Anglo (excluding USA) Would own Germanic Slav and Nordic. Probably Latin too depending on which countries are included.

15 min later 9013408 Anonymous
>>9013375 whole Latin nations. of course Latin nations include South America

16 min later 9013421 Anonymous
>>9013408 I think Canada could handle them until AUS and England wipe up nords, germans, and slavs.

17 min later 9013427 Anonymous
we'll just send our emu battalions to fight the good fight >goodluck

17 min later 9013432 Anonymous
>>9013408 >Latin nations include South America Our subs could glass their entire continent without leaving base.

17 min later 9013435 Anonymous
>>9013421 Ireland + NZ too.

17 min later 9013443 Anonymous
It's basically USA vs Russia, both sides packing many nuclear weapons. Whoever wins will reign over ashes.

18 min later 9013450 Anonymous

19 min later 9013465 Anonymous
>>9013421 I don't think England stop German and Russian full-attack by themselves.

21 min later 9013496 Anonymous (1265401168626.png 500x584 73kB)
>>9013443 France is probably stronger then Russia though.

22 min later 9013502 Anonymous
>>9013465 You are underestimating their soft power.

22 min later 9013505 Anonymous
>>9013408 then Anglo nations include USA and the Commonwealth

25 min later 9013537 Anonymous
>>9013505 including USA is beginner level mode. because USA is huge power against whole world.

26 min later 9013566 Anonymous
>>9013537 Can we at least give them Texas?

27 min later 9013574 Anonymous
>>9013566 ok but only Texas.

29 min later 9013611 Anonymous
>>9013151 With or without nukes?

32 min later 9013668 Anonymous (border patrol 3.jpg 490x326 25kB)
>>9013574 Okay Canadians would reinforce Britain, Aus, NZ, Ireland in Europe. Texas would hold off all the lationo's. We have experience shooting people trying to cross the Rio Grande.

33 min later 9013672 Anonymous
>implying Latinos won't fuck USA from the inside Just as planned.

35 min later 9013705 Anonymous
>>9013672 Not all Latino's are nationalistic. The ones in Texas are actually quite patriotic to USA. And say things like " I DIDDNT IMMIGRATE TO THIS COUNTRY SO GUNS COULD BE BANNED FREEDOM!"

37 min later 9013739 Anonymous
>>9013611 no nuke

37 min later 9013744 Anonymous
>>9013668 Isn't Texas like half Hispanic? So there'd immediately be a civil war between the Anglos and Latins. Who would the blacks side with?

38 min later 9013759 Anonymous
>>9013705 That's what they want you to believe. "Keep your friends close and your ennemies even closer."

39 min later 9013766 Anonymous
>>9013705 Well it makes sense for them to be patriotic, it's gonna be their country after all

42 min later 9013820 Anonymous
>>9013744 Mexicans and other hispanics including people from spain in Texas is 35% . But I doubt they would do anything besides jump over the rio grande back into mexico.

50 min later 9013958 Anonymous
>>9013820 There are quite a lot of Hispanic families who have been in the USA for generations and have no loyalty towards Mexico. If it did come to all out war you can bet a fair number of Hispanics in the south west would be on the USA's side.

54 min later 9014014 Anonymous
>>9013151 I'd like to see the Yuros try to cross the Atlantic. S. America may be a problem, but then again we're bretty good at killing natives.

1 hours later 9014822 Anonymous (USA.gif 1190x1354 138kB)
>>9013283 >implying

5 hours later 9017791 The South is Araucárias, not Brazil
>>9013224 Nah. You Europeans are pretty much like the old Greek cities: you love to fight among yourselves, but when an external menace appears, you suddenly forget whatever internal struggle and fight together against said menace. I'm quite sure EU+Russ would win easily.

5 hours later 9017839 Anonymous
>>9014822 I've heard that because of the lack of funding the U.S. Army can lose four aircraft carriers. "John Stennis," "Eisenhower", "Ronald Reagan" and "Roosevelt".

5 hours later 9017843 Anonymous

7 hours later 9018838 Anonymous
Anglos and Nordics ARE Germanics

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