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2013-03-09 02:47 9012025 Anonymous (australia-and-united-kingdom-friendship-flag-badge-t074--2203-p.jpg 354x197 31kB)
Hey /int/, I need some answers about England and Australia. I wish to study in Radiology or Nursery. (I'm waiting for university answers to make my choice) and I want to immigrate in England or Australia but I need some answers to my questions. >Which country is easier to immigrate in ? >Which country has the best life condition ? Salary, cost of life, etc. >Do you need nurses or radiologists in your country ? >What is the pros and cons of each country ? >Which country has the best women ? If you want to add extra-information I will be happy. Additional details : >I'm 18 >I'm almost fluent in english >I'm french canadian

7 min later 9012209 Anonymous
come to australia m8, we need both and we're the answer to all of your questions the pros of living here would be the weather, which could also be a con if you dont like the sun. i dont see any reason to live in england over australia

12 min later 9012315 Anonymous
>>9012209 Watch out for the bloody dropbears and man-eating spiders Bruce!

14 min later 9012360 Anonymous
>leaving France there is no point, it doesn't get better anywhere else

15 min later 9012384 Anonymous
>>9012025 >>Which country is easier to immigrate in ? ru wite? >>Which country has the best life condition ? ru wite? >Salary, cost of life, etc. ru wite? >>Do you need nurses or radiologists in your country ? ru wite? >>What is the pros and cons of each country ? ru wite? >>Which country has the best women ? ru wite?

15 min later 9012391 Anonymous
>>9012209 Thanks for the reply m8. Do you think it's hard to immigrate in your country ? >>9012315 Hahaha, tell me more about england if you don't mind please

17 min later 9012424 Anonymous
>>9012384 im white

17 min later 9012431 Anonymous
>Which country is easier to immigrate in? They're like polar opposites. Australia: FUCK OFF WE'RE FULL England: Welcome to the UK! Here, have some free shit for becoming an immigrant!

17 min later 9012435 Anonymous
>>9012391 We get a huge chunk of immigrants every year so shouldn't be too hard. Also we have an enormous demand for nurses.

19 min later 9012468 Anonymous
>>9012435 I love the raping they get after they arrive. Love fucking me some nurse uniform poon

20 min later 9012485 Anonymous
Our minimum wage is alright, but cost of living would be significantly higher than in Canada, and most possibly the UK too.

20 min later 9012495 Anonymous
Australia better people better weather whiter WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY lower unemployment rate the chicks aren't as - well okay, they're as fat as the british but yeah, the choice couldn't be any more clear

20 min later 9012500 Anonymous
>>9012468 The immigrants? That's only if they arrive illegally, which odds are this Canadian does not plan to do.

22 min later 9012522 Anonymous
>>9012500 Even if they arrive illegally, it is they who do the raping.

23 min later 9012552 Anonymous
>>9012485 I've heard the salary are higher in Australia than Canada. Salary and cost of life is proportinal i think so it's not really a problem

29 min later 9012680 Anonymous
Britain probably has the better places to study at but Australia probably has the better life condition. They might also need the positions your looking for more than us. If you were british-canadian you would fit right in here. Not sure about french-canadian.

29 min later 9012692 Anonymous
Australia sounds like a better choice, but I need some answers from the UK

31 min later 9012735 Anonymous
My best friend is a Nurse. He just started this year. He gets paid a fuckload. I think it's around 50-60k starting. We still need Nurses though. So it shouldn't be hard for you to immigrate here at all. As for quality of life I'm sure you've heard of muh HDI. Our women are hotter but English girls are sluttier. I just want to say, don't take this decision lightly. I don't want you coming down here and then wishing you went to England.

32 min later 9012755 Anonymous
>>9012680 The language barrier should not be a problem. I'll probably be fluent in english when i'll be ready to go.

34 min later 9012793 Anonymous
>>9012735 I'll probably take my decision in 3 years (when i'll have my degree) I have enough time to think. Thanks for the nice reply sir.

1 hours later 9013272 Anonymous (1313915760297.jpg 400x301 73kB)
>>9012025 >Which country is easier to immigrate in ? derkaland obviously >Which country has the best life condition ? rofl >Do you need nurses or radiologists in your country ? no there is a massive glut in both >What is the pros and cons of each country ? australia: greatest country in the world. cons none UK: not USA is the main pro. cons too many to count >Which country has the best women ? here have an objective awnser Additional details : >I'm almost fluent in english >I'm french canadian fuckoff

1 hours later 9013381 Anonymous
>>9013272 You remind me a guy, and this guy is an autistic faggot.

1 hours later 9013419 Anonymous
>>9013272 OP, this guy is basically saying don't come to the barren convict shit hole that is Ausfailia.

1 hours later 9013558 Anonymous
>Which country is easier to immigrate in ? UK >Which country has the best life condition ? Salary, cost of life, etc. Australia >Do you need nurses or radiologists in your country ? Yes >What is the pros and cons of each country ? UK: pros: History, culture, cold weather, they cook good fish & chips. cons: small housing, Pakis and little freedom of speech, people aren't very fun to be around Australia: Pros: Freedom, easy to earn money, Large housing, friendly people and varied weather through the year. cons: Not very interesting, the place gets boring after a while. While people are friendly, they can be really annoying. Everyone thinks you are shitposting online >Which country has the best women ? Both average but you'll get more variety in Australia. Australia is probably the better choice in the long run.

1 hours later 9013635 Anonymous
>>9013558 Thanks for the nice answers mate and why everyone thinks you are shitposting online ?

1 hours later 9013667 Anonymous
what do you value more? sun or culture? would you prefer stuff to do in a regularly grey and rainy setting, or either watching American TV and surfing in the sunshine all day?

1 hours later 9013754 Anonymous
>>9013667 Watching american TV and surfing in the sunshine all day I think. But the cultural aspect of the England looks awesome and England looks more romantic.

1 hours later 9013833 Anonymous
>Which country is easier to immigrate in ? UK >Which country has the best life condition ? Aus >Do you need nurses or radiologists in your country ? Aus probably, UK has alot of Indian/Pak/African nurses in the large cities

1 hours later 9013854 Anonymous
If you go to the UK just don't pick up the phone if it's from Australia, you might get pranked and die

1 hours later 9014005 Anonymous
>>9013854 lolwut >>9013833 thanks for the nice answers man

1 hours later 9014147 Anonymous
>>9014005 A nurse couldn't handle the bants on the phone and killed herself last year

1 hours later 9014203 Anonymous
>>9014147 damn.

2 hours later 9014401 Anonymous (1362637432838.png 840x836 74kB)
australia is the best >if your white it will be very easy tome come here >mild racism (wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Australia _policy) >less tainted by fox,cnn, ect >less muslims >friends with Nz and China >hot chicks >in bakins at all these beches >lots of pubs+bar in out drinking culture but the sate of victoria fucks hospitals just a corupt at the rest of the world thats all i could think of

2 hours later 9014467 Anonymous
>>9014203 it was a joke, the bitch was unstabe in the first place

2 hours later 9014497 Anonymous
>>9012431 We're full of asians, when it comes to whites, we have boundless plains to share.

2 hours later 9014507 Anonymous
>>9014467 i know

2 hours later 9014515 Anonymous
>>9014401 >emu capital would be boss

2 hours later 9014581 Anonymous
>>9014401 Australia seems like the best choice after all theses answers

2 hours later 9014614 Anonymous
>>9014581 tbf, i'd stay in canada over the UK

2 hours later 9014616 Anonymous
>>9012435 Our immigration policy is tight as fuck No one gets in legally anymore

2 hours later 9014644 Anonymous
>>9013419 :( i was only jokin brew

2 hours later 9014658 Anonymous (Melbourne-Yara-2011-12-27-02A-IMG_8573.jpg 600x448 143kB)
>>9014581 welcome to melbourne i was riding down this track into the city yeasterday, under the beautiful sun compear that to london wich is nothing but a dark city + rain + sharia law..... wlecome to australia mate

2 hours later 9014670 Anonymous
>>9014658 >dat disgusting muddy water

2 hours later 9014682 Anonymous
>>9014670 thats the yar river for ya

2 hours later 9014697 Anonymous
>>9014682 yara

2 hours later 9014760 Anonymous
>>9014658 Damn, Melbourne looks very nice. If I immigrate to Australia, i would like to live in Melbourne instead of Sydney because of the F1

2 hours later 9014802 Anonymous
>>9014760 Probably a better choice since it's cheaper than Sydney, but still very expensive.

2 hours later 9014841 Anonymous
>>9014760 Melbourne has the worst weather of the eastern coast cities

2 hours later 9014847 Anonymous (1362638001659.jpg 742x540 130kB)
>>9014760 the F1 is a pointless waste of money. they gave away tickets it was so shit or i might be thinking of the grand prix i dont know shit about cars and the races but still, come to melbourne find a house in the eastern subburbs and catch a train to the city

2 hours later 9014860 Anonymous
>>9014841 rain to sun in 3min >shit gtfo

2 hours later 9014866 Anonymous
>Which country is easier to immigrate in ? Straya >Which country has the best life condition ? Straya >Do you need nurses or radiologists in your country ? Both of them have a million Indians for that >What is the pros and cons of each country ? Straya pros: Hot Good living wage Starya Cons: Hot Fauna High cost of living UK pros: History Better healthcare UK cons: London >Which Country has the best women Straya >I'm 18 cool >Almost fluent in English Fuck off >French Canadian Go to UK then because I don't even want you in the country next door.

2 hours later 9014872 Anonymous
>>9014860 That's even worse. Weather should at least be consistent.

2 hours later 9014875 Anonymous
>>9014760 if you become a victorian m8, be prepared to handle the banter from new south welshmen

2 hours later 9014914 Anonymous
>>9014841 Hey man, right now, there is 2 meter of snow behind my house. So the weather can't be worse than canada and his depressing winter.

2 hours later 9014941 Anonymous
Only Asians are allowed here.

2 hours later 9014988 Anonymous
>>9014941 get out m8

2 hours later 9014992 Anonymous
>>9014914 melbourne can be >fog>rain>calm>hot as fuck but its better then anything north of syndey first of all theres nothing up in the north seccond it floods the same time every year and the retards just keep building oh look it flooding right now, and i have to listen to this shit for weeks at a time every year on morning tv

2 hours later 9015006 Anonymous
>>9014941 race traitor dog

2 hours later 9015045 Anonymous (Capture.jpg 741x629 197kB)
i found the point where it goes from ocean blue to brown poeple

2 hours later 9015099 Anonymous
anything else op?

2 hours later 9015100 Anonymous
it is laughable that you had to ask which country has better women

2 hours later 9015116 Anonymous
>>9015099 I think thats all. Thanks you very much. >>9015100 I was just curious.

2 hours later 9015140 Anonymous
>>9015116 average australia music festival http://youtu.be/zf4S4oRAF9w see you soon

2 hours later 9015167 Anonymous
>>9015140 >White people dancing See you in 3 years.

2 hours later 9015177 Anonymous
Does Straya' need Electrical Engineers? I'm thinking of getting a working visa and see how I like it in Straya', then I might apply for permanent resident and eventually citizenship. Pro-tip: I'm white

2 hours later 9015209 Anonymous
>>9015177 Sure, if you already have several years of experience, the foreign companies operating here would love to employ you and save themselves the cost of training a fresh Australian graduate.

2 hours later 9015213 Anonymous
>>9015177 We need everything

2 hours later 9015226 Anonymous
>>9015177 you have about 7years to make some money in the australian mineing buble before it colapses, and we turn into the UK or do somehintg with solar, its a sunnny country

2 hours later 9015269 Anonymous
>>9012025 If you are white, Australia, if you aren't go to England

2 hours later 9015278 Anonymous
>>9015226 >>9015213 >>9015209 Seems promising, thanks guys. Are Australians open to meeting new people, especially from other countries? I'm thinking along the lines of open and I'll be your drinking mate any time?

3 hours later 9015285 Anonymous
>>9015226 m-muh export phase of the mining boom

3 hours later 9015292 Anonymous
>>9015278 white canadians are well accepted in the south pacific

3 hours later 9015329 Anonymous
>>9015278 you can talk and have a drink with most people in a pub that are not gambling all there money away we like canadians just dont try to sound australian and say cunt in every sentence like we do you will get knocked the fuck out for mocking us

3 hours later 9015339 Anonymous
>>9015285 if the boom did not happen them we would be as fuck as the rest of the world is

3 hours later 9015352 Anonymous
>>9015278 Yeah, at least the ones here in Sydney are since on top of immigrants we get a lot of international students, foreign workers and backpackers be approachable! we're the complete opposite of Nords

3 hours later 9015361 Anonymous
>>9015329 >>9015292 Seems good. How about if I say Straya' instead of Australia? Also, which city is better if you're an outdoor enthusiast, Melbourne or Sydney? Also which ones whiter?

3 hours later 9015391 Anonymous
>>9015361 sydney and melbourne are the least white cities lol probably shouldn't go round saying straya till you're integrated

3 hours later 9015417 Anonymous
>>9015361 >not pronouncing it Straya normally

3 hours later 9015427 Anonymous (Capture.jpg 1156x827 248kB)
>>9015361 take ya pick i circle the greenest wich you could have figured out anyway there both very similar. lots of parks and forests melbourne has a very "diverse" culture while syndey is just muslims

3 hours later 9015506 Anonymous
>>9015391 Yeah, I read the demographics on Wikipedia on both cities and they both have +30% people living there born in other countries. >>9015417 u havin' a giggle der m9? >>9015427 Yeah, I think Melbourne takes my favour. Looks more promising than Sydney.

3 hours later 9015583 Anonymous
>>9015506 as far as i understand from aussie m8s, melbourne is the most hated city outside of victoria itself brings some good banter tho

3 hours later 9015624 Anonymous
>>9015583 Why? It looks like an overall good city. Although I'm reading that Melbourne has been having a drought since the late 90's?

3 hours later 9015644 Anonymous
>>9015624 prob mostly due to sporting rivalries and the like

3 hours later 9015832 Anonymous
>>9015624 >lthough I'm reading that Melbourne has been having a drought since the late 90's? It's pretty much gone, the water storage levels are back up to reasonable levels after a heavy rain season last year. Although we are having an extremely long summer here now, it's supposed to be around 35 degrees (Celsius) every day until next Wednesday. It's been consistently like that since about October-November

4 hours later 9016018 Anonymous
>>9015832 The nice result of the drought is that we now have the desalination plant and North-South pipeline (although the latter probably won't be used for political reasons). It's funny how it takes crises to force governments to do anything. Anyone could see that a desalination plant was needed some day, but it took a decade long drought for it to eventuate. Sure, it's not useful today, but when the next drought comes it will be.

5 hours later 9016782 Anonymous
RN/Ambo here. >Which country is easier to immigrate in ? Australia is quite easy if you want to work in a rural setting for a year or 2, like me. Beware you might want to kill youself with boredom. >Which country has the best life condition ? Something that might deter you from Aus is the high cost of living. Otherwise aus looks after it's citizens well. Salary are the same for radiologists and nurses, maybe a bit higher for nurses because of penalty rates. But a radiographer work is alot easier. >Do you need nurses or radiologists in your country ? Yes both of them. I work in a shitty rural hospital in bumblefuck of nowhere (not saying where, because I was in the news because of it) and I make 38 an hour + 30%, night and afternoon shifts and I could make 150K a year if I wanted too. It is important to do the Nursing or Nursing/Paramedic duel degree in Australia if you can therefore your rego to AHPRA is really easy to transfer, compared to Canadian to Australian RN rego. Also Women cream over you once you are in the Ambulance. http://www.health.qld.gov.au/hrpoli cies/wage_rates/nursing.asp

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