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2013-03-09 02:02 9011066 Anonymous (united-kingdom-map.gif 1000x1393 339kB)
Which country is the biggest shithole in the entire universe?

0 min later 9011073 Anonymous

1 min later 9011084 mongroid
Greece /thread

2 min later 9011105 Anonymous
>God Tier Isle of Man, Scotland >Mid Tier Wales, Ireland(s) >Shit Tier England

2 min later 9011114 Anonymous
>>9011073 This.

2 min later 9011122 Anonymous (greasy.png 1161x697 457kB)

3 min later 9011135 Anonymous

3 min later 9011136 Anonymous
>>9011105 but scotland sucks. It's full of fat poor people and it's always raining.

4 min later 9011146 Anonymous
>>9011136 >Responding to obvious trolls

4 min later 9011148 Anonymous
>>9011105 >God Tier The United States of America. >Average Tier Isle of Man, Scotland >Low Tier Wales, Ireland(s) >Shit Tier England

4 min later 9011152 ParanoidHyperMusicPolice
Probably Greece.

4 min later 9011161 Anonymous
Serious answer is Bangladesh.

5 min later 9011167 Anonymous
>>9011122 Albania is in Europe?

5 min later 9011170 Anonymous
I dunno, it's probably that shithole Greece.

6 min later 9011184 Anonymous
why is nobody saying mexico?

6 min later 9011193 Anonymous

6 min later 9011195 Anonymous (so-map.gif 255x274 19kB)

7 min later 9011203 Anonymous
It's Poland

7 min later 9011205 Anonymous

7 min later 9011213 Anonymous

8 min later 9011217 Anonymous
>>9011167 americans seriously...

8 min later 9011218 Anonymous

8 min later 9011232 Anonymous
>>9011184 Because Greece is worse.

9 min later 9011246 Anonymous
Turkey's ugly poor brother also known as Grease

9 min later 9011253 Anonymous
>>9011184 Mexico would be the best if drug war didn't happen.

10 min later 9011263 Anonymous
i dont know of many nations who have actually gone from first world to 3rd world in such a short time, so Greece

10 min later 9011265 Anonymous
>>9011148 Idiot, you mixed up god tier and shit tier.

10 min later 9011276 Anonymous (116157.jpg 384x395 21kB)

10 min later 9011289 Anonymous
>God Tier Germany >Mid Tier Spain >Shit Tier England

11 min later 9011297 Anonymous
>>9011184 Greece is less white and is hairier. Also no qt 3.14 Mexican girls with junk in the trunk.

12 min later 9011309 Anonymous
I dunno, probably North Korea or Saudi Arabia. Nah, who am I kidding, Greece.

12 min later 9011327 Anonymous
>>9011309 >North Korea >Not best Korea Spain, you have failed me.

13 min later 9011338 Anonymous
>>9011265 >most prosperous nation of all time >shit tier dat britbong education

14 min later 9011352 Anonymous
Israel of course

14 min later 9011366 YereOne (Flag-map_of_Azerbaijan.png 998x818 69kB)

16 min later 9011406 Anonymous
>God Tier Catalonia >Shit Tier Madrid

17 min later 9011412 Anonymous
>>9011289 The whole of the UK is a shithole. not just england. Scotland = England, NI = England

18 min later 9011443 Anonymous
>>9011412 My area is pretty nice thank you very much. 2 miles from the coast. No light pollution so much star gazing to be had and no noise.

18 min later 9011452 Anonymous
>>9011406 Catalonia and Madrid are not countries, dumbass.

19 min later 9011461 Anonymous
>>9011412 Good god, I hate people like you.

19 min later 9011471 Anonymous
>>9011452 >Implying the parts of the United Kingdom in other posts are

20 min later 9011475 Anonymous
>>9011461 Shut up, pikie.

20 min later 9011480 Anonymous
>>9011167 Fuck you

20 min later 9011486 Anonymous
>>9011327 I don't like South Korea, but North Korea is objectively worse.

21 min later 9011508 Anonymous
>>9011486 At least they don't have shit pop.

22 min later 9011519 Anonymous
>>9011443 I like my area too, based merchiston

23 min later 9011537 Anonymous
>>9011508 Only music they have is this, you judge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjV2 EErPHdg

23 min later 9011538 Anonymous
>>9011475 I'm not a pikey, I'm just someone who's sick of Daily Mail readers screeching about 'HURR BRITUN IS DE MOST TERRIBLE PLACE NOTHIN GUD EVAR HAPPERNS' just because you read it in a tabloid. Get fucked, seriously.

24 min later 9011550 Anonymous (georgia_invasion.gif 1015x1200 64kB)

25 min later 9011576 Anonymous
Top 10 worst countries on earth: 1. Somalia 2. North Korea 3. Democratic Republic of the Congo 4. Chad 5. Sudan 6. Afghanistan 7. Niger 8. Uganda 9. Yemen 10. Burundi

26 min later 9011591 Anonymous
>>9011550 I really hope that's a /b/tard trolling. what the fuck man.

26 min later 9011601 Anonymous
>>9011576 but America, Niger can into space Surely Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya etc. can be worse

27 min later 9011625 Anonymous (1357995972315.jpg 374x374 69kB)
>>9011591 >People being stupid! It can't be real, that'd hurt my feelings! I've seen worse.

28 min later 9011644 Anonymous

28 min later 9011651 Anonymous
>>9011591 We're talking about Americans here.

29 min later 9011673 Ontario (Capture.png 355x99 7kB)
Never change, /int/

29 min later 9011676 SK
>god tier countries Anglosphere Nordics >shit tier countries Greece Russia All of Africa South America except Brazil and Argentina Greece wins "worst country" award for being sort-of-white and still fucking up as hard as they have

30 min later 9011700 Anonymous
>>9011651 Oh, you mean the Americans that are completely crushing you in education? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Educat ion_index Stay mad, Britshit.

31 min later 9011708 Anonymous
>>9011673 I think youll find it's because some Greek fag called another country a shithole. Which is pretty funny.

31 min later 9011723 Anonymous
>>9011700 Another day, another butthurt American

31 min later 9011724 Anonymous
>>9011576 >not listing UK

32 min later 9011732 Ontario
>>9011708 I never claimed otherwise. I love you chucklefucks <3

32 min later 9011736 Anonymous
>>9011700 >shows literacy top lel amerigano

32 min later 9011741 Anonymous
>>9011550 Southern edumacayshun at its finest.

32 min later 9011754 Anonymous
>>9011676 >sort-of

32 min later 9011756 SK
>>9011673 As a failed state, Somalia no longer counts as a country and should not be listed.

33 min later 9011767 Anonymous
>>9011723 >gets shot down with facts >"lol u mad bro"

34 min later 9011785 Anonymous
>>9011550 People in the south are idiots? Who would have imagined?

34 min later 9011787 Anonymous (wtfisthisshit.gif 212x176 1032kB)
>>9011756 Really I didn't know Sweden collapsed, when did that happen?

34 min later 9011788 Anonymous
>>9011767 I'm not even the guy you originally get all buttdevestated at. Stay paranoid America.

34 min later 9011790 Anonymous

34 min later 9011793 Anonymous
>>9011754 i know, he should have removed that word completely.

34 min later 9011797 Anonymous
>>9011105 >God tier Republic of Ireland, Wales, Isle of man >Shit tier Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands

35 min later 9011802 Anonymous
>GOAT Tier Great Britain >God Tier Sons of the Empire >Honorary mention tier Ameriga :-DDD >Thanks for the tea tier Portugal >Can't live with, can't live without tier France >Humourless but interesting and intelligent tier Germany >Shit tier Everyone else

35 min later 9011806 Anonymous
>>9011793 >France >talking about whiteness

36 min later 9011814 Anonymous (greece strong4.jpg 240x248 14kB)
LEL faggots all this hate about Hellas all those tears of impotent rage sustain me.

36 min later 9011825 Anonymous
>>9011814 She can't even give a proper blowjob m8.

36 min later 9011826 Ontario
>>9011806 You aren't white. Not even sort of.

37 min later 9011836 Anonymous
>>9011591 México, porque tienes el culo tan doliente?

37 min later 9011848 Anonymous (denbts.jpg 420x528 78kB)
>>9011814 >>9011806 >>9011754 >>9011066

37 min later 9011850 Anonymous
>>9011826 that's not what your mom says

37 min later 9011851 Anonymous
>>9011814 >all those tears of impotent rage sustain me. That and the EU money.

37 min later 9011852 SK
>>9011754 >>9011806 Would you prefer "almost"? I mean you're definitely not white, but you're close enough that it's still embarrassing that you managed to blow your entire economy

38 min later 9011865 Anonymous
>>9011788 That still doesn't change the fact that fucking Kazakhstan is beating you in education.

39 min later 9011877 Ontario
>>9011850 No, she says Greeks are disgusting immigrants shitting up the country. It's a slightly different sentiment. Your non-whiteness is merely implied.

39 min later 9011879 Anonymous
>>9011850 Nam my mum says some smelly shitskin tried to rape her. Was a greasy cunt too.

39 min later 9011887 Anonymous
>>9011066 definatly somalia, gorilla warfare since more than 60 years

39 min later 9011892 Anonymous
>>9011850 You fuckin roasted him, m8.

40 min later 9011902 Anonymous
>>9011877 it looks like your mom has an experience with immigrants does she prefer anal?

40 min later 9011903 Anonymous
>>9011850 >>9011814 >>9011806 greece confirmed for worst country in the world. only greeks can fuck up an entire country. you guys never had a proper country anyways, you shouldnt even exist. you are the laughing stock of the world, congratulations, idiots.

40 min later 9011904 Anonymous
>>9011814 Impotent... like your economy?

40 min later 9011911 Anonymous
>>9011865 It also doesn't change the fact that the UK is ahead of the USA in Maths for examples.

41 min later 9011927 Anonymous
>>9011903 and... a butthurt nigger appears

41 min later 9011928 Anonymous
Somalia is unquestionably the worst. That still hasn't stopped them from posting on here at least once, though.

41 min later 9011936 Ontario
>>9011902 I wouldn't know. I'm westernized, and thus don't know anything about the sexual habits of my family members. Incest is taboo in the west, you see.

41 min later 9011942 Anonymous
>>9011904 Don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house.

42 min later 9011952 Anonymous
This thread and the idiotic tribalism you knuckle-dragging mongoloids display are a perfect example of why humans are the sorriest, most disgusting species on the face of the earth. I can't wait for you all to be wiped out with nuclear missiles in WWIII.

43 min later 9011983 Anonymous
>>9011952 Unknown immigrant detected.

43 min later 9011985 SK
>>9011928 >tfw no somalia in pokedex fuck some day

43 min later 9011989 Anonymous (sage.gif 200x64 3kB)
>>9011848 >>9011851 >>9011903 >>9011904 Excellent comeback shitposters.

43 min later 9011999 Anonymous
>>9011927 sorry m8, but the butthurt nigger's you.

44 min later 9012008 Anonymous
>>9011989 >NOU Oh, Greece..

44 min later 9012017 Anonymous
>>9011073 This

45 min later 9012031 Anonymous
>>9011985 Some Somali here claimed that they were going to visit Puntland soon. I don't know if they ever did, though.

45 min later 9012032 Anonymous
>>9011999 >taking anything on 4chan seriously how is your first day here going for you?

45 min later 9012034 Anonymous (1323473661973.jpg 500x375 37kB)
YOU MAY ONLY POST ITT IF YOUR COUNTRY HAS A HIGHER HDI THAN MISSISSIPPI Get in here, everybody except the Great Shitstain! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_ Development_Index#2011_report http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o f_U.S._states_by_HDI UK HDI: .863 Mississippi HDI: .867 ✓ UK GDP per Capita: $35,494 Mississippi GDP per Capita: $36,967 ✓ UK Unemployment: 7.8% Mississippi Unemployment: 7.4% ✓ UK Muslims: 3,000,000 Mississippi Muslims: 5,000 ✓

45 min later 9012037 Anonymous (1342956019418.png 239x258 40kB)

46 min later 9012058 Anonymous
>>9011942 Bad metaphore. My house it's already broken in a thousand little pieces, and I'm diying with all of them hurting my body. But I'm spanish, so I'm gonna act like I'm the best in the world.

46 min later 9012061 Anonymous
>>9012017 Colombia says Greece is a shit hole http://theync.com/static_html/bruta l-machete-decapitation-caught-on-cc tv-in-colombia_media.html my sides have gone default now I'm parallized and can't move fuck you Colombia, fuck you.

46 min later 9012064 Anonymous
>>9011989 Typical Grease calling shitposers while misunderstanding the purpose of the sage function

47 min later 9012072 Anonymous
>>9011942 Hey, our economy isn't shit YET, we just have a ton of unemployment

47 min later 9012094 Anonymous
Worst Korea or Best Korea (or both)

47 min later 9012097 Anonymous
>>9012034 >the Great Shitstain What a horrible pun. Firstly, Great Britain is a single name, there's no 'the' involved. Secondly, Britain doesn't rhyme with shitstain. You could have at least tried, Amerifats.

48 min later 9012114 Anonymous
>>9012072 No, you are just lazy.

49 min later 9012125 Anonymous
>>9012072 It's shit, guy. And it's gonna be worse. We are too arrogant to see it because we believe that we are superior to Portugal, Ireland or Italy, but we aren't.

49 min later 9012127 Anonymous
>>9012061 >Colombia says Greece is a shit hole This must tell you something..

49 min later 9012136 Anonymous
>>9011066 I'd say Albania and stuff, but I've been in places like London, Berlin, Stockholm. And they are full of Durkas from Islambad, especially London. So I don't know. I hear the US has too many blacks too. I don't know, tough question.

50 min later 9012155 Anonymous
>>9012097 >third fattest country in the world calling anybody fat like retard who isn't self-aware

50 min later 9012174 Anonymous
>>9012127 >the great SHITstain mediating any countries calling anybody a shithole

51 min later 9012184 Anonymous
>>9012034 Let's see >HDI Mississippi: 0.867, Spain 0.878 Good! GDP Spain 32,045 vs. $35,494 , shit >Muslims >Unemployment lel won't even check

51 min later 9012185 Anonymous
>>9012136 >I hear the US has too many blacks too. From who? There is a sizable black population but they're almost entirely concentrated in the South.

51 min later 9012187 Anonymous
>>9012136 >Resorting to samefagging because your trolling attempt went tits up top lel

51 min later 9012190 Anonymous
>>9012127 >This must tell you something.. it tells me that people have no idea what they are talking about

52 min later 9012206 Anonymous
>>9012136 I mean what good can being the richest country in the world can do to you, when you can't even take a walk outside without being harassed by a durka.

52 min later 9012212 Anonymous
>>9012190 Or maybe that you're in deep, deep denial?

52 min later 9012217 Anonymous
>>9012155 >getting mad over fat jokes Is it really easy to make Americans this butthurt? Such amazing power...

52 min later 9012224 Anonymous (jason mantzoukas.jpg 540x720 195kB)
>greeks >white

52 min later 9012225 Anonymous
>>9012190 lel except they do, even russel indexes downgraded you to an emerging market, stop dreaming,kristos and back to picking olives.

53 min later 9012233 Anonymous (america_hungry.jpg 1270x1380 340kB)
>>9012155 this one's for Riley i'm sure he'll show up in his thread

53 min later 9012236 Anonymous
>>9012187 ?

53 min later 9012244 Anonymous (1361219787693.jpg 914x410 39kB)

53 min later 9012245 Anonymous (averagegreekwoman.jpg 350x604 19kB)
>>9012224 >implying

54 min later 9012252 Anonymous
>>9012217 It's like Spain calling somebody poor, please have at least some class with banter >>9012233 >c-c-care about parts of the deep south

54 min later 9012265 Anonymous
>>9012245 ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

54 min later 9012266 Anonymous (tinfoil.jpg 340x255 47kB)
>>9012236 Don't mind him he thinks there is one Greek over the entire Internet.

54 min later 9012267 Anonymous
>>9012212 at least we arent beheading people in public and our homicide rate is not 35 but lower than 2 how about you UK? are the muslims doing good in your country? are you ready to accept the sharia and soon start giving birth to brown people? someone else is in denial here :)

55 min later 9012274 Anonymous

55 min later 9012283 Anonymous
>>9012252 >District of Columbia >Oregon >deep South

55 min later 9012290 Anonymous
>>9012185 as long as you can't take a walk outside and look at some random black/durka guy straight in the eyes without fear, you're free as shit.

55 min later 9012293 Anonymous
>>9012125 Our country's GDP is 3 times bigger than the sum of Ireland's and Portugal's GDP together, we're the 13th country by GDP. I mean, corruption, shit politicians, unemployment and this fucking economical crisis can put us back into second world country, there among our ex-colonies, but it hasn't happened yet. Spain still has a strong economy, I just don't see reasons for this to stay that way, and a lot of reasons it won't.

56 min later 9012295 Anonymous (averageturkishwoman.jpg 400x621 15kB)

56 min later 9012300 Anonymous
>>9012274 The south is a cancer that has held back this country since its inception. That's pretty much common knowledge.

56 min later 9012303 Anonymous
>>9012252 >iowa >deep south Americans don't even know their own country, holy shit.

56 min later 9012316 Anonymous (Whitest Greek.jpg 600x358 29kB)

57 min later 9012319 Anonymous (europe genetic distance.jpg 783x559 61kB)
>>9012295 Learn2genetics Mustafa

57 min later 9012320 Anonymous
>>9012252 It's still part of the US. >America is fat B-but it's the mexicans >America is uneducated B-but it's the niggers >America is overtly religious B-but it's the south Who's left after all this?

57 min later 9012322 Anonymous
>>9012295 >implying turks aren't white

57 min later 9012334 Anonymous (averageItalians.jpg 450x300 41kB)
>>9012295 why couldn't you mongols be pretty and intelectual like our roman conquerors? no you had to be the dumbest muslim fuckers from all over the middle east

57 min later 9012336 Anonymous
>>9012320 West coast and New England.

57 min later 9012337 Anonymous (Tusken Muslim.png 538x716 574kB)
Of course UK.

58 min later 9012339 Anonymous
>>9012267 >beheading people in public >excuse me while I pull insults out of my arse All this butthurt

58 min later 9012344 Anonymous
>>9011105 What is there to do in the Isle of Mann which you can't do in England? Its just a rainy rock with a cool flag.

58 min later 9012345 Anonymous
>>9012233 >"To sometimes go hungry" albeit holding a box of cheez-its I'm really disappointed in you, America Like, really bad.

58 min later 9012355 Anonymous
>>9012339 Apu why you so upset yo?

58 min later 9012356 Anonymous
>>9012337 of course spain

59 min later 9012361 Anonymous
>>9012320 Actually, all three of those are the south. Mississippi, for example, is the dumbest, fattest, and poorest state in the country.

59 min later 9012366 Anonymous (turks white hue.png 1287x848 1441kB)
>>9012322 >Top LEL again Besides all that whiteness dick measuring is silly. There is more to ancestry than mere skin colour. Don't be a pleb.

59 min later 9012370 Anonymous
>>9012319 that graph suggests the genetic distance is still pretty close despite Turkey being a nation with 8 mil people of diff ethnicity. u should go back to school.

59 min later 9012377 Anonymous
>>9012336 Oregon is in the West Coast and it's filled with child hunger, and California is filled to the brim with Mexicans. What next?

59 min later 9012379 Anonymous
>>9012185 >usa >not an under rated shithole Pregnant White Girl is Savagely Beaten by Black Girls http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=220_ 1362153803

59 min later 9012380 Anonymous
>>9012293 The corruption and the shit politicians are perpetual, we have it since times of the motherfucking Habsburgs, if not even before. All our "democratic" history is a fucking joke. I don't see reasons for this changing, an it is the main problem behind all the others in Spain.

1 hours later 9012385 Anonymous
>>9012252 >Iowa >Deep South Dude, come on.

1 hours later 9012386 Anonymous
>>9012345 Yes, because Cheez-Its are top-notch food, rich in nutrients and highly expensive.

1 hours later 9012390 Anonymous
>>9012355 Apu is a Hindu name, but I'll forgive your education since your country is literally burning around you and you're now ranked as 3rd world.

1 hours later 9012393 Anonymous
>>9012355 You tell us first Abdullah

1 hours later 9012399 like how you'll see some fat british people outside Scotland, you'll have some poor people blacks/mexicans here and there.
>>9012283 >>9012303 >White Americans have an average IQ of 103 (tied for 5th highest globally) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_a nd_intelligence#US_test_scores >White Americans score 7th highest internationally on PISA reading comprehension test. http://www.vdare.com/articles/pisa- scores-show-demography-is-destiny-i n-education-too-but-washington -doesnt-want-you-to-k >White Americans have an average income of $55,000 (9th highest in the world) http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2009 /09/chart_american_income_by_race.h tml >White Americans have a adjusted Disposable Income of $39,000 - the highest in the OECD (even when adjusted for the benefits of the welfare state and government healthcare). http://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/docser ver/download/3010161ec007.pdf?expir es=1361821064&id=id&accname=guest&c hecksum=111DB29091BC3407ECF14955A76 F6434 >White Americans have an unemployment rate of 6.6% http://www.bls.gov/news.release/emp sit.t02.htm >White Americans have an average net worth of $110,000 (2nd Highest in the world after Australia, higher than Switzerland and Norway) http://money.cnn.com/2012/06/21/new s/economy/wealth-gap-race/index.htm >White Americans have a murder rate of only around 3.5 per 100,000 - equivalent to the European average. http://wmbriggs.com/blog/?p=5969 and finally... >White Americans have a gun ownership rate of 44%, well above blacks and hispanics and by far the highest rate in the developed world. http://www.statisticbrain.com/gun-o wnership-statistics-demographics/ If one simply looks at the white population of every nation, White Americans are arguably the most developed in the world (when a range of indicators are examined). This is all the more impressive because there are 200 MILLION of them and they are surrounded by 100 million non-whites dragging them down. White Americans deserve our praise and admiration, not our scorn. Even the British acknowledge the glory of the white American. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVAK ghnzxzM

1 hours later 9012400 Anonymous
>>9012377 >and California is filled to the brim with Mexicans Fucking hell man at least pretend you don't base your world view on /int/.

1 hours later 9012402 Anonymous
>>9012356 > Mexico Lol.

1 hours later 9012404 Anonymous
>>9012366 Golden dawn pls, if you didn't put "turk" in the filename, there would be no one to separate them from Greeks

1 hours later 9012412 Anonymous
>>9012390 hindu, arab who cares, what's your deal with greece? why so upset?

1 hours later 9012419 Anonymous
>>9012399 u also forgot to add that white americans are also the fattest and ugliest whites in the world

1 hours later 9012421 Anonymous
>>9012399 all those impressive stats, and yet 1 in 5 kids in America can't afford food especially in Oregon and District of Columbia (not just the deep South)

1 hours later 9012426 Anonymous
>>9012366 Aren't Turks and Greeks basically the same thing pretending to be different?

1 hours later 9012429 Anonymous
>>9012412 >upset lel

1 hours later 9012438 Anonymous
>>9012380 Why is Catalonia being denied a referendum on their independence?

1 hours later 9012441 Anonymous (ruseman lel.jpg 307x315 71kB)
>>9012404 Oh you master trolle I am so mad rite now. GRRRR you magnificent basterd you are a gentleman and a scholar.

1 hours later 9012447 Anonymous
>>9012429 no more insults? you calmed down?

1 hours later 9012448 Anonymous
>>9012419 but that's entirely false, stay butthurt and inferior, frog >>9012421 >especially in Oregon and District of Columbia >p-please care about minorities it's sad and disgusting that it exists, but it doesn't impact the white middle class

1 hours later 9012449 Anonymous (1337263766730.jpg 360x270 43kB)
>>9012366 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzgD p4j0OsM

1 hours later 9012451 Anonymous
>>9012426 ye, but its regional. western turkey is. greeks are in big denial about this fact.

1 hours later 9012455 Anonymous
>>9012386 >being this stupid Care to say that to 60% of the children in Nicaragua who go days without eating. Jesus, does my country rustle my jimmies sometimes.

1 hours later 9012466 Anonymous
>>9012447 That's a different person, you halfwit. But for the record, you clearly are rectally ravaged.

1 hours later 9012467 Anonymous
>>9012447 I'm a completely different person

1 hours later 9012470 Anonymous
>>9012426 we're the same meat, just different type

1 hours later 9012476 Anonymous
>>9012448 Isn't Oregon supposed to be, like, 90% white or something?

1 hours later 9012479 Anonymous
>>9012470 >we're the same meat, just different type wtf does that even mean?

1 hours later 9012486 Anonymous
>>9012399 >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVA KghnzxzM Here's a tldw for that video: A man with bi-polar who has previously admitted he searches for the silver-linings in his illness wherever he can, mentions the fact America has a high bi-polar rate and biasly offers it as a positive thing; whilst also playing to an American audience.

1 hours later 9012493 Anonymous (smokey.jpg 189x267 7kB)
>>9012470 >we're the same meat, just different type

1 hours later 9012497 Anonymous
>>9012479 It means he's unwilling to admit he's basically Turkish.

1 hours later 9012501 Anonymous
>>9012466 >>9012467 who's who? the angry guy's from London?

1 hours later 9012504 Anonymous
>>9012455 >it's not a problem because other people have it worse So, by your logic, rape isn't a problem because other people get murdered. And murder isn't a problem because other people get slowly tortured for years. I certainly can't argue with that brilliant logic.

1 hours later 9012505 Anonymous
>>9012448 >whatistexas?

1 hours later 9012512 Anonymous
http://archive.thedarkcave.org/_/se arch/text/YOU%20MAY%20ONLY%20POST%2 0ITT%20IF%20YOUR%20COUNTRY%20HAS%20 A%20HIGHER%20HDI%20THAN%20MISSISSIP PI/ Remember kids, autism is a disease.

1 hours later 9012513 Anonymous
>>9012438 Because it's a rich region who (of course together with another regions) maintains poor regions. If there's a referendum, the yes could win. I'm not gonna debate if Catalonia can stand alone, but without Catalonia Spain goes directly to bankrupt.

1 hours later 9012518 Anonymous
>>9012479 it's self-explanatory, you have to be hip to get it

1 hours later 9012519 Anonymous
>>9012501 I'm the one who said lel and have nothing to do with your conversation

1 hours later 9012525 Anonymous
>>9011066 >Which country is the biggest shithole in the entire universe? Somalia?

1 hours later 9012526 Anonymous
>>9012501 Nobody in this thread is from London Several are from that third world country that's basically 'Turkey: Shit Edition' we call Greece sometimes.

1 hours later 9012533 Anonymous
>>9012438 Because we won't let them go, so it's pointless.

1 hours later 9012539 Anonymous
>>9012476 mid to high 80%, depending on which site you go on It's like places in Europe, where you have your blacks concentrated in the slums (though in this case it's Mexican), they haven't assimilated well at all, but again..One, unless you live in the slums, you won't see it, and two..it doesn't impact you anyway

1 hours later 9012543 Anonymous (1358960212377.jpg 274x268 82kB)
God Greece aren't you in denial. Maybe if you weren't you'ed clean up the damn place. Then maybe we would stop insulting you; but that is unlikely

1 hours later 9012549 Anonymous
>>9012533 So you'd keep them against their will?

1 hours later 9012555 Anonymous
Every African country except Seychelles is a shithole.

1 hours later 9012563 Anonymous
>>9012339 insults? you insulted me first fucking retard and you didn't even reply back, all that generalization made you go buttflusted right? it's no wonder people believe the british are fucking stupid, have fun gettingfucked in the ass by pakis and muslims in the name of multiculturalism oh wait, judging from your reply you are probably a muslim yourself so do us a favor and fuck some british ladies, you deserve it champ.

1 hours later 9012564 Anonymous
>>9012526 your insults are like blanks to me, boy

1 hours later 9012568 Anonymous
>>9012505 Texas is the thinnest and fattest state in America.. That's because Texas is 50% white and even so >generalizing all white people based off Texas kill yourself

1 hours later 9012579 Anonymous (c 2.png 736x642 740kB)
>>9012549 >against their will?

1 hours later 9012590 Anonymous
>>9012543 who's insulting us? non-whites don't count, and bald people

1 hours later 9012597 Anonymous
>>9012543 >USA calling others in denial http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=220_ 1362153803

1 hours later 9012601 Anonymous
>>9012136 >I hear the US has too many blacks too. Well, unlike Europe, we aren't insecure racists who need "hate speech" laws to prevent our population from electing another Hitler, so that isn't really much of a problem here.

1 hours later 9012602 Anonymous
>>9012504 >my analogies will sure get him No. It means that "sometimes go hungry" isn't remotely compared to what most of the world goes through. People seem to take for granted that attaining goods and services is incredibly easy here. Are we really going to write an article, we, the fattest, most consumer-based nation on the planet, about how "sometimes going hungry" equates to extreme poverty? Get a grip.

1 hours later 9012608 Anonymous (Barcelona Spain.png 720x812 1185kB)

1 hours later 9012609 Anonymous (1351750921529.png 798x453 699kB)
>>9012233 >not posting this.

1 hours later 9012612 Anonymous (1538655i.jpg 620x400 61kB)
>>9012563 >>9012564 It doesn't take much to rile you, does it? Enjoy your 3rd world countries. Maybe India or Somalia could give you tips?

1 hours later 9012613 Anonymous
>>9012601 >we aren't insecure wot

1 hours later 9012616 Anonymous
>>9012568 stay in denial murrifat, everyone know how fat murrifats are

1 hours later 9012620 Anonymous
>>9012549 I'm catalan. Yes they do. But what we want is moneys, not independence. If Spain returns us the economical privileges, we're gonna stay.

1 hours later 9012626 Anonymous
Dorne and Mordor.

1 hours later 9012633 Anonymous
>>9012612 brink it on homie, do your worst britooth

1 hours later 9012637 Anonymous
>>9012612 houehouehoue there's nothing worse than being a muslim nigger have fun being considered a savage sub human by everyone.

1 hours later 9012647 Anonymous
>>9012616 >give you facts >calls me in denial >dat French 'education' stay third world, yuropoor

1 hours later 9012651 Anonymous
>>9012597 I never said I wasn't in denial but at least I will admit that I am

1 hours later 9012658 Anonymous
>>9012549 Uh... yeah?

1 hours later 9012659 Anonymous
>>9012609 The cheap, poorly-made food that poor people are forced to eat (e.g. burgers, fries, fast food garbage) is fattening and very bad for your health.

1 hours later 9012669 Anonymous
>>9012620 Hola bona nit, jo no soc català soc valencià. Quina merda de hilu. > Hilu

1 hours later 9012672 Anonymous
>>9012568 What are you even talking about? White people are huge man

1 hours later 9012673 Anonymous
>>9012579 I could post very much larger secessionist manifestations. Just deal with it and solve it.

1 hours later 9012677 Anonymous
>>9012647 >France >third world I don't think you know what third world means.

1 hours later 9012679 Anonymous
The Greek Man From Pakistan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clg GgKKF1Ik

1 hours later 9012690 Anonymous (beautifulgreekcities.jpg 800x549 438kB)
>>9012637 The impression you get from reading through this thread is that Greece is glorious and the UK is terrible? Oh wow.

1 hours later 9012700 Anonymous
>>9012669 Perdó, qué? Que dius de hilu?

1 hours later 9012708 Anonymous
>>9012647 >france >third world DUDE PLS STOP EMBARRASSING US

1 hours later 9012713 Anonymous

1 hours later 9012717 Anonymous
>>9012399 >White Americans are arguably the most developed in the world But that's not true, Aussies and Norweigans are more developed even with those statistics.

1 hours later 9012721 Anonymous
>>9012677 how is France not a third world shithole? their income is shit their GDP per capita is shit they have an above 10% unemployment rate

1 hours later 9012729 Anonymous
>>9012647 >france >third world your american education is showing

1 hours later 9012744 Anonymous
>>9012659 >forced to eat gooby pls

1 hours later 9012746 Anonymous
>>9012700 Hilu es hilo en valencià. En serio, nadie dice fil, ni mi abuelo.

1 hours later 9012751 Anonymous
>>9012690 the impression I get is that you are someone who's created an identity for themselves because they decided to leave their shitty country to live in the "first" world I would never live in the UK because it has become a multi cultural shit hole just like the US. I would rather be poor, which I'm not, than live with muslim sub humans

1 hours later 9012752 Anonymous
>>9012721 I have no son.

1 hours later 9012761 Anonymous
>>9012721 I've lost all hope

1 hours later 9012766 Anonymous
>>9012729 You're #21 in education. We're #13. Nice try, though.

1 hours later 9012767 Anonymous
>>9012729 >w-we're first world! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o f_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)_per_capita also, white americans are more educated than the french, by far

1 hours later 9012778 Anonymous
>>9012744 >implying they can afford anything else

1 hours later 9012780 Anonymous
>>9012549 Oh, I should add that it's not exactly an spanish fault. Not even a castilian fault. Of course, kingdom of Castile always wanted to have it's hegemony, and catalans (like another regions) didn't like it. But we were all more or less fine in spain until one ridiculous borbonic came with his frenchie centralism.

1 hours later 9012787 Anonymous
>>9012752 GB please, oh please realize that he doesn't speak for all of us and please, oh please don't make a stereotype out of the misery that is >>9012721

1 hours later 9012790 Anonymous
>>9012766 we're actually tied with Belgium google "pisa results by race"

1 hours later 9012798 OP (typical-merchant.jpg 312x540 36kB)
This thread went exaclty as I had planned.

1 hours later 9012802 Anonymous (800px-Cold_War_alliances_mid-1975.svg[1].png 800x409 110kB)
>>9012721 >Doesn't know what 'third world' means First World: NATO Second World: Eastern Bloc Third World: None of the above.

1 hours later 9012803 Anonymous
>>9012787 man, american apologists are without a doubt one of the worst posters on here, universally agreed upon as such, too screencapped your post btw

1 hours later 9012809 Anonymous
>>9012767 >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_ of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)_per_capit a your niggers are raping and murdering whites on a daily basis, yet you believe you are first world!!

1 hours later 9012815 Anonymous
>>9012803 >universally agreed upon as such Your opinion =! universally agreed

1 hours later 9012816 Anonymous
>>9012746 Ah, leñe. Cada lloc té els seus dialectes, normal. A mi no hem desagrada, está bé que la gent d'altres llocs entengui la situació del nostre país,Eespanya, que no es la normal.

1 hours later 9012817 Anonymous
>>9012802 >doesn't know that it's been re-defined Remember kids, autism is a disease.

1 hours later 9012824 Anonymous (bibury.jpg 849x565 192kB)
>>9012751 >they decided to leave their shitty country to live in the "first" world I'm English born and bred, native to Gloucestershire, pic related. 0% Muslims, 0% Blacks. If you're not poor, you'll do just fine in the UK. If you're Greek, you're third class since you're basically Muslim (being Turkish and all)

1 hours later 9012828 Anonymous
>>9012809 >greek still thinks he's white

1 hours later 9012843 Anonymous
>>9012767 >GDP per capita not exceptionally high >HURR FRANCE 3RD WURLD at least our high school students can read: http://www.foxbusiness.com/on-air/w illis-report/blog/2013/03/08/educat ion-bombshell-80-nyc-high-school-gr ads-cant-read-grade-level stay classy murrifats, and you wonder why the world hates your guts.

1 hours later 9012850 Anonymous
>>9012817 >autism You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

1 hours later 9012851 Anonymous
>>9012751 >I would rather be poor, which I'm not, than live with muslim sub humans Says a country that's more muslim than the UK

1 hours later 9012854 Anonymous
>>9012824 so you are an angry peasant?

1 hours later 9012857 Anonymous
>>9012824 keep telling yourself that, also teach your children that they are 100% british, I will be laughing really hard in 30 years from now when the UK turns and officially brown

1 hours later 9012863 Anonymous
>>9012824 Very nice. I live near the coast, and I see maybe one or two Muslims per week unless I travel further afield.

1 hours later 9012864 Anonymous
>>9012817 That's the technical and correct terminology. Also, how is 24th largest GDP p/ capita "third world"? It's not god-tier but it's not as shithole. Is Japan and S. Korea third world too?

1 hours later 9012873 Anonymous
>>9012843 >France talking about reading comprehension LOL http://i982.photobucket.com/albums/ ae303/Supachai/2009PISA.png we're 7th in the world

1 hours later 9012875 Anonymous
>>9012549 Yeah, and?

1 hours later 9012876 Anonymous
>>9012864 You don't understand this with America. Anything below them is third world. Remember that and you'll be fine.

1 hours later 9012880 Anonymous
>>9012857 Oh god, 5% taking over. What are we going to do?

1 hours later 9012882 Anonymous
>>9012778 A cup of Uncle Ben's microwaveable whole grain brown rice is like $1. A can of microwave veggies is around $2. Pre-made salads, poultry included, are like $3 to $5. Water is amazingly cheap and the same money you can use to buy unhealthy snacks you could use to buy nuts. I've mentioned a few essential foods you can buy under a similar budget. Explain to me how they can't afford anything else?

1 hours later 9012883 Anonymous
>>9012873 In reading indeed. Other areas? Not so much.

1 hours later 9012886 Anonymous
>>9012873 >linking images

1 hours later 9012889 Anonymous
>>9012854 I'd like to see you afford one of them >>9012857 >let me tell you about your country from my 3rd world perspective >>9012863 I saw some in London, you can buy them for a day to do your personal errands and what not. Pretty nifty.

1 hours later 9012890 Anonymous
Is /int/ usually this retarded?

1 hours later 9012894 Anonymous (1324118676494.jpg 652x774 263kB)
>>9012864 Japan and S Korea both have Bangladesh tier congestion, they're indeed third world in that regard, no white man would ever want to live there just like nobody who wants to live a luxurious life would ever live in France - period

1 hours later 9012896 Anonymous
>>9012851 90%+ are Christians and Atheists, Muslims are a minority Also illegal immigrants are not wanted here, there will be soon an ethnic cleansing sub humans will be removed

1 hours later 9012897 Anonymous
>>9012880 >What are we going to do? get on the net and post on 4chan?

1 hours later 9012900 Anonymous (1361331869703.jpg 299x275 36kB)
>>9012873 >photobucket american education is truly terrible.

1 hours later 9012905 Anonymous
>>9012883 All together, we're tied with Belgium, and slightly below Germany >>9012886 lol it's actually in use by some other guy, funnily enough

1 hours later 9012907 Anonymous
>>9012890 most of the time

1 hours later 9012909 Anonymous (1359785813801.jpg 268x200 13kB)
>>9012803 I'm just making sure people know not all americans are scum. >Screencapped your post btw

1 hours later 9012910 Anonymous (1322434721480.png 675x1104 621kB)

1 hours later 9012913 Anonymous
>>9012897 Is it working well for you guys?

1 hours later 9012914 Anonymous
>>9012873 >picking out specific sections of the population nice, next time we wont include our immigrants and we'll jump ten slots on the scale.

1 hours later 9012926 Anonymous
>>9012913 obviously

1 hours later 9012934 Anonymous
>>9012890 Yes, ever since /pol/ invaded us.

1 hours later 9012935 Anonymous
>>9012909 Are you fucking stupid? >Own the frog who being ignorant and generalizing americans, throwing a little banter on the side after >STOP THAT! STOP THAT! WHAT THE *FUCK* ARE YOU DOING! DONT' DO THAT TO A EUROPEAN Seriously, I genuinely want you to kill yourself, America would be better off without you faggots

1 hours later 9012936 Anonymous (Science.gif 961x670 29kB)
>>9012905 Nice Science scores you got there (since PISA was linked earlier).

1 hours later 9012941 Anonymous
>>9012926 >The entirety of 4chan dislikes and mocks Greeks >It's going well, just like our economy

1 hours later 9012942 Anonymous (1357125226322.png 1156x981 518kB)

1 hours later 9012945 Anonymous
>>9012914 you don't have 100 million minorities like we do

1 hours later 9012946 Anonymous
>>9012890 Yes, ever since Fox news got a hold of it

1 hours later 9012955 Anonymous
>>9012894 I don't get it. How is high population density a bad thing? I can understand if you like rural areas, but that's just subjective preference. Japan is nowhere near "third world". You're a retard of gigantic proportions.

1 hours later 9012957 Anonymous
>>9012889 how's life in the countryside? do you have fun in your farm?

1 hours later 9012966 Anonymous ((.png 750x750 185kB)
>>9012935 EDGY AS FUCK

1 hours later 9012967 Anonymous
>>9012935 >Thinks France is a third world country >Calling me stupid Also >Telling people to kill themselves over the internetzs >>>/b/

1 hours later 9012969 Anonymous
>>9012941 >one guy from the uk shit posts against greece >entire 4chan dislikes that superiority complex

1 hours later 9012972 Anonymous (Europa regina.jpg 924x1450 1329kB)
>>9012910 > British > European flag But Briton, your country is not Europe.

1 hours later 9012973 Anonymous
>>9012875 Spain was never a united country, it is a block of regions that started fighting for their independence once the economy went downhill.

1 hours later 9012976 Anonymous
>>9012936 look it up by race, also: http://images.4chan.org/int/src/1362781843539.jpg >united kingdom F U C K I N G L O L

1 hours later 9012979 Anonymous
>>9012526 >>9012518 Lol my professor for chemistry at uni is whiter than most Americans I know (Hungarian diaspora here) only difference is accent. Compared to Greeks I've met in ethnic neighborhoods at uni and what not she is like a non somali swede to a someone from the fucking Congo

1 hours later 9012985 Anonymous
>>9012890 Yes. /int/ is too retarded, even for 4chan standars.

1 hours later 9012986 Anonymous (1343427984644.png 373x327 229kB)
>>9012935 >I genuinely want you to kill yourself, America would be better off without you faggots

1 hours later 9012987 Anonymous
>>9012972 And long may that remain.

1 hours later 9012994 Anonymous (1269507154644.jpg 240x320 24kB)
>>9012967 It's throwing a little banter his way, after shutting down his profound ignorance the fact that you're making such a big deal out fo this, shows me that you do indeed need to kill yourself

1 hours later 9012998 Anonymous
>>9012976 >linking 4chan posts I'm going to assume this is just a gigantic troll. >>>/b/ is that way.

1 hours later 9012999 Anonymous
>>9012976 Experts at excluding shit, eh?

1 hours later 9013001 Anonymous
>>9012976 >Using adjusted figures Oh my.

1 hours later 9013014 Anonymous (northkoreabestkorea.jpg 400x400 146kB)
>>9011576 >North Korea

1 hours later 9013015 Anonymous (DSC0001.jpg 1600x1200 494kB)
>>9012957 I don't live in a farm, I live in a cottage. And yes, I like it here.

1 hours later 9013017 Anonymous
>>9012998 somebody else posted the image >>9013001 hmm a yuropoor being a cuckold and wanting to care about black people color me surprised

1 hours later 9013024 Anonymous
>>9012976 wow, greece fucking sucks

1 hours later 9013026 Anonymous
>>9012976 Please stop, Toby This has gotten out of hand

1 hours later 9013028 Anonymous
>>9013015 So nice. I'm just surrounded by fields myself.

1 hours later 9013029 Anonymous (Pisa+2009+results.jpg 400x800 107kB)
>>9012976 >adjusted figures Also, I like how there's no citiations on that image whatsoever. It could have been made in Excel for all I care. Where's the source? Pic related.

1 hours later 9013032 Anonymous
>>9012979 Srsly JIDF pls

1 hours later 9013033 Anonymous
>>9012973 This. If centralism is removed, in one generation or less all secesionism have disapeared. But muh señorío.

1 hours later 9013034 Anonymous
>>9013015 do you have any castles like windsur round there?

1 hours later 9013046 Anonymous
>>9012994 k man u got me viva la mexico

1 hours later 9013054 Anonymous
This thread is a good example of why we don't get very many posters from small and/or third-world countries.

1 hours later 9013070 Anonymous (itsgongenice.jpg 197x190 53kB)
>>9013054 >tfw from Nicaragua and enjoying the shitstorm

1 hours later 9013071 Anonymous
Israel - the only rightful kebab remover of the 21 century, the best country in the world, we should follow their plan on doing the same by securing our borders and murdering all the illegals living here.

1 hours later 9013075 Anonymous (1343856552355.jpg 592x453 71kB)
>>9013029 That can't be right as that puts the UK with a higher average score than the USA and Mr America told me I was stoopid.

1 hours later 9013081 Anonymous
>>9013054 whatcha mean?

1 hours later 9013083 Anonymous
>>9013054 The lack of internet access, and the lack of availability to teach the English language in small/third world countries, is the reason why there aren't many posters from those particular areas.

1 hours later 9013101 Anonymous (panorama.jpg 1000x465 119kB)
>>9013028 It's nice having the community but they are a little cramped sometimes >>9013034 Yeah, Thornbury Castle is the best, but there's about fifty in my shire.

1 hours later 9013115 Anonymous
>>9013029 >adjusted figures because we have 100 million minorities, it's only fair >I like how there's no citations on that image whatsoever. reverse google image it, check all the sites that use the image

1 hours later 9013148 Anonymous
>>9013115 >Implying minorities are naturally less intelligent I know this is 4chan and everything, but come on.

1 hours later 9013162 Anonymous
>>9013148 this is why I believe liberals have made USA a huge shit hole..

1 hours later 9013167 Anonymous
>>9013148 who said they're naturally less intelligent? minorities in other countries aren't as bad as ours

1 hours later 9013185 Anonymous
>>9013148 >Implying minorities aren't culturally less intelligent You know the anti-intellectual attitudes they have

1 hours later 9013206 Anonymous
>>9013115 I reverse Google Image searched it, all I could find was repostings on conservative blogspot pages. It doesn't seem legit at all.

1 hours later 9013208 Anonymous
>>9013115 We have plenty of minorities (as you enjoy reminding us). The figures were simply adjusted to make the USA feel better about themselves because their scores weren't all that high overall.

1 hours later 9013216 Anonymous
>>9013162 >Implying I'm a "liberal" >>9013167 k >>9013185 Like most white people don't? Really? Also lack of motivation isn't the same as IQ

1 hours later 9013231 Anonymous
>>9013083 I'm talking about places like Jamaica, Seychelles, Bermuda, and so forth. People from those places aren't going to want to post on a board filled with racist idiots foaming at the mouth with incoherent venom.

1 hours later 9013233 Anonymous
>>9013216 But a lack of motivation affects IQ

1 hours later 9013252 Anonymous
>>9013216 In the delusional mind of an autistic stormtard, anyone who isn't a fellow Nazi is a "liberal". Never mind the fact that 99.9% of the world hates Nazis.

1 hours later 9013285 Anonymous
>>9013206 http://www.theatlantic.com/business /archive/2010/12/us-education-is-mu ch-better-than-you-think/68635/ >the fucking atlantic >conservative 'blog site' are you fucking stupid? >>9013208 yeah, your minorities aren't as bad as ours; period don't believe me? Look up the general HDI, and then look up the IHDI Yeah, you didn't think the IHDI link that you've surely posted before would come back and bite you in the ass, did you?

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