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2013-03-09 12:57 9009753 Anonymous (love triangle.png 780x652 272kB)
What are internet slang native English speakers don't want to hear from foreigners in real life? I have a trouble separating the 4chan lingo from the regular colloquial English language since for the most part I only ever talk to you guys on internets. I don't want to look like an embarrassing autist when I need to speak English irl one day. I can imagine that you would not hide your powerlevel if you speak only random Japanese you have learnt from anime/manga/eroge e.g. uguu~, ara ara, onii-chan, doushio, sukebe, pantsu, mesubuta. Btw, some borderline words come up to my mind are implying, cunt, assburger, neurotypical, cis gender, best day of my life, MILF, LOL, YOLO, GOAT, etc. Gibe some streetwise advice pls.

2 min later 9009793 韓国系米国人
>>9009753 >Cunt, assburger, best day of my life, MILF I think most of us use those in real life. Don't think anyone out of 4chan knows what implying, cis gender are.

2 min later 9009805 Anonymous
Avoid memes in general. Nobody will know what the you're saying if you use "cisgendered" in real life. Thankfully, that hasn't made it's way out of the tumblr trannysphere.

4 min later 9009849 Anonymous
Don't swear, don't use anything specific to 4chan. With that said, I occasionally say "That feel when". Though I hope people just think I'm a foreigner with shitty English skills.

6 min later 9009878 Anonymous
>>9009753 all kinds of abbreviations and words, that simply don't have a meaning in the way, they are used here, "bad-words" depending on whether you speak English with people or niggers. Get yourself a paper-dictionary and look which words are in there?

6 min later 9009881 Anonymous
>>9009793 to be fair I think most people could work out what you mean by >implying, although it comes across as a bit dickish

8 min later 9009921 Anonymous
Only use insults when you're with friends. A few girls in my class at uni are from Japan/Kr/China and they swear like pirates when we're in a group but with their accents it's great. They're like little angels when with strangers though

11 min later 9009987 Anonymous
How often do you meet people using memes or internet slang in your daily life? What would be your reaction when encountering such a faggot? Just ignore or despise? >>9009849 I know that feel

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18 min later 9010124 Anonymous
>>9009987 Its pretty rare to meet people using memes in real life, certainly if I saw anyone over 20 using them I'd be pretty disgusted, but occasionally you hear younger kids spouting memes. Actually I saw my cousin wearing one of those "me gusta" tshirts the other day, but he has learning disabilities.

20 min later 9010151 Anonymous
>>9010038 Spröllölölöö spurdo spärde ebin perkere :DDD

21 min later 9010184 Anonymous
>>9010151 heueueheuehhueheueheuuehue

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22 min later 9010212 Anonymous
i want source on OP's picture

25 min later 9010262 Anonymous
>>9010212 Then do a reverse imagesearch you dumbass don't wait for people to spoonfeed you.

25 min later 9010268 Anonymous
>>9009987 >>9009987 >How often do you meet people using memes or internet slang in your daily life? only that one guy who's a social outcast and still hasn't learned that internet-slang should stay in the internet, especially the memes from 4chan sometimes I really hate that autistic, mlp loving, snowskinned incestvictim

28 min later 9010343 Anonymous
>>9009753 Cis is a real, academic term used both in biology and gender studies. Please just don't use any abbreviations when you speak. Abbreviations primarily function in written language, not spoken language.

38 min later 9010565 Anonymous
>>9010212 Hirokazu is a guy who walks into a local family restaurant one day to discover his trap friend Tsubasa is working there as a waitress. The next four installments were titled Boku no Koto Suki ni Natte. -MAL http://www.mangakuro.com/josou_shou nen_anthology_comic/7-4/ http://www.mangakuro.com/josou_shou nen_anthology_comic/10-2/ http://www.mangakuro.com/josou_shou nen_anthology_comic/11-3/ http://www.mangakuro.com/josou_shou nen_anthology_comic/12-4/ http://www.mangakuro.com/josou_shou nen_anthology_comic/15-3/

46 min later 9010711 Anonymous
u wot m8, I always include le epic 4chan may-mays in my real-life English, Nippon-sensei. Now seriously, you should consume additional English media, apart from imageboards

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