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2013-03-09 12:14 9008836 Anonymous (7992837610_c0a9ebb3b2_b.jpg 901x591 134kB)

1 min later 9008877 Anonymous (1351901792579.gif 225x172 3091kB)
>tfw finland

3 min later 9008916 Anonymous
>>9008836 >tfw britain is financial cancer but everyone realises it too late to stop it

4 min later 9008926 Anonymous
>Russia >New Jersey wot

5 min later 9008967 Anonymous
>>9008836 >Norway Typs.

6 min later 9008972 Anonymous (gdp.png 1024x768 72kB)

6 min later 9008974 Anonymous
NZ = DC, holy shit thats bad...

6 min later 9008986 Anonymous
>>9008967 Norway is wrongly placed anyway We demand to be moved to North Dakota

7 min later 9008997 Anonymous (tebow laughs at your sins.gif 278x173 278kB)
>michigan >argentina It's perfect

8 min later 9009015 Anonymous
>>9008986 There's plenty of Norwegians in Minnesota too. Unless you really want Dakota oil or something.

8 min later 9009022 Anonymous
>>9008972 So England alone has about 15 million more people than California and barely more GDP. How's that for productivity?

8 min later 9009024 Anonymous
>>9009015 muh oil muh heritage

9 min later 9009045 Anonymous (i-aint-even-mad.jpg 485x364 28kB)
>tfw having a higher GDP than Texas and California combined

9 min later 9009046 Anonymous
>>9009022 Those lazy bastards

11 min later 9009071 Anonymous (97698080.png 313x553 48kB)
>>9008986 Too bad Minnesota has more than 4 times as many of you people in it than North Dakota does. Also, this is GDP, not people.

12 min later 9009087 Thracian (9899616-jerusalem-israel--may-30-2011-unidentified-israeli-army-girl-drinks-coca-cola-at-the-israel-expo-one.jpg 801x1200 148kB)
>Turkey and Israel forms Cascadia behold the power of Khazars!

12 min later 9009088 Anonymous
>New Jersey >Russia merrica pls

12 min later 9009092 Anonymous
>>9008926 Well, yeah. Russias a frozen shithole.

12 min later 9009096 Anonymous
>>9008974 They're around what Korea is

13 min later 9009110 Anonymous
>>9009045 >having nearly 20m more population than both those states combined

14 min later 9009133 Anonymous
>>9009071 But North Dakota has a higher percentage of Norwegians and it's the best state :(

15 min later 9009149 Anonymous
>>9009092 Russia's GDP is in the trillions. Can New Jersey match that?

15 min later 9009160 Anonymous
>>9009022 California also has much, much larger natural resources than England.

15 min later 9009167 Anonymous (ohio.jpg 418x328 32kB)
>>9008836 We be huntin' Crocodiles 'ere now, mayte?

16 min later 9009179 Anonymous
>>9009110 >being only 30% the size of those two states combined >no oil or natural resources

17 min later 9009207 Anonymous (98609090.jpg 1024x768 124kB)
>>9009133 Ever been to North Dakota buddy? Minnesota's environment is just like Norway's too. Pic related. It's literally all of North Dakota.

17 min later 9009208 Anonymous
According to World Bank: France GDP: 2,773,032 California GDP: 1,936,400 It's hardly the same...

19 min later 9009243 Anonymous
>>9009160 But in a service economy, that shouldn't matter as much. Even if you account for natural resources, it's still not proportionate.

19 min later 9009245 Anonymous

20 min later 9009263 Anonymous
I thought Canada would be around where California is in population and GDP, Australia is more similar to Texas but they have a few million more population and slightly less GDP. Ohio has half our pop and a third our gdp

20 min later 9009268 Anonymous (1344832015847.gif 645x773 17kB)
>Virginia here >tfw I don't have a basement

21 min later 9009278 Anonymous
>>9009207 >that picture >just like Norway's environment you are the reason Americans are seen as stupid

21 min later 9009283 Anonymous
>>9009245 Thanks for reiterating my point.

21 min later 9009291 Anonymous
>>9008836 Texas can into relevance.

21 min later 9009293 Anonymous
>>9009278 You read it wrong

21 min later 9009297 Anonymous
>>9009278 He said Minnesota's environment was similar and then posted a picture of North Dakota, and said as much. Reread it.

22 min later 9009305 Anonymous (co_tel.jpg 794x768 461kB)
>>9009245 The western states. Midwest doesn't have many mountains, lots of lakes in Minnesota though, and it's cold as balls.

22 min later 9009310 Anonymous
>>9009283 But Minnesota's highest point is 700m and North Dakota 1000m. They're both flat as Denmark though, fucking shitty states.

22 min later 9009314 Anonymous
>>9009278 I think that pic applies to the last sentence...

26 min later 9009394 Anonymous
>>9008836 >Georgia >Switzerland OP pls

28 min later 9009431 Anonymous
>>9009305 >colorado >midwest more like southwest

32 min later 9009523 Anonymous (976898709.png 1280x551 988kB)
>>9009310 Left: MN's highest point Right: ND's highest point. Left looks more like Norway

34 min later 9009565 Anonymous
>>9009523 Those aren't fucking mountains, they're hills I have hills next to my house that look more like fucking mountains than that Norwegian emigrants were fucked in the head for settling there.

37 min later 9009638 Anonymous
>>9009523 >>9009565 Also, you're right in left looking more like Norway, but how the hell do they look so different when they're bordering states

38 min later 9009676 Anonymous
>>9009638 Because America is a big country.

40 min later 9009703 Anonymous
>>9009565 >American of Norwegian descent here; last name Kongvold We wanted farmland bruh.

41 min later 9009732 Anonymous
>>9009676 Yeah but the distance is about equivalent to Norway-Sweden and we look really similar

42 min later 9009754 Anonymous (090212-A-9544S-005.jpg 2464x1632 426kB)
>>9009703 >Minnesota National guard feelsgoodman

45 min later 9009797 Anonymous
>>9009732 Well then I guess that's just how the cookie crumbles

47 min later 9009838 Anonymous
>Michigan >White

49 min later 9009899 Anonymous
>>9009167 >Ohio GDP: $418,881 >Australia GDP: $1,486,914

50 min later 9009911 Anonymous
tfw if only some of those states would actually be replaced by the population of their GDP counterpart, America would become a better country

50 min later 9009916 Anonymous
>>9009638 Their landscapes blend together more than that pic would imply. Some of North Dakota has forests and stuff, but it's mostly farmland. Minnesota is heavily forested because it has a fuck ton of lakes leftover from the ice age, although it kind of turns into farmland like that near the border..

54 min later 9009997 Anonymous
Alright time for hookers and gambling

54 min later 9009999 Anonymous
>>9009911 It'd actually be the best country for real this time

54 min later 9010003 Anonymous
>tfw worst state

1 hours later 9010363 Anonymous
>Netherlands Makes sense; Pennsylvania Dutch is garbled German.

1 hours later 9010751 Anonymous (krumkake.jpg 550x367 89kB)
Minnesota master state.

1 hours later 9010772 Anonymous
>>9010003 Your neighbourhood wouldn't be that great either

1 hours later 9010834 Anonymous
>You will never be an ignorant, country/western loving, bible obsessed, conservative, redneck watching NASCAR and American football while eating McDonald's after going hunting with a real gun, allowed to openly be homophobic and anti feminist, anti Eco-friendly in the heart of the American south.

1 hours later 9010859 Anonymous
>netherlands oh the irony

1 hours later 9010881 Anonymous (1359408493207.png 919x737 76kB)
>>9010834 God I love the south

1 hours later 9011240 Anonymous
>>9010751 You betcha.

2 hours later 9011349 Anonymous
>No Spain Heh, we cool now

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