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2013-03-08 11:20 9007628 Anonymous (ingiliz-askerleri_tepe[1].jpg 630x360 51kB)
Military thread

2 min later 9007693 Anonymous (article-1289551-0A349710000005DC-85_634x682[1].jpg 634x682 184kB)

4 min later 9007746 Anonymous (typhoon02[1].jpg 800x594 70kB)

6 min later 9007797 Anonymous (Challenger2-Iraq[1].jpg 650x423 28kB)
Anyone else joining in?

7 min later 9007842 Anonymous (i5[1].jpg 800x597 94kB)

9 min later 9007907 Anonymous
>>9007693 Helmet looks a tad silly. I heard a rumor a while back that the Brits had managed to turn a whole tank invisible to a group of spectators. Any further development on this, or was it just a rumor?

11 min later 9007960 Anonymous
>>9007907 Seen that gif of the special forces dude in invisible camo? He runs from a wall, then climbs on top of a tank. You can only barely see him when he moves. It's from some muslim news show. Not sure if it's legit.

13 min later 9007985 Anonymous (afghanbritain[1].jpg 495x360 34kB)
>>9007907 Yeah the helm does look a little stupid but better safe than sorry. First time I've heard about this but found this article. It says the British government are keeping a lot of the details to themselves though. http://science.howstuffworks.com/in visible-tank.htm

13 min later 9007993 Anonymous (valojuova.jpg 1000x667 173kB)
FDF saves on tracer rounds

22 min later 9008195 Anonymous
>>9007993 Based Winland.

24 min later 9008228 Anonymous (osorio.jpg 1000x675 139kB)
Best tank in the world. Suck it amerilards, frogs and britbongs. You got pwned in saudi arabia.

24 min later 9008244 Anonymous
>>9007960 Was it a western special forces dude or something like the newest iranian stealth jet since it's from a muslim news show

26 min later 9008276 Anonymous
>>9007907 >Helmet looks a tad silly. If the entire face was covered by that vizor, it would look pretty cool and sci-fi-esque

27 min later 9008286 Anonymous
>>9008228 >Brazilians in charge of military technology >thinking they can outdo DARPA, MIT, and General Dynamics.

27 min later 9008288 Anonymous
>>9008244 I'd assume western.

27 min later 9008299 Anonymous (saudi arabia tests.jpg 640x426 29kB)

29 min later 9008313 Anonymous (1357161260367.jpg 600x552 81kB)

29 min later 9008320 Anonymous
>>9008286 You can have all that. But we still beated the shit out of abrams.

29 min later 9008328 Anonymous
I am an American living in Kosovo using a Slovenian cell service on a Chinese iPhone. What country does it say I'm from?

30 min later 9008358 Anonymous
>>9008328 Albania That make as much sense as anything else is this anus of Europe.

31 min later 9008376 Anonymous
>French planning a practice invasion on Britain >Landing at Hampshire Wtf why would they practicing to invade us? I wonder how much money they had to pay for us to let them practice. Cheeky cunts even called the invasion Joan of Ark.

31 min later 9008381 Anonymous (1352694730849.jpg 702x1024 198kB)

32 min later 9008388 Anonymous
>>9008328 Jamaica

33 min later 9008408 Anonymous
>>9008358 Can i ask why are you living in kosovo?

33 min later 9008409 Anonymous
Why people are proud of keeping almost 50% of the world scientist busy doing useless military research?

34 min later 9008424 Anonymous
>>9008376 You're being invaded by immigrants, might as well have the French join in on the fun

34 min later 9008426 Anonymous (German officer watches over Artillery fire on a Turkish insurgent stronghold near Berlin during WW3.jpg 500x333 80kB)

34 min later 9008428 Anonymous
>>9008328 Косово је Албанија

35 min later 9008439 Anonymous (my milkshake brings all the boys.jpg 640x480 87kB)
Ice cream!

36 min later 9008453 Anonymous
>>9008313 Spetznaz likes butterflies, SS like puppies.

36 min later 9008461 Anonymous (1362024809936.jpg 900x675 197kB)

36 min later 9008465 Anonymous (1357507271777.png 125x150 75kB)
>>9008426 >Filename

37 min later 9008476 Anonymous
>>9008409 A lot of shit that's funded and researched for military applications usually have civilian applications as well.

37 min later 9008478 Anonymous
>>9008409 Work. I joined the military to pay for college and get a good job. Now I've used the skills and exp from the military to get a job to pay off debts incurred in school. Ironic, no?

37 min later 9008487 Anonymous (RU Support holds a loli safe from USA aggression.jpg 466x604 127kB)

38 min later 9008498 Anonymous
>>9007907 Yep, being developed by the same division of BAE that designed the armour on the Challenger and Abrams tanks

38 min later 9008505 Anonymous
>>9008409 It's not that useless - some technology used by us civilians was made first in the military, like dem internetz. That said, I get your point, they could be more useful for humankind if researching things for the specific purpose of improve human condition.

39 min later 9008515 Anonymous (u in for it now.gif 236x360 931kB)

39 min later 9008521 Anonymous
>>9008478 At least you can get cheap high quality drugs

39 min later 9008523 Anonymous
>>9008428 Not to hear the Serbs tell it.

39 min later 9008531 Anonymous

39 min later 9008537 Anonymous (call of duty.jpg 1000x667 176kB)
FDF - Do work with a purpose.

39 min later 9008540 Anonymous (Russian war hero celebrates after the conquest of Helsinki.jpg 414x600 38kB)

40 min later 9008547 Anonymous (Soon.jpg 322x987 97kB)

40 min later 9008554 Anonymous
>>9008487 >Can I keep this loli, pleeeease?

41 min later 9008568 Anonymous
>>9008547 Isn't New Somalia supposed to be Sweden? Finland is the Newest Somalia.

41 min later 9008569 Anonymous (RU Recon returns to his waifu after the battle of Karkand.jpg 564x807 167kB)

41 min later 9008576 Anonymous
Staying just for this fucker's filenames

41 min later 9008577 Anonymous
>>9008547 Hey, Jewbro, a cute Israel girl viewed my profile on okcupid but didn't send me a message. She's posing with a gun in uniform as her main pic and it's hot as fuck. Does the lack of message mean she viewed my shit and found it lacking, or are Israeli girls retiring enough that they expect the guy to initiate contact?

42 min later 9008585 Anonymous
>>9008521 Indeed I can. The pharmacies are prolly the best thing going around these parts. Also my guy I use as a taxi is getting me a gun. I was surprised makarovs are more expensive than ak's, but €300 for a pistol still rocks.

42 min later 9008589 Anonymous (1307890728001.png 457x234 7kB)
>>9008547 I wonder who's beh- oh wait, it actually is a jew.

42 min later 9008596 Anonymous (1311243801749.jpg 440x656 216kB)

43 min later 9008607 Anonymous
>>9008537 milspec tactical slippers

44 min later 9008622 Anonymous
>>9008476 >>9008478 This nigga got it. >>9008505 I mean, if amerilards used F-35 monies to space we could probably have humies on asteroids, teh moon and mars. That or space agencies get outlawed and everyone goes to work with U.N

45 min later 9008640 Anonymous (Anon, do you want to come remove kebab with me.jpg 467x700 79kB)

46 min later 9008666 Anonymous
>>9008640 I'd rather stuff your Kebab with my horse meat.

47 min later 9008697 Anonymous
Why havent we made Predator masks yet? Predator took on an entire elite Commando task force. Consider that.

47 min later 9008702 Anonymous
>>9008622 Except I'm still carrying a gun and being bossed around by overpaid idiots with nothing but hoods and profligates for coworkers. But then, Skopje is filled with booze and sluts at discount prices.

48 min later 9008710 Anonymous
>>9008666 I don't get it

50 min later 9008757 Anonymous (Suomalia (2).png 800x533 15kB)
>>9008568 Suomaalia. There is harmony there. You cannot deny it.

50 min later 9008763 Anonymous
>>9008576 seconding

51 min later 9008777 Anonymous
>>9008702 Welcome dear yankee to the picturesque Balkans. Visit my country too, we have booze and whores as well.

51 min later 9008779 Anonymous
>>9008702 I meant that >>9008505 got it. Not you. And saying that some military tech "spills" to civilian market is idiotic. It is aas stupid as to fund a space program just for the secondary tech that may come from it.

51 min later 9008781 Anonymous
>>9008757 Svrge Wut r u doin Sverge Stahp

52 min later 9008805 Anonymous (16.jpg 960x720 180kB)
>>9007993 Two can play that game.

53 min later 9008821 Anonymous (moshi moshi finland desu.jpg 634x423 108kB)

54 min later 9008852 Anonymous
>>9008781 We will always be together, one way or another<3

54 min later 9008855 Anonymous
>>9008757 I lol'd hard

55 min later 9008870 Anonymous
>>9008547 JIDF plz go.

56 min later 9008892 Anonymous (cab892148f6c01bcd9d5cbe9b708889f_boxer-lol.jpg 396x575 34kB)
>>9008821 >dat filename

56 min later 9008896 Anonymous (muijia.jpg 900x600 477kB)
One on the right just realised this isn't a kitchen

57 min later 9008903 Anonymous
>>9008777 I have heard Sofia is such a hive of scum and villainy as there ever was. I want to go there.

57 min later 9008906 Anonymous
>>9008577 >being this beta >checks flag >Ireland It all makes sense now.

58 min later 9008939 Anonymous
>>9008547 But u are of 20% muslim, get your own house in order first.

58 min later 9008940 Anonymous
>>9008697 cos arnold swatanigga is german nazi wiv suppressed ufo tekmologe so dey dnt rely cos if they did then army would get FUCKED UP

59 min later 9008952 Anonymous (24512336.jpg 400x400 116kB)
>>9008903 Amen.

59 min later 9008961 Anonymous (europeaVSturkey.png 1546x858 1919kB)

59 min later 9008963 Anonymous
>>9008940 >German

1 hours later 9009000 Anonymous
>>9008961 That French military gun from their first pic looks amazing. Does it shoot lasers?

1 hours later 9009029 Anonymous (Louhikäärme.jpg 1600x1071 1633kB)
Shy plane watches other planes play in the air

1 hours later 9009032 Anonymous
>>9009000 It shoots old baguettes.

1 hours later 9009033 Anonymous
>>9008963 yh u probably dnt even smuk weed 24/7 so ur mind is enclosed like dat cuntry anyway yes arny sgwarzasnegger is an ex-nazi Operation paperclip if you read sumthin not newspaper wiv suppresed alien tekmology that is from out of space free ur mind sheeple

1 hours later 9009039 Anonymous (paapop.jpg 822x1200 426kB)
>>9009000 Nope, it shoots grenades

1 hours later 9009050 Anonymous
>>9009000 it prolly shoots gay dildos 4 bums cos der gay geddit

1 hours later 9009062 Anonymous (europeaVSchina.png 1542x858 1933kB)

1 hours later 9009072 Anonymous

1 hours later 9009077 Anonymous
>>9009062 >Segways

1 hours later 9009083 Anonymous
>>9009062 >Segway infantry >Not full of win They are very mobile and have a steady platform to put their gun on.

1 hours later 9009094 Anonymous
>>9009033 You wanna piece o me? I'll wreck you you cheeky cunt I swear me mum!

1 hours later 9009097 Anonymous (737121446_644598.gif 400x400 164kB)

1 hours later 9009106 Anonymous (COmbate na selva.jpg 797x599 146kB)
They only recruit indians, use buffalos and have a pet jaguar.

1 hours later 9009109 Anonymous (us_military_collage_zus6.jpg 771x665 109kB)
We're going to be in involved in a pretty large war sometime soon. US military wars every generation to keep our boys in tip top shape and assert our dominance. It usually happens with small wars and battles, and one large one. After the middle eastern campaign I think a large war is gonna happen, most likely with Iran.

1 hours later 9009113 Anonymous
>>9009050 God damn it England, you're drunk again. Go to bed before you piss off German and get us both invaded.

1 hours later 9009126 Anonymous
>>9009039 seriously, that looks ridiculous

1 hours later 9009151 Anonymous (hk16.jpg 995x662 119kB)
We're american now.

1 hours later 9009158 Miroslav (zuzana1.jpg 640x526 110kB)
>>9008903 So you are americlap in Albania, or what?

1 hours later 9009178 Anonymous (kawaii desu desu kuruminha moshi.jpg 356x500 57kB)

1 hours later 9009187 Anonymous (Panzerhaubitze_2000_GR.jpg 1024x513 156kB)
Panzerhaubitze 2000 Giving Greek money to by our tanks. ironic?

1 hours later 9009194 Anonymous
>>9009113 >Germany >Ireland >white try anythin funy nd ill rek ur nan diffrently

1 hours later 9009196 Anonymous
>>9009151 Is that a semen feeder?

1 hours later 9009204 Anonymous
>>9008952 Suggestions?

1 hours later 9009226 Anonymous (kawai.jpg 400x272 52kB)
>>9009178 We also have the BOPE whiich is the unstopable corrupt rape train of doom.

1 hours later 9009236 Anonymous (para.jpg 640x428 175kB)
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technolo gy/news/7487740/Star-Trek-style-for ce-field-armour-being-developed-by- military-scientists.html We're making force fields.

1 hours later 9009238 Anonymous (kovat luut.jpg 634x481 115kB)
>mfw UCP near me

1 hours later 9009242 Anonymous
>>9009158 Yes. Depends whether you think Kosovo is a country or a province of Albania/Serbia. But boy do they like America here.

1 hours later 9009247 Anonymous
>>9009204 Kill yourself.

1 hours later 9009277 Anonymous (hk163.jpg 995x662 74kB)
>>9009196 Do you have any problems with man/machine love?

1 hours later 9009284 Anonymous
>>9009247 Ebin

1 hours later 9009307 Miroslav (1355522998105.jpg 450x357 51kB)
>>9009242 So everyone did back in 90's. But they like you there, because if no USA there won't be no Kosovo. So right now, you are posting from Kosovo? How do you feel about being in such a place?

1 hours later 9009320 Anonymous (tfx.jpg 604x369 25kB)
Turk here, does /int/ approve of the design for our domestic warplane?

1 hours later 9009333 Anonymous
>>9009242 Kosovo is of illegal state, also non country.

1 hours later 9009354 Anonymous
>>9009062 Was reading this earlier http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mili tary_of_the_European_Union Interesting stuff, an alliance of France-Germany-UK is basically the second strongest military force on the planet by a long way, I was quite surprised, and I'm not too sure about France and Germany, but I know we have a few more destroyers, two carriers, four subs, the F35s and a few dozen more Eurofighters to be delivered by 2025. What do you guys have planned?

1 hours later 9009355 Anonymous
>>9009320 Too muslim in design.

1 hours later 9009358 Anonymous (1361668724705.jpg 223x223 19kB)

1 hours later 9009366 Anonymous (1359199099864.jpg 1600x2585 878kB)

1 hours later 9009377 Anonymous
>>9009320 It's a drawing...

1 hours later 9009388 Anonymous (shawarma201.jpg 2000x3008 237kB)
>>9009320 Looks cool, but where is the side window for when the plane lands so he can sell his wares

1 hours later 9009393 Anonymous
>>9009358 noice >Implying they weren't so shitfaced they had no idea where they drove it

1 hours later 9009396 Anonymous
>>9009377 That's why he said design

1 hours later 9009400 Anonymous
>>9009366 The Chinese look slick, evil and badass, the Americans look stupid.

1 hours later 9009402 Anonymous
>>9009158 Yes. Depends whether you think Kosovo is a country or a province of Albania/Serbia. But boy do they like America here.

1 hours later 9009405 Anonymous
>>9009377 its still in a conceptual phase >>9009355 lel, thats even funnier because its a joint program with the Swedish

1 hours later 9009418 Anonymous
>>9009354 That's all bullshit. Those militaries are not under a unified command. That's like adding up the Anglosphere militaries and saying it counts as one.

1 hours later 9009420 Anonymous
>>9009320 >Turkey >Making its own fighter jets Nope

1 hours later 9009433 Anonymous
>>9009420 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TFX_%2 8Turkey%29

1 hours later 9009436 Anonymous
>>9009400 Practicality over trying to look scary because we can't manufacture shit properly.

1 hours later 9009442 Anonymous
>>9008779 >And saying that some military tech "spills" to civilian market is idiotic Blue skies research dumb shit. A lot of 'discoveries' which end up benefitting humanity (such as vaccines and antibiotics) have been chance things and originally research for the sake of research.

1 hours later 9009453 Anonymous
>>9009388 Looking at that is making me hungry, but I'm not drunk. Oh wait yeah I am.

1 hours later 9009487 Anonymous
>>9009400 How bout you go fuck yourself you dirty brit

1 hours later 9009489 Anonymous (the face when no face.jpg 1023x744 170kB)

1 hours later 9009493 Miroslav (aligator_vpc_5.jpg 700x464 74kB)
Please rate our Aligátor.

1 hours later 9009496 Anonymous
>>9009307 It's a job. Reminds me of a cross between Pennsylvania and Mexico. Catchable: occupied sfnativ

1 hours later 9009510 Anonymous (dog wants to mount apc.jpg 2048x1536 591kB)
>>9009487 But he's right, mate

1 hours later 9009517 Anonymous
>>9009493 I like it. 5/5 breddy gud.

1 hours later 9009528 Anonymous (challenger_2_tank-1680x1050.jpg 1680x1050 416kB)
>>9009487 Oh I love you America you're so cute when your angry.

1 hours later 9009533 Anonymous (hue hue hue.png 865x249 237kB)
>>9009204 I feel like a pimp. They should be paying me for this shit. Anyway, there's gonna be a lot of whores in front of the club too. Enjoy.

1 hours later 9009534 Anonymous
>>9009418 http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euro pean_Union_Military_Staff Wrong, there's a naval mission corruptly being conducted

1 hours later 9009536 Anonymous
>>9009510 Painting everything you make black comes off as desperate.

1 hours later 9009549 Anonymous (5f71a689-4446-458c-a8f8-85f03459bcf2CAR_4626.jpg 1600x1067 1191kB)
Italian Navy.

1 hours later 9009569 Anonymous
>>9009534 It is a fact that the European Union only has a very small force it directly controls. Everything else, read the vast majority of Europe's military capacity, is under the direct command of its respective nations.

1 hours later 9009574 Anonymous (IN.jpg 650x366 64kB)
>>9009549 Italian navy

1 hours later 9009577 Anonymous
>>9009433 "with technical assistance from Saab" Kebab can't do technology, cant even afford top range assistance from EADS or BAE

1 hours later 9009584 Miroslav (aligator5.jpg 900x675 280kB)
>>9009517 Thanks!

1 hours later 9009586 Anonymous (2-image-02.jpg 620x404 269kB)
kangaroo stronk

1 hours later 9009618 Anonymous
>>9009549 Are those Harriers on the AC?

1 hours later 9009625 Anonymous
>>9009618 Yes.

1 hours later 9009626 Anonymous (schettino.jpg 513x577 29kB)
>>9009574 tfw you realise only their submarines were succesfull

1 hours later 9009649 Anonymous (1357231066264.jpg 400x294 10kB)
>>9009625 >that masterrace brit engineering

1 hours later 9009655 Anonymous
>>9009618 yep

1 hours later 9009657 Anonymous
>>9009533 I believe we shall.

1 hours later 9009663 Anonymous (aliens history channel.jpg 461x403 24kB)
>>9007693 > Ear protectors to shield from explosions but allows human voices to be heard > human voices As opposed to what?

1 hours later 9009671 Anonymous
>>9009569 Obviously in peacetime, if a conflict started in Europe the framework is there for the EUMS to expand and deal with the conflict collectively

1 hours later 9009678 Anonymous
>>9009196 You'll have to ask the 'murricans. We bought them with no modifications. I believe the directions were something like "Buy them as is. If they so have 'God bless America' printed all over them, we ain't changing shit".

1 hours later 9009692 Anonymous
>>9009663 >>9009663 >As opposed to what? Amerimonkey voices >AAAAWHWWW DUDE I JUS GOT DOUBLE KILL DUUUDE DOUBLE KILL

1 hours later 9009718 Anonymous
>>9009626 Well, we kinda have a tradition of naval warfare and exploration that goes a little beyond WWII failure.

1 hours later 9009767 Anonymous
>>9009671 Same for NATO, but NATO isn't considered one military. It's a bunch of sovereign, independent nations teaming up when need be. That's not the same as a single centralized military.

1 hours later 9009816 Anonymous (SS-21parade.jpg 1280x960 209kB)
Meanwhile in Buglaria. It's the last scud derivatives we still operate, we'll probably have to upgrade to Iskander at some point.

1 hours later 9009846 Anonymous
>>9009767 At no point did I say it was a single military, I said "alliance", you're arguing with yourself

1 hours later 9009871 Anonymous
>>9009528 w/e, China's showing off everything they got trying to impress someone. The west plays it close to the chest when it comes to the military. You won't see concept drawings of vehicles like China puts out.

1 hours later 9009913 Anonymous
>>9009400 Lets see how slick like look when in a war

1 hours later 9009966 Anonymous
>>9009913 >Lets see how slick like look when in a war >Lets see how slick like look >how slick like look >like look u wot m8

1 hours later 9009995 Anonymous
>>9009913 Ya blew it

1 hours later 9010064 Anonymous (airah64doverwaterfrontawh3.jpg 800x1194 192kB)
>>9009400 You could paint anything black and it would look slick and evil.

1 hours later 9010079 Anonymous
>>9009966 >>9009995 It would be unamerican to fix my mistake

1 hours later 9010090 Anonymous
>>9009400 >says the country that has lost two wars to the US

1 hours later 9010103 Anonymous
>>9010090 Which was the second? Also you need our experience at beating china in wars.

1 hours later 9010112 Anonymous (1356893514214.jpg 379x374 22kB)
>>9009913 >Lets see how slick like look when in a war That's it kid. Hit the benches. You're out. No more chances. You're cut from the team....... Get out.

1 hours later 9010144 Anonymous
>>9010079 It's unamerican to admit you made a mistake >inb4 seal team six kick your down and drag you to gitmo for treason Should have ate more burgers

1 hours later 9010155 Anonymous
>>9010103 >burn down their motherfucking capital >they cant make any gains on a colony thousands of fucking miles away from us, let alone threaten our native homeland Oh yeah they really proved a point.

1 hours later 9010176 Anonymous
>>9010103 War of 1812. You mean like the boxer rebellion? When US sailors and marines stormed the imperial seat of government? Y'all sure kicked ass the last two times you picked a fight with Germany, amiright?

1 hours later 9010197 Anonymous (ctitojvs.jpg 360x270 66kB)
>>9010176 >Albania talking to a White country

1 hours later 9010220 Anonymous
>>9010176 no the two opium wars you fat fuck also how can you call the war of 1812 a victory? You tried to invade Canada and failed.

2 hours later 9010229 Anonymous
>>9010197 American working in Kosovo. See above and lurk moar

2 hours later 9010279 Anonymous
>>9010220 You tried to invade New Orleans and were turned back by Andrew Jackson and a bunch of drunken pirates.

2 hours later 9010319 Anonymous
>>9010279 So you started a war to gain Canada were pushed back then beat back the counter attack and call it a victory? Whatever arguing with an American is like playing a game of chess with a retard, you can have the best strategy in the game but he doesn't know how to play.

2 hours later 9010328 Anonymous (domestic.jpg 715x486 110kB)
>>9009320 this guy, more domestic: Anka uav hunter drone Altay tank T129 attack helicopter how does it look?

2 hours later 9010351 Anonymous
>>9010328 also our stuff will be way cheaper so plz buy.

2 hours later 9010414 Anonymous
>wait until Britain is at war with Napoleon >try to invade Canada four times >fail >retreat >Britain defeats its true enemy half way round the world >have your capital occupied and burned >realise you fucked up >beg for a peace treaty >Britain agrees as it didnt want the war to begin with >200 years later claim victory on the planet

2 hours later 9010439 Anonymous
>>9010319 A punitive expedition into your territory in response to the kidnapping and enslavement of American mariners is what you meant to say around that rotten mouthful of teeth (less enamel). Get mad Britfag. You lost a war to Ireland for fucks sake.

2 hours later 9010481 Anonymous
>>9010439 We lost a war to guerrillas like the one you lost to Vietnam.

2 hours later 9010484 Anonymous
>>9010319 Arguing with an Englishman is like playing a game of chess with an Englishman, as soon as you start winning he knocks the table over and claims victory. When questioned why he would do such a thing he will always reply with "can't handle the banter m8? lol get wreked"

2 hours later 9010564 Anonymous
>>9008320 Track record Please? The Abrams has had no losses in any Combat related situation ever. It has however fallen of bridges. Actually the same bridge twice. In the same fucking marine Battalion. Marines are retarded. Captcha: abundant hitler

2 hours later 9010572 Anonymous
>>9010484 I say Chinese forces look cool and in my opinion US forces don't your countryman responds by saying "WELL WE BEAT YOU FAGET" I ask what the second victory was as I can only recall losing the war of independence he then brings up the war of 1812 a war in which American forces tried to take Canada but failed he says you won because the counter attack failed even though America started the war to gain Canada and didn't he still claims you won because our counter attack failed and then brings up the Irish war for independence. Please tell me how knocked over the proverbial table.

2 hours later 9010598 Anonymous
>>9010414 >be fledgling nation >win independence from world power >defeat 3 invasion forces from said power >achieve political objectives of opening trade and ending impressment >both sides due for peace And you remember that as the US begging for peace? > getaloadofthisguy.jpg

2 hours later 9010614 Anonymous (1339369890194.gif 490x400 994kB)
>>9010484 can't handle the banter m8? lol get wreked

2 hours later 9010624 Anonymous
>>9010481 And you are about to lose in Afghanistan for the third time in a row. Do you know of any other countries that have lost a war to Nepal?

2 hours later 9010650 Anonymous
>>9010624 The amount of butthurt is amazing

2 hours later 9010653 Anonymous
>>9010484 Lol I'll smack it gobbr m8 for real

2 hours later 9010673 Anonymous
>>9010414 Although it was a pretty shit move how you abandoned your native allies after promising to safeguard their territory.

2 hours later 9010675 Anonymous
>>9010650 Says the guy arguing with an Albanian flag

2 hours later 9010684 Anonymous
>>9010675 says the guy shouting at the union jack in his room to stop taking his freedom.

2 hours later 9010697 Anonymous
>>9010328 That's our A129 attack helicopter, you're just building it under license.

2 hours later 9010737 Anonymous
>>9009238 UCP got replaced. Thank sweet lord baby cheesus.

2 hours later 9010774 Anonymous
>>9010684 Lol >taking Us forces remained in the state of Montreal until the treaty of Ghent was signed. Where in the US did the British hold land? Oh yeah... They didn't. You just shout victory after one successful raid in a parade of failures and fart god save the queen. >list of nations to lose a war with war to Nepal -Great Britain

2 hours later 9010780 Anonymous
>>9010414 >Wait until one is at war in Europe to invade his possessions in North America It reminds me of what you did to us in 1754...

2 hours later 9010788 Anonymous
>>9010774 Fucking iPhone

2 hours later 9010794 Anonymous
>>9010774 >>list of nations to lose a war with war to Nepal >List of nations to fail at English Albania

2 hours later 9010796 Anonymous
>>9010697 It has been confirmed that the T-129 will be a 100% Turkish-built platform. Under the agreement, TAI will develop an indigenous mission computer, avionics, weapons systems, self-protection suites and the helmet-mounting cuing systems. Tusaş Engine Industries (TEI) will manufacture the LHTEC CTS800-4N engines under licence. Under the agreement, Turkey has full marketing and intellectual property rights for the T-129 platform; Turkey can export or transfer of the platform to third countries, excluding Italy and the United Kingdom.[7]

2 hours later 9010808 Anonymous
>>9010780 Lol, burned

2 hours later 9010826 Anonymous
>>9010624 Lost a war against Nepal? More like took a third of their territory then became bros for life. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gurkha _War http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghurka

2 hours later 9010830 Anonymous
>>9010414 >colony gets invaded. >It's clobberin time. >Invade 4 times succeed once. >agree to peace treaty >Invade again lose entire fleet. >The British Empire loses to a tiny country with a lower population then London.

2 hours later 9010849 Anonymous
>>9010774 >oh yeah they didn't "The treaty released all prisoners and restored all captured lands and ships. Returned to the United States were approximately 10,000,000 acres (40,000km2) of territory, near Lakes Superior and Michigan, and in Maine.[14]" Stop embarrassing yourself, bullet sponge

2 hours later 9010861 Anonymous
>>9010780 Except we succeeded

2 hours later 9010866 Anonymous
>>9010598 >achieve political objectives of opening trade and ending impressment I think that one was more to due to the end of the Napoleonic wars

2 hours later 9010872 Anonymous
>>9010780 You can fuck right off, you had Austria, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Saxony as allies. All we had was Portugal, Prussia and a handful of tiny German states.

2 hours later 9010901 Anonymous
>>9009366 How can somethign be stealth with a big red star on it is beyond me.

2 hours later 9010918 Anonymous
>>9010872 >Forgetting Prussia was as powerful as Spain, Sweden, and Austria. >Forgetting Russia did nothing.

2 hours later 9010922 Anonymous
>>9009366 dat stolen tech

2 hours later 9010940 Anonymous
>>9010830 Population of USA around the war of 1812 was over 7,000,000 breh. Half that of the whole of the UK back then.

2 hours later 9010999 Anonymous
>>9010918 >Forgetting France had a military force in North America of similar if not greater size as the UK >Forgetting the French navy was just as strong as the British one. >Forgetting the Native Americans mainly supported the French >Forgetting that American settlers actually helped us win the war in North America Thanks for helping us take Canada, USA.

2 hours later 9011001 Anonymous
>>9010940 Actually it was just under 4,000,000 Greater London had about the same.

2 hours later 9011023 Anonymous
>>9009649 >Harrier >Good engineering It's a miracle that thing can even fly.

2 hours later 9011049 Anonymous
>>9011001 Except that's a lie, isnt it? > The prevailing thought in much of the United States was that the capture of Canada would be a simple and swift operation. This was supported by the fact the US possessed a population of around 7.5 million while Canada's numbered only 500,000. http://militaryhistory.about.com/od /warof1812/a/war-of-1812-1812.htm

2 hours later 9011060 Anonymous
>>9009320 Looks like a mix between a Gripen and a F-22

2 hours later 9011062 Anonymous
>>9010796 Yep, and you guess why they sold the intellectual property? That's right, you have no chance to export it. Market is saturated.

2 hours later 9011086 Anonymous
>>9010999 >Forgetting France had a military force in North America of similar if not greater size as the UK Now you're just bullshitting. The population of the 13 colonies was literally 100 times that of New France. >French navy just as strong as the British Yeah...nah >Native Americans mainly supported the French Depends on what tribes we're talking about

2 hours later 9011087 Anonymous
>>9010918 >>Forgetting Russia did nothing Oh you! Russia had driven Prussia to its last breath, its armies had been decimated and consisted of recruits and most of the country was under occupation. Hell the only reason that Russia did not press its advantage was that Elizabeth died and was replaced with Peter II.

2 hours later 9011153 Anonymous
>>9011062 well the point is its still ours :) and i dnt know what you mean about market saturation, italy is the only operator. we're already in talks with 8 nations to export it. The thing is we produce it cheaper, we'll upgrade it, put a spin on it then sell it off.

2 hours later 9011183 Anonymous
>>9011086 Talking about Regulars there. 15 year old boys in the militia don't count. I'll give you the point about the navy though.

2 hours later 9011190 Anonymous
>>9011086 Not entirely. Some hated the French.

2 hours later 9011259 Anonymous
>>9008313 Looks like a welder's mask. Nice.

2 hours later 9011350 Anonymous
>>9011153 Italian bro is right, you're never going to be able to compete in the market against AgustaWestland, Eurocopter, Boeing and Bell

2 hours later 9011433 Anonymous
>>9011350 why not? our product will probably be cheaper. i think you're forgetting that 95% of the world is a good export market when it comes to good priced and reliable attack helicopters. Azerbaijan is already thinking about ordering 60.

3 hours later 9011507 Anonymous
>>9008409 >useless military research huehuehuehuehuehuehue

3 hours later 9011554 Anonymous

3 hours later 9011621 Anonymous
>>9011433 The fact that you suck the wests dick will put a lot of countries who don't like the west off, who buy off Russia and China any way, the serious military powers of the west aren't going to want your cheaper versions of their own attack helicopters. All that's left is 2nd rate military's who will only order a few dozen every 20 years.

3 hours later 9011626 Anonymous
>>9008388 lel

3 hours later 9011717 Anonymous
>>9011621 goddamm you're retarded, ofcourse we're not selling to the west. But we will have an advantage when selling to everybody else, it probably wont be a spectacular deal but it will go through nonetheless. And besides, the primary market was always meant to be the government, simply to reduce our foreign reliance.

3 hours later 9011883 Anonymous
>>9011717 I didn't say it wouldn't survive in the market selling to your own military and 2nd rate powers, but over 70% of all global military spending is in W. Europe and N.America and that key market is dominated by those 4 companies and you'll never be able to compete with them there

3 hours later 9012394 EKWTap (Australian_SOTG_sniper_team_June_2010.jpg 3000x2250 3107kB)

4 hours later 9013612 Anonymous (w_53ba646d[1].jpg 2560x1920 1581kB)

4 hours later 9013655 Anonymous (w_54bd1bea[1].jpg 2560x1920 1514kB)

4 hours later 9013678 Anonymous (w_7176c7d2[1].jpg 2560x1920 1522kB)

4 hours later 9013698 Anonymous
>>9013612 >>9013655 >>9013678 Impressive camo.

5 hours later 9013878 Anonymous
>>9008439 Best portrait of the FDF, that must have been a hard day for you guys

7 hours later 9015805 Anonymous
>>9008453 Spetznaz likes puppies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE0L XYew1E0&feature=player_detailpage#t =172s

7 hours later 9015955 Anonymous (IMG_1028.jpg 1024x768 219kB)
>>9013878 every day is hard day >the only time we got to fuck around with explosives wish I had the picture of the one we shaped like a dick.

8 hours later 9016573 Anonymous
>>9009402 that's bill clinton's worked. He bombed the shit out of Belgrade, and then let Kosovo run its black market organ smuggling withought serbian hassle

8 hours later 9016583 Anonymous
>>9010090 Considering America never fought modern china, that can't be really said

8 hours later 9016607 Anonymous
>>9013655 is that you?

8 hours later 9016654 Anonymous (12134456456754675854.jpg 500x452 124kB)
>tfw can't enlist in american army because of immigrant restrictions >tfw can't enlist in local military because of knee injuries in both knees

8 hours later 9016672 Anonymous
>>9009126 >>9009039 Looks as retarded as the XM29 OICW that the US was thinking about about a decade ago.

8 hours later 9016717 Anonymous
>>9016654 The foreign legion wants YOU!

8 hours later 9016735 Anonymous
>>9008805 >no fire sweden are you even trying

8 hours later 9016747 Anonymous (1361084847482.jpg 195x195 36kB)
>>9016717 I actually sent some mails to the Spanish legion. They let spics in. Apparently you need to pass a fuckton of exams and tests and need an actual military education before being able to enlist. There's nothing I hate more than my office monkey life. I'm doomed for it for the rest of my life thanks to my injuries. My actual life dream is to be a fighter pilot but I have shit eyesight.

8 hours later 9016770 Anonymous
>>9007993 >>9008805 >>9016735 None of your nations will ever have a soldier with a confirmed longbow kill in the modern(ish) era. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_C hurchill

8 hours later 9016784 Anonymous (tf157.jpg 960x720 148kB)
army reserve basic training

8 hours later 9016800 Anonymous
>>9016770 No But we have a tank mobility kill with a crowbar.

8 hours later 9016873 Anonymous (090410-F-4177H-569.jpg 2626x1683 647kB)

8 hours later 9016882 Anonymous (32266_421884944179_118394669179_5469783_3140825_n.jpg 661x437 83kB)

8 hours later 9016892 Anonymous (347zdl2 - Copy.jpg 450x299 15kB)

8 hours later 9016899 Anonymous (5939879586_62d8ea8e38_o.jpg 2056x1536 1263kB)

8 hours later 9016933 Anonymous
>>9016873 shit's gotta weigh like a bitch.

8 hours later 9016960 Anonymous (091102-f-9228t-006.jpg 2258x1500 1380kB)
>>9016933 it can be but the mount is supposed to make it swivel easily

8 hours later 9017011 Anonymous
>>9009366 >yfw all of the Chinese stuff is brand new and all of the American stuff is 20+ years old Including the F-22, which was designed during the cold war and first flew in 1990

8 hours later 9017027 Anonymous (USS_Independence.jpg 2000x1297 434kB)
do you even trireme?

8 hours later 9017042 Anonymous
China strong

8 hours later 9017050 Anonymous
>>9017011 I really want to see what the US has hidden up its sleeve. Like when every other nation has their 5th generation jets finally in use, the US should just unveil its 6th gen.

8 hours later 9017051 Anonymous
>>9017027 Isn't that ship melting due to a design flaw? The last I read on /k/ you were trying to sell it cheap.

8 hours later 9017058 Anonymous (American space triangle.jpg 534x395 35kB)
>>9017050 >I really want to see what the US has hidden up its sleeve America has a space based fighter craft that for some reason gets tested over the UK(probably has an unstable power source which is better fucking up and killing us than them.

8 hours later 9017062 Anonymous
>>9017051 They were never trying to sell it. There was a corrosion problem that was fixed. They might be trying to sell a production version of it to other countries, but that's it.

9 hours later 9017087 Anonymous (X-47B_hoisted_aboard_USS_Harry_S_Truman_11-26-2012.jpg 3965x2832 897kB)
>>9009366 well the Global Hawk is only 15 years old, but who the fuck cares, it's just a surveillance UAV this, on the other hand...

9 hours later 9017100 Anonymous
>>9017058 bottom right looks an awful lot like an SR-71

9 hours later 9017121 Anonymous (Boeing_X-37B_after_landing_at_Vandenberg_AFB,_3_December_2010.jpg 969x555 238kB)
>>9017058 Apparently this thing scared the shit out of China who thought it was a weapon platform because the USAF is testing it, but a lot of people think it's a scaled test platform for a shuttle replacement

9 hours later 9017122 Anonymous (japan_air_force_runnimg.jpg 703x527 82kB)
Occasional reminder: Glorious Japan Air Force

9 hours later 9017141 Anonymous (Boeing-X36-InFlight.jpg 534x277 31kB)
>you will never see this made into a full scale fighter aircraft

9 hours later 9017168 Anonymous
>>9017051 Melting is not the right word.

9 hours later 9017170 Anonymous (Boeing_Bird_of_Prey.jpg 1200x800 173kB)
>>9017141 Actually Boeing seems to be pursuing a future of tailless fighter aircraft, their early concepts for 6th gen fighters (at least those released publicly) didn't have tails on them. They also played with this thing for a while.

9 hours later 9017174 Anonymous (predatorstrike05uoyg4.jpg 1024x667 612kB)
fuck nature

9 hours later 9017184 Anonymous
>>9017121 A military shuttle maybe. The government isn't building another manned spaceplane.

9 hours later 9017188 Anonymous (how does your mom let you have two RKs.jpg 1001x678 196kB)

9 hours later 9017196 Anonymous
>>9017174 > eucalyptus forest fire waiting to happen

9 hours later 9017214 Anonymous
>>9017174 >Emu War

9 hours later 9017221 Anonymous (B-2_Spirit_050413-F-1740G-001a.jpg 2450x960 1600kB)
If you don't have an aircraft that costs $2,100,000,000.00 to build and maintain per unit, you're pretty much a non-country

9 hours later 9017229 Anonymous
>>9010319 Actually, America's objective was to get the British to leave their ships alone, and America did achieve this goal, so technically, we won. Canada was just for fun, and yea...New Orleans

9 hours later 9017232 Anonymous
>>9017184 [ciation needed] all we know is that NASA isn't, which is why the project was handed over to the USAF

9 hours later 9017239 Anonymous (Laughing Finns.jpg 1767x1352 993kB)

9 hours later 9017274 Anonymous
>>9008607 They are colloquially called "släbärit"

9 hours later 9017276 Anonymous
>>9010572 The war wasn't to gain Canada. That was just sprinkles on the fucking cupcake. Our goal was to harrass the British until they stopped their naval and trade douchbaggery, and invading canada got their attention. White house was burned, but not capitol building.

9 hours later 9017277 Anonymous (5932092552_e9fd9a75dd_b.jpg 1024x833 349kB)
>>9017196 >giving a fuck

9 hours later 9017279 Anonymous (Beriev_Bartini_VVA_14.jpg 690x458 86kB)
Just found this thing on the web... >Russia

9 hours later 9017285 Anonymous
>>9009029 Why is that Draken in the forest?

9 hours later 9017293 Anonymous
>>9017276 I think youll find Capitol building was burnt.

9 hours later 9017294 Anonymous (BerievBartiniVVA2.jpg 729x438 60kB)
>>9017279 wat

9 hours later 9017304 Anonymous
>>9017232 There is zero evidence to suggest a manned space plane is being developed by the government. You can't just say there is because there theoretically could be. The only manned space plane being worked on is by the Sierra Nevada corporation.

9 hours later 9017306 Anonymous
>>9017293 >he thinks burning down some buildings and then evacuating due to bad weather equates to victory

9 hours later 9017307 Anonymous
>Battlefield Illusion http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/201 2/02/darpa-magic/ >In its new budget, unveiled on Monday, Darpa introduced a new $4 million investigation into technologies that will “manage the adversary’s sensory perception” in order to “confuse, delay, inhibit, or misdirect [his] actions.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing _X-37 >The Boeing X-37 (also known as the X-37 Orbital Test Vehicle) is an American reusable unmanned spacecraft. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypers onic_Technology_Vehicle_2 >Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2) is a crewless,[1] experimental rocket glider developed as part of the DARPA Falcon Project capable of flying at 13,000 mph (21,000 km/h).[2] I http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_E nergy_Liquid_Laser_Area_Defense_Sys tem >The High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS), is a Counter-RAM system under development that will use a powerful (150 kW) laser to shoot down missiles, rockets, and artillery shells http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_ Universal_Load_Carrier >It is intended to help soldiers in combat carry a load of up to 200 pounds at a top speed of 10 miles per hour for extended periods of time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAHEM >is a weapon being developed by DARPA that would utilize molten metal to penetrate enemy armor.[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind%2 7s_Eye_(US_Military) >"The Mind's Eye program seeks to develop in machines a capability that exists only in animals: visual intelligence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transf ormer_(flying_car) >The DARPA TX, or Transformer is a 5-year, 3-phase[2] flying car effort coordinated by DARPA for the United States Military.

9 hours later 9017308 Anonymous
>>9017239 >not the new comfyasfuck m05 flak jackets

9 hours later 9017311 Anonymous
>>9017277 Think of the Koalas man!

9 hours later 9017314 Anonymous
>>9017293 actually it was the White House, which was pink at the time, so thanks for that

9 hours later 9017316 Anonymous
>>9017285 f-18's were bullying him

9 hours later 9017323 Anonymous
>>9017294 >>9017279 Play Metal Gear Solid 3

9 hours later 9017331 Anonymous
>>9017304 You mean other than the fact that theyve planned a larger scale version of the craft capable of carrying several passengers? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing _X-37#X-37C >In 2011, Boeing announced plans for a scaled-up variant of the X-37B, referring to the spacecraft as the X-37C. The X-37C would be between 165% and 180% larger than the X-37B, allowing it to transport up to six astronauts inside a pressurized compartment housed in the cargo bay. Its proposed launch vehicle is the Atlas V Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle.[64] The X-37C may compete with Boeing's CST-100 commercial space capsule.[65] Yep, you're a faggot.

9 hours later 9017332 Anonymous (pzh-2000 (2).jpg 1600x1066 244kB)
Some PZH-2000 muscle perhaps?

9 hours later 9017340 Anon
>>9008547 Chosen go away.

9 hours later 9017347 Anonymous (20120616adf8118679_156.jpg 1600x1065 528kB)
>>9017311 they started this war

9 hours later 9017354 Anonymous
>>9017331 Okay, so they've mentioned the possibility. That didn't say they are actually developing it. Why? Because private enterprise is achieving the same overarching goal for a lot cheaper. Maybe they'll build it, but they aren't doing it now as far as we know.

9 hours later 9017360 Anonymous (1359679514592.png 2650x3938 429kB)
>>9017307 >you will never be privy to all the other weird shit they've worked on in the past but were earmarked to be kept secret in case they want to return to it in the future

9 hours later 9017376 Anonymous
>>9017307 oh boy another hypersonic test vehicle that they can't figure out how to control at high speeds

9 hours later 9017386 Anonymous
>>9017376 Actually that's THE test vehicle that they haven't been able to control/keep contact with.

9 hours later 9017388 Anonymous
>>9017376 Yeah. Still further along than anything anyone else has. I know one of the vehicles provided more data at those speeds than had previously been collected in total.

9 hours later 9017389 Anonymous
>>9017293 nope.jpg white house is not capitol. Just residence of President.

9 hours later 9017393 Anonymous
>>9017360 seriously, fuck, that's just the tip of the iceberg in the shit that's public, too but all the shit that they worked on in the past that's private...or even all the shit that they're STILL working on that's private? bring it on, north korea.

9 hours later 9017399 Anonymous
>>9017314 no kidding, lol.

9 hours later 9017407 Anonymous
>>9017307 >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans former_(flying_car) That is fucking retarded

9 hours later 9017411 Anonymous
>>9017407 if by that you mean fucking awesome, sure the spinoff tech could lead to a flying car, etc think of all the spinoff tech that resuletd from NASA

9 hours later 9017416 Anonymous
>>9017411 Moreso from DARPA and its ancestors. NASA is right up there too.

9 hours later 9017422 Anonymous (aircraft_f-22_raptor_desktop_1680x1050_hd-wallpaper-916400.jpg 1680x1050 234kB)
I'm curious. In countries that haven't been to war in a long time (Switzerland, Sweden, etc.), how do military promotions work? Does it all depend on your skills in training?

9 hours later 9017427 Anonymous
>>9017393 fuck, If WWIII were to break out tommorrow, I have a feeling that the entire world would be pissing itself as DARPA's creations roamed the earth.

9 hours later 9017431 Anonymous
>>9017422 Like most government work, a lot of it (I would guess) is based on length of service.

9 hours later 9017445 Anonymous (1351626966215.jpg 1920x1080 318kB)
>>9017431 Alright. That makes sense.

9 hours later 9017448 Anonymous (3328.gif 394x613 2563kB)
>>9017427 Seriously, I can't wait until we fight a war with the gloves off gif related

9 hours later 9017452 Anonymous (DarpaLS3_large_JPG_verge_medium_landscape.jpg 640x424 271kB)
>>9017427 I know I would

9 hours later 9017455 Anonymous (aircraft_desktop_1600x898_hd-wallpaper-942330.jpg 1600x898 77kB)

9 hours later 9017468 Anonymous
>>9017452 can you imagine being a little kid from some tribal village in the mountains of some 9th world country and seeing one of those running bye without human assistance?

9 hours later 9017473 Anonymous (1360468165343.jpg 828x530 102kB)
>>9017448 >World wakes up to 40k uni invading earth through timewarp >DARPA snickers, "those plebs are still using prototypes"

9 hours later 9017478 Anonymous (a10.jpg 1920x1200 294kB)

9 hours later 9017496 Anonymous
>>9017452 Prepare your anus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jvL alY6ubc

9 hours later 9017497 Anonymous
>>9017452 >>9017468 Have you seen it hurling cinder blocks? Seriously, fuck that noise. mount a mini gun on it and use the rest of the capacity for ammo storage...fuck.

9 hours later 9017503 Anonymous (35434643574567658765.jpg 802x942 204kB)
Soon, the last one will fly too.

9 hours later 9017504 Anonymous (gun070.jpg 1920x1280 1118kB)
Often overlooked aspect of warfare.

9 hours later 9017511 Anonymous
>>9017496 >>9017497 Aww yeah hivemind.

9 hours later 9017515 Anonymous
>>9017496 >>9017497 Hivemind

9 hours later 9017516 Anonymous
>>9017503 It's adorable when you think you're doing well.

9 hours later 9017522 Anonymous
>>9017511 >>9017515 Seriously...

9 hours later 9017524 Anonymous
>>9017511 >>9017515 Hiveception.

9 hours later 9017525 Anonymous
>>9017504 lazy cunts lovely guns

9 hours later 9017528 Anonymous
>>9017448 >>9017473 I never understood the point of bipedal war machines. Wouldn't it make more sense to build something with 4+ legs for more stability?

9 hours later 9017529 Anonymous (2. (211-216 ... 231-236, x18)第2营PLZ05型155毫米自行加榴炮.jpg 1500x1000 744kB)
>>9017504 God of War is always relevant and never overlooked.

9 hours later 9017534 Anonymous
>>9017522 >>9017524 Oh fuck. Is the universe going to implode?

9 hours later 9017536 Anonymous
>>9017503 You're only 20 years behind us!

9 hours later 9017540 Anonymous
>>9017524 >>9017522 goddamnit

9 hours later 9017549 Anonymous (1319249138412.jpg 984x688 28kB)
>>9017473 fucking glorious

9 hours later 9017552 Anonymous (1273711274268.jpg 1920x1284 1012kB)
>>9017529 China, can you tell your leaders to stop stealing our inventions. -Sincerely, USA

9 hours later 9017569 Anonymous
>>9017528 maneuverability. Bipedal can turn faster

9 hours later 9017570 Anonymous (tyki2.jpg 1732x1276 1369kB)
>>9017504 What >>9017525 said

9 hours later 9017572 Anonymous (China Flying Wing UAV official.jpg 659x353 23kB)
>>9017503 Our flying wing carrier capable UCAV.

9 hours later 9017577 Anonymous (1351627132998.jpg 1920x1080 675kB)

9 hours later 9017579 Anonymous
>>9017496 And the thing is, they're just testing tech like that to implement into Terminator like robots that you see here: >>9017448 so that way, we'll truly have full blown terminators

9 hours later 9017585 Anonymous
>>9017552 they're stealing from us

9 hours later 9017586 Anonymous
>>9017569 how do you figure?

9 hours later 9017596 Anonymous
>>9017570 >it's loud >my feet hurt >i'm tired >I wish I was home playing videogames

9 hours later 9017598 Anonymous
>>9017572 looks legit >still waiting/10

9 hours later 9017602 Anonymous
>>9017572 Those are nice drawings and prototypes you have there, copied from our 20 year old designs

9 hours later 9017603 Anonymous
>>9017572 *in theory Pretty important asterik.

9 hours later 9017606 Anonymous (1314249335906.jpg 2710x1800 1944kB)
>>9017577 These are cool

9 hours later 9017626 Anonymous
>>9017606 so fat lubs de burger :3

9 hours later 9017628 Anonymous (102.jpg 1920x1200 260kB)
>>9017606 I agree.

9 hours later 9017634 Anonymous
>>9017586 Imagine that AT-AT and the battle titan previously pictured as an example, but scaled to similar size. The bipedal titan will be able to turn and move much faster than the quadruped ATAT

9 hours later 9017636 Anonymous (1307449067951.jpg 1920x1280 589kB)

9 hours later 9017640 Anonymous (GtPwW.jpg 950x582 88kB)
>>9017598 Rumour say that prototype completed taxi test a month ago and will now prepare for its maiden flight. If everything's going smooth, we wil be the third one to fly stealthy UCAVs, after USA and France.

9 hours later 9017655 Anonymous
>>9017640 When you fly something doesn't directly correlate to how advanced or quality it is.

9 hours later 9017672 Anonymous
>>9017640 That means you still have no clue if it will achieve any kind of meaningful stealth in actual flying conditions.

9 hours later 9017687 Anonymous (laivasto2.jpg 427x639 35kB)
lel navy

10 hours later 9017738 Anonymous (US Navy - Sea Shadow.jpg 1024x768 123kB)

10 hours later 9017752 Anonymous (_mtp+ja+leo.jpg 1772x1181 554kB)

10 hours later 9017756 Anonymous (ca1.jpg 600x429 246kB)
>>9017606 >mfw Canada owns a total of three C-17's I love our military, but we really need to update our air fleets.

10 hours later 9017758 Anonymous (M113_in_Panama.jpg 2000x1448 867kB)
M113 bringing freedom to Latin America

10 hours later 9017771 Anonymous (lockheed martin delivers first c-5m super galaxy-050809.jpg 600x435 119kB)
>>9017756 aight, lets drive up to the cockpit, better pack some snacks, its a long drive

10 hours later 9017775 Anonymous (F-35_Helmet_Mounted_Display_System.jpg 632x642 101kB)

10 hours later 9017777 Anonymous (1325303470829.jpg 1024x648 307kB)
>>9017672 True. The prototype will most probably not feature RAM coatings and other stealth measures, aside of the general LO shape. Same as with the development of other stealth aircrafts, no matter manned or unmanned.

10 hours later 9017790 Anonymous (aircraft_carrier_design_976.jpg 976x350 79kB)

10 hours later 9017796 Anonymous (101655cw7ch0xx7i8q38qe.jpg.thumb.jpg 1024x641 66kB)
>>9017777 quads! Captcha: >seven ngeHab

10 hours later 9017808 Anonymous (Uss_Zumwalt.jpg 3300x2258 700kB)
>>9017790 out of date, Gerald R. Ford class carriers are even bigger than Nimitz, lel

10 hours later 9017812 Anonymous (PST-Kyrpa.jpg 246x498 23kB)

10 hours later 9017826 Anonymous (1278724482133.jpg 705x705 41kB)

10 hours later 9017840 Anonymous (IMG-20120805-00044.jpg 2560x1920 1060kB)
>yfw I flew in one of these crewed by a bunch of senior citizens that could have croaked at any time

10 hours later 9017850 Anonymous (1362219721_10408.jpg 850x390 67kB)
>>9009366 More of the Black Fleet. Y-20 heavy lift aircraft.

10 hours later 9017854 Anonymous (11073706-large.jpg 380x252 26kB)
USS Mississippi - Virginia Class Attack Sub Advanced electronic warfare suite, accommodates SEAL detachable SEAL pod. Forward Missile compartment, stealthy

10 hours later 9017855 Anonymous
>>9017812 That's gay

10 hours later 9017861 Anonymous
>>9017840 meh, needs more guns...

10 hours later 9017871 Anonymous (IMG-20120805-00046.jpg 2560x1920 1171kB)
>>9017861 It has plenty

10 hours later 9017872 Anonymous (J-31 Falcon Eagle.jpg 992x2424 373kB)
>>9017850 J-31 Medium Weight Stealth Fighter Also the future carrier fighter after the J-15

10 hours later 9017880 Anonymous
>>9017872 that's just an F-35 with two engines

10 hours later 9017886 Anonymous
>>9017872 I want to talk shit so badly, and could so easily, but you're being so robotic about the whole thing.

10 hours later 9017894 Anonymous (IMG-20120805-00017.jpg 2560x1920 1034kB)
>>9017871 unfortunately some obese asshole sat in the nose for the entire ride

10 hours later 9017896 Anonymous (230914nxi6nf6q4btd3dri.jpg 4583x1477 565kB)
>>9017880 Exactly!

10 hours later 9017903 Anonymous
>>9017796 >>9017850 >>9017872 Chinese military: Decent-looking externals, shit internals. I doubt the F-15 platform would have any difficulties taking out your Raptor and JSF copies.

10 hours later 9017904 Anonymous
>>9017871 it was a joke

10 hours later 9017924 Anonymous (IMG-20120805-00023.jpg 2560x1920 1104kB)
>>9017904 I'm aware

10 hours later 9017931 Anonymous
>>9017903 Do you actually have any basis on why would the Chinese equipment be any worse?

10 hours later 9017932 Anonymous
>>9017894 One time when I was young I got to ride in the ball turret for a little bit.

10 hours later 9017943 Anonymous
>>9017931 Documented problems in training, manufacturing, etc.

10 hours later 9017990 Anonymous
>>9017943 Not more than what western military industrial complex experiences. We do not laugh about the F-35 having cracking engine blades and being over-buget and having sub-systems still not ready after years of development. All development is met with problems.

10 hours later 9018033 Anonymous
>>9017990 It is more fundamentally flawed in China. The government has tried for years to make engines that perform as well or last as long as their Western counterparts and has yet to succeed. Then there's to total lack of experience in the training process.

13 hours later 9019956 Anonymous (Taranis.jpg 634x423 32kB)
>>9017640 >If everything's going smooth, we wil be the third one to fly stealthy UCAVs, after USA and France. What the fuck are you talking about Ping?

13 hours later 9020050 Anonymous
>>9018033 Well, the WS-10 is up and running since 2009 and the WS-20 for the Y-20 airlifter is also progressing fast, since it is based on the WS-10. All our newbuilt Flankers are powered by WS-10, as well as our J-15 carrier fighters. Powering carrier fighters with our own engines instead of the Russian ones indicate great trust in the reliablity of the engine in question. >>9019956 Forgot about that. Then we are to be the fourth...

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