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2013-03-08 11:11 9007415 Anonymous (delawareporn14n-5-web.jpg 635x431 26kB)
My fellow burgers, are we really such a sexually repressed country that someone can't do orn and win a beauty pageant, are we really forcing a one or the other scenario? Why can't people just fuck and not get called immoral monsters in the US media. What the fuck is wrong with our "culture" and it's views on sex.

2 min later 9007465 Anonymous
>>9007415 do porn* >Me in charge of anything

4 min later 9007527 Anonymous
Nobody has ANY thoughts?

7 min later 9007604 Anonymous
Cold war-era religious revival, Christianity's slightly weird values, and the FUCKING SOUTH all combined to make a nation that would make Freud weep.

11 min later 9007695 Anonymous
>>9007415 That porno was horrible. No offense, Miss Delaware and Ameribros.

11 min later 9007701 Anonymous
>>9007604 HA "America is a mistake, a giant mistake" - Sigmund Freud

13 min later 9007726 Anonymous
>tfw I went to highschool with her, yes she's a slut

14 min later 9007760 Anonymous
>>9007726 No shit. >Implying she isn't a 6/10 at best

17 min later 9007858 Anonymous
>>9007415 A beauty pageant participant cannot do porn without being kicked out in France too. I think it's pretty natural even if we're supposed to be very open-minded when it comes to sexuality.

4 hours later 9012670 Anonymous ((Qu├ębec).gif 16x11 0kB)
This is me destroying pokeflag Sup

4 hours later 9012821 Anonymous
Porn is different from just fucking, beauty pageant is family-friendly affair. You might disagree but thats how it is.

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