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2013-03-01 06:01 8834459 Anonymous (vatican_flag.png 550x550 49kB)
No pope, Catholics can do what they want now, its anarchy. Free pass to sin for the next few weeks. Also do you think the Orthodox and Anglican church will ever re-unite with the Catholic church?

1 min later 8834483 Anonymous
Aren´t the Anglican and Orthodox churches actually Christian though? I don´t see why they´d want to merge with the papists

2 min later 8834499 Anonymous
>>8834459 >Anglican >Reunite with Papists That would be like mixing Coca-Cola light with normal Coca-Cola.

3 min later 8834514 Anonymous
you have a very interesting view of how Catholics work.

4 min later 8834525 Anonymous (200px-Gregor_Palamas[1].jpg 200x296 30kB)
Orthodoxy is best Christianity. Anglicanism is lost to women, gays, and 'modernists.' Catholicism is going the same way.

7 min later 8834568 Grizzled Ancient
Catholic here. I wonder who the new Pope will be. Rather interested. Everyone says Ouelett, but I can't see it. Others say Turkson. Either way, should be interesting to see.

10 min later 8834608 Anonymous
>>8834483 technically the Catholic church and Eastern Orthodox are both Roman Orthodox and Catholic, the nomenclature we use now is a result of the division. The Anglicans are Catholics but also protestants. But essentially they are Catholics without the Pope. Only after the Byzantines lost so much of their power did the Pope become the main guy of the Catholic church. Before the Catholics were ruled by the pentarchy, the patriarchs of Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem. The patriarch/bishop of Rome (pope) was in charge of all the Western Roman Empire, so after the East-West split, the power of the pope was so powerful because he was the only one in his position in the western church. There was a few times when the Emperor of the Byzantines didn't agree with the Patriarch of Constantinople and instead got permission or advice from the pope.

10 min later 8834624 Anonymous
>>8834568 I´m not a catholic obviously, but I do hope it´ll be a social justice guy who doesn´t give a shit about what goes on in peoples´ bedrooms

10 min later 8834630 Anonymous (sadfrog2.jpg 239x184 7kB)
>you will never be Pope

11 min later 8834647 Anonymous
Fuck the Catholics

11 min later 8834652 Anonymous
>>8834568 its not going to be Turkson. It'd be nice to see a non-European pope (ie a pope in from the Americas or Asia), but an black pope? No thank you.

12 min later 8834670 Anonymous
>>8834630 There's still time lad. First step is a degree in theology.

13 min later 8834680 Anonymous (1358652648687.png 155x190 53kB)
>>8834630 >your hat will never be that cool It ain't fair.

15 min later 8834715 Anonymous (constanzabelittles.jpg 375x375 42kB)
>caring about the pope shiggydiggy

16 min later 8834726 Anonymous
>>8834670 Once I have my degree, where do I apply? Is there a box I put my resume in at the Vatican?

16 min later 8834733 Grizzled Ancient
>>8834624 Same. I say sell some property and goods. The church is effectively the worlds richest organization. They have the power, with a few words, to help the AIDS crisis. People forget, many Catholics reside in central and southern Africa. Just saying condoms are allowed could help so much. It won't happen, but one could wish. Either way, I hope there is some good that comes with the new pontificate. I wonder what it is actually like to wake up, and realize your word effects so many. And the knowledge he must have to hold. It's interesting to me. >>8834652 I don't care if he is black, white, Latino, yellow, whatever. I just want a pope who will focus on bringing a bit of a more realistic/modern approach, whatever that may entail, that benefits a few more people. PJP II was the man. He did such good things. We need someone like him again, whoever it is.

16 min later 8834735 Anonymous
>>8834459 Have you heard about Unia on Ukraine? Orthodox church consider this as worst thing ever and become mad every time they hear something like that.

20 min later 8834804 Anonymous
>>8834735 yeah I've read about it. Its interesting how they thing the Western church likes to think rationally about theological matters and not spiritually.

20 min later 8834809 Grizzled Ancient (crusade.jpg 525x438 78kB)
So. Another question: Will pick related happen? Are there any conspiracy theorists here? What do you all make of the "Prophecy of the Pope" >for those of you who don't follow Catholic news >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proph ecy_of_the_Popes

28 min later 8834925 Anonymous (250px-Vlag_van_het_Koninkrijk_Jeruzalem.png.png 250x500 2kB)
>>8834809 doubt it, but if it does happen I hope the aims are three fold. -Egypt gets ruled by the true Egyptians the Copts -Constantinople is given to Greece -Isreal-Palestine becomes the Kingdom of Jerusalem with a Christian king.

30 min later 8834956 Anonymous
>>8834726 well, its a long process. You have to be male, and catholic. You cannot be married if you are to move beyond deacon. You will first get a degree in theology, usually a PhD, very good to try and spend some time in Rome, learning latin is very helpful. Eventually you will be declared a priest, then you have to be a bishop. You will have to wait until the current bishop dies, you will then be chosen by the pope as a bishop, and be assigned a diocese to look over. After that it gets harder. There are only 120 people in the college of cardinals. You have to wait until a cardinal dies, and be handpicked personally out of the thousands of bishops to take his place, then you have wait for the pope to be removed from office for whatever reason(death usually), and then after a short period the college of cardinals will select some candidates. Every day the college of cardinals will meet to elect the new pope, and you must be chosen out of the cardinals with a 2/3rd vote, and that goes on until someone is picked(if it goes beyond 30 voting sessions, then its just a majority) or you could just be a catholic man, but its been almost a thousand years since a non cardinal was picked, so what i said above is pretty much obligatory

31 min later 8834972 Anonymous
>>8834733 >realistic/modern approach, whatever that may entail Fuck you. Why the euphemisms?? We all know that by 'whatever that may entail' you really mean "tell me my promiscuous lifestyle and support of homosexuality is OK". No thanks. There are already other gay- and sin-friendly churches, don't shit up the Catholic church.

38 min later 8835063 Anonymous
>>8834956 Join Swiss Guard, stage coup, declare yourself Pope

39 min later 8835076 Anonymous
>>8835063 brb doing this

42 min later 8835123 Grizzled Ancient
>>8834972 No no, that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about doing some greater good for Catholics everywhere. I am not gay, nor am I promiscuous. >>8834956 I think you also have to be fluent in 3-5 languages, but I may be wrong there. Not sure if that is a stipulation, or if it is just an "unspoken rule"

44 min later 8835138 Anonymous
>>8835123 Not to be pope by bare minimum standards. As long as you are male and catholic you can become pope, but you won't. To really have a shot at making it in the church though, you pretty much have to know italian and latin.

45 min later 8835150 Anonymous (leonardo sandri.jpg 275x183 6kB)
>2013 >not supporting the Argentinian cardinal as the new Pope just to see a new Crusade in the Falklands

45 min later 8835153 Anonymous (Papal_Zouave.jpg 200x359 25kB)
>>8835076 can I be Ecumenical Captain of the new Papal Zouave?

48 min later 8835175 Granada (giggle.jpg 258x306 19kB)
>>8834459 >Catholics can do what they want now Do you really think most catholics do what the pope says? Really?

50 min later 8835205 Anonymous
>>8835175 Did you really think that statement was serious? Even if they followed his command verbatim his retirement wouldn't mean Catholics could do what they want until a new one was found. Are all Spaniards this dull?

51 min later 8835218 Granada
Ok, I think It's bed time now. Muh fail.

52 min later 8835220 Anonymous
>>8835150 >implying he's argentine and not still italian

52 min later 8835232 Grizzled Ancient
>>8835175 The Philippines, parts of Africa and even South America DO care what he says. You have to realize there are people outside the western world. Hard to believe, I know. Shocked me too!

53 min later 8835241 Anonymous
Just got back, i'll just answer any random questions that arise in order t join the swiss guard, you must fulfill these requirements at minimum -You must have swiss citizenship -You must be enlisted in the Swiss Military -Minimum height of 174cm -Roman Catholic -Not married/dating -You must be between 19-30 years old -Must have a high school diploma or diploma The swiss guard gets paid too, they have a salary. the application process goes way more in depth(you can apply once a month) but those are the minimum requirements fir joining.

54 min later 8835257 Anonymous
>>8835220 >born in Buenos Aires It doesn't matter his hurritage, as soon as you born in Argentina, you'll sing the liberation of Malvinas song

56 min later 8835273 Anonymous
>>8835232 Africans bang without condoms because that's how they roll, they just use the pope as an excuse. They also raped nuns and virgins to cure their AIDS. Pretty sure the Pope didn't OK that... they might have been Muslims though, I don't know what the Qur'an says about it.

57 min later 8835289 Anonymous
Also, to the spaniard people 'should' do what the pope says. He is completely infallible in all matters of spirituality, so pretty much what he says goes. Most people just go to church and follow the scriptures and their local church community. This works as well, as the pope won't be deviating from scripture(Its complicated, but technically if a pope denounced scripture he would be right, but there would never be a pope that would do that)

1 hours later 8835391 Anonymous
>>8835289 I actually have a question. When exactly Benedict XVI lost his infallibility? >When he decided to abdict? >When he publicly said he would abdict? >When he oficially abdicted his position? I'm tempted to go with the last one, but should the Church's bureaucracy influence on wheter he still is infallible or not?

1 hours later 8835447 Anonymous
>>8835391 After he officially abdicated he lost infallibility because it was at that point that he was no longer pope. Before that time he was still pope.

2 hours later 8836160 Anonymous
A gay lobby is controlling careers in the Vatican

2 hours later 8836251 Anonymous (svetovnite-agencii-za-izbora-na-patriarh-neofit-131657.jpg 598x336 54kB)
Catholic church means nothing to me nor your faggot pope. Orthodox Christianity is the true faith.

2 hours later 8836356 Anonymous
Wait. What's up with the burning an envelope thing and seeing if the smoke is white? No idea what it was when I caught a glimpse of it on TV weeks after Paul died.

3 hours later 8836368 Anonymous
>You will never be a pope and devote your life to feeding the hungry children of Africa by using the immense wealth the papal have. ;____;

3 hours later 8836491 Anonymous (2.3111341341345E+20.png 330x330 141kB)
>>8834925 >the true Egyptians >the Copts

4 hours later 8837114 Anonymous (Bishops and midget.jpg 300x225 25kB)

4 hours later 8837142 Anonymous (Vatican Armory.jpg 1024x768 428kB)
>>8835063 Feel free declaring a coup with Halberds and Flambergs.

4 hours later 8837153 Anonymous (jedi.jpg 610x392 52kB)
>>8836251 The Force is with us.

4 hours later 8837251 Anonymous
>>8836356 it means the pope smokes some pretty good shit, and he was keeping it in that envelope for later. Don't worry, we all make it to the big hydroponics lab in the sky eventually.

5 hours later 8837986 Anonymous
>>8834630 If you are Catholic and male you can be elected to be pope.

13 hours later 8840334 Anonymous
>>8836491 Have you skipped egyptian history at school ?

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