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2018-04-15 01:01 88270649 Anonymous (1523548926965.jpg 250x240 7kB)
Holy shit. I just realized how many of you are actually /pol/tards. You all browse /pol/, and then you come here and pretend that you don't. You're disgusting. Am I the only one that doesn't go to /pol/?

0 min later 88270675 Anonymous
>>88270649 Kill yourself Anglo-Zionist filth.

0 min later 88270679 Anonymous
>>88270649 You're not alone my friend.

1 min later 88270698 Anonymous
>>88270649 racists and homophobes should be banned from /int/ unironically

1 min later 88270717 Anonymous (flat,800x800,070,f.jpg 800x800 92kB)
>>88270675 >Kill yourself Anglo-Zionist filth.

2 min later 88270732 Anonymous (1510023461966.png 469x452 283kB)
>it's another "/pol/ pretends to act retarded because they think they are "subverting the left" " episode

2 min later 88270733 Anonymous
I browse /leftypol/

2 min later 88270746 Anonymous
>>88270733 Hang your self.

2 min later 88270748 Turk
/int/ is a gay BLACK board

3 min later 88270750 Anonymous
>>88270698 Jannie seems to be doing a good job at keeping these subhumans (aka /POL/acks) in their containment board today :3

3 min later 88270760 Anonymous
>>88270746 cringe

3 min later 88270768 Anonymous
/int/ is what /pol/ originally was, ironic racists with a slight bit of actual racism. /pol/ is full of actual racists trying to out edge each other.

3 min later 88270780 Anonymous
fuck off, most of us aren't /pol/acks, quit concern posting

3 min later 88270781 Anonymous

5 min later 88270827 Anonymous (1523671212866.jpg 987x1431 258kB)

6 min later 88270892 Anonymous (maxresdefault.jpg 845x712 110kB)
>>88270827 Please go back to /pol/. You're not wanted here.

7 min later 88270925 Anonymous
>>88270649 how many times are you going to make this thread?

9 min later 88270989 Anonymous
>>88270717 reminder that the amerimutt is a /pol/ meme

10 min later 88271029 Anonymous (1500343693176.png 631x479 355kB)
>>88270649 /biz/ here, just passing by.

11 min later 88271060 Anonymous
cute frogpost /pol/ animal go back to your subreddit

11 min later 88271062 Anonymous
>>88270698 But /int/ always stood for /int/olerance

12 min later 88271102 Anonymous
Feels like /int/ is sometimes even more racist than /pol/

12 min later 88271103 Anonymous
>>88270649 How new are you OP? I bet you haven't been here for more than half year.

12 min later 88271110 Anonymous
>>88270649 I only post on /tv/, /int/, /r9k/, and /fit/. /pol/ is a mess. I can't imagine why anyone would want to post there. What's the appeal of being constantly angry, or wanting to go somewhere where everyone else is?

13 min later 88271136 Anonymous
>>88271103 Want me to tell you how I know you're new?

13 min later 88271139 Anonymous
>>88270989 This Don't listen to the stupid germ's lies

13 min later 88271142 Turk
>>88271029 bitcoin dude BİTFUCKİNGCOİN asfkmaşfasşflafgğaomgğasdmgiasdgm

14 min later 88271176 Anonymous
>>88271136 No, I don't care about your opinion.

15 min later 88271189 Anonymous (1516225260972.png 800x1147 1515kB)
>>88271142 >Bitcoin FUCKING MAXIMALIST. Buy Stellar Lumens (XLM) or stay poor.

17 min later 88271284 Somali Norwegian Neocon Liberal GenderqueerPan Arabist Communist
>I just realized how many of you are actually /pol/tards. other boards too, not just this one. This site has gone to shit ever since you and other /pol/edditors like you have started invading every single board to spam your worthless, uneducated opinions about everything. No one gives a fuck about your "happenings" now fuck off.

18 min later 88271351 Anonymous
>>88271284 Stay quiet, namefag.

19 min later 88271376 Anonymous
>>88270649 >I just realized how many of you are actually /pol/tards. It used to be worst, a few years ago it was all about race. those were dark times

21 min later 88271477 Anonymous
>>88271376 Exactly, this is the most hilarious thing of all, just two years ago this board was like /pol/ on steroids. Unironically by then in /pol/ you had the MAGAPEDE tards opening threads about based Ben Carson and based Thomas Sowell.

21 min later 88271482 Anonymous (thhrt.jpg 601x508 337kB)
>>88270649 > le evil /pol/tard hurt my feefe why are you complaining about /pol/ here? this is /int/, get the fuck back to /pol/ then fagot

57 min later 88272799 Anonymous
>>88270649 I sometimes post in /pol/. Is it anything wrong?

58 min later 88272849 Anonymous
>>88270649 4chan is just different shades of/pol/ /thread

59 min later 88272884 Anonymous
>>88270768 There are also many racists here What is different from /pol/?

1 hours later 88273803 Anonymous
you have to go out of your way to think that whites, Jews, and East Asians arent above everyone else. hdi, crime rates, rape rates, every country not majority white or Asian being a shithole. the only difference between me and pol is I'm not complaining that Jews are smarter than whites

1 hours later 88273866 Anonymous
>>88270698 >muh safe space Back to tumblr, faggot

1 hours later 88273870 Anonymous
>>88273803 wh*tes aren't above anyone. Jews and East Asians spit on the wh*toid -- for good reason, too.

1 hours later 88273932 Anonymous
I visit /pol/ when /int/ is boring It's my greatest source of hate for Americans

1 hours later 88274241 Anonymous
>>88273932 Why don't you just go straight to the source, i.e r/T_D.

1 hours later 88274245 Anonymous
>>88270649 I go to /pol/ although I usually don't bring up my political views here unless someone else brings it up first or unless the thread is already about politics anyways.

1 hours later 88274246 Anonymous
>>88273932 I've never been uncomfortable in /pol/ Of course, most of Americans in /pol/ are normal. In /int/, I don't know reasons, many Japanese hate thread were posted, and Japanese are bullied. But, in /pol/ it is very rare. For me, /pol/ is often more comfortable than /int/ which bullies Japanese.

1 hours later 88274300 Anonymous (ascas.jpg 850x400 95kB)
>>88273803 > thats what /pol/ complains about hi kike

1 hours later 88274303 Anonymous
>>88274245 Kill yourself.

1 hours later 88274331 Anonymous
>>88273803 btw israel has a lower iq than uruguay lol

1 hours later 88274357 Anonymous
>>88274246 >the yellow monkey can't handle the banter Typical for a /p*l/fag

1 hours later 88274415 Anonymous
>>88274357 Your post is a proof. There is anon who post such a thing in /int/.

1 hours later 88274445 Anonymous
>>88274303 Asshurt nigger faggot

1 hours later 88274472 Anonymous (1517959161282.png 1200x1200 55kB)
>Asshurt nigger faggot

1 hours later 88274514 Anonymous
>>88274331 That's because Israel isn't 100% Ashkenazic Jews. Ashkenazic Jews in Israel are about 105 average, same as Asians. Not as high as you might expect but that's because America actually has a larger population of Ashkenazi Jews than Israel, while also having the more smart ones due to brain drain. The average IQ for American Ashkenazic Jews is around 110-115

1 hours later 88274544 Anonymous
>>88274472 >I American and post da mutt meme XDD >not like the other Americans btw ;)))

1 hours later 88274560 Anonymous (1497400426579.png 476x401 146kB)

1 hours later 88274652 Anonymous
>>88270649 /brit/ /fr/ and /luso/ are poltards breeding grounds.

1 hours later 88274670 Anonymous
Is /int/ really a peaceful and respectful board? There are many anons who discriminate against others by discriminative phrase in even this /int/ thread.

2 hours later 88274889 Anonymous
>>88274670 God I hate slant eye small dicked nip gooks so fucking much. Kill yourself you micro-penised zipperhead FAGGOT.

2 hours later 88275055 Anonymous

2 hours later 88275169 Anonymous
>>88274670 /int/は揶揄い /pol/は嫌悪

2 hours later 88275486 Anonymous
>>88275169 /int/ is also full of hatred

2 hours later 88275524 Anonymous
Wait, people here don't browse /pol/?

2 hours later 88275573 Anonymous
>>88275486 お前が真に受けているせいのじゃないか >>88275524 KYS

2 hours later 88275601 Anonymous
>>88270649 /pol/ is cringey retardation incarnate. I'm an educated and well-read misanthrope. I hate all races, so there's no discrimination to my shit.

2 hours later 88275645 Anonymous
>>88275524 the sort of people who post in/make these threads don't go browse anywhere but this board and Reddit. /pol/ is shit but only newfags have never lurked or posted there at some point in time.

2 hours later 88275696 Anonymous
>>88275573 /pol/ anons tell banters which look apparently banters than /int/

2 hours later 88275729 Anonymous (1510028729976.png 541x463 35kB)
>the sort of people who post in/make these threads don't go browse anywhere but this board and Reddit. /pol/ is shit but only newfags have never lurked or posted there at some point in time.

2 hours later 88275787 Anonymous
>>88275696 何を言おうとしていたのがさっぱり分からん。 日本語でもいい

2 hours later 88275871 Anonymous
>>88275787 /int/ の悪口は、決して冗談には聞こえないし、実際に彼らは日本人を罵倒してるだ け でも、/pol/の方は冗談で言ってるのがわかるから、すぐに仲良くなれる

2 hours later 88275878 Anonymous
>>88274241 MAGAPEDES are anti-racist civnats, just the typical /int/ banter would get you instantly banned there.

2 hours later 88276073 Anonymous
>>88275871 人々を実際に怒らせるように/int/の方のからかいは凄くヘビーだ。 その上/pol/の恒久童貞オタクには日本人を崇拝するから、お前らを嫌う はずない。 少数はの場合なら出させられるほど嫌われる。

2 hours later 88276144 Anonymous
>>88276073 >/int/の方のからかいは凄くヘビーだ。 それって、日本人をいじめたり差別して喜んでるだけでしょ からかってるのとは違うよ >少数はの場合なら出させられるほど嫌われる。 ほとんど人のいないスレッドにも何度も書き込んだけど、そんな経験は一度も ないよ

2 hours later 88276229 Anonymous
>>88274514 > jews are the smartest lets just not take into consideration the dumb ones lol. sure thing m8. and thats without going further into your ''claims'

2 hours later 88276287 Anonymous
this was a bad thread

2 hours later 88276318 Anonymous
>>88276144 それって、日本人をいじめたり差別して喜んでるだけでしょ からかってるのとは違うよ 差別でも揶揄いに過ぎない。 俺の場合なら毎猿、雑種、麻薬商人などの苛めを受けても挫けないし、同じ程 度の払い戻しを与える。 >>88276144 お前の今の英語力でニュアンスを読んでいないかもしれない。

3 hours later 88276711 Anonymous
>>88276318 >苛めを受けても挫けないし ほら、普通に苛められてるじゃんw >毎猿、雑種、麻薬商人などの苛め ここはそういうの禁止なはずでしょ? でも実際には、/int/ は subhuman manlet slanteye shitskin ***monkey etc etc...で溢れてるよね? こういうのは悪ふざけとは言わないし、これだったら /int/ は /pol/ と何ら変わらないよ >お前の今の英語力でニュアンスを読んでいないかもしれない。 それはないよ

3 hours later 88276894 Anonymous
>>88270675 get back over the border pedo

3 hours later 88276916 Anonymous
pol is funny during big events, outside of that it's just rinse and repeat of boring threads

3 hours later 88276925 Anonymous
>>88276711 >ここはそういうの禁止なはずでしょ? そのような侮辱が禁止されると4ちゃんは他の詰まらないサイトと共になるん だろう。 >>88276711 これだったら /int/ は /pol/ と何ら変わらないよ 変わるよ。 /int/のユーザーが君を怒らせながら笑いたい感じだし、 /pol/が4ちゃん重視にしすぎるから、苛めている時には君を本気で嫌う って言う印象が強い

3 hours later 88277138 Anonymous
>>88276925 >そのような侮辱が禁止されると4ちゃんは他の詰まらないサイトと共になる んだろう。 /int/ と /pol/ は、そのための棲み分けだったんじゃないの? どちらも似たような差別用語で溢れかえっているなら、どちらも同じだよ >/int/のユーザーが君を怒らせながら笑いたい感じだし、 怒るというより、ひたすら不快 >苛めている時には君を本気で嫌うって言う印象が強い 実際には、そういうのは見たことないな ここのスレに書かれてある罵倒の方が何百倍も酷いよ

3 hours later 88277174 Anonymous
>>88270679 >>88270649 You two can be alone together

3 hours later 88277371 Anonymous
>>88277138 もう居眠りのままだからこの議論を終わりにしたいな。 >そのための棲み分けだったんじゃないの? /pol/は主に政治やヘートを話題する板だから山分けされた。 >ひたすら不快 ここのユーモアは君に適当じゃないかもな。 >実際には、そういうのは見たことないな それは君だけだ

3 hours later 88277543 Anonymous
>>88277371 最後に書くけど、/int/ のヘイト書き込みはユーモアじゃないよ こう言うのは、ただの虐めや嫌がらせ これらをユーモアと言うのなら、むしろ君は/pol/の方が性に合ってるん じゃないかな

3 hours later 88277617 Anonymous
>>88277543 >性に合ってるんじゃないかな 実際に非白人を殺したくなる時にあそこへ行って声上がるよね。 恨みのないようにおやすみ

3 hours later 88277708 Anonymous
>>88277617 >実際に非白人を殺したくなる時にあそこへ行って声上がるよね。 誰かを殺したくなることはないし、声も上がらないよ

3 hours later 88277711 Anonymous
/pol/ is just full of reactionary cancer and 2/10 bait threads

3 hours later 88277743 Anonymous
it's also full of people that are desperate to make wherever they live sound like a shithole (even great first world countries), and unfortunately that seeps into here too.

3 hours later 88277746 Anonymous (1514868973075.png 418x500 36kB)
>>88270649 can anyone tell me what is "/pol/"?

3 hours later 88277770 Anonymous
>>88277711 too low iq and unmoderated. it's reddit the board

3 hours later 88277795 Anonymous
Look I don't come here for a safe space, be as racist and rude as you want. But don't come here pol stupidity. t. Black

4 hours later 88277817 Anonymous
>>88277746 This one >>>/pol/catalog

4 hours later 88277898 Anonymous
>>88270649 They've been spreading their cancer on other boards for a while, especially here, /b/ and /v/ Well, they always have been, but now they are trying harder.

4 hours later 88278141 Anonymous (kissyouontheback.png 587x405 275kB)
i only got to /k/ and /lgbt/ other than int /int/ is my favorite i really like you guys

4 hours later 88278150 Anonymous
>>88276711 >これだったら /int/ は /pol/ と何ら変わらないよ その通り。/int/と/pol/のユーザーは有力重なります その問題は色んな人々はとても批判に敏感から、怒られる。まるで迷子しちゃ って、ここはどんな場所が分からない

4 hours later 88278201 Anonymous
>>88278141 >/lgbt/ Aproveita aquele buraco traveco

4 hours later 88278313 Anonymous (Pol.png 1000x1050 441kB)

4 hours later 88278386 Anonymous
>>88278201 ain

4 hours later 88278450 Anonymous
>>88278150 >まるで迷子しちゃって、ここはどんな場所が分からない 初めて意見の合う人がいたw あと、消されるポストと消されないポストがあるのも謎 多分、ポストを消す、消さないを、管理者の「主観」で決めてるんだろうな

4 hours later 88278504 Anonymous
>>88270698 But a lot of the views they express are correct (not all of course), it's just that the people expressing the views are obnoxious idiots. Just ban people who can't express things in a sensible and coherent way.

4 hours later 88278528 Anonymous
I only browse here, and /k/

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