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2013-02-25 02:24 8734443 Anonymous (amour.jpg 1200x1200 200kB)
Since it's oscar night, can we have an /int/ movie thread? Any good non-hollywood films you've seen lately? Or at least discuss the foreign film nominations? I really liked Amour, I hope it wins at least a few awards tonight but I think it will be overlooked just because it's not made in the land of the brave :/

3 min later 8734517 Anonymous (11213_10151294508517546_1930122462_n.png 388x262 114kB)
Uaah, I still haven't seen Amour, I hate my life.

4 min later 8734536 Anonymous
>>8734517 It's really good, best movie I've seen in 2 years. Hollywood can't into drama any more.

7 min later 8734582 Anonymous
>>8734536 Have you seen other Haneke films? Which ones did you like the most?

7 min later 8734593 Anonymous
I hate McFarlane.

11 min later 8734640 Anonymous
>>8734582 I've seen the white ribbon and cache. I don't know which one is best. I like how his stories are very simple yet say a lot more then is shown.

23 min later 8734789 Anonymous
>>8734640 Haven't seen Caché yet. I'm afraid of watching another Haneke film. Watching Der siebente Kontinent just hurt too much. Same with Piano Teacher. The White Ribbon was reall awesome, I liked how it totally felt like a classic german novel from the 1900s and how it captured the atmosphere of a village. Somehow behind all these gruesomenesses it was a really beautiful film. (The doctor~) Do you think Emmanuelle Riva will win? And wtf was with that boob song by MacFarlene? Ugh..

27 min later 8734823 Anonymous

30 min later 8734847 Anonymous
>>8734789 She wont win. I felt her costar was much better but didn't even get nominated.

32 min later 8734874 Anonymous
Riva wont win. Her costar did a betterjob and wasnt even nominated.

40 min later 8734953 Anonymous (700x1000_movie10691postersno-chile.jpg 700x1000 368kB)
Incoming Chilean victory for Best Foreign Language Film.

46 min later 8735033 brazilian expat
>>8734953 agreed, god-tier movie

46 min later 8735038 Anonymous (vlad.jpg 184x184 10kB)

48 min later 8735058 Anonymous
Claudio Miranda won an Oscar for Best Cinematography in Life of Pi. CHI CHI CHI LE LE LE

49 min later 8735069 Anonymous (image.jpg 688x457 73kB)

50 min later 8735086 Anonymous
I've seen Beasts of the Southern Wild recently. Little nigglet actress is really really good, and her voiceover scenes are captivating. Quite a dreamy film.

55 min later 8735148 Anonymous
>>8735086 Oh I saw Life of Pi. Read the book a few years back. Well deserved Oscars for Cinematography and Special FX, it was truly a beautiful eye-candy film.

56 min later 8735155 Anonymous
>>8735086 http://www.livestream.com/theoscars

1 hours later 8735208 Anonymous
Recently saw the Chilean film Machuca. Pretty good stuff, got me interested in modern Chilean history. I'll have to check out that No film.

1 hours later 8735216 Anonymous
>Chile >decent films Yeah, nah.

1 hours later 8735239 Anonymous
Why haven't I seen this movie yet ? (downloading right away) A good french movie is La Haine : the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yk77 VrkxL88 and the full movie : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnbm iaBf9ps 1080p english russian portuguese sebian (etc...) subtitles Maybe you won't like it, but if it's free on youtube, so why not ?

1 hours later 8735240 Anonymous
>>8735208 >rich kids are dicks >extremly poor people are da bess Seriously, media biases errywhere

1 hours later 8735251 Anonymous ang lee for director (images.jpg 275x183 16kB)
I hope Ang Lee get the Best Director. though technically we can't take much credit in what he did abroad. our government sponsored him a studio though.

1 hours later 8735277 Anonymous
>>8735208 Machuca is nice. Violeta se fue a los cielos is directed by the same guy and pretty good too, but you have to know who Violeta Parra is before seeing it. I loved the soundtrack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBl 0d5FEd9A

1 hours later 8735316 Anonymous
>>8735277 Hola señor comeguaguas, como ha sido su dia?

1 hours later 8735349 Anonymous
>>8735316 El documental Pinochet es muy interesante también! >el capitalismo es un balde lleno de autos, casas, teles, refrigeradores, etc... el comunismo es el mismo balde pero vacío JAJAJAJAJA

1 hours later 8735395 Anonymous
>>8735349 what documentary is that?

1 hours later 8735430 Anonymous
>>8735395 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZI _j7oIGIY Shitty right wing propaganda that says Pinochet was godlike.

1 hours later 8735565 Anonymous
Oh yeah I saw this trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L43Z TdVozLQ No from Chile

1 hours later 8735578 Anonymous

1 hours later 8735594 Anonymous (si.jpg 500x398 70kB)
But Amour is boring!

1 hours later 8735615 Anonymous NO... (1361172815760.jpg 447x511 31kB)
So... "NO" Oscar Chiles... you mad?

1 hours later 8735626 Anonymous (journey.jpg 1280x720 88kB)

1 hours later 8735660 Anonymous
>>8735615 >implying we didn't knew that already.

1 hours later 8735703 Anonymous
>>8735615 Not mad, we had an Oscar thanks to Life of Pi, Urugay. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claud io_Miranda

1 hours later 8735743 Anonymous (zamorano2.jpg 283x345 48kB)
>>8735703 stop embarrassing your country. >OMG!!! He lived his first year of life in Chile! He's Chilean as fuck! CHILE STRONKKK

1 hours later 8735750 Anonymous
Avatar by James Camron was great armour looks boring

1 hours later 8735813 Anonymous

1 hours later 8735819 Anonymous
>>8735251 Hello, Taiwanbro.

1 hours later 8735836 Anonymous (huatón de lóss.jpg 440x296 22kB)
>>8735743 'sup

1 hours later 8735837 Anonymous
>>8735626 I'm pretty sure that is a video game. Saw some game play of it and it looked very boring.

1 hours later 8735838 Anonymous
Break it Bob got robbed Brave is shit, Pixar is dead

1 hours later 8735858 Anonymous (snooki.jpg 300x300 23kB)
>>8735836 sup

1 hours later 8735876 Anonymous (Les Illuminati.jpg 500x332 73kB)
I don't know other movies. but this was great.

1 hours later 8735880 Anonymous
>>8735743 >Implying they dont adore Messi in your country even tough he even has a catalonian accent

1 hours later 8735910 Anonymous
>no nominations for cloud atlas oscar is a joke

1 hours later 8735940 Anonymous (1301050420-affichemiserables20[1].jpg 329x470 47kB)
>>8735876 Japanese don't have sens for Cinema. And This 'les mésirables" is the worst . If you want a good one, watch this with Depardieu.

1 hours later 8735966 Anonymous
>>8735940 I dont like this russian actor

2 hours later 8736066 Anonymous
>>8735966 I like the actor, not the man

2 hours later 8736098 Anonymous
>>8735910 >>no nominations for cloud atlas This.

2 hours later 8736110 Anonymous
>>8735940 >Watching les Misérables, not reading it

2 hours later 8736117 Anonymous
>>8735940 how dare you France!

2 hours later 8736132 Anonymous
>>8735966 Average russian, always drunk.

2 hours later 8736173 Anonymous (calvin candie.jpg 1280x734 173kB)
Non-Hollywood? No. I'm not really a movie guy, to be honest. While I know it won't win, Django Unchained was my favorite of the year. I was actually pretty surprised Dicaprio wasn't nominated at all. A damn shame.

2 hours later 8736177 Anonymous
More foreign films please, my internet rolls over tonight and id really like to use up that 20g.

2 hours later 8736183 Anonymous
>>8736117 >how dare you France! 日本が好きです >>8736110 For sure , but if you advise someone to read it, tell him , only in French.

2 hours later 8736188 Anonymous
>>8736110 It's not really Hugo's best work to be fair.

2 hours later 8736192 Anonymous
>>8736173 At least Waltz won for Schultz. That's his second Oscar, right? For his second Tarantino role?

2 hours later 8736231 Anonymous (transfer_kinoplakat.jpg 494x700 104kB)
I would love to see this but I'm not German... Looks like a really interesting examination of exploitation and power relationships. "Hermann and Anna are an elderly couple whose love still burns strong, but their bodies are beginning to fail. For a million Euros they can purchase the bodies of Apolain and Sarah and through a technique called ‘personality transfer’ can have the use of these fine young bodies for 20 hours a day, while Apolain and Sarah regain the use of their bodies for 4 hours, when Hermann and Anna are asleep." (Hermann and Anna are rich whites and Apolain and Sarah are poor Africans.)

2 hours later 8736254 Anonymous
>>8736098 I susspect its because its an independent founded movie (the most expensive one even). The hollywood ars lickers club didnt seem to like that.

2 hours later 8736262 Anonymous
Ruskibros, do you guys have any good movies I can watch? Comedies? Drama? Hit me with something, I'm trying to learn the language.

2 hours later 8736379 Anonymous
>>8736254 Not enough jews were involved in the movie production.

2 hours later 8736431 Anonymous
>>8736262 I watched Олигарх recently, but it's a rather old film (2002 I think). Wasn't bad but it's a Citizen Kane with more guns.

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