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2013-02-04 06:07 8256362 Anonymous (220px-Canadian_Penny_-_Reverse.png 220x222 98kB)
Goodnight, sweet prince. 1858-2013

1 min later 8256380 Anonymous
>>8256362 wut?

2 min later 8256390 Anonymous
>>8256380 The Canadian penny goes out of circulation today. Turns out it costs more to make them than they're worth.

2 min later 8256392 Anonymous
I used to get Canadian coins all the time when I worked at a fast food restaurant.

2 min later 8256393 Anonymous
>>8256380 a lot of countries are getting rid of pennies in favor of rounding up and down.

3 min later 8256400 Anonymous
>>8256390 Isn't it strange when shit like that happens.

4 min later 8256421 Anonymous
>>8256393 >>8256390 When I came back from canada my pants were FILLED with pennies I counted them up on my way back and they were less than 1 dollar. I gave them all to a homeless guy in Nogales, Son.

6 min later 8256444 Anonymous
>>8256362 ;___; I'm sorry man

7 min later 8256456 Anonymous (doomed_nickel_20130102.jpg 620x465 121kB)
Nickels and quarters are next

8 min later 8256461 Anonymous
thank fucking god

8 min later 8256463 Anonymous (Now cracks a noble heart...png 225x279 22kB)

8 min later 8256469 Anonymous
>>8256456 quarters are fine nickles are passable FUCKKKKKKKKK pennies

8 min later 8256470 Anonymous
>>8256362 Oh, the same happened with the BRL penny a few years ago. It was pretty useless, but I liked them. Once I managed to get almost 300 of them, but I only have like 30 now.

9 min later 8256474 Eagle with a telescope
>>8256400 Not really, no. Inflation will do that to all minted coins. The same is true for the US (2 USC for 1, for us it's 1.6 CAC for 1).

9 min later 8256476 Anonymous
My thoughts and prayers are with you my Commonwealth brother. Stay strong.

9 min later 8256484 Anonymous (it's working.png 484x583 102kB)
>>8256469 Get with the times goyim, before long all stores will only take credit!

9 min later 8256485 Eagle with a telescope
>>8256456 Quarers are fine, I'd go for dimes.

10 min later 8256492 Anonymous
>>8256362 I seriously wish the US would hurry up and do this. I already round up/down at work and essentially no one ever wants the pennies back.

10 min later 8256494 Anonymous
>>8256484 man fuck that costs an extra 25 cents

11 min later 8256502 Anonymous
Our tribute to you for these very hard times, to remember our fallen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4Nt SqZcT_4

12 min later 8256515 Anonymous
>>8256484 >tfw you can't get a card these days that doesn't have a visa or mastercard logo on it

13 min later 8256516 Anonymous
>>8256502 They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.

14 min later 8256528 Anonymous
Why does Australia still have 5 cent coins? They should go the way of the 1 and 2 cent.

14 min later 8256529 Anonymous
Are you telling me my Canadian pennies are worthless now? I mean even more worthless FUCK

15 min later 8256537 Anonymous
>The best thing we could do is just get rid of coinage and cash all together. >NDP MP Pat Martin

15 min later 8256547 Anonymous
>>8256528 iirc they are already in the process if being taken out of circulation.

16 min later 8256552 Anonymous (1357360728439.png 400x518 108kB)
>>8256537 yes let the banks control more

17 min later 8256554 Anonymous
>>8256537 Even more fictional money. More room for banks to manipulate economy.

17 min later 8256556 Eagle with a telescope
>>8256528 Because the only place in the world that doesn't is New-Zealand, where they round to 10 cents instead of 5.

19 min later 8256574 Anonymous
>>8256552 >The best thing we could do is withdraw all of our money as cash and put the banks out of business altogether. >Anon, 4chan

20 min later 8256586 Anonymous
You took your fucking time, Canada. We got rid of our 1 and 2c in the early 90's.

20 min later 8256587 Anonymous
>>8256574 >there's only black and white, no grey -Anon, 4chan

20 min later 8256588 Anonymous
>>8256574 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mII9 NZ8MMVM

21 min later 8256590 Anonymous
>>8256587 >there's only black and white, no grey -All females

22 min later 8256602 Anonymous
>>8256590 >There are 50 Shades of Grey -Shitty writer

23 min later 8256606 Anonymous (b48892911.jpg 261x231 27kB)
>>8256554 the central bank controls the money faggot. how are coins any less fictional than digital 1s and 0s? money isnt a commodity and it isnt a medium of exchange; it's just tickets, except rather than giving you command over a plane ride or a move you get command over the economy's production now back to /paul/ with you faggot

29 min later 8256670 Anonymous
>>8256606 that's my point. those tickets are supposed to represent ownership over a valuable think that used to serve as an exchange element for trade. Entire economies have been ruined over the fact that banks or governments start printing "tickets", counterfeit it's dangerous for that reason. with no cash who is in control of how many money does the bank have available for loans? the thing is that currently the banks are able to lend more money than they actually posses and in my humble opinion getting rid of coinage and cash would allow them to practice that bullshit even further.

30 min later 8256679 Anonymous
>>8256556 yeah, but most people use eftpos here, so there is no rounding.

31 min later 8256684 Anonymous
If the UK got rid of their penny, they could say "goodnight, sweet pence."

44 min later 8256825 Anonymous (0923_thaimaa-2009-1-10-baht-25-50-satang-unc-700x700.gif 700x700 111kB)
Our 25 and 50 satang (1/4 and 1/2 baht) coins are still in circulation but most places simply don't accept them anymore. We don't miss them. Just think of the elimination of your one cent as the first step towards the elimination of all cents.

47 min later 8256860 Anonymous
>tfw going to Canada and you can't be assed to save or convert your money back so you just give your subway tokens and like 20 dollars to the nearest homeless guy

53 min later 8256920 Anonymous
It costs more than 1 yen to produce 1 yen coin here too, but it feels strange for me to get rid of it all together. That's probably because Japan is still a cash society. If you shop in Indonesia, sometimes you get candies instead of coins for rp 500 or less.

54 min later 8256937 Anonymous
So should I take all my pennies to the coin star tomorrow?

56 min later 8256958 Anonymous (THCFEnglishwTagLine.jpg 788x799 58kB)
>>8256937 Take 'em to Tim Horton's and put them in them in the donation bin for charity. Do something good.

56 min later 8256959 Anonymous
this thread is bullshit, I went out tonight for dinner and my meal was 40.03 guess what I paid in...... pennies!

58 min later 8256976 Anonymous
>>8256958 You saw that ad on a tim's screen didn't you? Also saw that today

59 min later 8256985 Anonymous
>>8256976 ... maybe...

1 hours later 8257068 Anonymous (I Sad Now.gif 200x140 346kB)

1 hours later 8257104 Anonymous
>>8256586 Bahaha we also stole your fucking plastic money too. Suck it Oz.

1 hours later 8257116 Anonymous
>>8257104 Your plastic "money" is nothing more than a cheap and nasty imitation of the real thing.

1 hours later 8257123 Anonymous
>>8256937 banks exchange them for free, othwerwise I like the donation bin idea.

1 hours later 8257135 Anonymous
>>8257116 At least ours is all one fucking size eh, none of those long ass big bills, compensating for somethinh?

1 hours later 8257192 Anonymous
Canada! Canada! I had a weird and scary dream this afternoon. In my dream Jesus Told me "tell the ones on top to be careful about the earthquake". this goes to you too gringoland

1 hours later 8257229 Anonymous
>>8257135 What's the problem? Your wallets aren't big enough to take our money? Your notes stick together and the ink rubs off. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

1 hours later 8257245 Anonymous (O-O.jpg 470x502 18kB)

1 hours later 8257256 Anonymous (last_day_of_the_canadian_penny-1027005-hp[1].gif 400x139 100kB)
google ;_;

1 hours later 8257276 Anonymous
>>8257192 Better listen to Jesus, Canadafags.

1 hours later 8257403 Anonymous (1327080244001.jpg 265x302 38kB)
I hate 1 cent and 2 cent. They don't even fucking work in anything.

1 hours later 8257492 Anonymous
Im glad i got a canadian penny then. The value will skyrocket. We all know that the american penny might be leaving soon, but what i do is collectect american copper pennies from 1982 below. Ive been doing it for years now. Some 1982s are zinc, but those are rare, so i keep them too. I prolly have like 10 dollars worth by now, and im going to save them for like 40 or 50 years, then ima sell them individually. Even if they only go for like one dollar, ima get like 50000 dollars because il have around that many. Just one of those things that might be able to pay out, like collecting cards.

2 hours later 8257684 Anonymous
>>8257135 I thought the size differentiation was for the visually impaired?

2 hours later 8257694 Anonymous
>>8257192 Oh, shit... I live in California.

2 hours later 8257696 Anonymous
>>8257492 But...but what will the worth of $50,000 be 40 to 50 years from now?

2 hours later 8257708 Another Canifag (sergey_kokinskiy_wildlife_photography_polar-bear.jpg 615x634 53kB)

2 hours later 8257731 Anonymous
>>8257192 Thanks for tip bro, when the great purge is upon you shall be spared.

2 hours later 8257853 Anonymous
On the topic of cash, can we finally get rid of these stupid NORWEGIAN maple leafs? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottaw a/story/2013/01/17/ottawa-foreign-m aple-leaf-irks-botanists.html Fucking anti-intellectual government we have.

2 hours later 8257859 Anonymous
>>8256670 No, we just need a law saying "you can't lend more than you own in liquid assets," though that would pretty much seize up the world economy.

2 hours later 8257861 Anonymous
>>8257696 If inflation affect the future, than if it would have been worth 1 dollar 50 years from now without inflation, then it would be like 5 dollars with inflation, id just charge a fair amount, and im bound to get some money.

2 hours later 8257881 Anonymous
>>8257861 >>8257861 He means to the collector's market. Inflation would make the coin nominally worthless.

2 hours later 8257944 Anonymous
>>8257853 While that was a stupid fuckup I'd be way more pissed if they did something costly and wasteful like recall them and issue new ones. At most they should do a minor redesign for the next batch with a proper leaf on it.

2 hours later 8258050 Anonymous
>>8257944 I saw this when I was up there recently. Everybody I talked to thought it was weird because Harper apparently has some sort of fixation on turning the war into Canada's Sekigahara. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4i_ qe9W6Dk I got to thinking about cost for all the events and advertisement planned compared to the amount of money we spent on the anniversary down here. See, I had always thought the events of the Seven Years War to be much more pivotal in Canadian national history.

10 hours later 8263832 Anonymous
>>8256362 That coin's like 0.06 SEK. We haven't had anything that small since 1985.

3.128 0.077