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2019-05-16 10:40 70974559 Anonymous (20190516103800.png 1028x348 56kB)
kek you can't make this shit up

5 min later 70974587 Anonymous (600312d9_1.jpg 320x282 15kB)

8 min later 70974599 Anonymous
>>70974559 Guten Morgenstern.

10 min later 70974610 Anonymous
>>70974559 Someone explain?

14 min later 70974637 Anonymous
>>70974559 >>>/pol/

14 min later 70974643 Anonymous
>>70974610 Delusional pol conspiracies.

25 min later 70974713 Anonymous
>>70974637 >>70974643 How is it a conspiracy? It's just a screenshot from Wikipedia.

35 min later 70974790 Anonymous
>>70974559 just a coincidence

38 min later 70974804 Anonymous
>>70974790 This, sure the people with family names like that might be considered part of a semi-fictional group that's supposed to immorali profit, but it's still just all a coincidence.

38 min later 70974810 Anonymous
>>70974559 I don't get it

40 min later 70974820 Anonymous
>>70974790 *Cohencidence

1 hours later 70975001 Anonymous

1 hours later 70975016 Anonymous
>>70974559 The fuck am I looking at..?

1 hours later 70975052 Anonymous
>>70975016 The nose

1 hours later 70975085 Anonymous
>>70974810 >>70975016 >>70974713 >>70974610 Are you all new here? Are you on 4chins and have never heard about the Jewish question

1 hours later 70975088 Anonymous
>>70975085 >Are you on 4chins This is 4channel, not 4chan

1 hours later 70975093 Anonymous
>>70975085 >Someone has a Jewish sounding last name >THE JEWISH QUESTION what is this nonsense and what does it have to do with technology

1 hours later 70975103 Anonymous
>>70975093 Jews are technology. (I have no idea why it is posted here)

1 hours later 70975110 Anonymous
>>70975085 Sorry, I forgot I had to view everything through the collective nazi lens here on /g/.

1 hours later 70975114 Anonymous
Jews love to profit off of the perversity of who they consider christian

1 hours later 70975118 Anonymous
>>70975093 >>70975110 redditors pretending to belong here

1 hours later 70975123 Anonymous
>>70975118 Go back to your containment board.

1 hours later 70975131 Anonymous
>>70974559 fucking krauts at it again

1 hours later 70975135 Anonymous
>>70975123 not him, but /g/ always named the jew, you fuck face

1 hours later 70975172 Anonymous
>>70975135 This is true, but it changed over time.

1 hours later 70975181 Anonymous
>>70975118 >4chan is one person Literally kill yourself

1 hours later 70975189 Anonymous
>>70975135 You have to go back

1 hours later 70975201 Anonymous
>>70975118 >>70975123

1 hours later 70975211 Anonymous
>>70975123 >>70975181 >4chan is one person No, but it has always had a politically incorrect subculture, regardless of which board you're on. Ofcourse you'd know this, if you weren't a redditor pretending to belong here. Go back.

1 hours later 70975214 Anonymous
nothing wrong with being a jewish, only liberals hate them

1 hours later 70975218 Anonymous
>>70975088 4chan = 4channel

1 hours later 70975227 Anonymous
>>70975218 >He doesn't know

1 hours later 70975228 Anonymous
>>70975118 This >>70975123 >>70975181 Consider necking yourself

1 hours later 70975234 Anonymous
>>70975211 >>70975228 You are no different than bronies, they got their containment board, you did too. Go back.

1 hours later 70975247 Anonymous
>>70975234 >ignoring my post A redditor that actively seeks to get rid of board culture, how fitting. Now please, adapt or go back.

1 hours later 70975249 Anonymous
>>70975211 I've been on /g/ for years and I do use Reddit sometimes because there are actually some specific interest based subreddits that aren't shit like the mainstream subs. Also /g/ has always been more centrist / left of center until you /pol/tards spilled over. Kill yourself faggot.

1 hours later 70975264 Anonymous
>>70974559 >>70974587 >>70974599 >>70974610 >>70974637 >>70974643 >>70974643 >>70974713 >>70974790 >>70974804 >>70974810 >>70974820 >>70975001 >>70975016 >>70975052 >>70975085 >>70975088 >>70975093 >>70975103 >>70975110 >>70975114 >>70975118 >>70975123 >>70975131 >>70975135 >>70975172 >>70975181 >>70975189 >>70975201 >>70975211 >>70975214 >>70975218 >>70975227 >>70975228 >>70975234 the pic is right, the implication isn't i'll point you to the fallacy: A->B does not imply B->A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1k iVO9kZ4g and for the more educated ones, /pol/'s next argument whom i know from experience falls under: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sampl ing_error specifically sampling bias. brainlet polacks can't reason for shit

1 hours later 70975271 Anonymous
>>70975249 Eat my ass with your revisionist nonsense. There were never any political affiliations here, but naming the Jew is universal across all boards, regardless of the intent. Stop lying, lurk more.

1 hours later 70975282 Anonymous
>>70975249 >I've been on /g/ for years and I do use Reddit Thats a big oof my dude

1 hours later 70975283 Anonymous
>>70974637 every board here is extension of /pol/

2 hours later 70975302 Anonymous
>>70975283 Spoken like a true post-trump normie.

2 hours later 70975305 Anonymous
>>70975271 I've been here over a decade. People with a variety of opinions post. Some of them are retarded and actually believe there is a Jewish conspiracy

2 hours later 70975317 Anonymous
>>70975282 Oh no, someone browses an another website! The horror!

2 hours later 70975319 Anonymous
>>70975264 i doubt /pol/ will listen to a girl trying to teach them something

2 hours later 70975323 Anonymous
>>70975305 So have I, your "central left" views are likely your own. Just look at how women in tech, diversity programs and other HR matters get treated here. By no metric can you consider this board central left.

2 hours later 70975327 Anonymous
>>70974559 Fucking kikes

2 hours later 70975348 Anonymous
>>70975319 i have a penis (born with) and the target audience is only who can comprehend it. most vocal browsers of pol can't.

2 hours later 70975355 Anonymous
>>70975348 oh you meant the vid who gives a fuck about the vid, its discussed in every logic book with the same name. they wouldn't google it in the first place as it will fuck their confirmation bias

2 hours later 70975362 Anonymous
>>70975282 there are actually a few useful subreddits that aren't faggot leftist circle jerks when will the Reddit hate meme die this place is almost just as bad.

2 hours later 70975424 Anonymous
>>70975323 The kind of affirmative action programs that put incompetent females and niggers in tech aren't pushed by centrists or even left of center people they are pushed by full on leftists.

2 hours later 70975443 Anonymous (426584357386.jpg 900x900 84kB)
>>70975093 >>70975103 >what has a website and its founder to do with technology

2 hours later 70975449 Anonymous
>>70975085 >Are you on 4chins and have never heard about the Jewish question Morgenstern is a Jewish name? I searched it up and most are Germans

2 hours later 70975481 Anonymous
>>70975443 >and its founder to do with technology Yeah explain this part, what does their name have to do with technology. This is just some /pol/ nonsense about IT'S LE JEWISH NAME HURR. Why would anyone on a tech board give a shit?

2 hours later 70975494 Anonymous
>>70975449 There's a huge overlap between German and Jewish names, since so many Jewish people adopted German names. But don't tell /pol/tards that, it's all a lizars man conspiracy to create websites or something.

2 hours later 70975503 Anonymous
>>70975264 >quoting all these people to no end

2 hours later 70975513 Anonymous
>>70975503 some read it some might even have understood it the rest are un-savable anyways

2 hours later 70975528 Anonymous
>>70975494 hence why slavs call them shapeshifters

2 hours later 70975531 Anonymous
>>70974804 good bait

2 hours later 70975538 Anonymous
>>70975085 cool it with the antisemitism buddy

2 hours later 70975550 Anonymous
>>70975528 Well yeah they're part of the cabal that lives on the far side of the moon and use muslamic ray guns to control gravitation. Everyone knows that.

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