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2013-04-02 07:31 32736861 Anonymous (get rekd.png 300x300 109kB)
Litecoin thread. Old thread is here: >>32731963

2 min later 32736920 Anonymous
Holler holler get dollar

3 min later 32736932 Anonymous
john madden john madden john madden john madden john madden john madden john madden john madden john madden

3 min later 32736935 Anonymous
>>32736932 aeiou

3 min later 32736938 Anonymous
>>32736932 go away mot

4 min later 32736954 Anonymous
Get out while you can!

6 min later 32736975 Anonymous

6 min later 32736989 Anonymous
I mentioned in the previous thread that I swapped about 2500mhash out of my 6000mhash over from BTC to LTC and am making more from that LTC 1/4 amount than all of my BTC earnings combined. If this is a bubble, I'm enjoying it! Hopefully it lasts a month or so. I'd love to pull in some extra cash for a little vacation. Cryptocurrency has been so interesting. I've been involved with it since 2009, and have had a very fun time with it.

8 min later 32737005 Anonymous
What makes prices of things like Litecoin and Bitcoin go up and down?

9 min later 32737024 Anonymous
reporting in, currently mined 0.39975188Ltc over the last 3-4 hours. Still looking into buying. Gonna be brave the next hour and try to put my spare 2nd gpu in my rig aswell to try to mine off both of them, wish me luck

9 min later 32737027 Anonymous
>>32737005 hype, demand for the finite currencies, people gaming the system

9 min later 32737029 Anonymous
>>32737005 blind speculation

9 min later 32737033 Anonymous
>>32736989 >pulling in cash for a vacation >not saving it and buying low when the market crashes It's like you hate the idea of retiring at 30

10 min later 32737044 Anonymous (420 blaze it.jpg 1242x1375 450kB)
>>32737005 How much weed the libertarians who speculate on this shit are smoking

10 min later 32737051 Anonymous
>>32736989 lucky for you dude, I'm in since today, still learning shit every minute

11 min later 32737057 Anonymous
>>32737024 >yfw your computer explodes

11 min later 32737058 Anonymous (oonice.gif 160x160 455kB)
>>32737024 >2/5 of a single ltc >3-4 hours

11 min later 32737069 Anonymous
>>32737051 pfffffffff I learned yesterday that it's totally impossible to get cash onto mtgox to buy bitcoins because I can't verify my ID.

12 min later 32737094 Anonymous
>>32737058 >>32737057 go ahead, make fun of me. I'mma be rich by the end of the week. Or once i manage to buy some...

12 min later 32737096 Anonymous
>>32737058 So he's making 2 LTCs a day There are 168 hours in a week so he's making 16 LTCs a week

13 min later 32737105 Anonymous
>>32737094 >Or once i manage to buy some... Them feels. How have they cockblocked you?

14 min later 32737119 Anonymous
Does anyone know if you can sell your blood to the hospital for money? Someone in another thread said that and it sounds like a good way to raise cash for coins.

16 min later 32737168 Anonymous
>>32737119 SHIT SON I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT going to sell my blood for 25€ tomorrow.

17 min later 32737185 Anonymous (coffee2.jpg 447x301 61kB)
>>32737168 >/g/

19 min later 32737213 Anonymous
>>32737119 donate plasma. $140 a week here in college town.

20 min later 32737225 Anonymous
>>32737185 I would sell my plasma and sperm too if I could. Sadly I don't qualify fr neither of them.

21 min later 32737232 Anonymous
>>32737225 Wait can we sell sperm too?

21 min later 32737243 Anonymous
oh why aren't there any litecoin GPU miners for OS X. even tried compiling cgminer for OS X but its beyond my capabilities.

21 min later 32737246 Anonymous
How do I make a private pool? What software? Seriously? All the software I find is outdated or not for Litecoin, but yet somehow, burnside and others got that shit working? How?

21 min later 32737249 Anonymous
>>32737232 Only if you're handsome and smart. So /g/ is disqualified.

22 min later 32737259 Anonymous
I just started mining these fucks, but all pools seem to be empty... What is a good pool?

22 min later 32737267 Anonymous
>>32737225 >plasma and sperm sounds like a pretty rancid cocktail that only germans would appreciate

23 min later 32737268 Anonymous
>>32737232 You are underage if you really don't know you can sell blood and sperm.

23 min later 32737269 Anonymous (1356366531426.jpg 960x717 80kB)
how much memory does the litecoin blockchain take up? I only got like 4gb left on my primary drive and cant find where to change the location to save the blockchain.

23 min later 32737270 Anonymous
>can't use mtgox because the ID scanned must be in color What the fuck is this fucking shit

23 min later 32737277 Anonymous
>>32737269 At least 4GB.

23 min later 32737278 Anonymous
>>32737268 Who can I sell it to?

24 min later 32737285 Anonymous
does anybody want to buy my tf2 unusual with bitcoins?

24 min later 32737294 Anonymous
Where do I find the flag data of a HD 4870? GUIMiner's reporting at max 180KH/s but on the pool's side it's about 10KH/s.

25 min later 32737299 Anonymous
>>32737278 Ask your mother.

25 min later 32737303 Anonymous (1363127799360.jpg 652x774 81kB)
>>32737278 americans

25 min later 32737312 Anonymous
Does anyone want their dick sucked? I'll do it for cold hard btcs and ltcs.

26 min later 32737321 Anonymous
>>32737303 http://www.theverge.com/2013/4/2/41 45560/come-and-get-it-how-sperm-bec ame-one-of-americas-hottest-exports America actually exports to Europe and other countries .

26 min later 32737323 Anonymous
>>32737294 just ignore what the pool says, those stats are always about three years behind

26 min later 32737330 Anonymous
>>32737312 can I suck your dick instead?

26 min later 32737335 Anonymous
>>32737246 Don't do it man. I once started a pool for /g/. I meant good, but one fucker didn't believe I would pay out and posted Facebook details of my special lady. However valiant you are and how good you mean it doesn't mean shit here.

27 min later 32737348 Anonymous
Will suck cock for 1 BTC.

27 min later 32737351 Anonymous
Holy shit, Litecoin value went from 1.5 dollars to 4 dollars in a day.

27 min later 32737359 Anonymous
>>32737335 >having A GF you deserved it normalfag

28 min later 32737368 Anonymous
>>32737335 I'm not doing for anyone on /g/. Doing it for mumble group between 5-10 people, would be private. That's why I'm so interested in it.

28 min later 32737376 Anonymous
>>32737330 Only if you'll do it for free.

29 min later 32737380 Anonymous (croissant removal.jpg 1148x756 387kB)
>>32737335 why the fuck is your real name associated with your pool in any way? have you no sense of netsec? also why the fuck do you have a girlfriend you fucking normalfag shithead. it's no wonder you don't know how to secure your identity

29 min later 32737391 Anonymous
>>32737380 It wasn't, I still don't know how he got me.

30 min later 32737400 Anonymous
>Account Balance >0.02580631 LTC Why do I still bother mining?

31 min later 32737422 Anonymous
>>32737400 I earned that much when I CPU mined on my macbook for like 30 minutes...

32 min later 32737434 Anonymous
>>32737400 Holy shit, why can't I mine all of sudden? Both reaper and cgminer close out immediately when I try to open them.

32 min later 32737440 Anonymous
Do you guys think that maybe namecoin is the better investment?

33 min later 32737461 Anonymous
>>32737440 Tulips imo

34 min later 32737481 Anonymous (577298_344203339014427_14796619_n.jpg 450x450 30kB)
>>32737391 you probably use the same email for facebook as for something else that's connected to your site I remember talking to a blackhat at a con a few years back and he mentioned how he was able to get access to someone's online banking with just their name and picture. He went onto facebook and found a completely public profile that had his email, phone number, and place of birth listed. He also had his mother/grandmother tagged on facebook. The blackhat then went to yahoo, hit "forgot password". The security question was "what's your favorite food", the blackhat guessed "pizza" and got it right. From there he saw wellsfargo statements in the inbox, went on wellsfargo, hit recover password. What did they require for password recovery? Place of birth and mother's maiden name, both of which were accessible on his facebook. From there he got access to the wellsfargo account and transferred the money out. tldr get your shit together you pommy cunt

36 min later 32737525 Anonymous
>>32737481 >mfw you find nothing when you google my name even though its pretty unique

38 min later 32737560 Anonymous
>>32737525 >that feel Although I'm considering making a Linked In profile, just to have something for employers to look at, rather than trying to dig too deep.

38 min later 32737563 Anonymous
selling my tf2 hat for 2 btc!

39 min later 32737571 Anonymous
>>32737563 what the fuck hat is worth $300+?

39 min later 32737573 Anonymous
>>32737563 which hat? my only condition is that I receive the hat before I send you the bitcoins.

40 min later 32737598 Anonymous
>>32737573 no :) >>32737571 some tf2 hats are worth over $3000

40 min later 32737610 Anonymous (bitcoin.png 607x144 27kB)
Meanwhile, bitcoin is hitting all time highs for the past hour. 0. fucks. given.

41 min later 32737632 Anonymous
>>32737610 when will it stop? doesnt this turn off everyone who actually wants to use bitcoins as a currency?

44 min later 32737689 Anonymous
>>32737632 the deflation only slows down when the currency is fully adopted as more people start using the currency, t he price is forced to go up

48 min later 32737764 Anonymous
>>32737033 I don't have faith in the currency, so

48 min later 32737775 Anonymous
>>32737571 I sold a dapper topper with flames back in 20...10 I think? for 200 bucks, so yeah. Hey, hats are cosmetic. Bitcoins are just... non existent currency. You can't even paint those coins.

49 min later 32737796 Anonymous
>>32737632 I was going to make my first few purchases with BTC this easter but the price explosion has completely fucked that up.

50 min later 32737810 Anonymous
Some dude sent me 20k bitcoins about 10 months ago How would I go about selling them

50 min later 32737818 Anonymous
Really litecoin double in price since I went to sleep, fucking fuck.

51 min later 32737838 Anonymous
Lemme understand, as price goes higher, difficulty goes higher? So it takes more time?

51 min later 32737845 Anonymous
>>32737810 do you want to be spoonfed everything? send me 100 and I will tell you

52 min later 32737852 Anonymous
>>32737461 Is that a reference to the collapse of the economy of the Dutch Republic?

52 min later 32737858 Anonymous
>>32737845 No way jose

53 min later 32737886 Anonymous
compile faster you piece of shit litecoin

54 min later 32737898 Anonymous
>>32737810 mtgox is your only option for anything above 500+ coins or so. it's the only one with the liquidity and reasonable fees.

54 min later 32737906 Anonymous
My GPUs are showing as Sick after awhile, any ideas? Seems like it's only if I lock the computer (winblows).

55 min later 32737939 Anonymous
>>32737810 Please don't dump them all at once.

56 min later 32737942 Anonymous
>>32737906 You may need to give them some medicine

56 min later 32737961 Anonymous
So is btc-e also a wallet?

56 min later 32737962 Anonymous
>>32737939 Don't worry I'll just sell about half then wait If they double I'll sell half of the other half If they get even higher I'll just fucking sell it all I'm not gonna get greedy

57 min later 32737979 Anonymous
Been mining for a whole 12 hours on my amd dual core and tiny ass graphics card amd in my think pad. Got nothing. Am I doing something wrong? Mining on my litecoin wallet and guiminer each with 8 threads. I also added litecoin.conf

58 min later 32737994 Anonymous
>>32737962 if I were you I'd sell one a day until you die. It'd be like having a second wage. Better, even.

58 min later 32737998 Anonymous
Two things It says "new users can't speak" on BTC-E which makes it difficult to ask questions. Will that end when I finally add money and buy coins? Also can I buy coins on BTC-E? Why do I need mtgox/vercurex then?

58 min later 32737999 Anonymous
>>32737961 yes but you really shouldn't be holding coins long-term in the exchange. it makes sense to keep it there if you want to be ready to buy/sell at a moment's notice (due to the wait from confirmations), but if you're just holding it, you really don't want to keep it in the exchange.

58 min later 32738002 Anonymous
>>32737979 Solo mining or pool?

58 min later 32738004 Anonymous
Any pointers on how to get started with this?

59 min later 32738013 Anonymous
>>32737858 Then I guess you'll just have to figure it out yourself.

59 min later 32738015 Anonymous
Threads as in CPU threads right?

59 min later 32738021 deleted
God damn it. I can't mine coins at all. No miner will stay open for more than second. Just closes out immediately. What's up? Everything is updated correctly.

59 min later 32738034 Anonymous
>>32737962 do NOT dump half at once dump in groups of 500 every other day, no more a 5K dump the other day caused a 30 dollar price drop for a few days, i cant imagine how awful 10k would be

59 min later 32738036 Anonymous
>>32737998 going from USD into btc-e is really stupid because the only way you can do so is by paying a 4% fee. the best way to do it is to deposit using coinbase (whenever they have coins in stock), in the meantime get verified on mtgox because that shit takes like 3 weeks. when you get bitcoins, you can deposit those bitcoins on btc-e via a simple bitcoin transfer

1 hours later 32738038 Anonymous
There's also a new litecoin raffle faucet that was opened today, dailylitecoin.com

1 hours later 32738043 Anonymous
>>32738015 as in CPU cores, yes. I've got a quad core i7 (hyper threading) so I went for 8 threads.

1 hours later 32738047 Anonymous
>>32737994 Except at some point they would get cheaper and instead of getting 100 a day I would get 50, then 30, then 2.

1 hours later 32738065 Anonymous
So where do you sell your coins for currency in small quantities? Like, let's say you get 10 litecoins, where do you sell them?

1 hours later 32738070 Anonymous
Can I change the number of threads on the fly?

1 hours later 32738078 Anonymous
>>32738036 Man coinbase is pretty shit is there some other place I can buy bitcoins besides mtgox

1 hours later 32738080 Anonymous
It doesn't half take a long time to Synchronize..

1 hours later 32738082 Anonymous
>>32738065 convert LTC to BTC on btc-e.com, send the bitcoins to coinbase, coinbase will directly convert bitcoins and deposit it into your bank account. it's only a 2 step process

1 hours later 32738096 Anonymous
>>32738065 I'd hold onto them for now

1 hours later 32738110 Anonymous
>>32738078 you can try bitfloor, they're not well known, if you're buying less than 10 coins, it's viable. any more and there isn't enough supply (so you'll get ripped off in pricing). bitfloor is surprisingly good with low fees.

1 hours later 32738124 Anonymous
>>32738021 Check your antivirus

1 hours later 32738138 Anonymous
that feel when this whole cryptocoin business isnt giving me any sleep. already wasted 3 days of my 1 week vacation. fuck

1 hours later 32738141 Anonymous
Which pool and why? Out of the ones I've seen, http://ltc.kattare.com/ and https://suprnova.cc/ look like the best.

1 hours later 32738152 Anonymous
Hey fellas. Last i checked litecoins were at .5 USD. now they're at 4.0 USD. Should I buy before they go higher?

1 hours later 32738160 Anonymous
Dammit. I got some coins a few months ago I mined for some rom website and there were like 3 or 4. If only I could get them back, since I didn't spend them...

1 hours later 32738163 Anonymous
>>32738152 Sell before they crash

1 hours later 32738166 Anonymous (1336157699216.png 208x193 72kB)
Sold 5 litecoins at 2 still making $10 a day mining john madden

1 hours later 32738170 Anonymous
>>32738152 yes they will be at $10 at the end of this week. i bought 1000

1 hours later 32738177 Anonymous

1 hours later 32738181 Anonymous
>>32738152 Yes, they will go to at least 10$

1 hours later 32738183 Anonymous
>>32738166 whatchu mining with

1 hours later 32738198 Anonymous
>>32738181 >10 dollars each OH BOY ILL MAKE 30 DOLLARS

1 hours later 32738213 Anonymous
>>32738124 It seems that it was my time was set to be 2086. It's taking a while to connect though. Does it have to DL the blockchain? I thought that was only the original cpu miner.

1 hours later 32738238 Anonymous (bitcoinhigh.png 367x155 18kB)
>>32738198 >bitcoin is making all-time highs. too busy watching LTC instead.

1 hours later 32738253 Anonymous
>>32738238 whoops wrong reply

1 hours later 32738272 Anonymous
>>32738036 The fee is 2%

1 hours later 32738283 Anonymous
>>32738238 not sure if I should buy a coin before they get even more expensive

1 hours later 32738289 Anonymous
dammit litecoin this version is obsolete, upgrade required what does this mean?

1 hours later 32738303 Anonymous
How long does the first synchronization take? Isn't progressing much..

1 hours later 32738306 Anonymous
>>32738289 It means fuck you.,

1 hours later 32738321 Anonymous
>>32738303 It took me like 2 hours.

1 hours later 32738323 Anonymous
>>32738303 1 week

1 hours later 32738330 Anonymous
>>32738303 takes hours

1 hours later 32738339 Anonymous
>tfw when litecoinpool.com pool is down

1 hours later 32738369 Anonymous
>>32738339 >litecoinpool.com Seems up for me

1 hours later 32738373 Anonymous
>>32738339 does it really make a difference what pool you are mining with?

1 hours later 32738382 Anonymous
>>32738330 Do all mining clients have to synchronize?

1 hours later 32738404 Anonymous
>>32738369 Users 0 Speed 0 kH/s litecoinpool.com website isn't down their pool is

1 hours later 32738426 Anonymous
I could mine LTC with GUIMiner-scrypt at 102khash/sec a few days ago. I reinstalled it and now I top at 31khash/sec. I'm pretty damn sure I got every possible configuration right. What the hell?

1 hours later 32738444 Anonymous
>>32738404 ha just went back up

1 hours later 32738477 Anonymous
>>32738382 No, only wallets

1 hours later 32738488 Anonymous
>>32738404 Pool Speed 54,807 kH/s Users 594 Difficulty 100.54392252

1 hours later 32738494 Anonymous
>>32738166 7850 @ 300khps Does mining difficulty scale with how much a currency is worth?

1 hours later 32738509 Anonymous
>>32738494 not directly

1 hours later 32738514 Anonymous
Why can't I use paypal for BTC-E?

1 hours later 32738520 Anonymous
>>32738426 In roughly 20 hours watch how difficult it becomes to mine.

1 hours later 32738524 Anonymous
>>32738373 I'd also like to know, I used burnsides pool, but kept getting shitload of stales, in a really small pool now and its been rock solid. Is the only difference that the bigger pools see more smaller, but more consistent payouts or?

1 hours later 32738528 Anonymous
>>32738477 Well why the fuck is GUIminer not doing anything but saying Connecting...?

1 hours later 32738534 Anonymous
>>32738514 no one accepts paypal because it's easy to reverse a transaction on paypal. bitcoins and litecoins are like cash, they're non-reversible

1 hours later 32738536 Anonymous
>>32738514 paypal prohibits buying digital currency with their service

1 hours later 32738537 Anonymous
>>32738520 Did the difficulty seriously get that much harder that fast?

1 hours later 32738544 Anonymous
>>32738528 Check the console, your settings might be wrong (that one yes/no thing at the bottom)

1 hours later 32738556 Anonymous
>>32738534 >>32738536 same goes for team fortress yet everybody there is using paypal and chargebacks are pretty rare

1 hours later 32738573 Anonymous
>>32738537 yes. https://blockchain.info/charts/hash -rate

1 hours later 32738585 Anonymous
>>32738537 a few pools I have been using are having difficulty dealing with the large influx of people mining.

1 hours later 32738586 Anonymous
>>32738544 oh wait were you asking about litecoin or bitcoin? both have difficulty going up a lot this month.

1 hours later 32738591 Anonymous
>>32738573 That's bitcoin

1 hours later 32738605 Anonymous (speed300klin.png 1280x800 17kB)
>>32738537 yes :\ It's Bitcoin circa May 2011 all over again, except this time I'm a week late.

1 hours later 32738648 Anonymous
>>32738586 Litecoin, and yes I'm using Stratum. I'm using it seperately from GUIMiner though because I can't get the miner internal Stratum to work for some reason.

1 hours later 32738649 Anonymous
>>32738605 fucking asics this is so frustrating. i am going to buy a gpu for mining next week and i will already have a hard time because of all the rich greedy miners that bought themselves a mining farm with bitcoins and are not switching over to litecoins

1 hours later 32738673 Anonymous
So... Is 690KH/s good for a 7970?

1 hours later 32738675 Anonymous
why was I busy playing shitty games when I could've been mining thousands of BTC and LTC when they first came out fuck's sake. there's going to be an awful lot of rich neckbeards walking around in the next few months.

1 hours later 32738679 Anonymous
Jesus finding a fucking place to buy some bitcoins to convert them is fucking annoying.

1 hours later 32738682 Anonymous
>>32738649 yep, those that think "litecoin isn't affected by asics" don't realize the second order effects of ASICs on bitcoin. because ASICs fuck over GPU mining for bitcoin, those GPU miners move to litecoin, which increases the difficulty at a ridiculous rate. net effect: ASICs affect litecoin. lel.

1 hours later 32738683 Anonymous
>>32738673 What pool are you using?

1 hours later 32738685 Anonymous
so i put in my second gpu, it works and stuff, but how do i configure cgminer to use the second gpu aswell? what i read in one of the threads on a bitcoin forum, the only thing to chnage in the cgminer-shortcut with the parameters is that you need 2 values for the thread-concurrency, separated by a comma. Are these really the only changes needed? cgminer window comes up on startup, but it doesn't mine. any ideas?

1 hours later 32738694 Anonymous
>>32738679 this.

1 hours later 32738716 Anonymous
When the dick is BTC-E going to come back up?

1 hours later 32738718 Anonymous
>>32738673 Yes, very good for one card.

1 hours later 32738722 Anonymous
Easiest way to add money to BTC-E?

1 hours later 32738725 Anonymous
>>32738694 I'm trying to find some place that doesn't requrie me to wait. I guess I'm fucked and coinbase apparently isn't getting shit till fucking friday.

1 hours later 32738726 Anonymous
>>32738679 try bitfloor, it's pretty much the only place that can do fast bitcoin transactions without massive fees right now. fucking coinbase ran out.

1 hours later 32738746 Anonymous
>>32738683 Give-me-ltc.com

1 hours later 32738770 Anonymous
/g/, how the fuck do you even manage to get anything out of this? I mined for about 13 hours and I didn't get anything with my GPU but 99 invalids and my CPU didn't turn up shit. I think I'm doing this wrong.

1 hours later 32738774 Anonymous
>>32738726 I basically can't get any money into my account on there today so that place is shit. Plus the fees for wire transfer are 15bucks.

1 hours later 32738790 Anonymous
>>32738770 You're, I've mined 3 coins this day with my old HD5870.

1 hours later 32738794 Anonymous
>>32738675 I didn't even have a gpu to mine back then because I am not a gaymer.

1 hours later 32738822 Anonymous
>>32738790 Okay, what's your setup? I'm running cgminer on my 7850. Maybe I'm connected to the pool incorrectly? I dunno, because the pool seems to correctly reflect my invalids.

1 hours later 32738840 Anonymous
>>32738770 Back in April 2011 it took me about 2 weeks of on/off solo mining to get a BTC block with my 460.

1 hours later 32738853 Anonymous
>>32738770 fuck with the intensity settings and worksize use reaper and lower them untill gpu error is at 0%

1 hours later 32738861 Anonymous
>Sign up for OKPAY with my business email >get an email from my website; "Your website has used 50% of its daily hits! Congratulations, you must be getting popular!" Motherfucking spiders.

1 hours later 32738881 Anonymous
>>32738822 I'm running reaper, with host ltc.kattare.com port 9332 user NAME pass PW protocol litecoin worksize 256 aggression 14 threads_per_gpu 2 sharethreads 4 lookup_gap 2 gpu_thread_concurrency 6144 long_polling yes

1 hours later 32738886 Anonymous
>>32738718 Cool, i just think that it will fry pretty soon. VRAM is running at 1800MHz

1 hours later 32738887 Anonymous
>>32738822 did you set the --scrypt switch?

1 hours later 32738890 Anonymous
>Download Litecoin wallet >Have to spend days synchronosizing Goddamn this shit's annoying to use.

1 hours later 32738899 Anonymous
>>32738822 Not the other guy, but have you set a thread concurrence relative to your card? Also what helped me was changing my settings in cgminer. Use 0 15 45 for the settings for queue going down.

1 hours later 32738916 Anonymous
>>32738887 [2013-04-02 14:11:31] cgminer: --scrypt: unrecognized option

1 hours later 32738920 Anonymous
>>32738890 pretty much. the litecoin electrum servers have been down all week, so dont bother trying. i really like bitcoin's electrum and i am dissapointed litecoin's equivalent doesn't work.

1 hours later 32738931 Anonymous
>>32738916 Then your don't have the right miner

1 hours later 32738958 Anonymous
>>32738916 cgminer.exe --scrypt --shaders 2048 --thread-concurrency 8192 -I 13 -g 2 -w 256 is what i use for a 7970. are you sure that you have the right version of cgminer? i'm using the one that was included with guiminer-scrypt (cd into the folder inside the guiminer folder) >https://github.com/litecoin-projec t/litecoin/wiki/Mining-hardware-com parison check here for some settings

1 hours later 32738972 Anonymous

1 hours later 32738985 Anonymous
>all those rich gaymers increasing the difficulty all of my hate

1 hours later 32738993 Anonymous
How would I go about getting started with this?

1 hours later 32738996 Anonymous
>>32738972 i feel you bro. i feel you. thought the same about buttcoins.

1 hours later 32739004 Anonymous (sfaffa.png 1183x657 80kB)
wow wow

1 hours later 32739011 Anonymous
So, after LTC, what's the next big currency? NMC?

1 hours later 32739019 Anonymous
>>32739004 literally 0 fucks given in the litecoin thread bro

1 hours later 32739031 Anonymous
>>32738993 download wallet download miner register with pool start miner mine get coins transfer coins to wallet change coins to buttcoins if you want to cash out change buttcoins to dollar >or buy drugs with buttcoins 420 blaze it faggot install gentoo fuck bitches shit on arch ricer faggots

1 hours later 32739032 Anonymous

1 hours later 32739033 Anonymous
>>32738958 >>32738931 I'm running cgminer 2.11.3 compiled from source, got it from the github page.

1 hours later 32739060 Anonymous
>>32738886 I'm only seeing 500kh/s with my 7970, though its only at 67c and not overclocked. I also haven't set the aggression too high. I can still watch videos without lag ect. So for me its worth it, I'll mine for as long as I can at least get a couple coins a day and still use my PC without problems when doing light stuff.

1 hours later 32739065 Anonymous
>>32738036 I can't get verified because I don't have a colored ID

1 hours later 32739066 Anonymous (stay mad.png 206x50 3kB)
>>32738985 git gud faggot

1 hours later 32739072 Anonymous
Im interested in what the best pool is, so far i have mined 3 ltc coins with nukings. Is there a better pool? This site has a 0%fee, which is good, right?

1 hours later 32739082 Anonymous
>>32739065 right now your only option is bitfloor if you don't want to get raped with high fees.

1 hours later 32739093 Anonymous
>>32739066 >inb4 actually mining bitcoins

1 hours later 32739097 Anonymous
>>32739066 go back playing games faggot. fuck bitcoins rewarding autistic pc gamers

1 hours later 32739110 Anonymous
>>32739066 hardware?

1 hours later 32739122 Anonymous
>>32739082 Bitfloor rapes you with the same high fees and its a completely bitch to send them money.

1 hours later 32739124 Anonymous
>>32739033 Well, this is what I get for being a shit reader. Forgot to include the --enable-scrypt option when building. Shit.

1 hours later 32739134 Anonymous
>>32739072 >>32739072 >>32739072 >>32739072 >>32739072 Plz respond i would like to know if ltc.nushor.net is a good pool or if i could do better

1 hours later 32739140 Anonymous
>>32739122 deposit cash at a bank. 0.4% to remove liquidity. u wot m8? https://bitfloor.com/docs/

1 hours later 32739143 Anonymous
>>32739110 photoshop cs5, windows uses rgb font hinting, not grayscale, his pic is shopped

1 hours later 32739153 Anonymous
My 7850 is only getting about 200khs. What's up with that?

1 hours later 32739166 Anonymous (1362077794205.gif 100x100 322kB)
>>32739153 your configs

1 hours later 32739186 Anonymous
So, can you mine litecoins with nvidya cards or is it just as fucked like with buttcoins?

1 hours later 32739194 Anonymous
>>32739186 don't bother.

1 hours later 32739195 Anonymous
>>32739186 >or is it just as fucked like with buttcoins? Yep

1 hours later 32739196 Anonymous
>>32739140 They only support one bank and that back might not be nearby.

1 hours later 32739204 Anonymous
Whats a good khash rate? I have a single 7950 and am getting 270 khash's/s is this a good rate? will i get better rates by changing pools?

1 hours later 32739222 Anonymous (1341642817540.jpg 499x501 110kB)
>>32739204 im using a 5850 and am doing 300khash/s

1 hours later 32739230 Anonymous
Should i buy a 7950 now or it will be pointless by the time it arrives?

1 hours later 32739231 Anonymous
>>32739204 all these clueless idiots with good gpus are making me mad. fuck bitcoins and litecoins for allowing braindead retards to earn easy money.

1 hours later 32739239 Anonymous
>>32739222 What am i doing wrong!?!?

1 hours later 32739247 Anonymous
>>32739204 a 7950 should get at least 500kh/s i think

1 hours later 32739249 Anonymous
>>32739166 Thread concurency: 12404 Worksize: 256 Vector:1 GPU threads: 1 Intensity: 13 (I hear there isn't a point in going higher) Seems about right to me.

1 hours later 32739261 Anonymous
>>32739204 You get better hashes by upping your intensity or changing your config

1 hours later 32739265 Anonymous
>>32739239 >>32739166

1 hours later 32739266 Anonymous
>>32739153 >>32739204 >https://github.com/litecoin-projec t/litecoin/wiki/Mining-hardware-com parison 7970@1000/1800MHz reporting 680-710KH/s

1 hours later 32739291 Anonymous
>>32739140 >Only supports one bank >Bank thats like 7 hours away

1 hours later 32739319 Anonymous
>>32739291 i guess you'll have to wait for coinbase to restock (or wait 3 weeks for mtgox to approve your account). you can get raped for 4% by using bitinstant if you really need it

2 hours later 32739367 Anonymous
>>32739350 please just end your life

2 hours later 32739384 Anonymous
>>32739350 Hah, good one

2 hours later 32739397 Anonymous
>>32739367 please tell me what i am doing wrong >>32739384 what am i doing wrong, honestly not a troll

2 hours later 32739399 Anonymous
>>32739350 Haha, nice one. Could you imagine what it would be like if people like that actually came to /g/?

2 hours later 32739421 Anonymous (1363705385564.gif 400x158 45kB)
>>32739350 shouldnt you be in a hardware thread

2 hours later 32739430 Anonymous
>>32739204 My 7950 is getting around 590 kH/s, your config is probably wrong.

2 hours later 32739433 Anonymous
>>32739397 seems fine to me. probably just archfaggots screaming >muh CLI!

2 hours later 32739438 Anonymous
>>32739319 >bitinstant I guess I will, but I seriously can't do this online? How fucking annoying christ.

2 hours later 32739441 Anonymous
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?t opic=153460.0 daily reminder

2 hours later 32739455 Anonymous
>>32739430 core/memory clock and settings?

2 hours later 32739490 Anonymous
>>32739350 Honestly would like input as to what i am doing wrong,

2 hours later 32739504 Anonymous
>>32739350 Just tell him what the fuck he is doing wrong and stop being elitist faggots.

2 hours later 32739527 Anonymous
>>32739490 just go back to playing your games

2 hours later 32739530 Anonymous (babby's first.png 623x504 156kB)
guys is this normal for a cpu miner ? because i have no idea what the fuck is happening

2 hours later 32739534 Anonymous
>>32739441 wouldn't it be funny if someone actually tried to do a 51% attack, but now because litecoins are valued so high, they have too many coins so their interests is aligned with keeping litecoins alive?

2 hours later 32739540 ennui
>>32739430 650 at stock voltage here color 0A cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://url:port -u username -p password --intensity 20 --worksize 256 --lookup-gap 0 --vectors 1 --gpu-dyninterval 7 --gpu-platform 0 --gpu-threads 1 --thread-concurrency 8192 --scan-time 60

2 hours later 32739542 Anonymous
>>32739441 Uh, you'd have to pull off like 2 TH/s to pull that off. I don't know what that guy is smoking, but he's not going to get that.

2 hours later 32739548 Anonymous
>>32739504 NO! I am tired of idiots wanting to be spoonfed. Every new miner is a competition. You should stop helping clueless idiots. They don't deserve to make money.

2 hours later 32739558 ennui
>>32739441 >$1500 bounty it would take millions of dollars in hardware to do this you fucking retard

2 hours later 32739569 Anonymous (1322635290331.jpg 500x489 36kB)
>>32739530 how about you read the fucking test you incompetent swine goddamn for a tech board, this board is fucking filled with incompetent fucks

2 hours later 32739572 Anonymous
>>32739548 >i'm freaking out that ltc difficulty is jumping up so fast. top lel

2 hours later 32739589 Anonymous
>>32739558 >>32739441 hes just trying to scam people out of a few grand, calm down

2 hours later 32739609 ennui
>>32739572 network hash rate is less than it was yesterday i have no idea why it hasn't jumped way the fuck up. next difficulty will only be ~145

2 hours later 32739623 Anonymous
>>32739540 hey ennui. I want to get a HD7950. does it matter for mining if I get a 2GB or 3GB memory version? Does the manufactor of the card matter too? Or do they only use different cooling systems?

2 hours later 32739631 Anonymous
>>32739548 I didn't really care about any of this, but I'm throwing my 7870 into the fray just to spite you.

2 hours later 32739651 Anonymous
>>32739230 You can't just walk into a store and buy one? Like, today?

2 hours later 32739674 Anonymous
>>32739623 I don't think so. In fact, you can downclock the memory to help with temps and still get the same results.

2 hours later 32739676 Anonymous
>>32739651 its too expensive in stores

2 hours later 32739678 ennui
>>32739623 no it doesn't matter, what matters is whether you get a voltage locked card or not. only msi and sapphire sell cards with voltage unlocked at the moment. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ ct.aspx?Item=N82E16814202026 this card isn't locked

2 hours later 32739716 Anonymous
Easiest way to buy litecoin?

2 hours later 32739733 Anonymous
>>32739716 buy bitcoins, deposit bitcoins to btc-e, buy on btc-e

2 hours later 32739740 Anonymous
>>32739716 google.com

2 hours later 32739742 Anonymous
>>32739716 dwolla if you can wait 10 days bitinstant if you dont mind a fee

2 hours later 32739755 Anonymous
How do I turn off cpu mining in cgminer? It's maxing my cpu even with intensity 0

2 hours later 32739776 Anonymous
>>32739755 the cpu usage % in task manager has nothing to do with how much work your cpu is actually doing but you would know this if you werent technically incompetent

2 hours later 32739796 Anonymous
>>32739773 an hour and a half is already fast

2 hours later 32739799 Anonymous
Dwolla (USD) ---> Mt.Gox ---> BitInstant ---> BTC-E depositing sucks, don't it?

2 hours later 32739801 Anonymous
so i need a faster way to buy litecoin, and with less fees. i'm new, and just did this: >set up moneygrahm via bit instant >goto 7/11, dial phot number at kiosk, wait 10 minutes on hold >pay, go back home >goto mtgox, buy bitcoin with my new balance >transfer to my bitcoin wallet >transfer from my wallet to btc-e >buy litecoin with bitcoin gotta be a way that doesn't take an hour and a half and cost me precious fees

2 hours later 32739806 Anonymous
>>32739773 like i mentioned above, if you have a deposit location nearby, then use bitfloor. otherwise, suck it up.

2 hours later 32739828 Anonymous
Let's say i buy a 7950, can i run it alongside my gtx670? The 7950 would just mine. I'm mostly worried about drivers.

2 hours later 32739836 Not OP
Finally finished all these block downloads can someone send me 0.00001 or whatever to test. LQepyiv9Fbu4CmQayrqYBgmHHPL244HesH

2 hours later 32739842 Anonymous
>>32739799 but then i need to become a verified member, and my tinfoil hat is telling me i don't want a scan of my driver's license sitting on their servers when they get raided by the NSA in a couple of years, when the US decides buttcoin is supporting terrorism

2 hours later 32739843 Anonymous (1132947669227.jpg 241x228 57kB)
>>32739828 >mining with a gtx 670

2 hours later 32739848 Anonymous
>>32739828 >ati >drivers

2 hours later 32739858 Anonymous
>>32739776 Okay, how about this. My system slows to a crawl even when cgminer isnt using the gpu? >task manager I don't use windows

2 hours later 32739859 Anonymous
>>32739836 sent :)

2 hours later 32739865 Anonymous

2 hours later 32739878 Anonymous (dissappointed goblin.jpg 640x480 43kB)
>>32739848 oh boy i love retards who do nothing but regurgitate 5 year old tech memes that arent even relevant anymore go fuck yourself

2 hours later 32739880 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1553x489 89kB)
Unlike most of these gaymers in this thread i have researched on forums and other boards looking for advice, after a while i came up with this (pic) am i doing it right or should i modify something?

2 hours later 32739883 Anonymous
>>32739350 delete that picture you nigger.... your username and 4-character password is showing.

2 hours later 32739887 Anonymous
>>32739836 sent ;)

2 hours later 32739892 Anonymous
How do I buy bitcoin with £££ without a utility bill to verify on mtgox?

2 hours later 32739897 ennui (tumblr_mkjfsxrYkY1rk2cuco2_250.gif 250x350 1912kB)
>High: 4.75 USD guys what's happening i'm scared

2 hours later 32739902 Anonymous
>>32739878 i read this in piccalo's voice

2 hours later 32739906 Anonymous
>>32739843 I'm not mining. But to start i would buy a 7950 to mine. I just want to know if i can put that card in the same computer as the 670.

2 hours later 32739915 Anonymous
>>32739878 hit close home eh? ;)

2 hours later 32739926 Anonymous
>>32739858 Turn down the intensity

2 hours later 32739948 Anonymous (1327368400241.gif 500x375 234kB)
>>32739915 :)

2 hours later 32739950 Anonymous
>>32739897 i should have bought at 0.7 regret 2.0

2 hours later 32739975 Anonymous
What's the actual value of litecoins? What can they do that bitcoin cant? If it doesn't do anything more, surely it will eventually be worthless as everyone will just use bitcoin instead? The only value it has at the moment is people buying and mining it in hopes of it appreciating in price rather than in hopes of it becoming useful

2 hours later 32739984 Anonymous
>>32739880 What options did you use to run reaper?

2 hours later 32739985 Anonymous
>>32739880 any advice or is this the norm for my card?

2 hours later 32739992 Anonymous
>>32739926 intensity is 0

2 hours later 32739997 Anonymous
The only part of bitcoin that is shocking to me is that the guys who made the fucking Magic the Gathering Online Exchange are now millionaires and control the largest exchange.

2 hours later 32740000 Anonymous (1339964908814.jpg 300x365 19kB)
>>32739975 >The only value it has at the moment is people buying and mining it in hopes of it appreciating in price rather than in hopes of it becoming useful welcome to bitcoin

2 hours later 32740005 Anonymous (b2403ab5bff9d26689a0be4a2ebeae24_5.jpg 600x600 27kB)
>>32739678 so would this one be okay? which one are you using personally?

2 hours later 32740007 Anonymous (1364787603534.gif 180x180 220kB)
I'm shopping for a 7970 but I don't know which ones are voltage unlocked. I'm tempted to just buy a fucking Lightning but it's £400.

2 hours later 32740042 Anonymous
guys i'm only getting stale shares. the fuck is this shit

2 hours later 32740050 ennui
>>32740005 oh i didn't realize there were two sapphire cards that look almost alike this is the one i actually have http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ ct.aspx?Item=N82E16814202006

2 hours later 32740055 Anonymous (1.jpg 960x720 57kB)
You niggers just lost. My work has multiple machines with a 7870 in each of them and I have to "image" them before deployment. Time to turn them all on and enjoy some prime lel

2 hours later 32740061 Anonymous
>>32740050 damn so cheap. sucks for me to be yuropoor

2 hours later 32740062 Anonymous
>>32739984 what do you mean by options, do you mean reaper.conf? if so thats in the picture, if that is not what you mean please tell me.

2 hours later 32740063 ennui
>>32740007 i have a reference sapphire 7970 that has a 925 core clock that is unlocked

2 hours later 32740067 Anonymous

2 hours later 32740072 Anonymous
>>32740055 enjoy getting fired

2 hours later 32740077 Anonymous
>>32740062 reaper.exe -wefaosdf -awsegasdf Arguments.

2 hours later 32740082 Anonymous
>>32739997 that guy sold mtgox

2 hours later 32740083 Anonymous
>>32740055 too bad someones going to notice shit is up when the fans rev at 40%

2 hours later 32740088 Anonymous
>>32740055 I hope you don't mind getting fired when the electricity bill goes up 40,000% and they investigate why.

2 hours later 32740096 Anonymous
>>32740000 But bitcoin has value in that you can use it to transfer value easily and anonymously across the internet. You can use litecoin for the same, but it is less secure unless it has as many people mining it. Bitcoin is becoming valuable and popular, and things like bitcoin cards and atms are being made, and more and more places are accepting it for payment. Litecoin offers nothing bitcoin doesnt already.

2 hours later 32740099 Anonymous

2 hours later 32740114 Anonymous
>>32740096 Litecoins are more secure.

2 hours later 32740125 Anonymous
>>32740083 Especially when nobody's around at closing, amirite?

2 hours later 32740138 Anonymous
>>32740114 It says on their website that they are less secure.

2 hours later 32740147 Anonymous (Capture.jpg 275x298 21kB)
>>32740077 do you mean this?

2 hours later 32740148 Anonymous
>>32740088 Work for an electricity company, they could give two shits less how much they use. We leave the lights on at night to spite you poor fags.

2 hours later 32740165 Anonymous
>>32740147 reaper.exe -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD Shit like that. How did you start the program?

2 hours later 32740175 Anonymous
>>32740063 They started locking them recently with release of the Ghz edition though. Only ones I'm sure are unlocked are the MSI reference OC, the MSI Lightning, the Asus Matrix Platinum and the Asus DCUII Top.

2 hours later 32740307 Anonymous
Once mining with reaper my pc drops in frame rate, now i cant netflix while mining. Is this frame drop inevitable or am i doing something wrong?

2 hours later 32740334 Anonymous
>>32740307 What do you think would happen when you suddenly used all the resources your computer has to offer at once?

2 hours later 32740337 Anonymous

2 hours later 32740346 Anonymous
>>32740334 so once mining i cannot use my pc for other tasks, i should just let it mine and watch tv on my laptop?

2 hours later 32740368 Anonymous
>>32740346 You could use cgminer with a lower intensity. It's what I do. I set one card lower than the other and just use my computer normally.

2 hours later 32740411 Anonymous
the 7950 has 2 2x3 psu slots right? My 560w psu doesn't have two 2x3 cables so I guess I can't use it?

2 hours later 32740450 Anonymous
>>32740411 You can get adapters that convert a molex into them.

2 hours later 32740461 Anonymous
>>32740368 if using my cgminer i then get half the hashes . so im trading off hashes for using my pc while mining?

2 hours later 32740487 Anonymous
Can multiple computers mine simultaneously to a single account?

2 hours later 32740516 Anonymous
>>32740487 No.

2 hours later 32740542 Anonymous
>>32740461 Here's a guess about what is going on: Your computer is using video acceleration for Netflix, which offloads work to your video card. You're using your video card to mine. You should be able to see why this results in stuttering video. So turn off acceleration and it will fall back to using your CPU for Netflix instead, which should render fine if it's powerful enough.

2 hours later 32740552 Anonymous
>>32740461 Set the intensity lower or higher until you find a sweet spot. >>32740487 Yes, in pools just use different workers. Or by yourself you just need litecoin client run as server and point your miners to it.

2 hours later 32740591 Anonymous
Just told my parents that my gpu died and I need money for a new one. Le happy merchant.

2 hours later 32740609 Anonymous (1327601192996.jpg 447x444 16kB)

2 hours later 32740620 Anonymous
>>32740542 i really appreciate this help, how can i change this?

2 hours later 32740638 Anonymous
>>32740609 it's 7950 time!

2 hours later 32740643 Anonymous (1362858923811.gif 342x239 1004kB)

2 hours later 32740647 Anonymous
>>32740620 if you cant figure out how to change that yourself, you shouldnt be mining

2 hours later 32740658 Anonymous
>>32740620 Probably in the Silverlight settings. I don't use Netflix (or even have Silverlight installed) so you're sorta on your own.

2 hours later 32740661 Anonymous (1337923462033.jpg 899x489 58kB)

2 hours later 32740695 Anonymous
>>32740658 >>32740647 even with this setting off it still lags and even when i lower intensity to 16 it still lags le sad face

2 hours later 32740696 Anonymous
so can someone tell me if its possible to mine on the same pc, with two different cards? obviously not crossfired. Do you just build the 2nd gpu in and dont connect it to anything (but the pci slot of course). Will it get recognized alongside the other gpu thats connected to the screen?

2 hours later 32740722 Anonymous
>>32740695 Well then your PC is obviously not powerful enough to run Netflix without the assistance of your video card, which will be preoccupied while mining.

2 hours later 32740748 Anonymous
>>32740722 at a intensity of 14 i am getting 285 khash which i guess is alright. now i can watch the netflix, thanks for the help

2 hours later 32740765 Anonymous
>>32740696 I mine with mine crossfired, but can disable it in CCC. Though it makes difference in performance for me if they are or aren't. That's what I'm doing right now though, one at intensity 12 and another at 14.

2 hours later 32740792 Anonymous
that feel when only mining 2ltc a day. why didnt I mine ltc when it was barely known?

2 hours later 32740817 Anonymous
how can I mine on my iphone?

3 hours later 32740837 Anonymous
There was a rumor going around the other day that BTC-e was breaking some money laundering laws in the US. Can anyone confirm these?

3 hours later 32740841 Anonymous
Tripled value in 24 hours, this is fucking huge... Wish I'd bought them yesterday morning

3 hours later 32740856 Anonymous
>>32740817 You can't faggot, and there's nowhere near enough power to make it worthwile.

3 hours later 32740858 Anonymous
>>32740841 i could have bought them at 0.7 but no one told me of bitcoin 24

3 hours later 32740868 Anonymous
>>32740817 Are you seriously this fucking retarded?

3 hours later 32740870 Anonymous (1351808059327.jpg 900x1195 588kB)
can someone send me a test ltc now that my wallet is synced? LaMGdLpe8jhCrgQZBCfKB3hz3utMizH3YB

3 hours later 32740874 Anonymous
>>32740817 Put it in the microwave and press the defrost button. In two years when it defrosts, it will have mined enough to buy you a new microwave.

3 hours later 32740886 Anonymous
>>32740858 I'm waiting for fucking OKPay to verify me so I can start putting some fucking money into BTC-E

3 hours later 32740895 Anonymous
>>32740870 sent ;)

3 hours later 32740915 Anonymous
>>32740868 the iphone 5 gpu has 3 cores.

3 hours later 32740972 Anonymous
Is there a way to buy coins instantly from europe? These bank transactions are taking way too long.

3 hours later 32740987 Anonymous
>>32740972 yes

3 hours later 32741002 Anonymous
>>32740915 Oh, well in THAT case it must be good at mining.

3 hours later 32741005 Anonymous
>>32740972 if you're willing to pay a 2% premium and your bank supports it, sofort on bitcoin-24 is fast supposedly.

3 hours later 32741052 Anonymous
Will it damage my graphics card if it stays on 95 degrees celsius over a longer period of time? btw i have a 5770

3 hours later 32741102 Anonymous
damn i never knew ltc was over a year old. that late feel

3 hours later 32741125 Anonymous
>>32741052 no

3 hours later 32741131 Anonymous
>>32741052 no :)

3 hours later 32741157 Anonymous
Is the only reason why I should jump on the litecoin mining bandwagon now because bitcoin is so high in value that it'll crash within a year? Which should start mine?

3 hours later 32741178 Anonymous
>>32741157 dont mine, its a waste of money it costs more in electricity than you get in litecoins

3 hours later 32741189 Anonymous
>>32741125 >>32741131 I dont think i should trust /g/

3 hours later 32741193 Anonymous
>>32741178 this

3 hours later 32741196 Anonymous
>can't even use bitinstant to send money to btc-e Could this be any more annoying. What happens if I send money to my Btc-e bitcoin addres?

3 hours later 32741228 Anonymous
>>32741196 you can deposit bitcoins into btc-e. then you can buy whatever you want on btc with those bitcoins.

3 hours later 32741261 Anonymous
>>32741228 I know I can deposit bitcoins into btc-e. Its me trying to find a damn place to buy the bitcoins to send to btc-e.

3 hours later 32741275 Anonymous
>>32741178 450 kH/s over 30 days gets about 135.05225177 LTC which is roughly 580.72 USD. You're still beating the electric bill at this point.

3 hours later 32741303 Anonymous
>>32741275 you are a fucking retard

3 hours later 32741315 Anonymous
>>32741261 bitinstant converts your money into bitcoins, you can then deposit those coins into btc-e......

3 hours later 32741325 Anonymous
>>32741303 The math is right and I don't care about keeping people away. Perhaps it might make you angry that I'll educate people, but I sure don't mind.

3 hours later 32741350 Anonymous (1338600379239.jpg 480x394 43kB)
>>32741325 this is why we can't let these non technical people mine. people like this guy right here. I bet he thinks we want to keep people out because of elitism too.

3 hours later 32741374 Anonymous
>>32740165 Reaper isn't CGMiner. That's not how it works.

3 hours later 32741387 Anonymous
>>32741350 Haha, I don't even mine. Why should I give a shit if more people make it difficult for you?

3 hours later 32741398 Anonymous
>>32741350 this >>32741387 what are you doing here then?

3 hours later 32741403 Anonymous
>>32740055 join the club run a vbscript that launches cgminer in the background whenever a user logs in

3 hours later 32741420 Anonymous
>>32741398 Explaining to other people how to get in on it, obviously.

3 hours later 32741425 Anonymous
>>32740055 Kind of wish there was an easy way to do this at my university library.

3 hours later 32741448 Anonymous
>>32741420 what's the point? also you aren't doing that much damage. it doesn't really matter on the bigger scale if you allow a few retards to mine. but whatever makes you feel better :)

3 hours later 32741454 Anonymous
>>32741196 So with bit instant I use cash deposit to bitcoin address does it buy bitcoins at market value and send them to said bitcoin address?

3 hours later 32741460 Anonymous
>>32741448 If you actually felt that way you wouldn't have posted false information for me to correct in the first place.

3 hours later 32741473 Anonymous
>>32741454 yes, you can even put in your btc-e deposit address as the address to send the bitcoins to.

3 hours later 32741476 Anonymous
What does the "add funds" button on btc-e do? Is that how I transfer money to buy coins?

3 hours later 32741482 Anonymous
50 GBP on its way to Bitcoin-24, now all I need to do is buy bitcoins with it, send them to btc-e and trade them for litecoins...

3 hours later 32741484 Anonymous
>>32741460 I'm not him but I'm just posting false information to be an asshole

3 hours later 32741507 Anonymous
Has BTC-E posted a statement yet? I want to know when they're coming up again

3 hours later 32741513 Anonymous (1364391715330.jpg 493x402 17kB)
>>32741482 People say the entire population is suddenly going to buy bitcoins now that they know about them. I'd say about 0.1% are actually going to be successful in their endeavour, jesus christ, they don't half make it complicated.

3 hours later 32741514 Anonymous
>>32741460 that was not me ;)

3 hours later 32741534 Anonymous
>>32741484 >>32741514 Then there's no issue, since I'm just doing the same thing from the other side.

3 hours later 32741543 Anonymous
What's the best way to sell my litecoins?

3 hours later 32741553 Anonymous
>>32741543 bait

3 hours later 32741559 Anonymous
>>32741513 it's about as difficult to link your paypal to your bank account, the only reason people are having so much trouble is because they don't want to wait a couple days for the funds to go through.

3 hours later 32741561 Anonymous
>>32741473 Thanks.

3 hours later 32741571 Anonymous
>>32741553 Fuck off. Really want to know, in US. What website/service?

3 hours later 32741572 Anonymous
What site are we using to watch prices?

3 hours later 32741589 Anonymous
>>32741559 Well to be fair there is far more than a few days' wait for Mtgox at this point.

3 hours later 32741604 Anonymous
>>32741571 you just sell them

3 hours later 32741613 Anonymous
>>32741572 http://www.bitcoinity.org/markets https://btc-e.com/

3 hours later 32741616 Anonymous
>>32741589 yeah, mtgox is a bit... unusual. for most people using coinbase ACH or bitcoin-24 SEPA, it's pretty painless

3 hours later 32741622 Anonymous
>>32741571 USE YOUR BRAIN YOU MOUTHBREATHING RETARD god. do you need to be spoonfed everything?

3 hours later 32741640 Anonymous
>LTC $4 It's happening

3 hours later 32741646 Anonymous
>>32741622 That's why I'm asking here. I want to know what's best.

3 hours later 32741693 Anonymous
>>32741616 So the easiest way is to buy bitcoins then just use them?

3 hours later 32741723 Anonymous
>>32741646 the best would be to remove yourself from the genpool you waste of cells

3 hours later 32741732 Anonymous
>>32741646 btc-e

3 hours later 32741738 Anonymous
>>32741723 So edgy bro.

3 hours later 32741755 Anonymous
>>32741738 >edgy >>>/v/

3 hours later 32741775 Anonymous
>>32741755 Dat edge.

3 hours later 32741797 Anonymous (edgeville.jpg 336x277 58kB)
>>32741775 >>32741755 >>32741738

3 hours later 32741833 Anonymous
>>32741775 >>32741797 >getting called out on your stupidity is edgy go back to >reddit

3 hours later 32741875 Anonymous (you are a fucking retard.jpg 1448x2016 1546kB)
>>32741833 im not evne him, i just wanted to post that pic also pretty much the only boards that redirect to rddit is /v/ and /g/. let that sink in for a minute

3 hours later 32741915 Anonymous
Best place to buy from the UK? Coinbase is US only

3 hours later 32741968 Anonymous
>>32741915 buy what?

3 hours later 32741986 Anonymous
>>32741968 Either

3 hours later 32741996 Anonymous
>>32741986 either what?

3 hours later 32742017 Anonymous
>>32741986 what?

3 hours later 32742024 Anonymous
>>32741996 in this thread discussing litecoins and bitcoins, I come for advice on the best farm animal to purchase in the current climate.

3 hours later 32742154 Anonymous
>>32742024 It depends on what you're purchasing the farm animal for. Chickens will go a long way and are easy to feed. Plus you get both meat and eggs out of them. You could couple that with a goat for milk and have all of your needs met if your grow a small garden.

3 hours later 32742161 Anonymous
>>32741732 BTC-E has been down for 2 days

4.962 0.379