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2013-03-31 01:09 32668778 LTCHelper LTC General Thread (1364434194415.png 220x220 86kB)
Litecoin General Thread What are litecoins? Litecoin is an alternative cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin. It differs from Bitcoin in that it targets a faster block rate (2.5 minutes) and uses scrypt for the primary hashing done in mining. How to mine these? There are numerous ways to mine litecoins, but the one I've had the most success with would be ScryptMiner Gui (CPU only) and Reaper (CPU or GPU) ScryptMiner: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?t opic=62414.0 Reaper: http://wiki.solidcoin.info/wiki/Rea per Getting a wallet: You can use a traditional wallet such as listed on http://litecoin.org/ (and mine with it as well) or you can get one at an exchange site, such as: https://btc-e.com. Personally, I use btc-e.com Finding a pool: Finding a pool is quite simple, generally target one with a low pool fee. Comparison list: https://github.com/litecoin-project /litecoin/wiki/Comparison-of-mining -pools Join a pool and create workers, if you want to do a CPU/GPU on one computer using Scrypt and Reaper, create two workers. How to use ScryptMiner: Step one, download ScryptMiner and extract it to desired location. Step two, run ScryptMiner.exe. Step three, choose and input settings/account. Note: More threads = more stress on CPU Note: For pool address leave out 'http/https://' Step four, start mining. It'll take a bit for it to start working. How to use Reaper: Download Reaper and extract to desired location. Step two, open litecoin.conf and input account information/server information. Save, make sure it is a .conf file not .conf.txt. Note: Leave off 'http/https://'. Step three, Open reaper.conf with Notepad Step four, Delete 'mine bitcoin' and 'mine solidcoin' and save. Step five, run Reaper. If done correctly, it will connect to your pool and begin submitting shares. If this helped you, and you are feeling more generous today - please donate, everything helps. LTVWfLGuB8ogECojXASSQci24V7RfV2v1G >inb4 Sent ;) >inb4 hurrdurr scam bullshit

16 min later 32669090 Anonymous
Yay litecoins. I think I have like 200€ of them. Bought 70€, waited a while, had 270€, sold 70€, free litecoins ;).

17 min later 32669111 Anonymous
pyramid scheme thread? pyramid scheme thread

20 min later 32669177 Anonymous
>>32668778 أرسلت :)

2 hours later 32671243 Anonymous
What's up with the GUIMiner today. Mining rate drop throughout the day to 47khs Only to get it back up is to reboot.

2 hours later 32671353 Anonymous
>>32671243 i haven't had any prolems with it. 378khs @ 1x 5850 what pool are you guys using by the way?

4 hours later 32673587 Anonymous (1324548292706.jpg 399x388 96kB)
I'm getting 4khps on both processors. Went to IRC to see if cgminer supported my 4xxx series graphics card on linux was supported and they said "no". Feels bad man. Is there some way I can make use of this card?

4 hours later 32673647 Anonymous
>>32669177 اوه احدهم على \جيي\ يتكلم العربية ؟ اهلا صديق انا من لبنان

4 hours later 32673655 ennui
>>32668778 >How to use Reaper: no don't

4 hours later 32673687 Anonymous
>>32669177 >>32673647 litecoin confirmed for terrorist's money

4 hours later 32673717 Anonymous
Litecoin thread: Create an account at http://btc-e.com to have as your wallet. Create an account at http://coinotron.com to join the mining pool. At coinotron create a new worker for LTC with name 1 and password 12345. Also set automatic payments to 1 and set it to pay you to your BTC-E wallet. Download cgminer at http://http://ck.kolivas.org/apps/c gminer/ Start cgminer like this: cgminer -o stratum+tcp://coinotron.com:3334 -u coinotronusername.1 -p 12345 --scrypt Enjoy Litecoins. Current LTC to BTC balance 0.00874

4 hours later 32673732 Anonymous
oh look, it's this thread again

4 hours later 32673746 Anonymous
>>32673687 >implying all Arabian people are terrorist >implying these are not made using Google translate

4 hours later 32673949 Anonymous
Is mining bitcoins more efficient than mining litecoins for nvidia GPU's? I get shit results with nvidia and litecoins.

4 hours later 32674012 Anonymous
>>32673746 >implying theyre not

4 hours later 32674019 Anonymous
>>32673949 Nvidia is shit for mining. However your settings might need tweaking. Which miner are you using?

4 hours later 32674091 Anonymous
>>32674019 I'm using reaper, getting around 50kH/s.

4 hours later 32674126 Anonymous
>>32668778 So, seeing litecoin threads every day instead of buttcoins ones means that ASIC mining has finally obsoleted GPU mining of buttcoins and tricking children into wasting their electricity on buttcoins isn't easily done anymore

4 hours later 32674277 Anonymous
>>32674126 Sort of. Once ASIC's have taken completely over, the japs controlling the exchange rate will account for that, increasing the difficulty and making people that use GPU's use their energy for less return, thereby making those rigs obsolete from mining. Litecoin is a way they can invest their resources into cryptocurrency without wasting electrical energy like they would with buttcoin.

4 hours later 32674342 Anonymous
>>32674277 Can the ASIC's be used to mine litecoins too?

4 hours later 32674389 Anonymous
>>32674342 No. That's the point of litecoin, so that everyone has equal chance of mining. (Some countries even ban ASIC's and related decryption technology)

4 hours later 32674401 Anonymous
>>32674389 >ban ASIC wat

4 hours later 32674436 Anonymous
>>32674342 The algorithm used is intentionally very difficult. Along with a custom ASIC, you need a large amount of memory to get the job done. The SHA256 hash used as proof of work for Bitcoins doesn't really require ANY memory, so it works great for ASICs which just carry various states of the hash through the pipeline

4 hours later 32674474 Anonymous
>>32674389 This is completely unrelated to bitcoins, it has to do with some countries rules on strong encryption devices and national security

4 hours later 32674545 Anonymous
>>32669111 This isnt even a pyramid nor a ponzi scheme, according to wikipedia its a simple pump and dump scheme.

5 hours later 32675038 Anonymous
Hey Guys, I bought alot of litecoins and I'm willing to share with my brothers on /g/. All I ask is you send me some to double so I can share it with more /g/entoomen. If you're interested, here's my address Lgcs362b8LYUNnGMVga3gPipN5diB6v4tf

5 hours later 32675064 Anonymous
don8 pls LSHazzVyg98zoB2TeztKY4cWPqErXdvEGu

5 hours later 32675167 Anonymous
>>32675064 發送 ;)

5 hours later 32675226 Anonymous
I should probably switch the 6ghash I have mining bitcoins to litecoins. I'd be making about $500/mo more

5 hours later 32675240 Anonymous
pls LiEEykmVo7z1DnTHmgSTRM8UAHXF9mtrDy I have 0 litecoins.

5 hours later 32675295 Anonymous
>>32668778 will i get v& for these?

5 hours later 32675335 Anonymous
>>32675295 How would you possibly get vanned for something like litecoins?

5 hours later 32675385 Anonymous
should you send litecoins from GUIminer to the litecoin wallet or straight to btc-e? what are the pros and cons.

5 hours later 32675427 Anonymous
itt: buttcoiners under another name

5 hours later 32675772 Anonymous
>>32675385 nothing?

6 hours later 32675815 Anonymous
>we missed bitcoin >hey lets start some knock off bullshit called litecoin i hope you realize this is what you guys sound like. fuck off. litecoin will never be successful.

6 hours later 32675845 Anonymous
>litecoins going to be worth about the same as namecoins

6 hours later 32675877 Anonymous
>>32675845 the same as what? We should start a digital currency and call them "internets" Then we'd actually be able to pay good posters with internets.

6 hours later 32675890 Anonymous
>>32675815 Kind of like buttcoin

6 hours later 32675892 Anonymous
>>32675877 >the same as what? exactly

7 hours later 32676777 Anonymous
Mining bitcoins on my machine with quad 6770s gets me 700mhash/s, I get 50khash/s when doing litecoins. The fuck?

7 hours later 32676828 Anonymous
>>32676777 scrypt is a lot slower than sha

7 hours later 32676854 Anonymous
>>32676828 and yet my dual 6850 machine does 500mhash for bitcoins and 400khash for litecoins

7 hours later 32676944 Anonymous
switched to guiminer and it mines just fine. guess cgminer doesn't like doing litecoins on quad gpu setups

7 hours later 32677030 Anonymous
>>32676854 >my dual 6850 machine does 500mhash for bitcoins dream on, kid.

7 hours later 32677330 Anonymous (asd.jpg 662x348 165kB)
>>32677030 ok

8 hours later 32677424 Anonymous
>>32676777 >Hey anon, guess how many mhashs this guy gets with quad 6770s .. 700 >oh lol >700mhashs lol >he bought 4 6770s, that's 4 pcie lanes for 700mhs, he is: the stupidest man in the world Brief conversation I has with my buddy upon reading that post.

8 hours later 32677470 Anonymous
>>32677424 The cards were free from a friend that upgraded; that'd be a terrible value per gpu lane PS, stop talking to yourself

8 hours later 32677475 Anonymous (so1.gif 635x711 1193kB)
This thread gave me cancer.

8 hours later 32677542 Anonymous
>>32676777 You have to tweak the settings on your miner. For example launching cgminer with the default on my 5870 I get 40kh/s, but with the appropriate settings I get 380kh/s

8 hours later 32677568 Anonymous
>>32677542 Used guiminer and managed each card in its own instance and got the hashing power I expected.

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