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2013-03-25 04:55 32532613 Anonymous (reddit3.jpg 500x500 13kB)
Can we stop the shitposting on /g/ by giving everybody a unique, randomized ID tied to their IP like /soc/ has? We can learn from redditttt.

1 min later 32532630 Anonymous
But I like to shitpost

2 min later 32532654 Anonymous
>>32532630 we all do this place would be so shit without shitposting

3 min later 32532661 Anonymous
>still not knowing how to get around the reddit filter Been here all summer, huh?

3 min later 32532662 Anonymous
>>32532613 Why do you want to get rid of shitposting? Go to another board.

4 min later 32532676 Anonymous
>>32532613 That does not stop shitposting. And really now anonymity is not the cause of shitposting.

4 min later 32532678 Anonymous
>>32532613 get the fuck out of here redditor, hope you just die in a hole full of dicks like your mother, hell Op must be wet just thinking about it.

5 min later 32532707 Anonymous

6 min later 32532729 Anonymous
>>32532613 No, anonymity is a precious thing you can't get almost anywhere else on the internet anymore Its on /b/ to stop stupid insane samefagging Rebbit hates your freedoms, boasting a spiteful circlejerk about anyone who disagrees with the conglomerate is instantly downvoted and the post physically moves down the board instead of standing still

6 min later 32532738 Anonymous
>>32532661 Too bad you can't put "oldfag" on your resume huh?

8 min later 32532772 Anonymous
>>32532707 Secure Tripcodes would also be banned. Fuck tripfags.

8 min later 32532776 Anonymous
/soc/ actually gives you a different ID for each thread, so while it's useful for following conversations, it won't stop shitposting.

9 min later 32532786 Anonymous
I walk into reddit, i see that is sort of board, not imageboard , only enables discuss news. Oh shit man is a ugly website, is a large blog

10 min later 32532794 Anonymous
>>32532772 Who cares about tripfags seriously? you don't have to be a tripfag to be a fucking attention whore

10 min later 32532804 Anonymous
The only way to get rid of shitposting is thread ID's, like /b/ has. Way too much samefagging happens in /g/ and the samefaggers would look like idiots replying to themselves with thread ID.

11 min later 32532814 Anonymous
>>32532776 The unique ID should be tied to your IP and be the same across all boards, with secure trips banned.

11 min later 32532821 Anonymous
>>32532729 if anyone hasn't seen it already, there's a TED talk and a couple of more recent panel/interviews with moot who brings up this very point.

12 min later 32532829 Anonymous
>>32532814 gb2/NSA/

12 min later 32532835 Anonymous
>>32532814 how many yards of dick do you take each day?

13 min later 32532849 Anonymous
>>32532786 Yes, but they do one thing right, they don't allow anybody to samefag and shit all over their boards.

15 min later 32532879 Anonymous
>>32532729 Nobody is saying that downvotes should be added. Just randomized IDs and the banning of all trip codes.

15 min later 32532883 Anonymous
>>32532738 >Too bad you can't put "oldfag" on your resume Says you!

15 min later 32532890 Anonymous
There's a board (maybe 99chan?) that generates random names based on the combination of your IP and the thread, so rather than anonymous, you'll have a name like "Wilson Cortez" or something. Pretty amusing.

16 min later 32532908 Anonymous
But shitposting is more fun to me than anything else I do on /g/.

16 min later 32532909 Anonymous
>>32532804 why DOES /b/ has thread ID's but not other boards?

17 min later 32532915 Anonymous
>>>/b/ >>>/soc/ >>>/r/eddit/

17 min later 32532922 Anonymous
>>32532890 420chan does that afaik

17 min later 32532924 Anonymous
>>32532804 agreed, and if it isn't samefagging, its some pleb declaring samefag on 2 agreeing posts. ID's would sort both problems out. >inb4 samefag

17 min later 32532931 Anonymous
>>32532890 I would like that.

18 min later 32532932 Anonymous
>>32532909 >but not other boards? there are other boards too

18 min later 32532934 Anonymous
>>32532924 samefag

18 min later 32532950 Anonymous
>>32532804 >Way too much samefagging happens in /g/ Case in point, the desktop, battlestation and /g/ humor threads. And the humour threads are the worst because not only is it samefags posting the same images over and over they also act as a beacon to all newfags on the board.

18 min later 32532952 Anonymous
>>32532879 Nah, thats not as anonymous as it is now, who gives a damn maybe tripfags don't want to be banned

19 min later 32532957 Anonymous
But don't you guys enjoy the shitpostfest we have here?

19 min later 32532963 Anonymous
>>32532909 Because it was so full of cancer that everybody was samefagging and tripfagging, so to try to reduce a bit the cancer they did this. Now you know "who" is posting so people can not suck their own dick or believe themselves the gods of /b/ It is still full of 13yo Anonymous wannabes, though.

21 min later 32532981 Anonymous
>>32532952 Its anonymous, just distinctly anonymous to ward off same fagging.

21 min later 32532988 Anonymous
>>32532934 slowclap.tar.bz2.rar.7z.DOCx

26 min later 32533061 sage
You can tell that a lot of threads are samefags. I want to see /g/ have thread ID's for one day. You would notice the "/g/ humor," thinkpad shilling, and shit no one cares about that somehow gets loads of replies is 50% samefag bumping their thread with pretend replies to themself

27 min later 32533067 Anonymous
I want this too.

27 min later 32533069 Anonymous
1) Why is this on /g/? This is not /q/. 2) Why are we talking about this? 3) Who the fuck is feeding this troll?

28 min later 32533082 Anonymous
>>32533061 I samefag all the time and nobody is the wiser. Hell, I even argue both sides of an argument like a Jew to keep my threads going.

29 min later 32533089 Anonymous
OP is almost certainly a fag

29 min later 32533093 Anonymous
>>32533069 g looks so similar to q

29 min later 32533095 Anonymous
>>32533069 Quiet, shitposter

29 min later 32533098 Anonymous
OP here nevermind I figured it out

29 min later 32533104 Anonymous
>>32533082 >Hell, I even argue both sides of an argument like a Jew to keep my threads going. me too. much easier to bump a thread by having troll retard posts vs well though out replies

30 min later 32533110 Anonymous

30 min later 32533112 Anonymous
What's the difference between shitposting and trolling?

30 min later 32533113 Anonymous
>>32533095 Quit fucking trolling.

30 min later 32533116 Anonymous
>>32533089 Anybody who criticizes OP is a shitposter who doesn't want his fun taken away.

31 min later 32533119 Anonymous
>>32533112 Trolling is intentional. Shitposting is just a buzzword.

32 min later 32533139 Anonymous
>>32533104 Yep, I argue in favor of iOS, Windows Phone, and Android just to keep a Lagdroid thread going. The stupid Lagdroids have no idea what is going on and nothing can stop me.

33 min later 32533142 Anonymous
>>32533119 so shitposters are just bad trolls?

33 min later 32533147 Anonymous
>>32533142 More like stupid people.

34 min later 32533157 Anonymous
My IP is assigned dynamically to me by my ISP and it changes pretty often.

34 min later 32533162 Anonymous

34 min later 32533163 Anonymous
>>32533139 I samefag the "Linux is shit" threads maybe once every 10 mins and they get 300 replies every time.

35 min later 32533164 Anonymous
>>32533069 >>32533095 >>32533113 samefag

35 min later 32533172 Anonymous
>>32532613 >We can learn from redditttt. But they have user accounts, you can easily create multiple

36 min later 32533188 Anonymous
>>32532613 If you want this site to be like ribbit go to ribbit.

36 min later 32533190 Anonymous
>>32533142 Shitposters are people who leave low quality posts like "here's muh desktop"

37 min later 32533198 Anonymous
>browse /g/ >this is my only place where I can talk about technology without a fucking username and other faggoty >people want to turn it in to reddit-like shithole with IDs Hate to sound "super edgy XD anoynmous", but yeah, no. Eat shit, all of you. If you want reddit, then go there, but just let this place stay 4chan.

37 min later 32533206 Anonymous
>>32533172 We would just tie a randomized ID to an IP.

37 min later 32533212 Anonymous
le reddit

37 min later 32533213 Anonymous
>>32533198 Praise it.

38 min later 32533217 Anonymous
>>32533112 trolling is on-topic, flaming, baiting shitposting is off-topic, spamming of stupid shit

38 min later 32533232 Anonymous
OP here, I just realized I'm gay and my idea is fucking retarded. I'm going to kill myself now.

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