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2013-03-21 02:50 32424910 Anonymous (IMAG0115.jpg 3264x1840 1617kB)
Just setup my first bitcoin wallet. Can anyone send me a super small amount just to make sure i set my shit up right? pic unrelated

0 min later 32424917 Anonymous
1JWsRjEECxWLorV3gviFEVA7Q2LTxeYb4F that's the address

1 min later 32424942 Lonely
>>32424917 Sent :^)

1 min later 32424957 Anonymous
>>32424917 sent ;)

2 min later 32424987 Anonymous
>>32424942 >>32424957 How do i check if i received any?

18 min later 32425384 Anonymous
>>32424917 sent

20 min later 32425433 Marker
>>32424917 sent 3 ;)

41 min later 32425975 Anonymous
>>32424917 sent

59 min later 32426401 Anonymous
>>32424917 sent

1 hours later 32426415 Anonymous

1 hours later 32426423 Anonymous
>>32424917 sent

1 hours later 32426427 Anonymous
>>32424917 sent

1 hours later 32426444 Anonymous
sent ;)

1 hours later 32426470 Anonymous
>>32424942 >>32424957 >>32425384 >>32425433 >>32425975 >>32426401 >>32426415 >>32426423 >>32426427 >>32426444 Holy shit Anon. How much have you actually gotten?

1 hours later 32426494 Anonymous

1 hours later 32426508 Anonymous
yw OP

1 hours later 32426689 Anonymous (1316588293371.gif 600x455 542kB)
>>32426573 Is this just a general begging thread now? because if so: 1EoqsfTZ5cjWPBVSjFPGgAUzJ9daMsHCZ

1 hours later 32426897 Anonymous
1C3yGbcjBSXGjMykrRYzRffLueaH3jJayp Honestly first time, I just created a wallet, the balance is 0. ANYTHING will suffice just to see how this works. Also what wallet do you guys use ?

1 hours later 32426914 Anonymous
Sent ;)

1 hours later 32426922 Anonymous
>>32426798 I've only gotten 0.00000001, so either you sent the right amount after all, or I just haven't gotten yours yet. If you post your address, then if i get the 0.03, I'll send it back.

1 hours later 32427336 Anonymous
>>32427262 Free money is free money, no matter how small.

1 hours later 32427362 Anonymous
1HnCTkGk9SjTEdJzvLVYe7S3LqawzfR34U How generous are you, anon?

1 hours later 32427397 Anonymous
>>32427363 $0.00000066

1 hours later 32427414 Anonymous
>>32427336 Fucking kike.

1 hours later 32427458 Anonymous
I would genuinely send you some money but I don't have bitcoin set up on this PC yet. Don't forget to make a backup of your wallet OP.

1 hours later 32427485 Anonymous
>>32427420 Nothing yet, but it'll add up over time. Getting a little bit every once in a while for months, years, decades, all the while the exchange rate is climbing. I can wait.

1 hours later 32427529 Anonymous
Sent XD

1 hours later 32427575 ƴττRιυʍ (11.jpg 150x150 3kB)

1 hours later 32427583 Anonymous
whatever happened to that fag who supposedly had his wallet hacked/stolen last year and drained of half a millions worth of bitcoins. also, what percentage of bitcoins do you estimate will be lost annually by people who forget/lose/destroy their wallets - presumably those bitcoins are lost forever. which in itself is interesting as with gold or other precious metals which are lost in the ground, they can be (and often are) recovered at some future time, however that's impossible with bitcoin meaning it will be an inherently decreasing (usable) supply...

1 hours later 32427590 Anonymous
>>32427565 I am prepared to out-sit eternity.

1 hours later 32427618 Anonymous
I guess im late in the game but is there like a guide to get started mining and collecting bitcoins?

1 hours later 32427635 Anonymous
>>32427583 I've actually wondered this myself. But since there is obviously no transaction of butts being lost, there's no reliable way to track it. Shame really. The supply won't go down though, as the hashing will create more coins to be spent. The supply will continue going up.

1 hours later 32427648 Anonymous
>>32427618 >Install OpenCl drivers for your ATI card if you haven't already >Download guiminer >mine ~$200 of coins >sell >buy ASIC >never work again

1 hours later 32427704 Anonymous (coWwX.jpg 247x200 8kB)
Can I test mine as well? 16PXAiiHLrf3p1UiKrkg7ytm3jXFU5sMKb

2 hours later 32427749 Anonymous
>>32427635 > The supply won't go down... will continue going up the bitcoin limit is 21million and i'm referring to the time after this limit is reached. when a wallet is lost to the ether i consider that amount to be unusable. you're right on the lack of being able to track it though as there'd be no way of determining if the coins were lost or someone was just sitting on them indefinitely.

2 hours later 32427814 Anonymous
>>32427704 sent ;)

2 hours later 32427981 Anonymous
1GfEdyNw4b1ZutkZZ8agMcMyZWfFcxsMVL can i haz some too :( i couldnt get much with free bitcoin websites and old gpu

2 hours later 32428258 Anonymous
>>32427981 ;_; plis respond

2 hours later 32428306 Anonymous
>>32428258 sent a satoshi

2 hours later 32428327 Anonymous
>>32424917 sent

2 hours later 32428366 Anonymous
>>32428306 thanks anon :3

2 hours later 32428406 Anonymous
>>32428366 in return please never use emoticons on 4chan again

2 hours later 32428465 Anonymous
What is this 'bitcoin'?

2 hours later 32428491 Anonymous
>>32424917 sent

2 hours later 32428510 Anonymous
>>32424917 sent ya some money mate

2 hours later 32428533 Anonymous
>>32428465 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um6 3OQz3bjo Current Price: 65.50212 USD

2 hours later 32428586 Anonymous
>>32428533 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um 63OQz3bjo interesting....can I buy computer parts with this?

2 hours later 32428601 Anonymous
>>32428586 fuck yes https://www.bitcoinstore.com/

2 hours later 32428608 Anonymous
>>32424917 sent

2 hours later 32428626 Anonymous
>>32428601 I'm in....what client do I use bro

2 hours later 32428700 Anonymous
>>32428626 I would recommend using the standard bitcoin-qt client unless your computer is total shit or your impatient as fuck

3 hours later 32428772 Anonymous
>>32428700 yea my laptop is shitty lol only one core... I just got one at sourceforge off of http://www.weusecoins.com/getting-s tarted.php my wallet hasn't synced though here's my address 1iYDfSWaM7vBN97nczsB3eWWDZzkab44f

3 hours later 32428814 Anonymous
>>32428772 okay so what syncing means is its gathering all the transactions from the network and indexing them, this makes you a first class bitcoin citizen in terms of clients. Once it syncs you'll be able to watch transactions be verified as its happening.

3 hours later 32428826 Anonymous
>>32428814 forgot to mention in my previous post you will also still be able to receive coins despite your wallet not being synced

3 hours later 32428854 Anonymous
>>32428826 Thanks bro :') I need this from my rig this is why I love yall guys

3 hours later 32429270 Anonymous
>>32427648 sent ;)

3 hours later 32429548 Anonymous
>>32429270 but i didn't post an address

3 hours later 32429706 Anonymous
>>32429548 sent ;)

4 hours later 32429748 Anonymous
>>32429548 we know your address anon sent ;^)

4 hours later 32429873 Anonymous
I still don't get how buttcoinz werk I think I'm just gonna wait til they crash again and put in something small like a hundred bucks

4 hours later 32430509 Anonymous
>>32429873 why would they crash

6 hours later 32431495 Anonymous (ledongleface.png 1920x1080 386kB)

6 hours later 32431503 Anonymous
Sent ;)

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