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2013-03-04 09:13 32005438 Anonymous (5GUM.png 560x578 577kB)
What's the cheapest build for a dedicated server that just needs to run a few Source (Counter-Strike, TF2, etc) game servers?

0 min later 32005453 Anonymous
I use a laptop from 2003 to host Source game servers at LAN parties for ~12 players, honestly anything would work

4 min later 32005527 Anonymous
>>32005453 Alright. What I'm trying to build is a box to run things like this. Preferably low power. I'd hope to have hardware that I can leave on for a long time without having to worry about it. I figured /g/ could get a little more creative than I could with this.

6 min later 32005555 Anonymous
>>32005527 Honestly any computer will do Just make sure it has gigabit ethernet You'd be better off getting used than new, you'd save a lot Perhaps put an SSD in there for quick boot

11 min later 32005631 Anonymous
>>32005555 I thought it might actually be cheaper to buy a bunch of low end parts and assemble a small box myself. If i had any crap machines around here, I would use them, but I think that if I use certain parts, I'll be able to keep it low power and have it on for long periods of time. (I think HDDs don't like being on for more than a few days, so I'll probably go SSD.) I come to /g/ for some recommendations on low-power parts and maybe a case, those can be annoying to pick out.

13 min later 32005670 Anonymous
>>32005631 >I thought it might actually be cheaper to buy a bunch of low end parts and assemble a small box myself No, just find some shit on Craigslist

22 min later 32005785 Anonymous
>>32005631 HDD are fine with being on for a really long time. We used them for many many decades in servers before we had SSDs

23 min later 32005801 Anonymous
>>32005785 I thought those were a certain kind of HDD, though. I read something about normal HDDs not being able to be on as long as server HDDs because those are built a certain way. I could be wrong, though.

3 hours later 32007773 Anonymous
>>32005527 >>32005438 OP: It depends. Just buy some low-power i3 with a loads of cores. Or the cheaper: Rent a server. Dedicated or just gameserver. That way you don't have to mess with electricity/parts, etc.

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