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2013-03-04 08:35 32004861 Anonymous (dell-u2913wm-overview1.jpg 673x450 47kB)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rf7F cIgkgDY Why aren't you running a Dell UltraSharp U2913WM, /g/? No shitty bezels to distract like in multi-monitors

2 min later 32004886 Anonymous
Because it's still 60hz

2 min later 32004888 Anonymous
Awful aspect ratio. I don't like e-IPS either.

4 min later 32004920 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 6.09.40 PM.png 2560x1440 2387kB)
Because I'm using a superior display/resolution

4 min later 32004927 Anonymous
>>32004888 >Awful aspect ratio. Why? It's superior for games and movies and even multitasking.

8 min later 32004978 Anonymous
Too wide. I'd rather have multiple monitors so I could keep one front and center and angle the other one towards me. To me having a monitor so wide would make things towards the sides be at too wide of an angle. It would be awkward and uncomfortable to view.

10 min later 32005012 Anonymous
Because the 30ms input lag is impossible to play games with.

12 min later 32005044 Anonymous
>>32004927 I don't watch movies back to back 24/7 It would make every game I do play worse. Most of them are deal on a 4:3.

13 min later 32005062 Anonymous
Because I game on a projector and for real work I have a u3011.

14 min later 32005076 Anonymous
>>32005044 Do you run emulators? Most games are Hor+ so the wider the AR the wider the FOV.

14 min later 32005079 Anonymous
>>32005062 >u3011 How did you justify spending twice as much as a u2711 for an extra 160 horizontal pixels?

15 min later 32005088 Anonymous
>>32004861 I actually might get one

15 min later 32005091 Anonymous
>>32005062 Projectors have terrible input lag

15 min later 32005098 Anonymous
>>32005076 Play strategy and grand strategy mostly.

18 min later 32005139 Anonymous (gallery_45108_161_21658[1].gif 683x384 577kB)
>>32005098 This should be relevant to you then

18 min later 32005142 Anonymous
>>32004861 that's not even close to eyefinity/surround, I might buy three

19 min later 32005153 Anonymous
>>32005079 Not that guy but I waited for a Dell sale and bought the U3011 at a 40% discount. I waited because I wanted a 16:10 monitor. They have sales all the time.

19 min later 32005166 Anonymous
Does anyone have some kinda /g/uide on where I should pay attention to when buying a good monitor?

20 min later 32005171 Anonymous
I don't get why anyone would pay extra for better FOV for games when Oculus Rift is right around the corner.

20 min later 32005177 Anonymous
>>32005153 Even with the sales; its a hell of a lot more expensive. The U2711/U2713 go on 40% off constantly; so it's still twice as much...

21 min later 32005185 Anonymous
>>32005166 IPS for color *VA for contrast TN for framerate Pick what's most important to you

24 min later 32005248 Anonymous
>>32005185 I want something with decent colours, good black to black, and a high pixel density and at least 1080p 120hz. How does TN give better framerate?

24 min later 32005251 Anonymous
>>32005079 It's my money. >>32005091 Wrong. My projector have less input time than my oldFW900 and the response time is measured in single digit nanoseconds vs ms on lcds.

25 min later 32005265 Anonymous
I do hate these three monitors I have right now, with all the space it's taking up is it 21:9?

25 min later 32005273 Anonymous
>>32005248 TN panels are the only displays with true 120hz What you want does not exist

26 min later 32005286 Anonymous
>>32005139 It's not the viewport, it's the physical size of the monitor that makes the biggest difference. The wider it is the more uncomfortable it gets for me. 4:3 is not needed, but I could never use 16:9 or higher ratio. I have one of those at work and it's very nasty.

26 min later 32005288 Anonymous
>>32005251 Is it a CRT projector? Those are a bitch to maintain I hear. Modern ones had bad input lag though.

26 min later 32005290 Anonymous
>>32005177 Eh at that point it's not at an overly ridiculous price for me. Also lets not forget; Less input lag No reverse ghosting 16:10

28 min later 32005314 Anonymous
>>32005273 Why not [spoiler];_;[/spoiler], I'd drop the 120hz for a high pixel density and close-to-true colours.

31 min later 32005345 Anonymous
>>32005288 No. DLP. A projector will always have a faster response time than the fastest TN panel and higher end ones around the 1k mark will also have a lower to zero input lag.

32 min later 32005369 Anonymous
>16:9 for movies and games >16:10 for desktop work >4:3 for retro computing Anything else is absolutely disgusting.

33 min later 32005382 Anonymous
when the hell am I going to get my OLED monitors? I just want 3 of them. 2k each would be fine.

33 min later 32005387 Anonymous
>>32005345 Mind posting what you have? I looked into gaming with a projector a while back and most of the time they were 30ms+

34 min later 32005395 Anonymous
>>32004886 Overclock it.

34 min later 32005401 Anonymous
>>32004861 Too many gamers. Who give a fuck about video games? The screen is amazing for a workstation.

35 min later 32005414 Anonymous
>>32005369 I love retro computing, I'm running windows 7 that's pretty retro

36 min later 32005419 Anonymous
>>32005401 this website is full of children

36 min later 32005421 Anonymous
>>32005369 >16:10 with 1:1 pixel mapping. -Everything

36 min later 32005426 Anonymous
>>32005079 are you fucking retarded? Its an extra 409,000 pixels you dumb fucking idiot

37 min later 32005433 Anonymous
Are there things like 90hz monitors? I mean I just don't want 60hz but 120hz cost a lot and are not really worth it either.

37 min later 32005435 Anonymous
>>32005369 >16:9 for movies enjoy your bars

38 min later 32005448 Anonymous
>>32005421 Enjoy low horizontal FoV.

38 min later 32005449 Anonymous
>>32005433 Apparently you can overclock your monitor to around 80hz with Nvidia drivers.

38 min later 32005459 Anonymous
>>32005449 You are kidding right?

39 min later 32005471 Anonymous
>>32005435 jesus fuck. if they start putting movies in that resolution I will be pissed.

39 min later 32005477 Anonymous
>>32005435 >16:9 >Bars in movies >Implying a 21:9 monitor would display them correctly

39 min later 32005488 Anonymous (Capture.jpg 1182x596 107kB)
Good advice OP, just bought one

40 min later 32005493 Anonymous
>>32005471 They are usually 1920 * 800

41 min later 32005509 Anonymous
>>32005459 Nope http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sXe Swe1_dU

41 min later 32005517 Anonymous
>>32005471 Have you seen a movie in the past 50 years?

41 min later 32005519 Anonymous
>>32005448 Apparently youre too stupid to figure out what 1:1 pixel mapping is.

42 min later 32005531 Anonymous
>>32005519 can you see pixels in real life?

42 min later 32005533 Anonymous
>>32005448 I don't think you understand.

43 min later 32005542 Anonymous
>>32005477 That's what that aspect ratio was made for

43 min later 32005547 Anonymous
>>32005531 I see everything IRL

44 min later 32005552 Anonymous (IMG_20130304_191633.jpg 2592x1944 1597kB)
>>32005488 and I doubt the fucker will fit on my desk

44 min later 32005558 Anonymous
>>32004861 But I want one of these, OP It's just so fucking expensive here almost 800CHF ;_;

44 min later 32005559 Anonymous
>>32005547 you see infrared light? that's bretty good bro

45 min later 32005567 Anonymous
>>32004920 And an inferior OS.

45 min later 32005571 Anonymous
>>32005519 >3D >1:1 pixel mapping

45 min later 32005576 Anonymous
>>32004861 Non-standardized 64:27 ratio

46 min later 32005592 Anonymous
>>32004861 >Dell UltraSharp U2913WM i would, but its like 750 USD here

47 min later 32005598 Anonymous
>>32005576 I guess 2.35:1 is non-standard as well.

47 min later 32005600 speedlolita (1357630560288.jpg 184x184 14kB)
>2560x1080 HAHAHAHA.

49 min later 32005636 Anonymous
>>32005559 I never said that maybe I should rephrase everything I see is in real life >>32005571 I think hes trying to tell us something. nope he just went to go eat some cat shit out of the litter box nvm

53 min later 32005707 Anonymous
16:10 seems to be the sweet spot for single monitor widescreen, 16:9 seems wasteful, I never do anything in the edges of the screen and miss the vertical pixels. I could see it being useful if I watched a lot of HD TV. 21:9 is something entirely different. It is basically like having two 19" 5:4 monitors without bevels right next to each other, it is wide enough that you can split whatever you're doing however you'd like. I multitask a lot so this is attractive to me.

54 min later 32005719 Cats
>>32005314 Your only option is a retina Macbook Pro. I wish I was joking. 99% chance that wont be an option, so what is your budget? We're not going to get super high res desktop screens until Microsoft implement proper dpi scaling in Windows. Unfortunately they don't respond to my emails.

57 min later 32005751 Anonymous
>>32005719 This isnt a dick sucking contest. If you want to deepthroat Macbook Pros cock, thats *your* issue

1 hours later 32005854 Anonymous (Dell-UltraSharp-U2713H.jpg 800x362 167kB)
>>32004861 >Color Depth: 16.7 million colors I'll take that and raise you muh 1.07 BILLION colors. http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/ productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=soho &cs=ussoho1&sku=225-4148

1 hours later 32005891 Anonymous
>>32005854 Enjoy your shitty Windows wide-gamut support http://techreport.com/blog/18996/hp -zr24w-oh-srgb-let-never-fight-agai n >Windows 7 is incapable of color managing all displayed output, so even if you spend a fortune on an expensive calibrator and create a perfect ICC profile, your Windows desktop, browser, icons, and videos are still going to look uncalibrated. >Until Microsoft implements full support for wide-gamut displays, I'm afraid I'll have to stick with sRGB offerings.

1 hours later 32005955 Anonymous
>>32005891 >using Windows

1 hours later 32005970 speedlolita
>>32005955 >being this edgy

1 hours later 32006006 Anonymous
Because I'm running an plasma monitor you pleb No lag, no blur, native 10bit, accepts 120hz input and has reference image quality

1 hours later 32006032 speedlolita
>>32006006 >implying your video card outputs 10bit Also >plasma >good Pick one.

1 hours later 32006035 Anonymous (1356559090475.jpg 400x533 24kB)
>>32006006 Don't look at this post too long or else you're gonna have Billy's belly burnt into your screen.

1 hours later 32006040 Anonymous
>>32005719 I know the apple screens are really good but so fucking expensive. I don't know how well they do the colours, how true they are to RGB.

1 hours later 32006060 Anonymous
>>32006040 >I know the apple screens are really good You know wrong.

1 hours later 32006069 Anonymous
>>32005382 wait for PMOLED, it's the only thing that will beat plasma in motion

1 hours later 32006081 Anonymous
Hello my next 3 monitors. Thank You OP, I'll get get some soon.

1 hours later 32006088 speedlolita
>>32006060 They use the same panels are Ultrasharp - the nicer ones at least. Obviously not as good as Eizo or NEC but they're still great. I'd probably get a 30" Cinema screen if I wasn't a poorfag and the U3011 wasn't a ton cheaper.

1 hours later 32006098 Anonymous (1359931061141.jpg 500x333 59kB)
>>32006032 what do you use? LCD? hahahaha

1 hours later 32006101 Anonymous
>>32006060 What's wrong? What is bad about them? Which are better?

1 hours later 32006107 speedlolita
>>32006098 Dell U2410. Best 24" display.

1 hours later 32006131 Anonymous
>>32006107 Not as good as the older NEC 2490WUXi, not as good as the new EIZO CG246.

1 hours later 32006143 speedlolita
>>32006131 I'll concede. It's up there though.

1 hours later 32006144 Anonymous
>2560x1080 you STILL can't edit full HD video with that!

1 hours later 32006155 Anonymous
>>32006035 lel been using this as my only display for 17 months, the only image retention I've had was on the initial setup menu when the phosphors were brand new

1 hours later 32006513 Anonymous
>>32006107 You know that was replaced?

2 hours later 32006534 speedlolita
>>32006513 With what?

2 hours later 32006557 Anonymous (IMG_0111.jpg 1200x800 379kB)
>>32006534 U2413 Picture related

2 hours later 32006569 speedlolita
>>32006557 Doesn't look as nice imo but that's good to know, wasn't aware of it. I'd be looking to up resolution if I were to upgrade anyway.

2 hours later 32006590 Anonymous
>>32006569 It's way nicer, backlight is better

2 hours later 32006606 speedlolita
>>32006590 LED I assume. I've no issues with my CCFL backlight at all.

2 hours later 32006618 Anonymous
>>32006144 That's worse than regular 1080.

2 hours later 32006643 Anonymous
>>32006606 It's GB-LED, so wide gamut. http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews /dell_u2413.htm Biggest upgrade is AG coating though.

2 hours later 32006916 Anonymous
>>32006098 I appreciate plasma is the best display technology but not everyone has room for a 42 inch monitor

2 hours later 32006951 speedlolita
>>32006916 Plasma is far from the best.

2 hours later 32006998 Anonymous
>>32006951 are you being serious? what is better and don't say FED

2 hours later 32007012 speedlolita
>>32006998 Basically everything is better.

2 hours later 32007028 Anonymous
>>32006998 >replying to tripfag on /g/ have you not noticed they're all fucking retards on this board?

2 hours later 32007049 speedlolita
>>32007028 That's not very nice anonymous kun. But honestly if you think plasma is good ur dumb.

3 hours later 32007635 Anonymous
>>32005891 This isnt a dick-sucking contest. If you want to deepthroat Microsoft, thats *your*issue

3 hours later 32007659 Anonymous
>>32006006 120hz input? well too bad it only outputs at 60Hz

4 hours later 32008005 Anonymous
>>32007659 600hz actually, Plasma displays use the same phosphors as CRTs

6 hours later 32009358 Anonymous
Can't beat that analog warmth you get with the VGA input.

6 hours later 32009435 Anonymous (Uten navn.png 2560x1600 281kB)
>>32004920 Bitch please... *Fullscreen where only used to hide all my shit

8 hours later 32010969 Anonymous
>>32004861 Where's their new 16:10 30" model is what I want to know. It's been 2 years!

8 hours later 32011011 Anonymous
because i'm running 3 u2412m at 6048x1200 and don't need anymore.

9 hours later 32012026 Anonymous
>>32008005 No. Strobing the same pixel with the same information does not make it 600FPS. When an LCD advertizes 120Hz, it literally is outputting 120 unique frames. A 600Hz plasma is only outputting 60 unique frames. It strobes the pixel 10 times to minimize the appearance of flicker

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