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2013-03-04 08:03 32004378 Anonymous (1361965984797.jpg 800x792 133kB)
Are you clean, /g/? Remember, this six-strikes shit basically uses the flies to a honeypot method. I've torrented many things over the past two months, and the only thing that shows up is the cracked photoshop .dll files I got early in January. http://scaneye.pl/

1 min later 32004399 Anonymous
>We do not have information on your IP

2 min later 32004412 Anonymous (bamp.jpg 1919x1048 197kB)

3 min later 32004421 Anonymous
>>32004399 Congratz, you're clean.

4 min later 32004433 Anonymous
>>32004421 I just pirated Photoshop like three days ago.

5 min later 32004454 Anonymous
fuck they got me 1 Orbital - Orbital 2 (Brown Album) (FLAC - EAC) 2012-11-11 20:15:13 1 2 VA-Hed_Kandi_Nu_Disco-(HEDK125E)-WE B-2012-wAx 2012-12-12 07:41:39 10

6 min later 32004458 Anonymous
>>32004433 They didn't pick up on it, or it hasn't shown up on their servers yet.

6 min later 32004471 Anonymous

9 min later 32004516 Anonymous
How accurate is this anyway?

9 min later 32004520 Anonymous
>VPN in a country where they don't give a shit win

9 min later 32004521 Anonymous
fuck, they even know what town i'm living in. how is this possible

9 min later 32004522 Anonymous (1362054654854.jpg 621x408 54kB)

10 min later 32004523 Anonymous (Capture.png 1059x820 91kB)
How fucked am I?

10 min later 32004527 Anonymous
>Crossroads[1986-1hr38min][[A LordfWar Release] >The.Change-Up.2011.UNRATED.BRRIP.X VID.AbSurdiTy the fuck i dont remember dling this shit

10 min later 32004536 Anonymous
>>32004520 why do people feel the need to use VPN anyways? what's the difference?

11 min later 32004551 Anonymous
>>32004536 If you have to ask this you shouldn't be here. >>32004523 You're fucked.

11 min later 32004552 Anonymous
>>32004523 >british girls having sex with strangers in carparks

12 min later 32004558 Anonymous
>>32004523 What's the lastest thing you've torrented? If it's on there from this week, you might want to expect a call from your ISP. >>32004520 IP address tells all. >>32004516 I've seen torrents show up as soon as they started being downloaded.

12 min later 32004562 Anonymous
>>32004521 Your IP is pretty easy to pinpoint your location.

12 min later 32004563 Anonymous
So would shit only show up on there if a copyright enforcement officer/bot was looking at all the peers? And would it have to be someone from this website or would data from any enforcement service show up here?

12 min later 32004566 Anonymous (Capture2.png 1041x807 97kB)
Oh god.. they know too much.

13 min later 32004571 Anonymous
>>32004523 >monsters of cock 20 You're fucked bro

13 min later 32004578 Anonymous
>>32004523 Why did you download the same porn twice?

13 min later 32004584 Anonymous
What I find funny is that ISP's would let you torrent as much shit as you wanted if shithead media corporations didn't enforce protecting their copyrights

15 min later 32004594 Anonymous (clean.png 674x686 96kB)
clean inb4 you make fun of canada/rogers... i know, i know

15 min later 32004595 Anonymous
>>32004578 I thought I'd like it more if I downloaded it twice.. I don't know!

15 min later 32004609 wut weeaboo
>mess_piersolar.zip Why did I even download this? It was boring from the start and I got bored within 10 minutes of it's generic drudgery. It's like star ocean, or eternal eyes...

15 min later 32004611 Anonymous
>we do not have information about your IP THANK YOU BASED VPN

16 min later 32004614 Anonymous
>>32004563 The gist of it is, if copyright bots are looking to have their shit monitored, it's gonna show up on there. They also have a most downloaded list on their site, so you can make sure to avoid those torrents. Your best bet is to look up your torrent on that site before downloading it.

16 min later 32004633 Anonymous
>>32004611 You should look up what it has on your VPN IP.. It's pretty amusing seeing what sick fucks sharing your VPN have been up to. >>32004566 >>32004523 Lol.. btw.. those are from my VPN. My personal IP is clean.

17 min later 32004636 Anonymous
I'm guessing the forced encryption and not using public trackers has saved me. Hopefully this is all it takes.

18 min later 32004647 Anonymous (YOLO.png 1089x1509 306kB)

18 min later 32004652 Anonymous
>use TPB's 'anonymous' thing >mfw the page is gigantic

19 min later 32004678 Anonymous
>>32004652 >anonymous "thing" Are you referring to the VPN they advertised?

20 min later 32004680 Anonymous
http://www.customer.scaneye.net/sho p http://www.customer.scaneye.net/dat a Check these out before downloading a torrent on your normal IP.

20 min later 32004689 Anonymous (Capture.jpg 628x611 40kB)
I reset my IP a lot though, I think I just did about half an hour ago

20 min later 32004694 Anonymous
>>32004678 yes

20 min later 32004700 Anonymous
>>32004566 >Lady Boy Gold >Cum Covered Winker They really got you on that honeypot

20 min later 32004702 Anonymous
>>32004614 That's what I thought. Most of my torrents are obscure porn with literally 3 or 4 peers, so i think I'll be safe for the most part. So is it any bot or just bots from scan eye.pl?

20 min later 32004703 Anonymous
>>32004647 VPN's #YOLO

22 min later 32004715 Anonymous
>>32004694 How is it working out for you? Is it slow as shit? Is your real IP clean?

22 min later 32004724 Anonymous
>>32004689 Cloning?

22 min later 32004726 Anonymous (IP_Scan.png 1173x647 114kB)
Feels alright, man.

22 min later 32004727 Anonymous
>>32004647 >foxy_pussy_big.mp4

23 min later 32004731 Anonymous
>>32004702 Bots from their site, but ISPs are basically paying to have them scan for shit. Expect to see more services like this pop up in the near future.

23 min later 32004736 Anonymous
>>32004726 biggest spider you ever seen in your house?

25 min later 32004772 Anonymous
Home connection clean Seedbox ip has 200 matches though. Its a shared Ip though and I can't find many that are mine

25 min later 32004774 Anonymous
Not very useful if I change my ip all the time

25 min later 32004775 Anonymous (Slimeballs.jpg 1919x1011 158kB)

25 min later 32004781 Anonymous (1330139622092.jpg 325x394 137kB)
>mfw they have no info >mfw they don't even have the right town >"no one can hide"

26 min later 32004795 Anonymous
>>32004774 It's still a nice little check to ensure that your ISP isn't on your tail.

26 min later 32004799 Anonymous (1362183392274.jpg 1101x714 2908kB)
>>32004736 Hmmm, don't know. Maybe 5 or 6 inches across? The ones down this far south aren't generally as big as the ones you get up north.

27 min later 32004803 Anonymous
>>32004566 >LadyBoyGold muh nigga

28 min later 32004814 Anonymous
>>32004799 what's in this one again

28 min later 32004816 Anonymous (2013-03-04--1362382300_1052x381_scrot.png 1052x381 35kB)
Aw shit what do

28 min later 32004821 Anonymous (snapshot3.png 963x492 92kB)

29 min later 32004823 Anonymous
>>32004731 That's weird. I just read their FAQ and they say no third party has access to the files they detect. But I thought that this service was so they could let the isps/content owners know. Weird.

29 min later 32004826 Anonymous
>implying I'm not Nordic

29 min later 32004834 Anonymous (fugoff.png 1257x769 99kB)
How fucked am I? But it doesn't really since I'm in Canada, right?

29 min later 32004837 Anonymous
>>32004814 I think that one was the video with the robot jerking off over the anime figurine.

30 min later 32004843 Anonymous
>>32004816 Stop being a filthy fucking weeaboo.

30 min later 32004849 Anonymous
>>32004834 doesn't really matter*

31 min later 32004851 Anonymous (dated.png 752x75 6kB)
It's clearly not actively monitored, seeing as I watched this last year, and it doesn't and likely won't hold a copyright in my county.

31 min later 32004855 Anonymous
I'm so lucky they don't even have the right town. Has anyone gotten in trouble for torrenting any Mac or Windows .iso's?

32 min later 32004863 Anonymous (Fuckingsic.jpg 1064x335 48kB)

32 min later 32004870 Anonymous
>Only tracked my mlp stuff What are they doing?

32 min later 32004871 Anonymous
>We do not have information on your IP Well it's a good thing that since Monday when the 6 strike thing went into effect I've torrented 11 discographies and 20 movies

33 min later 32004882 Anonymous
>>32004870 Putting a stop to ponyfags should be their main focus.

34 min later 32004887 Anonymous
>>32004871 They're using the flies to a honeypot method. Are you downloading some super mainstream shit?

34 min later 32004889 Anonymous (holy SHIT no preview.jpg 1033x808 224kB)
>>32004837 excellent also, holy SHIT

34 min later 32004893 Anonymous (gfMmDQj.png 1094x896 135kB)
I have over 200 things seeding at the moment.

34 min later 32004895 Anonymous
>>32004870 Weeding you bastards out so you can no longer pollute the Internet.

35 min later 32004908 Anonymous
Sorry to be a dumbfuck, but what exactly is the difference that causes a torrent to be identified or not?

35 min later 32004912 Anonymous
>>32004882 /v/ pls go

35 min later 32004913 Anonymous
>tes of thousands of anime episodes downloaded on this IP >only finds 1 result 1 [Mazui]_Boku_Ha_Tomodachi_Ga_Sukuna i_NEXT_-_02_[AA292D99].mkv 2013-01-18 19:35:24 1

36 min later 32004915 Anonymous
>>32004887 Not really, the most mainstream thing I've downloaded is the Five Finger Death Punch discography. Other than that all my movies come from Yify-torrents if that matters.

36 min later 32004916 Anonymous
So now that I'm clean and went to it, are they going to be monitoring me extra close now or something?

36 min later 32004917 Anonymous
The only thing on there is the PSX version of metal gear solid that I downloaded about a month ago. How does this work, exactly?

36 min later 32004928 Anonymous
>>32004908 They're out looking for stuff that the copyright hounds would be out looking for. If the copyright holder doesn't give a shit, or it's foreign you should be fine.

37 min later 32004941 Anonymous
>>32004912 Back to /mlp/ faggot. I hope you're ready to explain your faggotry when your ISP calls your mom.

37 min later 32004943 Anonymous
Besides paying to pirate (VPN, Usenet) how do we avoid this six strikes bullshit.

38 min later 32004952 Anonymous
Well I guess no shits are given tat i torrented every 2e Dungeons and Dragons book, and a couple obscure RPGs.

38 min later 32004954 Anonymous
>>32004908 It probably grabs info from your browser, rather than with a honeypot method.

39 min later 32004961 Anonymous
>>32004378 >FLAC >David Guetta welp it's gonna sound like shit, overlimited clipped as fuck

39 min later 32004962 Anonymous
>>32004943 Use forced encryption and stop using public trackers.

39 min later 32004964 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1091x559 98kB)
>>32004952 Forgot pic

39 min later 32004965 Anonymous
>>32004943 You could just and carry on torrenting whatever you'd like like I am

39 min later 32004969 Anonymous
it's tracking a lot more canadian ips than anything else i've found

40 min later 32004977 Kewel (Top lel.png 1025x603 52kB)

40 min later 32004983 Anonymous
>>32004977 did u actually download those don't tell me u did

40 min later 32004985 Anonymous
>>32004943 i2p Free VPNs (There's one or two of them). Get an ISP that's not one of the four that are doing the six strikes bullshit

40 min later 32004986 Anonymous
>>32004816 wat was dis animu about?

41 min later 32004988 Anonymous
>>32004943 Taking small precautions like peerguard and using google's dns. Otherwise, getting your torrents from the /g/ private tracker could help.

41 min later 32004990 Anonymous
Also what does the flies to a honeypot method mean exactly?

41 min later 32004995 Anonymous
>>32004941 /v/ pls no

42 min later 32005001 Kewel
>>32004983 No I don't download from filthy torrents

42 min later 32005003 Anonymous
>>32004870 GNAA is serious with their #waronbronies

42 min later 32005014 Anonymous
>>32004928 This makes sense - the only thing it picked up for me was a 2012 movie my bro downloaded.

42 min later 32005018 Anonymous (1361248565353.jpg 960x600 58kB)
>>32004988 >peerguard

43 min later 32005024 Anonymous
>>32004977 >Los Invasores wat

43 min later 32005034 Anonymous
>>32004962 >private trackers >forced ratios despite seeding some trackers make ratios impossible (what.cd) >>32004985 I may look into i2p, thanks! Aren't all of those free VPNs horrible in some way? I wish I could switch ISP's the only ones around here are Verizon and Comcast.

43 min later 32005037 Anonymous
>>32004988 DNS has absolutely nothing to do with torrents.

45 min later 32005053 Anonymous
>>32005034 If you can't keep a decent ratio then you're just doing it wrong. It's not hard at all.

45 min later 32005057 Anonymous
i just use peerblock so i am always safe lol

45 min later 32005058 Anonymous
>>32005037 If you're using your ISP's DNS and they look at the fact that you visited TPB 20 times yesterday it does

46 min later 32005074 Kewel
>>32005024 Googled it, it's a Mexican band

46 min later 32005078 Anonymous
>>32005053 Besides seeding 24/7 what else can you even do? If people don't download the same content as you and from you there's nothing you can do. I can;t magically make my upload speed better either.

46 min later 32005082 Anonymous
>>32005074 I know thats why I said it.

47 min later 32005104 Anonymous
>>32005078 are you the same guy that leaves comments on TPB?

48 min later 32005110 Anonymous
>>32005078 Don't start out by downloading stuff that only you like. Build a decent ratio then you're set and everything will just fall into place.

48 min later 32005114 Kewel (599202_487124988016848_504338324_n.jpg 694x694 110kB)
>>32005082 k

48 min later 32005121 Anonymous
>>32005057 0/10 try harder

49 min later 32005124 Anonymous
>>32005114 cute xD

49 min later 32005128 Anonymous
>>32005124 As a girl, he's actually cute. The fact that he plays minecraft makes him more irresistable.

51 min later 32005151 Kewel
>>32005124 Are you trying to turn the thread into a Nef thread?

51 min later 32005156 Anonymous
>>32005128 top lel

51 min later 32005157 Anonymous
>>32005110 So I'll have to forcibly download content I don't want and seed it for a while before I can even think of getting content I want? I guess I'll just move out of nazi America.

52 min later 32005172 Anonymous
>>32005151 Is that Quintero?

52 min later 32005173 Anonymous (1362178403894.gif 280x210 2093kB)

52 min later 32005174 Anonymous
>>32005157 Get an account on the /g/ private tracker.

53 min later 32005184 Anonymous
>>32005174 /g/ private tracker?

53 min later 32005186 Anonymous (Untitled.png 554x404 31kB)
>>32005121 why are you so mad?

53 min later 32005189 Anonymous (Picture 4.png 506x826 248kB)
While there's a torrenting thread going, anyone know why Transmission just randomly pauses my torrents and refuses to let me unpause them? The data's still there, it just stops seeding

53 min later 32005192 Anonymous
>>32005174 They got any good content? How many users work for the honeypot?

53 min later 32005196 Anonymous (1361027610994.png 400x400 9kB)
>>32005157 Do you have such shit taste that you can't find a common interest? Just stick to public trackers.

54 min later 32005203 Anonymous
>>32005189 maybe it's a setting where it pauses if the ratio goes over 1.00

54 min later 32005204 Anonymous
>>32005184 u don't into desktop threads much do you?

54 min later 32005207 Anonymous
>>32005184 http://installgentoo.com/ Go on the IRC and ask for an invite.

54 min later 32005210 Kewel
>>32005184 installgentoo.com

54 min later 32005212 Anonymous
>>32005186 Are you enjoying your false sense of security?

55 min later 32005221 Anonymous
>>32005203 No I already looked at that, it's set to seed unlimitedly

55 min later 32005227 Anonymous
>>32005196 Sorry I don't like what you like. >Just stick to public trackers >six strike bullshit hurr durr

55 min later 32005231 Anonymous
so if you force encryption on your torrent client are you ok?

55 min later 32005239 Anonymous
>>32005212 my ip came up clean nigga and i torrent all of the hottest content. just got hobbit in 1080 dog

55 min later 32005240 Anonymous
>>32005221 Use qbittorent

56 min later 32005243 Anonymous
>>32005221 You have a cap on the max amount of active torrents at one time.

56 min later 32005254 Anonymous (clean.jpg 1263x939 88kB)
It's been a long time since I've ever pirated anything. Spotify, Netflix, Hulu and Steam have kept me satisfied.

56 min later 32005258 Anonymous (1360201958891.jpg 850x510 251kB)
>>32005210 >>32005207 >>32005204 yea sorry i dont into desktop much i usually browse /k/ or /diy/ but ill keep this in mind for future use, thanks

57 min later 32005262 Anonymous
>>32005227 >full blown autism >>32005239 Keep telling yourself that and see how long it lasts.

57 min later 32005271 Anonymous
>>32005254 Steam? You roll in steam begging threads on /b/? I'm about to start one

58 min later 32005289 Anonymous
>>32005262 i use my moms interenet and my step dad pays for it so HAHAHAHA jokes on u sucker

58 min later 32005294 Anonymous
>>32005262 >xd u mad autist? You seem to be on the wrong board.

59 min later 32005300 Anonymous
>>32005243 That's not it

1 hours later 32005312 Anonymous
>>32005289 You got me. >>32005294 I think you're forgetting where you're at.

1 hours later 32005341 Anonymous
>>32004412 Oh shit the Cirque De Soleil movie is out?

1 hours later 32005502 Anonymous
ok i went to the site OP and saw that of all the countless Torrents of things like crysis 3, other much torrented games and movies just released that i have dl/ul, they only had a couple of insignificant files that no one would care to pursue legal action over. However, i keep seeing the posted SS of other users with their massive DL/UL lists and I cannot but conclude that if such database, even if wildly inaccurate, starts being used to pursue copyright infringement cases (including trolling for $500 lawyers), torrenting as we know is over. People will start getting hit and panic will quickly spread, making the actual availability of files much smaller as a consequence. What can we do in order to prevent legal action? Is the acquisition of overseas (for US and Schegen countries residents) VPNs now about to become a mandatory requirement? And is this course of action the only recourse we have short of going back to IRC channels for direct file transfers? I am seriously considering now starting a permanent plan for a VPN. What do you guys recommend as a good trusted VPN service offshore?

1 hours later 32005503 Anonymous
>has a file from 2012 >one kind of recent ep of Archer >literally two of my entire torrent list Wow not bad, so they have PBay and I believe Isohunt in their watchlist. That's my own fault for even thinking about dling a Wed DL instead of a proper 1080p release. None of my eztv's torrents are there, so that's safe for now. Man if that's all they have on me, no wonder I never got a letter. Anti piracy is a joke.

1 hours later 32005506 Anonymous
>>32005173 Looks like the dude from DTB

1 hours later 32005511 Anonymous (muhprivacy.jpg 1041x269 70kB)
>>32005503 pic

1 hours later 32005522 Anonymous
My shit is clean. Now I gotta get a VPN to keep it that way.

1 hours later 32005528 Anonymous
>We do not have information about your IP Suck it poles. And a big fuck you from HU.

1 hours later 32005568 Anonymous
CLEAN. AS. FUCK. And why torrent for music nowadays? Just use YouTube MP3.

1 hours later 32005570 Anonymous
>>32004870 They don't have a SINGLE one of my mlp stuff, yayponies respects muh freedoms

1 hours later 32005585 Anonymous
Man, i DL'ed all of the pre-grammy leaks that hit the net the DAY after they instated that policy (in total there's like 8 films)... This was all from tpb. And they don't have any records of me downloading. lol, not sure why this isn't picking me up but i'm sort of proud of myself. Here's the way i download from public trackers - > Client - doesn't matter i don't think, i just use a stock installation of BitTorrent (purple icon, not uTorrent). > Settings of the Client - Randomize the port, force encryption, don't allow legacy connections, don't scrape, don't use DHT and don't use PEX. > The actual Torrent - copy the magnet txt, paste into editor & bring the number of trackers down to one. If it's not updating, do this - stop the torrent, remove the tracker, add another one that you got from the magnet txt. > Peer blocking software - lol, a waste.

1 hours later 32005590 Anonymous
>>32005570 which one is ur fav?

1 hours later 32005597 Anonymous
>>32005568 Or direct download

1 hours later 32005599 Anonymous

1 hours later 32005602 Anonymous (1361841488313.jpg 600x600 71kB)
>>32005568 >YouTube MP3. >>32005570 It's only a matter of time ponyfag.

1 hours later 32005605 Anonymous
>>32005568 >Just use YouTube for MP3 You're joking right? Also let me go download a 300 song discography song by song using that

1 hours later 32005633 Anonymous
>>32005585 Oh yeah, and don't ever seed. Leave it the seedboxes in eastern europe.As soon as you finish, stop the torrent and enjoy it. But never under any circumstances seed. =)

1 hours later 32005644 Anonymous
>>32004843 >anyone that likes anime is a weeaboo

1 hours later 32005654 Anonymous
>>32005585 >- Randomize the port, force encryption, don't allow legacy connections, don't scrape, don't use DHT and don't use PEX. This is the only thing helping you. >stock BT What's wrong with you?

1 hours later 32005661 Anonymous
>>32005590 which one of what? >>32005568 Literally ghetto casual >>32005602 Nah nigs, yayponies aren't even US based

1 hours later 32005663 Anonymous (1362181267714.jpg 500x500 54kB)
>>32005644 Agreed

1 hours later 32005667 Anonymous
>>32005605 I've always been curious why people need that many songs anyway. I have probably about 100 songs total on my computer. I'll probably get about 5 more in this year. Why would I want more than that?

1 hours later 32005672 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1051x488 27kB)
I don't even remember downloading this...

1 hours later 32005683 Anonymous
>>32005667 I have 6,000 songs and still get bored of my library. Do you have an extremely low attention span?

1 hours later 32005685 Anonymous

1 hours later 32005695 Anonymous
>2 pages of shit >hiphop, rap, top 40s shit >panick for a second >remember I'm tethering on my phone holy shit

1 hours later 32005696 Anonymous (1361427655603.jpg 806x806 38kB)
>>32005672 >that IP Right.. >my IP

1 hours later 32005700 Anonymous
>>32005667 just get them from itunes only like .99 so 5 a year would be pretty cheap too

1 hours later 32005710 Anonymous
>>32005667 haha

1 hours later 32005712 Anonymous (Screenshot_2013-03-04-09-29-00.png 800x480 50kB)
dynamic IP faggots lold at pic related

1 hours later 32005722 Anonymous
>>32005654 I have never had a single hiccup using the stock BitTorrent. Never crashed, easy to use, but the only snag is a few months ago they added an advertisement above my list of torrents. I've since removed it myself. The other thing is - My private trackers allow it, and that's really all that needs to be said. There's no way in all of hell i'm using a client that's a previous, non-updated version of uTorrent when i'm making p2p connections. That's *really* asking for it, albeit you're already putting yourself at risk already.

1 hours later 32005724 Anonymous
>>32005667 >100 songs How the can you handle that? I'm hoping you have a legitimate excuse like being deaf.

1 hours later 32005742 Anonymous
>>32005722 Have you tried other clients? Give Deluge or Halite a try and you'll never go back.

1 hours later 32005744 speedlolita
You fags downloading complete shit from public torrents deserve v&.

1 hours later 32005752 Anonymous
>>32005683 A short attention span would be getting bored of one thing quickly, a high attention span is being able to stick with one thing for long periods without getting bored. I've never heard of a "low" attention span. >>32005700 I don't have issues with getting it. I just pretty much have all the music I want.

1 hours later 32005757 Anonymous (ss (2013-03-04 at 03.32.42).png 1151x380 29kB)
What the hell? I'm quite sure I didn't download this. I don't even know what this is.

1 hours later 32005758 Anonymous
>>32005744 i download ponies bro so chill we r cool

1 hours later 32005764 Anonymous
>>32005757 Do you have a dynamic IP?

1 hours later 32005774 Anonymous
>>32005633 Ok THIS is what I need help with, because the concept of a seedbox is new to me. How do I run my own seedbox? I hear about Raspberry Pis being used, but don't you need the files of the torrents themselves to seed? Then I'd need two identical harddrives, one for me to use and one to just have for seeding, and that's seems silly and redundant. If paying for someone else to host your files, why not use that money to set up a VPN?

1 hours later 32005775 Anonymous
Apparently I'm clean... and in Dehli?! WTF?

1 hours later 32005776 Anonymous
>>32005764 no one even really knows what that even means

1 hours later 32005780 Anonymous
>>32005764 My IP doesn't usually change unless I reset my modem... Do I?

1 hours later 32005789 Anonymous
>>32005780 Yes.

1 hours later 32005820 Anonymous
I'm currently seeding 84 torrents and somehow this database don't have shit on me. How does it work?

1 hours later 32005831 Anonymous (lol.jpg 257x196 7kB)
Love living in Norway, I download about 2gb of Tv-series every day, nobody here gives a shit. Even TPB has moved to Norway

1 hours later 32005837 Anonymous
http://www.cloudflare-watch.org/rep eats.html site related where to get the good stuff "Google publishes a Transparency Report regarding copyright removal requests. One of the three large files in this downloadable data package is domains.csv, which lists domains specified in removal requests. We processed this file after downloading it on 2013-02-11. At that time it had 6.9 million lines, and included domains mentioned in removal requests received by Google from 2011-04-04 to 2013-02-10. Each removal request had a unique ID, which meant that it was on a separate line in this file. First we stripped out all the data except the domain name. Then we compressed the file by listing each domain once, preceded by the number of lines on which this domain appeared in that file. Finally, we extracted only those domains that were currently using CloudFlare nameservers. We wanted a rough idea of whether "repeat infringers" (a term used in the DMCA) might find CloudFlare attractive. The results are shown below. There is a good chance that we have additional information on many of these domains. You can find out by pasting the domain into our search box. " basically all the torrent warez sites that don't come up in google are listed here enjoy

1 hours later 32005850 Anonymous (Capture.png 1017x293 36kB)
I'm in a dynamic IP and I didn't download that, yet this thing doesn't get none of my 74 running torrents.

1 hours later 32005869 Anonymous
>>32005837 >all public shit Nice.

1 hours later 32005870 Anonymous (Untitled.png 277x22 1kB)
>>32005837 hoho i haven't remembered the name of this site since i was like 6

1 hours later 32005876 Anonymous
>>32005837 I've never even heard of these, which ones are even good and not full of botnets?

1 hours later 32005880 Anonymous
>clean Currently seeding about 900 torrents with 3 seedboxes. Oh God, public tracker plebes.

1 hours later 32005882 Anonymous
Did anyone get any torrent from rutracker listed?

1 hours later 32005886 Anonymous (Capture.png 833x254 29kB)
And that's a seedbox I've been running for over a year now.

1 hours later 32005893 Anonymous
All of my songs are from YouTube .mp3 At least I got all the songs I wanted before JewTube deleted it. Now it rests in the library of Google Music. I have around 335 I think?

1 hours later 32005899 Anonymous
>>32005876 OP here, I don;t know really I am not really into downloading shit from upload sites the torrents there are....good I guess, didn;t go through all of them, just checked some of the porn ones out

1 hours later 32005908 Anonymous (06-15gates_lg.jpg 3000x2000 2128kB)
>mfw ISP isn't even on top 20 list >mfw "we cannot find information about your ISP" >mfw I'm currently torrenting and nothing shows up Should have gotten Clear 4G goys.

1 hours later 32005910 Anonymous (1354752598500.jpg 409x409 37kB)
>>32005893 >All of my songs are from YouTube .mp3

1 hours later 32005913 Anonymous
>>32005893 Disgusting.

1 hours later 32005918 Anonymous
>>32005893 cool man. what mp3 player do u have? i have ipod and itunes

1 hours later 32005922 Anonymous
What does the /g/ tracker even have?

1 hours later 32005935 Anonymous
>We do not have information about your IP Am I safe?

1 hours later 32005936 Anonymous
I'm about to manually migrate my 600 torrents from utorrent. Which client do I switch to. needs to be multi platform and handle hundreds of torrents gracefully. I'd like a daemon/cli mode along with a gui. I'm guessing deluge?

1 hours later 32005937 Anonymous
>>32005837 > page2rss lol, that is hilarious. "Sir, they're stripping all of our crud and delivering our content pure, in an RSS feed." "Get rid of them. Quickly."

1 hours later 32005942 Anonymous
>>32005893 I feel so sorry for you.

1 hours later 32005946 Anonymous (1343390322456.png 457x855 823kB)
>WE DO NOT HAVE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR IP plebs, liking all these movies and shows and music. My entertainment is all free and educational. Too bad for you guys.

1 hours later 32005951 Anonymous (lel.jpg 910x419 38kB)

1 hours later 32005952 Anonymous
>>32005922 Join the irc get an invite and find out for yourself. What do you expect someone to make a list for you?

1 hours later 32005954 Anonymous
>>32005942 Why? I started that around 2007.

1 hours later 32005962 Anonymous
>>32005951 >no one can hide

1 hours later 32005967 Anonymous
>Someone's been torrenting pretty much straighttime whenever my console babby brothers aren't playing xbox (Xbox Live hogs twice the bandwidth of torrenting so says Time Warner's charts) >We have no information about this IP.

1 hours later 32005974 Anonymous
>>32005951 That's doesn't mean your ISP doesn't know what you're doing.

1 hours later 32005976 Anonymous
>>32005952 More like is it pure /g/ stuff like tech ebooks and OS ISOs or a wide selection of shows, music, and other goodies from other private trakcers

1 hours later 32005978 Anonymous (aintgotshit.jpg 1359x672 67kB)
I am a good boy I swear.

1 hours later 32005980 Anonymous (i know that feel.jpg 1167x831 482kB)
>>32005893 >>32005913 >>32005910 >>32005942 The HD music videos have good audio bitrates. Nothing wrong with taking them. It's the 240p - 480p videos that have horrible audio bitrates, and the music itself usually is not in HD for obvious reasons. So your best bet is an HD music VIDEO of the song.

1 hours later 32005985 Anonymous
>>32005974 I realize that. I doubt they actually care though. You can't arrest or punish an IP address.

1 hours later 32005993 Anonymous
>>32005980 >music video version of music

1 hours later 32005997 Anonymous
>>32005954 The fact that you don't understand how to download music other than from youtube. and the fact that you don't even listen to albums, just individual songs, i.e. you are unable to grasp the concept of many albums, which are designed to be listened to as a whole (not same person)

1 hours later 32005999 Anonymous
>>32005980 pls go >>32005976 Yes it has a wide selection.

1 hours later 32006002 Anonymous
>>32005980 >a converted video >converted to Youtube >and then converted to an .mp3 >good quality I swear guise Why bother when good v0 Mp3s and FLAC rips are out there? You're a casual, accept it and move on.

1 hours later 32006013 Anonymous
>>32006002 yep type of retard who gets caught to begin with "but but I only downloaded 2 britney spears songs"

1 hours later 32006041 Anonymous
>>32006002 >>32005999 >>32005993 It's not as good as a straight CD rip or MP3 from iTunes or Amazon and whatnot, but I am just saying it is much better and tolerable than the 480p shit people rip from YT. And not all music videos are that different from the song itself or have retarded opening skits. Again, this is not for every song and is not the best solution, but it is a good thing to look into for certain songs if you don't want to be assraped by your ISP or deal with a ton of other shit to avoid being caught.

1 hours later 32006050 Anonymous
>>32005980 >literally someone wanted to be part of le maymays and made a maymay comic of a maymay this thread ecompasses my only use for internet anymore, a virtual black market. The kids have taken over.

1 hours later 32006056 Anonymous
>we don't have any info on your IP guess they don't care about indie artists and chinese cartoons

1 hours later 32006059 Anonymous
>not being on What.CD

1 hours later 32006072 Anonymous
>>32006056 oh and they got the wrong city too

1 hours later 32006090 Anonymous
>>32006013 >he thinks I waste my What account with Brittney >>32006041 >deal with a ton of other shit to avoid being caught yea i know compooterz are hard brahbrah

1 hours later 32006092 Anonymous
>>32006050 You think I made that? Faggot. >>32006002 >Why bother when good v0 Mp3s and FLAC rips are out there? see >>32006041 I am not >>32005893 , I just replied to everyone that went after him. I never even suggested it was the best way of doing things, just that it was not as bad as taking it from the 480p videos. I don't even download my music, anyway. I am extremely boring and easily entertained.

1 hours later 32006095 Anonymous
>Scaneye does not track IP addresses from this country LELELLELE U SO MAD

1 hours later 32006106 Anonymous
>>32006090 >yea i know compooterz are hard brahbrah Stop shitposting.

1 hours later 32006117 Anonymous
>>32004378 I am clean. Anyone know a cure for Herpes? Then I will be 100% clean

2 hours later 32006163 Anonymous
I checked this site like a month ago and I had something. I check today, and I don't have anything. I didn't remember my IP, but I assume my ISP just gave me a new static IP for some reason. There was a period of ~12 hours when my connection was done. I had Time Warner Cable.

2 hours later 32006214 Anonymous
Is there a way to check a different IP? mine came up clean, but I am pretty sure the service I use is fucked

2 hours later 32006234 Anonymous
>>32005893 you should get google music to replace your shitty quality songs with their good ones

2 hours later 32006271 Anonymous (my sides.jpg 1060x351 60kB)
/g/ you have no idea how hard I lol'd when I saw this

2 hours later 32006298 Anonymous
seems like Comcast are the ones being easily spotted by this, also all the shit caught is mainstream shit so I think im good.

2 hours later 32006305 Anonymous
>public trackers You probably use Windows too.

2 hours later 32006308 Anonymous
>>32006271 how is that copyright?

2 hours later 32006312 Anonymous
>>32006308 it isn't

2 hours later 32006319 Anonymous
>>32006298 I have comcast and they never caught anything I did, I checked this a few times and always came up empty.

2 hours later 32006335 Anonymous
>>32006312 this is why it's bullshit, imagine getting a strike for that

2 hours later 32006338 Anonymous (Capture.png 1012x221 18kB)

2 hours later 32006346 Anonymous
>>32006335 see, the thing is i got my internet cut a few weeks ago, but that specific file is obviously not showing up on my list. I wonder wtf that means

2 hours later 32006457 Anonymous (WOOOOW.png 1338x777 126kB)

2 hours later 32006473 Anonymous
>>32006457 Dude you're gonna get sued by Linux.

2 hours later 32006476 Anonymous
We do not have information about your IP. >I've seeded Breaking Bad to a 8.0 ratio and its still going

2 hours later 32006479 Anonymous
>>32006473 Worse yet, GNU.

2 hours later 32006493 Anonymous
>>32006476 >breaking bad fucking pleb, pls go

2 hours later 32006494 Anonymous
>>32006473 >>32006479 I knew I should have just stuck with FreeBSD.

2 hours later 32006502 Anonymous (1348454472102.jpg 255x345 21kB)
>>32006457 You're so fucked.

2 hours later 32006508 Anonymous
>>32006457 HAHAHAHAHA faggot you're fucked now.

2 hours later 32006516 Anonymous
>>32006457 Well Gentoo is non-free software. >>32006502 rms would never recommend Gentoo as it contains non-free software.

2 hours later 32006530 Anonymous (1361922225717.jpg 1280x720 172kB)

2 hours later 32006531 Anonymous
>>32006493 sry i dnt like pnyies u fkin faegt

2 hours later 32006558 Anonymous
>>32006530 Stop spreading lies. rms never endorsed Gentoo in any way whatsoever.

2 hours later 32006574 Anonymous (1361830546739.jpg 1200x896 351kB)

2 hours later 32006577 Anonymous
>>32004566 >Naruto Shippuden If anything they'll snap you for having shit taste in anime

2 hours later 32006614 Anonymous (Screenshot from 2013-03-04 10:43:36.png 1366x768 170kB)
school network

2 hours later 32006725 Anonymous
Dynamic IP here, I havent downloaded anything but porn the last 2 weeks, but similar to these guys I have lots of movies there. >>32004566 >>32004523

2 hours later 32006744 Anonymous
>>32006725 Because it is dynamic.

2 hours later 32006748 Anonymous
>>32005831 I know that feeling.

2 hours later 32006774 Anonymous
>>32006744 I-I know anon, but feels weird, Im more comfortable with that than them knowing what kind of porn I like.

3 hours later 32006876 Anonymous (Capture.png 1042x566 120kB)
Nothing, but fuck these dick nuggets. Nothing but faggots holding your info hostage.

3 hours later 32006954 Anonymous (2013-03-04-121543_3286x1080_scrot.png 1176x431 48kB)
Welp, I'm fucked

3 hours later 32007010 Anonymous (2013-03-04-122101_3286x1080_scrot.png 1083x257 21kB)
>>32006954 And this is from my other IP. With all the terabytes of anime I've downloaded, why did they have to record the one time I downloaded one ep of a shitty show?

3 hours later 32007064 Anonymous
Good wife, clone wars and star trek I would guess one of my housemates has downloaded, I don't have a clue about the rest though. Everything I download is through a seedbox. NO TORRENT - FILENAME LAST SEEN QUANTITY 1 Franklin.and.Bash.S02E02.HDTV.x264- ASAP.[VTV].mp4 2012-10-14 02:20:21 4 2 House S08 Special-Swan Song HDTV x264-BAJSKORV[ettv] 2012-11-26 17:58:29 12 3 Robot.Chicken.S06E00.DC.Comics.Spec ial.HDTV.x264-2HD.mp4 2012-10-05 17:12:15 4 4 star.wars.the.clone.wars.s05e15.720 p.hdtv.x264-2hd.mkv 2013-01-27 02:40:30 1 5 Star Trek 2012-11-23 00:56:29 7 6 Super.Bowl.XLVII.Beyonce.Halftime.S how.HDTV.x264-2HD.mp4 2013-02-07 19:44:08 2 7 The.Good.Wife.S04E15.720p.HDTV.X264 -DIMENSION [PublicHD] 2013-03-04 08:21:10 1 8 [UsaBit.com] - Dragon Age Dawn Of The Seeker 2012 BRRip XViD UNiQUE 2012-09-19 03:02:02 2

3 hours later 32007122 Anonymous (förhelvete.jpg 202x204 15kB)
>>32006954 >Torrenting fucking Code A matches >mfw

3 hours later 32007146 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1135x329 18kB)
Fucking pomf

3 hours later 32007168 Anonymous
1 file in December, an Oliver Stone series on Showtime, just one episode. Honestly I don't give a fuck about this kind of stuff since my ISP doesn't get involved with this new 6 strikes stuff at all.

3 hours later 32007187 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1039x492 41kB)
The weird thing is, I'm on my schools network.

3 hours later 32007256 Anonymous
>>32007122 > CodeA matches I have no idea what that is, apart from knowing it has something to do with the Starcraft 2 scene. I share that IP with my brother who plays SC, meaning he probably downloaded those. I just leech and seed anime by the tapeload.

3 hours later 32007290 Anonymous
wtf is going on About half the Anime I've downloaded is on this list. I download from fansub groups as they make releases and bluray release groups (coalgirls) for my blurays.

3 hours later 32007323 Anonymous (why-didnt-you-listen.jpg 632x2048 279kB)
>>32007290 Time to switch to XDCC. Has passed. You should have done it years ago. You should have listened. Why didn't you listen? It is too late now. Thanks for the seed.

3 hours later 32007342 Anonymous
Don't most ISPs only keep download/history logs for a certain period? Like, if you downloaded something and they have like, a 6 month data retention period. After that period is over, wouldn't you theoretically be in the clear?

4 hours later 32007409 Anonymous (that feel.png 1007x215 19kB)

4 hours later 32007434 Anonymous
>>32007323 I liked the idea of not raping the b/w that the free subs groups provided and seeding to share it with other people. Guess I'll have to switch though.

4 hours later 32007476 Anonymous
>>32007409 Seriously, what the fuck is that?

4 hours later 32007638 Anonymous (scaneye.png 1022x735 126kB)
Anything to worry about?

4 hours later 32007653 Anonymous
>>32007342 well they should in theory because if they don't costs to keep all that history goes way up. I think Australia tried this but they shot it down because of how much money was required.

4 hours later 32007671 Anonymous
>>32007323 >>32007290 ISP don't care about your china cartoons, they care about blockbuster releases. Check the site and see what is the most downloaded shit.

4 hours later 32007683 Anonymous (STOPFUCKINGPOSTING.gif 150x150 925kB)
>>32005776 Are you fucking serious?

4 hours later 32007704 Anonymous
>does not track ip's from this country muh freedom

4 hours later 32007722 Anonymous
>Extremely.Loud.Incredibly.Close.DV DRip.XviD-NeDiVx 2012-04-08 02:13:07 Hadn't even heard of this before. And it's not a porno surprisingly.

4 hours later 32007767 Anonymous (3 sea shells.png 631x435 265kB)
>>32005837 >80 anonib.com

4 hours later 32007770 Anonymous
>Haywire (2011) [1080p] I didn't even download that Good thing it ignored all of my porn, animu, music and actually decent movies.

4 hours later 32007805 Luke (hahahahaha.png 927x515 37kB)
Out of the 6TBs I've downloaded over the years, it only finds 3...all of which I've never heard of. Good job sky...good job.

4 hours later 32007825 Anonymous
>>32007805 Why did you repost this? Scared of someone having your ip? Goddamn tripfags are retarded

4 hours later 32007841 Anonymous
>>32007805 Where about in tamworth you from, friend?

4 hours later 32007848 Luke (1360405957772.jpg 500x375 32kB)
>>32007825 I'm retarded for not giving out my ip? haha ok...

4 hours later 32007856 Luke (1360405201696.jpg 268x265 48kB)
>>32007841 I'm not...I live in the east of Kent. Apparently this site is inaccurate as well as retarded.

4 hours later 32007860 Anonymous
What do I win?

4 hours later 32007869 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1680x1050 235kB)
Gotta love my VPN

4 hours later 32007908 Anonymous (wat.png 1857x912 131kB)
>>32007848 What are you gonna do, hack me? I got Norton, bitch.

4 hours later 32007938 Anonymous
>files I never even downloaded lol

4 hours later 32007950 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1123x443 38kB)
lel. so apparently they even know about stuff I downloaded of Ex and Nyaa, just a few though. the only thing on there that was "obvious" was that documentary from TPB. I'm not on any major ISP, how fucked am I? I've never gotten I letter or email, then again I never check my mail or "official" email.

4 hours later 32007951 Anonymous (lel.png 1080x1127 144kB)
>Chinese cartoons >Implying anything will happen to me The only thing I regret downloading is shit art online.

4 hours later 32007980 Anonymous
>>32004566 confirmed for wanna be trap with shit taste in anime.

5 hours later 32008094 null null (null.jpg 1792x1010 266kB)

5 hours later 32008104 Anonymous (.png 755x474 78kB)
>WE DO NOT HAVE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR IP Haven't paid a single dollar for software, ever.

5 hours later 32008108 Anonymous (Himeko_Inaba.jpg 700x394 178kB)
>>32007951 >Kokoro Connect

5 hours later 32008110 Anonymous
>>32007848 No, you are retarded for deleting and then posting your image again, when there's no need to. Also the fact that you use a trip.

5 hours later 32008127 Anonymous
>>32007951 >commie RUB A DUB DUB THANKS FOR THE GRUB

5 hours later 32008149 Anonymous
>We do not have information on your IP I guess Peer blocks been helping out. Either that or oldish music/one piece doesn't really matter.

5 hours later 32008237 Anonymous
>>32007951 >commie you deserve to be taken down

5 hours later 32008306 Anonymous
We do not have information about your IP Feels good, man

5 hours later 32008350 Anonymous
>>32005742 deluge a shit

5 hours later 32008485 Anonymous
>>32007704 which country is that?

5 hours later 32008523 Anonymous
>>32007704 >security through obscurity >freedom from corporations through obscurity

5 hours later 32008559 Anonymous
>>32007951 You must have really liked SAO, you downloaded it 5 times.

5 hours later 32008594 Anonymous
>>32008559 does it even mean that? I doubt he did that, could be how much he uploaded ie. he completely uploaded an episode 5 times

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