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2013-03-04 07:39 32003952 Anonymous (asfdasdasdasd.png 629x594 97kB)
Hey guys. I'm doing a Mini ITX build for my sister. Can you please help me get it down to 850 with a monitor? She wants it to be able to play skyrim on the highest settings... Bumping with guts.

1 min later 32003983 Anonymous (IMG_0603.jpg 864x1296 445kB)

2 min later 32004004 Anonymous (Digital_Storm_PC_Guts_Side_22538[1].jpg 1702x935 887kB)

4 min later 32004035 Anonymous
Why the Prodigy? You don't need a Z77 motherboard - B75 would probably do. Also, 840 is shit, get something with MLC NAND. Otherwise, not much you can do to take the price down.

5 min later 32004054 Anonymous
>>32004004 FT-03, Nice rig.

8 min later 32004110 Anonymous (aux1_RIVE[1].jpg 1600x1200 463kB)

11 min later 32004149 Anonymous
>>32004035 Umm I got the prodigy actually because the case fits my sisters personality. I'm open to going down from the z77 motherboard, can you recommend a really good one? What will the computer lose in performance ability from going down from z77? I would like this computer to last her for as long as possible too. Can you please recommend another similar priced SSD? Does the 840 PRO have that shit?

14 min later 32004186 Anonymous
>>32003952 If she wants it to be under 850 you're going to have to go AMD, not that it's a bad thing. Also she may want a different case; the prodigy is bigger than it seems. Also maybe go for a 500W PSU

15 min later 32004200 Anonymous
>>32004149 z77 is generally for overclocking capability. So with that cpu, it's pointless. Get a H77 board. Also you could get a silverstone case that comes with a PSU. I forgot the name of it, but it comes with a 450W, and costs about 120-150 i think.

16 min later 32004219 Anonymous
>>32004186 Ok.. I actually don't know much about the AMD processors - can you tell me what to look for? What range, names of the architecture etc (Eg equivalent of ivy bridge, i5 - etc) Thanks for your help. Recommend good cases too! Will 430w not be enough for a single gpu build?

17 min later 32004243 Anonymous
>>32004110 >1200 watt >closed loop >no

20 min later 32004292 Anonymous
>>32004219 FX-6300. and no.

21 min later 32004313 Anonymous
- Get cheaper RAM. - Consider a cheaper case. - Consider a cheaper PSU, you can pick up a 450W Rosewill Capstone for $10 less.

22 min later 32004330 Anonymous
>>32004219 Forgot to mention what the storage solution is. I had just one 830 before and that didn't last very long at all. Not I have 2 and a 1TBspinpointf3. Go for a FX-6300. 430 is not enough. Cases are subjective and good mITX cases can be costly

22 min later 32004332 Anonymous
>>32004292 I can only get fucking FM2 socket mini ITX boards.. And they are not that much cheaper either. Fuck.

22 min later 32004345 Anonymous
>>32004332 Go mATX

23 min later 32004359 Anonymous
>>32004186 The problem with this is that AMD ain´t got mini itx mothearboards beside the FM2 series and i can tell from my experience that even a A-10 CPU will bottleneck a 7850, For the price you could get a nice FX-8230 wich is pretty sweet, but that would mean to forget about the itx factor.

25 min later 32004389 Anonymous
>>32004332 If mITX is a must you will probably have to go intel and that $850 budget may need to be upped. especially if it must include a monitor. What would your sister actually use this pc for anyway?

26 min later 32004401 Anonymous
>>32004359 Agreed

27 min later 32004405 Anonymous
http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Produc t.aspx?Item=N82E16811163208 save the moonie with this case.

28 min later 32004430 Anonymous
>>32004405 >http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Produ ct.aspx?Item=N82E16811163208 Good man.

32 min later 32004489 Anonymous
>>32004389 Fuck. I think this might be the case. She is quinticential casual gamer. Internet user, etc. >>32004330 I told her to store all her media on an external - which she does anyway. if it's a problem down the track I'll get her another HDD. Mini ITX is how I want it to be - I've never done a mini build before. >>32004359 I need to make extremely fucking sure the GPU is not going to be bottlenecked. I wont be overclocking anything because it's all stock cooling... it just has to perform as described on the box really.

33 min later 32004495 Anonymous
>850 with monitor >skyrim on the highest settings >australia Impossible.

33 min later 32004501 Anonymous
>>32004430 It is possible for me to get this case - will the GPU fit inside it? Also will 450w be enough?

33 min later 32004503 Anonymous
>>32004313 are you retarded? >not budget build >cheap out on PSU

34 min later 32004511 Anonymous
>>32004501 450W is enough

35 min later 32004533 Anonymous
>>32004503 He's a retard who thinks OP is American. Just ignore him.

35 min later 32004539 Anonymous (sg05.jpg 1024x768 459kB)

37 min later 32004564 Anonymous
>>32004359 This is 50% bullshit. Take a look at this OP: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-tri nity-a10-5800k-vs-intel-ivy-bridge- i5-3470--discrete-gpu-gaming-perfor mance/17272.html Not the best CPU but i think your sister would be pleased

39 min later 32004587 Anonymous
>>32004489 See >>32004564

41 min later 32004635 Anonymous
>>32004587 This is an option OP, but this >>32004564 may be much more worth it http://pcpartpicker.com/p/HpHb

57 min later 32004865 Anonymous
>>32004635 http://pcpartpicker.com/p/HpOH

1 hours later 32004957 Anonymous
>>32004865 that's way too much money for a 550W PSU that isn't even modular.

1 hours later 32004982 Anonymous
>>32004865 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Combo DealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.122 5054&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_sp=&AI D=10446076&PID=3938566&SID= This is an insane deal that I wish I would have got. Instead I got a H77 asus board with less features than this board with a 3470 that apparently is same as the a10-5.8k. I bought this stuff 6months ago

1 hours later 32004991 Anonymous
>>32004957 modular might not fit in 160mm

1 hours later 32005039 Anonymous
>>32004991 a modular ATX is the same size as that XFX ATX psu

1 hours later 32005066 Anonymous
>>32004982 dem beautiful golden caps. A-10's have a lot of good combo deals on newegg, I'd build one if I had the money

1 hours later 32005116 Anonymous
>>32005039 This is what I have http://pcpartpicker.com/part/silver stone-power-supply-st50fp

1 hours later 32005175 Anonymous
>>32005116 seems decent, a little on the low end for +12v rail but i don't know exactly what power supply manufactuere/brands are most reputable. i bought an antec 520C (non-modular) when they were on sale but now they're discontinued

1 hours later 32005213 Anonymous
You really don't need an 7850 to play Skyrim on the highest settings in 1080p.

1 hours later 32005261 Anonymous
>>32005213 it's a good GPU to own at sub $200 price point.

1 hours later 32005287 Anonymous
>>32005213 The 7850 is in the golden area for price/performance

1 hours later 32005306 Anonymous
>>32005287 How are the 7970's? Too expensive?

1 hours later 32005318 Anonymous
>>32005306 Great for top-tier performance. OCing them are a hit or a miss. Some are terrible, some go 1200+. Better bang for your buck than the 680 for sure.

1 hours later 32005324 Anonymous
>>32005306 yeah unless you're getting that shit for under $400 or your budget has room for it.

1 hours later 32005338 Anonymous
>>32005287 I remember when the 6850 was the best bang for buck. When did that change?

1 hours later 32005344 Anonymous
>>32005338 7xxx > 6xxx

1 hours later 32005350 Anonymous
>>32005324 I'm working with € so I don't know what it would be in $ but I can find them for €300 - €350

1 hours later 32005635 Anonymous
>>32005350 that's about the same prices in USD

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