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2013-03-04 07:08 32003406 Anonymous (image-1.jpg 1280x722 82kB)
TV having screen issues. Tried hard resetting it. Like this in all menus/inputs. Wondering what I need to replace to fix this or what the issue is.

1 min later 32003440 Anonymous Toshiba DLP TV problems
Researched and possibly a light engine or convergence board? any input?

1 min later 32003441 Anonymous
Open it. Find a big ribbon cable. Push it back in place.

2 min later 32003456 Anonymous
Thank you. Is this the issue for sure? Where's the ribbon located?

2 min later 32003461 Anonymous
>>32003440 I'll tell you it's definitely not a convergence board issue.

3 min later 32003480 Anonymous
>>32003456 >Is this the issue for sure? No. >Where's the ribbon located? Inside the TV somewhere? It's large and flat. You'll know it when you see it.

5 min later 32003501 Anonymous
>>32003406 I think installing gentoo may fix some of your issues.

2 hours later 32005383 Anonymous
not really familiar w/gentoo? whats that consist of

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