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2013-03-04 07:03 32003316 Anonymous (daads.jpg 950x537 90kB)
S3 or a 4S? I am in the market for a new phone and since I can get a discount at work on a new plan, I figured why not? I am looking for some user opinions on each phone and what would be the one to get. All I would need to phone for is texting, GPS, very light calling and some games and light web browsing and some neat and fun features to play with.

4 min later 32003400 Anonymous

7 min later 32003453 Anonymous
Nexus 4.

8 min later 32003483 Anonymous
>>32003316 neither

10 min later 32003516 Anonymous
S3 obviously

11 min later 32003532 Anonymous
if you have to debate the two just get iphone.

12 min later 32003544 Anonymous
iphone 5

13 min later 32003555 Anonymous
>>32003532 Friend is saying iPhone is a bit easier to deal with OS stuff and some customizing while the S3 you would need to tinker and set stuff up the way you want.

14 min later 32003578 Anonymous
>>32003555 don't get a phone. get a gun instead

14 min later 32003584 Anonymous
>>32003555 On iOS you're forced to want it the way it is.

15 min later 32003586 Anonymous
>>32003316 > iPhone 4S Solid high-class aluminum device > S3 A Cheap plastic round shovel Get the 4S

15 min later 32003594 Anonymous
They're honestly both fine. I prefer the SIII's google search over siri, but they both still work well. If you plan on ricing the shit out of it, either get an iPhone and jailbreak, or just get an SIII. Also, see if your work's plan would include their phone insurance thing (cant remember what its called). Although I'm not the biggest Apple guy, their warranty is one of the best I have ever seen for a phone, and if is something that interests you, almost makes the phone worth getting on its own (but you have to pay extra, but if your work covers it no big deal).

16 min later 32003617 Anonymous
>>32003586 bull shit don't listen to apple fags get the s3 or nexus 4

17 min later 32003629 Anonymous
Siri > S3 Voice commander Jesus, all the fucking time I get that horrible voice "WAT WUD U LIKE TO DOOOO" everytime time I accidenrly double click home button. And when I do it a whole phone lags and load full-screen commander. Siri is so much better and faster and well integrated

17 min later 32003630 Anonymous Get an Android device
>Go on my IPad >Go to Safari >Search Google for IOS applications >Try to download from Safari >"Cannot Open File type" IOS-it just doesn't fucking work >Want to get files off of my IPhone from friends computer >IOS can't into disk mode >Have to install bloatware ITunes >ITunes still won't let me get files off my device IOS-it just doesn't fucking work >Try to view flash content >IOS can't into flashplayer IOS-it just doesn't fucking work >Want to develop for IOS >Have to actually buy the IPhone SDK >"okay fine, I'll pay for it even though it's sort of bullshit" >it's only for Mac IOS-it just doesn't fucking work >Use the new IOS 6 maps application >............. IOS-it just doesn't fucking work

17 min later 32003633 Anonymous (wpid-brokeniphone-625x351.jpg 625x351 85kB)
>>32003586 >solid high-class aluminum device top fucking lel

21 min later 32003695 Anonymous (Sad-Puppies-6.jpg 700x466 61kB)
>tfw iphone cant into .flac

22 min later 32003719 Anonymous
>>32003695 >portable lossless Come on guy. Come on.

23 min later 32003728 Anonymous
>>32003630 ITT: whiny faggots being able to install programs from a browser is retarded get a usb stick flash is dead mac-only SDK is genius maps suck, though, which is why there's a google maps app. enjoy your lagdroid.

28 min later 32003811 Anonymous (some shit.jpg 500x394 83kB)
>>32003728 >Calls me a whiny faggot >Says being able to install programs from a browser is retarded >Says flash is dead >Says maps suck, though, which is why there's a google maps app >lagdroid hypocrisy general?

29 min later 32003834 Anonymous
OP here, I guess the iPhone is a lot more simpler than the S3. But I like the S3's screen, camera functions and what not. I am not going to be doing some hardcore programming stuff with it. Simple day to day things.

31 min later 32003861 Anonymous
>>32003316 Neither. S4 being announced in like a week. 5 is already getting long in the tooth, nevermind 4S.

32 min later 32003872 Anonymous
>>32003811 >>Calls me a whiny faggot you are >>Says being able to install programs from a browser is retarded virus/malware bait >>Says flash is dead it is >>Says maps suck, though, which is why there's a google maps app it does and there is >>lagdroid It's a portmanteau of "Lag" and "Android" >hypocrisy general? you apparently don't know what hypocrisy is.

33 min later 32003914 Anonymous
>>32003719 It's just more convenient. Otherwise I need to store each song twice

34 min later 32003932 Anonymous
>>32003861 Honestly the only reason I am getting one of those phones is because there is no fee on a 3 year contract with the 4S but the S3 has a $50 one that I don't mind paying. I don't want to shell out $200+ bucks just because its new.

36 min later 32003972 Anonymous
>>32003719 I'm not going to fucking download everything again just to put on my phone

36 min later 32003974 Anonymous
New Android devices will have Tegra 4 GPUs thats light-years ahead of Apples shit The developers of the Dolphin emulator, The Gamecube and Wii emulator for those who don't know, is even porting dolphin to Android with OpenGL ES 3 support in Tegra 4 devices

36 min later 32003987 Anonymous
>>32003914 a) you have plenty of space for storing music on any harddrive from post-2008 b) you don't have plenty of space for store lossless audio on any portable device. at best you'll have 128gb, but that's doubtful. c) you can't hear a difference between lossless and high quality lossy d) you can't hear a difference in quality between high quality lossy and average quality lossy in the kind of environments where you'd be making use of a portable device e) you're retarded

38 min later 32004008 Anonymous
>>32003972 >I'm not going to fucking download everything again just to put on my phone >download >again ...it's lossless. just reencode it. that's the ENTIRE FUCKING POINT of lossless.

39 min later 32004020 Anonymous
>>32003987 >letting my iPhone control me Applel logic

39 min later 32004029 Anonymous
>>32003974 There was some rumors that Tegra 4 using the same chips or technology or whatever that Apple were using.

39 min later 32004037 Anonymous
>>32003872 1.) lol 2.) lol 3.) it's still nice to have, and it still enhances your web experience 4.) Why is Apple so shitty at their native Map software though? Not helping iOS's case tbh 5.) lol Androids so laggy amiright? 6.) I know that you're a hypocrite

40 min later 32004052 Anonymous
>>32004020 >implying i have an iAnything >implying i'm so retarded as to waste space on useless shit just leave, dipshit. /mu/ misses your quality posts.

40 min later 32004053 Anonymous
>>32004029 Even though the technology in the IPhone 5 was already deprecated the moment it came out

41 min later 32004056 Anonymous
Maybe /g/ can help me out. I'm looking to buy a phone between now and May 1st. I was thinking about the S4, however rumors say it's trash and nothing to write home about. What would /g/ buy in that time frame?

41 min later 32004069 Anonymous
>>32004056 Nexus 4

41 min later 32004072 Anonymous
>>32003987 a)I can only afford so much storage, and use it for more than music b)Actually my player holds more than that c)What is archiving d)see a and c e)all of the above And the answer is e

41 min later 32004078 Anonymous
lossless on smartphone? WHY????? What's the point I won't notice any difference in quality with my cheap 1.5 mm earpuds. Also I don't have that much space .flac is for PC stations with 3 mm jack audio devices

42 min later 32004093 Anonymous
>>32004078 By storing lossless on my device I don't need to store each song twice

43 min later 32004099 Anonymous
>>32003633 90% of these broken back photos are staged from fandroids. I've seen plenty of 4/4s dropped from pocket level (I happen to be friends with a few clumsy applefags) and none of them ever got a broken back like that.

45 min later 32004130 Anonymous
>>32004056 I'd get the Note II

46 min later 32004138 Anonymous
>>32004072 >a)I can only afford so much storage, and use it for more than music storage is dirt cheap. if you can afford the $100 for a terabyte of space, you need to rethink your life choices. >b)Actually my player holds more than that which one?

46 min later 32004142 Anonymous (ty35dquy7v2t.jpg 528x466 49kB)
> picrelated flacfags...

47 min later 32004153 Anonymous
>>32004138 I can afford it, but I don't want all my money to go into storage. Also I have a 250GB iPod Classic and a 1TB Archos 70

47 min later 32004164 Anonymous
>>32003974 Android has much better developer support than iPhone/iOS Android also has the most market share by (75 percent)

49 min later 32004179 Anonymous
>>32003728 Why get a smartphone at all then? Why not just get a dumbphone? it has all you retards seem to need anyway

49 min later 32004189 Anonymous
>>32004164 >Android also has the most market share by (75 percent) that's like windows claiming its has the largest market share. just because it's loaded into very crap phone doesnt make it good. and developer support for iOS is immensely good

51 min later 32004214 Anonymous
>>32004153 >1TB Archos 70 i didn't know you could get a 1tb in to those. you're excused. for everyone else on the planet who is stuck with 32gb internal+32gb sd, portable lossless is retarded.

53 min later 32004242 Anonymous
>>32003630 >Mac only SDK It's Mac only because it iOS is OS X for ARM and thus uses OS X only libraries. How are you going to develop applications for iOS without using the necessary libraries? >>32004214 It came as a 250GB but the hard drive is just an extra thin 2.5" SATA drive. Any SATA drive will work, it's just that the thicker ones require a custom back.

53 min later 32004246 Anonymous
The iPhone 4S is a very good phone when jailbroken. I personally hate apple, but I also personally hate oversized phones, and practicality should trump personal hate for a corporation. Get the 4S if you want something phone-sized. Get the S3 if you feel like the iPhone screen might be too small for you to effectively do whatever it is you do on a phone

53 min later 32004252 Anonymous
>>32004179 (mostly) constant access to e-mail, wiki, communication i don't use is as a glorified usb stick or to watch weeaboo porn on the subway, which is the last thing on the planet that uses flash.

54 min later 32004259 Anonymous
>>32004242 >It came as a 250GB but the hard drive is just an extra thin 2.5" SATA drive. Any SATA drive will work, it's just that the thicker ones require a custom back. good to know. thanks.

54 min later 32004275 Anonymous
>>32004252 >i don't use is as a glorified usb stick this is why i laugh when autists bitch about MUH SD SLOT

55 min later 32004286 Anonymous
>>32004242 it's just C#, there s nothing special about Apples crippled UNIX OS, they are just being greedy jews

56 min later 32004301 Anonymous
>>32003586 >>32003586 >>32003586

57 min later 32004322 Anonymous
>>32004286 Cocoa and Carbon, they're OS X only libraries Also, isn't C# Windows only?

58 min later 32004351 Anonymous
>>32004275 i'll never understand what's so fucking wonderful about target-disk-mode. for $20 you can get a usb stick that you can leave with another person.

58 min later 32004354 Anonymous
>>32004322 The application layer is not tied to OSX >Also, isn't C# Windows only? Get out

59 min later 32004369 Anonymous
>>32004322 Typical Apple user nothing to see here folks

59 min later 32004376 Anonymous
>>32004354 >Get out Sorry but last I checked C# was some Microsoft made butchering of C++

1 hours later 32004413 Anonymous
>>32004376 you're an idiot, get out

1 hours later 32004420 Anonymous
>>32004413 No.

1 hours later 32004436 Anonymous
OP here, can I get a simple, TLDR answer?

1 hours later 32004476 Anonymous
>>32004436 if your choice is between an older phone with the better OS or the newer phone with the inferior OS, get the newer phone.

1 hours later 32004480 Anonymous
>>32004436 tl;dr Get an Android device, it doesn't have to be an S3, just do research first though

1 hours later 32004484 Anonymous
>>32004436 I'd go for the 5 if you can, if not the 4s. The SIII is made of high grade plastic, but it's still plastic and feels weak. Also there's a jailbreak out for iOS 6 so you need not worry about that (A stock Android device is still more functional though)

1 hours later 32004493 Anonymous
>>32003630 Can't say I relate to the first two. My 4S will open an iOS app page in the App Store app for installation if I open the app's page in safari. Also, disk mode works fine without iTunes for me (just download the drivers independently). If you need to access more than your DCIM folder, you'll need to jailbreak, which I've done and have full file system access because of. Flash, believe it or not, is dead for mobile. If you don't believe me, /g/, or Steve Jobs, why not read adobe's statement. http://blogs.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 2012/06/flash-player-and-android-up date.html The paying for development thing is something I can agree with you on. I'm personally and philosophically against it. However, I can't deny it has worked. For whatever reason, the App Store ecosystem is booming. Apple made a business choice and it worked. Yes the iOS maps app sucks. But there's a google maps app for iPhone. I use that instead of complaining

1 hours later 32004519 Anonymous
>>32004436 4s if you just want something solid, pretty and just works. i'm not being snarky either.

1 hours later 32004531 Anonymous
>>32004480 >>32004480 this there are devices with much better hardware, and a much better implementation of Android out there, than the S3, just do research

1 hours later 32004605 Anonymous (iPhone-5-White.png 454x600 241kB)
>>32004436 Get the iPhone 5. It's gorgoues, simple to use, phenomenly stable, having amazing battery-life becouse of better hardware and software integration (android is big java virtual machine) and it's made of aluminium and glass which consideret to be high-class. <- Just look at this piece of art

1 hours later 32004615 Anonymous
why are fandroids so obsessed with converting people away from iphones and iOS?

1 hours later 32004616 Anonymous
HTC One. A solid high-class aluminum device with the glorious android running upon it.

1 hours later 32004710 Anonymous
Lumia 920 op

1 hours later 32004777 Anonymous
Another vote for the S4. Highest build quality ever, sturdy as fuck.

1 hours later 32004788 Anonymous
>>32004777 4S sorry.

1 hours later 32004794 Anonymous
>>32004615 Too busy lagdroid botnetting I guess. WP8/iOS Master race. IPad for my tablet Lumia 920 for my phone. Get the iphone OP.

1 hours later 32004848 Anonymous
Get the iphone, Android is a terrible platform and has a horrible laggy user experience. Its also very prone to viruses and uses a lot of battery, especially on the higher spec'd phones. The S3 for example only has a ten hour battery on light use. Get the iphone OP, its a little more expensive, but you don't want to cut corners and end up with a depreciated phone you hate after a week.

1 hours later 32004859 Anonymous (Screen-Shot-2013-02-11-at-16.01.14.jpg 633x370 26kB)
If it's between the iPhone and S3? Always bet on the iPhone. http://www.cultofandroid.com/22304/ motorola-atrix-hd-beats-galaxy-note -ii-iphone-5-in-customer-satisfacti on-survey/

1 hours later 32004890 Anonymous (1349855662592.jpg 620x807 165kB)
>>32004848 >>32004794 >>32004788 could you be anymore samefag? ANDROID MASTER RACE! ANDROID IS MASTER RACE FUCK APPLE! DOES THIS MAKE YOU MAD?!?! LE VIRAL MARKETING XDXDXDXD!!

1 hours later 32004909 Anonymous
>>32004848 >horrible laggy user experience Nope, obviously you've only touched shit-tier free on contract Android phones >very prone to viruses LEL are you fucking kidding me? >uses a lot of battery Arguable. >The S3 for example only has a ten hour battery on light use. Now you're just straight up lying. >Get the iphone OP, its a little more expensive, but you don't want to cut corners and end up with a depreciated phone you hate after a week. The iPhone is already deprecated ahhah

1 hours later 32004929 Anonymous
>>32003316 you should take an iPad! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtdO -0cvxpw

1 hours later 32004951 Anonymous
>>32004890 >jimmies being this rustled

1 hours later 32004996 Anonymous
>>32004909 Google employee detected 4S is the way to go.

1 hours later 32005035 Anonymous (1338782827009.jpg 500x332 39kB)
>>32004996 samefag plz go

1 hours later 32005059 Anonymous
I'd get the iPhone personally i think the S3 looks like a babies toy. All dat plastic.

1 hours later 32005176 Anonymous
>>32005059 It's polycarbonate. Feels and weighs similar but much more durable. Unfortunately Samsung should've known people would rather have a heavier object because that feels more expensive.

1 hours later 32005259 Anonymous
>>32005176 Its cheap polycarbonate in that case, the poly carbonate on the Lumia 920 feels a lot nicer.

1 hours later 32005293 Anonymous
>>32005259 You're cheap polycarbonate.

2 hours later 32005315 ds4 (2013.03.04-02.02.11.jpg 720x1280 603kB)
>>32003316 HTC One X+, of course.

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