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2013-03-04 06:51 32003081 Anonymous (m110.jpg 276x249 8kB)
Guys, what mouse is good? My M110 decided to die recently, I need a new mouse. The tracking and feel of the M110 was fine, but it'd be nice to have a few more buttons. I'm thinking maybe a G400 but I can't tell if it has a much different grip or not. I know the shitty old microsoft mouse I have for a backup feels like an oversized lump of shit. I'd prefer to get something as cheap as possible, though I don't think I can go that low if I want fancy buttons.

1 min later 32003112 GT3000
Microsoft Intellimouse.

6 min later 32003192 Anonymous
>>32003112 Pretty sure it's the same shape as the backup mouse I have now, which I hate. Feels too big. Also I'm pretty sure all of the intellimice are 400dpi and I don't like having to have my sensitivity turned all the way up all the time. I've quite literally got my mouse sensitivity maxed in windows and it still doesn't feel like enough.

16 min later 32003388 Anonymous

16 min later 32003394 Anonymous
Does anybody have experience with Cooler Master mice?

21 min later 32003482 Anonymous
Logitech performance mouse mx Best mouse I've ever had

36 min later 32003744 Anonymous
Nothing really beats mx518 for wired mouse but the price recently went from $30 to $99 on amazon. I'm trying out a g700 for wireless now and it's no where near as good. Tried out the mamba before that, it was OK but too claw-grippy for me despite being marketed for both types. performance mx is a hit or miss. half of them come with a faulty middle click and it's only really good for light computer use.

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