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2013-03-04 06:45 32002944 Anonymous (Capture.jpg 698x496 60kB)
>just start taking CS50 (intro to computer sciences) course on harvard website >30 minutes in >lecturer puts on autistic youtube video, with the song "call me maybe" changed to "take cs50" >after video finishes, whole cast goes up on stage and starts singing this shit again >angry birds costume >one guy mimicking gangnam style >horrible voice >exit oh god what the fuck

12 min later 32003195 Anonymous
>>32002944 You have entered the land of perpetual virginity... This is but a taste of the faggotry to come.

13 min later 32003222 Anonymous
Welcome to computer science. (Don't) enjoy your stay.

16 min later 32003265 Anonymous
>>32003222 wannabe programmer learning through books, gentooman library, /g/ and google. what do i do to not suck if CS is shit?

16 min later 32003267 Anonymous
>>32003222 nice trips

18 min later 32003312 Anonymous
>>32002944 is it this one, OP? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY-a pgB5bnA

21 min later 32003359 Anonymous
>>32003265 CS isn't shit, I'm sure there's plenty of better classes out there, this one is just shit. Don't be discouraged, child.

21 min later 32003365 Anonymous
>>32002944 [spoiler]you should see the next lecture[/spoiler]

21 min later 32003375 Anonymous
>>32003265 just ignore the harvard crap check out mit's stuff if you're looking for free online uni stuff

22 min later 32003382 Anonymous (1329195686621.jpg 362x313 20kB)
>>32003359 >CS isn't shit Don't lie to him, anon.

25 min later 32003435 Anonymous
>>32003382 He can do it He can change it Believe in him If not him then who?

25 min later 32003449 Anonymous (Michael-Scott-The-Best-Boss-Ever-michael-scott-21705004-253-281[1].jpg 253x281 22kB)
>>32003312 It's like The Office, but in real life.

29 min later 32003524 Anonymous
>in biking class >kid has a presentation >makes us watch the following video first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVV lA6v4N8g

34 min later 32003603 Anonymous
>>32003524 First comment: >I can't figure out if this is a joke.. My thoughts exactly. What the fuck?

37 min later 32003650 Anonymous
People here and on /sci/ are always shitting on computer science as a major. Is it actually not good or what? What are the alternatives?

38 min later 32003663 Anonymous
>>32003524 Your friend is gay homo.

39 min later 32003682 Anonymous
>>32003312 what the christ

39 min later 32003684 OP IS A
>>32003650 It's bad at a shit school, and some people decide to take it because they like video games.

41 min later 32003730 Anonymous
>>32003650 If I could go back and do it over, I might pick up CompE or EE instead. It always seemed like I was just a little ahead of most of my CS courses from learning at home, but a few of them turned out to be invaluable.

46 min later 32003799 Anonymous (harvard.jpg 816x460 132kB)
I'll let you in on a little secret: harvard has it's share of retards too. Even if it is the smartest school out there there's still a typical structure of dominance/parties/etc.

47 min later 32003820 Anonymous
>>32003799 yeah, the kind of retards that are valedictorians at typical schools

51 min later 32003885 Anonymous
>>32003730 And what were those few that turned out to be invaluable?

59 min later 32004057 Anonymous

1 hours later 32004066 Anonymous
>>32003799 how do i pay to get into harvard?

1 hours later 32004096 Anonymous
>>32004066 You best chance: be son/daughter of a multi millionaire (but then harvard or not doesnt matter anyway in your success). or known a harvard alumni who can vouch for you

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