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2012-12-30 11:32 30270720 Anonymous (Jade.jpg 768x1280 368kB)
What you guys doing on new year eve? this is my plan.

1 min later 30270742 Anonymous (vg1.png 640x960 181kB)
I tried and failed ;;

2 min later 30270747 Anonymous
not technology not your >>>/b/log

2 min later 30270748 Anonymous (vg2.png 640x960 181kB)

2 min later 30270758 Anonymous (vg3.png 640x960 225kB)

2 min later 30270763 Anonymous
>>30270747 I want to see how the people on /g/ are spending it.

3 min later 30270774 Anonymous
>>30270758 I like how you ended it anon, like a fucking boss if I do say so. Fuck that hoe.

3 min later 30270775 Anonymous
i finishing chuunibyou

3 min later 30270777 Anonymous (dwi.jpg 1350x1006 307kB)
>>30270758 >I'll bring some sandpaper to help with your edgyness bravo

3 min later 30270779 Anonymous
>>30270763 In my house masturbating to my xorg config and watching anime. Same as the rest of /g/.

4 min later 30270787 Anonymous
>>30270720 You have a nice life how old are you?

4 min later 30270794 Anonymous
>>30270720 Ulgy hipster prick.

4 min later 30270799 Anonymous
>>30270758 Stale copypasta plz go

5 min later 30270802 Anonymous
wow op your so normal how do i be become normal liek you

5 min later 30270812 Anonymous
>>30270802 What do you mean good sir?

5 min later 30270815 Anonymous (Capture.png 204x224 45kB)
>>30270794 il fukin smash u m8

6 min later 30270821 Anonymous
>>30270812 you have a date and a girlfriend llol ur so normal

7 min later 30270832 Anonymous
>>30270720 Nice lips.

7 min later 30270833 Anonymous (1323415847189.png 412x421 134kB)
>>30270758 >pls respond

7 min later 30270836 Anonymous
>>30270821 If it helps I get her to put her fingers up my ass when she jerks me off.

7 min later 30270838 CyrsstekiA
>>30270720 dick sucking lips to be wrapped around my 9inch "DNA" he he he

8 min later 30270845 Anonymous
>>30270799 What you're referring to as copy pasta, is in fact 4chan post/copy pasta, or as I've recently taken to calling it, 4chan post plus copy pasta. copy pasta is not a comment unto itself, but another free component of a fully functionning post system made useful by the 4chan community, userscripts and vital html tags compromising a full website as defined by moot. Many users read a modified version of the 4chan post system every day, without realizing it. Though a peculiar turn of events, the version of 4chan post which is widely used today is often called copy pasta, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the 4chan post system, written by the 4chan users. There really is a copy pasta, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. copy pasta is the copy pasta, the post in the system that makes the browsers' DOM nodes to the other elements rendered. The copy pasta is an essential part of an imageboard, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete imageboard. copy pasta is normally used in combination with the 4chan imageboard: the whole system is basically 4chan posts with copy pasta added, or 4chan post/copy pasta. All the so called "copy pasta" distributions are really distributions of 4chan post/copy pasta.

8 min later 30270853 Anonymous
>>30270836 wowww u hae sex too? how ccan i become normal like u pls help op

9 min later 30270865 Anonymous
she looks like an aboriginal

10 min later 30270872 Anonymous
>>30270865 OP is on 4chan, there's no way he could get a decent looking girl.

11 min later 30270880 Anonymous
Spending it alone. I'm an introvert. Just thinking about counting down to the new years with others makes me shudder.

11 min later 30270883 Anonymous (photo.jpg 1024x1122 396kB)
>>30270748 Reminds me of this bitch.

11 min later 30270890 Anonymous
>Go to work at 3pm, come home at 7pm. >girlfriend comes over >drink with parents and her >go to the pub >drink a lot >wake up in the morning >go to work at 2:30pm I'm up for going to work still drunk or hungover

12 min later 30270893 Anonymous
>>30270865 More like some Samoan/White half-breed

12 min later 30270896 Anonymous
>>30270865 She is half Indian half English I am half Russian half English. We are both in Uni doing art me Photography her Fine Art plus she is doing a degree in criminology after.

12 min later 30270897 Anonymous
>ugly girl >gayfag dude lel

12 min later 30270901 Anonymous
First I wanted to eat with some friends but now I think I just sit at home doing nothing. Seems to be more relaxing.

12 min later 30270902 Anonymous (max (11).png 509x370 40kB)
>>30270883 reminds ME of this BITCH.

12 min later 30270904 Anonymous (hngg.jpg 252x240 15kB)
>>30270815 >il fukin smash u m8

12 min later 30270909 Anonymous
>>30270720 >babe I've got some unfortunate news for you son

12 min later 30270912 CyrsstekiA
>>30270896 >half indian soon 2 be raped detected also >photography >fine art it's like you really want to starve to death!

13 min later 30270914 Anonymous
>>30270896 holy **** you even go to college 2?tahts so cool how cn i get to be normalcool as u

13 min later 30270919 Anonymous
>>30270912 Forever retail.

14 min later 30270928 Anonymous
>>30270912 I am lucky to already have a job working under a pro and she is fine her family is loaded.

14 min later 30270932 Anonymous
Is OP a lesbian? >it looks like a lesbian >it talks like a lesbian Must be a lesbian.

14 min later 30270933 Anonymous
>>30270896 >me Photography her Fine Art my sides have switched places

14 min later 30270935 Anonymous (max (1).jpg 601x333 32kB)

14 min later 30270938 Anonymous
>self portait, aka best possible picture, with filters >still ugly and she only gets worse

15 min later 30270944 Anonymous (jameson__78782.1353106600.1280.1280[1].jpg 500x500 22kB)
>>30270880 Pretty much this, except for the introvert part.

15 min later 30270946 Anonymous
>>30270928 >indian Knowing them they probably own a petrol station or a 7-11. Or is it a post office?

15 min later 30270949 Anonymous
>>30270896 >art majors Enjoy your poverty

15 min later 30270950 Anonymous
>>30270896 >photography and fine art it's like you don't want a successful job other than working 9-5 in a store.

15 min later 30270953 Anonymous (max (3).png 601x498 20kB)

16 min later 30270957 Anonymous
>>30270896 Enjoy starving on the street after your whore marries a man who actually has money.

16 min later 30270959 CyrsstekiA
>>30270928 probably loaded with problems

16 min later 30270962 Anonymous
>>30270896 I honestly want to know what you plan on doing with your Photography degree.

17 min later 30270966 Anonymous
>>30270896 > fine arts... stay unemployed

18 min later 30270987 Anonymous
>>30270720 The more depressing day of the year, i'll just get drunk in front of my pc, like any other day.

18 min later 30270991 Anonymous
>>30270946 Her dad is a brain surgeon and her mum is a dentist >>30270962 Well right now I am working under a real pro and earning money for it after I am done I will have my own clients and someone working under me (one day) but im also doing another Dagree after in politics and religion.

18 min later 30270995 Anonymous (1354329687423.gif 175x190 2057kB)
>not married >moving in

18 min later 30270996 Anonymous
if nothing changes my plans for new years eve are as follows: >go to girlfriends place >we have bought shit to make her family sleep >I always carry a lot of alcohol with my clothes and shit I take to her home >get drunk beyond belief with her in the extra room >fuck all night

18 min later 30270998 Rei
>>30270991 >Her dad is a brain surgeon and her mum is a dentist What happens when they retire?

19 min later 30271003 Anonymous
>>30270991 >doctor That was my next guess.

19 min later 30271008 Anonymous
I'll be alone this year. First time. No idea what I should do. Maybe draw/write a little.

19 min later 30271011 Anonymous
Holy shit the buttmad in this fucking thread, what the fuck guys

19 min later 30271014 Anonymous
>>30270998 They get a boat and life live? fuck I dont know lol all I know is they have 3 homes and 2 nice cars she will be fine even if she does nothing.

20 min later 30271018 Anonymous
>>30270991 >I am working under a real pro Is that how you really describe your employer? A real pro? How about sticking up a dildo up in your real pro's ass.

20 min later 30271020 Anonymous
>>30270998 Stop working probably

20 min later 30271023 Anonymous (1348168451274.png 600x600 591kB)
>>30271011 >>30271011 IT BEGINS

21 min later 30271027 Anonymous (1355055887475.jpg 248x249 24kB)
>>30271011 >>30271011 >>30271011 >>30271011 >>30271011 >>30271011

21 min later 30271029 Anonymous (1355016031881.jpg 1848x1218 345kB)
this nigga be lyin

21 min later 30271032 Anonymous
>>30271018 As in he makes a lot of money doing what he does but also he is good as what he does. A lot of pros do not know what the fuck they are doing in my business.

21 min later 30271036 Anonymous
>>30271023 What? A derailing of an already derailed thread?

22 min later 30271046 Anonymous (1355056077236.jpg 467x468 52kB)
>>30271036 This thread was trash from the start, what's there to derail?

22 min later 30271049 Anonymous
>>30270720 I'm playing a 12 hour marathon game of supreme commander, all super weapons disabled and no experimental, making the game last longer.

23 min later 30271053 Anonymous (dubs.jpg 713x806 56kB)
hey g chek my dubz

23 min later 30271055 Anonymous (1342524904737.jpg 287x287 13kB)
>>30271011 >>30271011 >>30271011 >>30271011 >>30271011 ARE THERE DUBS IN THIS HERE THREAD?

23 min later 30271061 Anonymous
>>30270720 > Kif, I've made it with a woman. Let the men know.

23 min later 30271064 Anonymous
>>30270991 >another Degree after in politics and religion So you have that plus a Photography degree. It's the same as the Fine Arts plus Criminology, I can't figure out exactly what people think they're going to do with degrees like this. If you're going there for your interest in the education that's fine, I can respect that but you I hope you photography work can pay for it. Are you an Ausfag?

23 min later 30271067 Anonymous (1356372171534.gif 500x354 867kB)
>>30271055 >>30271055 >>30271055

23 min later 30271072 Anonymous
>>30271049 You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Please, keep at it.

23 min later 30271073 Anonymous
Probably just watching anime with a friend and drinking until we pass out

24 min later 30271079 Anonymous (dubs2.png 551x550 341kB)
>>30271055 >>30271055 >>30271055 >>30271055 >>30271055 >>30271055 Sure there is!

24 min later 30271086 Anonymous
>>30270995 I have been with her 2 years plus she is really awesome she plays video games with me, including wow, loves sucking dick and loves to cook, what more to ask for?

24 min later 30271088 Anonymous (1348422410007.jpg 595x435 238kB)
>>30271055 AWWWW SHIT

24 min later 30271092 Anonymous
I'll probably be snorting molly in my room alone... or doing it at a rave if I decide to go but the lineup is not so hot and id still be alone.

24 min later 30271096 Anonymous (1324317710590.jpg 500x461 28kB)
>>30271088 >>30271088 >>30271088

25 min later 30271099 Anonymous (1355015707490.jpg 248x249 19kB)
>>30271088 >>30271088 >>30271088

25 min later 30271113 Anonymous (EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME G.png 640x3840 414kB)

25 min later 30271114 Anonymous (DABURUU.gif 268x288 431kB)

25 min later 30271117 Anonymous (1324204628511.jpg 800x810 182kB)
>>30271088 >>30271088 >>30271088 >>30271088 >>30271088 >>30271099 >>30271099 >>30271099 >>30271099 >>30271099

26 min later 30271131 Anonymous (1340338319274.jpg 640x480 109kB)
>>30271113 >>30271113 >>30271113 >>30271113 this is a le dubs thred now fuck off cancer

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