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2012-12-20 08:05 30004577 Anonymous (youtube in charge of not looking like shit.png 1920x1080 1073kB)
What is this? Google is fucking huge, yet they can't put together a website that isn't utterly awful. >default homepage is no longer my subscriptions uploads, but all of my subscriptions activities (does anyone actually care about these things?) >related videos not being in a scrollable box of their own >the button for more videos from the uploaders channel not always appearing >80% of the screen shows nothing >can't even find uploaders channel comments >messaging uploaders is now a tiny dropdown square next to their name on their channel page >adverts on videos shorter than said adverts (I use adblock but it's retarded that they do this) >thumb up/down on comments to encourage even further faggotry despite YT comments never being more than shit smeared on a bathroom wall >thumb up/down for videos in general >their entire flawed process for removing videos which are merely claimed as copyright >profile pictures with comments (implying I read comments) - le social networking face lelelele xDDDD tier feature >more social networking crap - my username of 6 years is apparently no longer good enough and I'm prompted to change fairly frequently >why is the bar at the bottom of the videos black inb4 who are you quoting Post shit you hate and why you hate it, get it off your chest.

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