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2012-12-20 07:56 30004433 Anonymous GTX 290 (nvidia-2.jpg 430x320 21kB)
Hello, /g/entlemen I am buying a new computer soon, yet I need to know how Nvidia GTX 290 runs on source engine, unreal engine, and possibly cryengine 3 (depending on if it can run crysis or farcry 3) Thanksfor replying /g/!

10 min later 30004598 Anonymous OP
Fuck i meant 295

13 min later 30004639 Anonymous
well... its probably safe to assume you are buying used. what are you paying

14 min later 30004669 Anonymous
It'll run crysis. It will probably run farcry 3 though I'm not sure how well. Source and unreal engines are cake.

15 min later 30004679 Anonymous OP
I am paying 220 bucks off of newegg, its an HP DC7900

19 min later 30004775 Anonymous
you can probably build a nicer computer if you wait until you have about $450 ish

21 min later 30004805 Anonymous OP
>>30004775 Its a christmas present.

21 min later 30004821 Anonymous
>buying a 295 >for $220 Why? Wouldn't a 660 be better? ATI need not apply

22 min later 30004826 Anonymous
enjoy ure shitty computer anon dude

22 min later 30004831 Anonymous
>>30004821 he's buying the whole computer for that

23 min later 30004861 Anonymous
Buy the whole computer and add a Radeon 7850

24 min later 30004883 Anonymous
>>30004831 Oh in that case he should just spend $350 and buy a decent gaming computer instead of one that will die in a week

24 min later 30004895 Anonymous
i wouldn't want a computer with a gtx 295 in it for any amount of money. it will run up the energy bill, be hot as fuck in a shitty HP computer, and loud as a vacuum cleaner when the fan ramps up. don't do it op.

25 min later 30004896 Anonymous
>>30004831 wait, I take that back. I can't believe a 200 card still sells over 200 bucks these days. Is it just the card or the whole computer?

27 min later 30004939 Anonymous
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883256341 This one OP? What the fuck are you talking about a GTx 295 for?

1 hours later 30005701 Anonymous OP
Yes. thst one.

1 hours later 30005714 Anonymous OP
im buying the WHOLE computer

1 hours later 30005738 Anonymous
GTX 260 here, They all run pretty great. Source can be maxed and crysis needed to have AA turned down a bit.

1 hours later 30005848 Anonymous OP
Ok, im a computer dumbfuck but can you help me? im much better with laptops than desktops, please would you tell me what kind of graphics card is in that HP

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