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2012-12-20 07:54 30004400 Anonymous (RMS.jpg 675x825 385kB)
According to distrowatch, the second most popular distro is Mageia >never heard of it

1 min later 30004424 Anonymous
You must not watch SPATRY

1 min later 30004425 Anonymous
it's popular in france

3 min later 30004459 Anonymous
>>30004400 Distrowatch's source is people who visit its own site. That means Linux enthusiasts. Is it any wonder that the top three are the most commonly used distributions to go to that site?

5 min later 30004483 Richard M. Stallman
>>30004400 >IT'S TOO LATE

5 min later 30004495 Richard M. Stallman (1354237000649.jpg 800x820 285kB)
>>30004400 >FUCK IT

6 min later 30004503 Anonymous
>>30004495 How can a toddler consent to sex? This guy is either an idiot or an idiot who doesn't know what pedophilia means.

8 min later 30004534 Anonymous (1337.png 273x245 14kB)

10 min later 30004571 Anonymous (1348460778791.png 454x396 20kB)
>>30004495 >those eyes looking through that wall of text Fucking saved.

11 min later 30004585 Anonymous
>>30004534 > SUSE>Debian wat

12 min later 30004603 Anonymous
>>30004503 >getting trolled on /g/ >almost 2013

16 min later 30004674 Anonymous
>>30004459 what's a better source for distro popularity lists?

17 min later 30004683 Anonymous
>>30004503 legal definition of children/age of consent in US and similar nazi states != toddler

18 min later 30004698 Anonymous
>>30004495 can you prove that he actually said that? what was the context?

19 min later 30004732 Anonymous
>>30004698 >I'm a newfag and I can't even use the interwebs https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Richard_Stallman#On_sex

25 min later 30004874 Anonymous
>>30004732 that is pretty controversial but there are European countries where the age of consent is 13 or something

29 min later 30004956 Anonymous
>>30004874 >the Vatican lol

30 min later 30004979 Anonymous
>>30004459 >That means Linux enthusiasts. that means everybody who uses linux

40 min later 30005160 Anonymous (img_0631.jpg 2048x1536 689kB)
>tfw Mint is the most popular distro

40 min later 30005172 Anonymous
>>30005160 No, it's not. Android is, actually.

45 min later 30005234 Anonymous
>>30005160 Currently on Mint 14. Loving it. It just werks.

46 min later 30005250 Anonymous
>>30005160 >tfw no one reads distrowatch's warning that the chart it's *not* about distro's popularity

49 min later 30005304 Anonymous
>>30005234 So does Ubuntu

1 hours later 30006121 Anonymous
>>30005172 android is not gnu

1 hours later 30006154 Anonymous
Slackware is still on the list. All's right with the world.

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