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2012-12-20 07:53 30004383 Anonymous (dawn of the final day.png 474x355 43kB)
How will you spend your last day on earth, /g/?

1 min later 30004403 Anonymous
I'll probably get a bottle of wine, order a pizza, and finish my marathon of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Though I'm thinking about actually installing Gentoo while I still have time.

1 min later 30004404 Anonymous (1344415480573.jpg 640x480 87kB)
>>30004383 This picture has never been more accurate.

1 min later 30004417 Anonymous
Same as i spend any other day, crying about my lack of accomplishments

4 min later 30004458 Anonymous
Go through with my quest to save Termina. At the last possible minute, I'll play the Song of Time and buy myself some more time. This will go on until I can prevent the impending apocalypse. I'll help many people throughout this time, and no one will acknowledge my existence for more than 30 seconds. No one will thank me. I will not care. If I anything to say about it, we will not die this day. During this whole thing, I will not utter one word.

5 min later 30004466 Anonymous
installing gentoo

11 min later 30004561 Anonymous
>>30004403 Shit nigga, I thought I was the only one here who watched that shit. I wished we could have gotten another season of Awkward before the world ended but whatever.

27 min later 30004893 Anonymous
I'll finally be installing Gentoo. I-I just want to make rms proud of me before I die ;_;

28 min later 30004919 Anonymous

32 min later 30004988 Anonymous
Will spend my day trying to buy things off those who really think the world is going to end. I mean they need a bunch of spending money for their last day, right?

32 min later 30004992 Anonymous
>>30004466 this.

33 min later 30005007 Anonymous
>>30004417 this nigga

33 min later 30005022 Anonymous
>>30004417 >knowing that feel.

34 min later 30005037 Anonymous
Flying to Phoenix

56 min later 30005385 Anonymous
>>30005037 Hope you at least get to die on the ground.

58 min later 30005421 Anonymous
Corruption of Champions

1 hours later 30005522 Anonymous
Going holiday shopping with my lady. Have a few tracks I want to listen to if the world ends. Probably go see the hobbit while we're out shopping I guess. Order a pizza, Smoke a bowl, have a cigar, drink a beer. In that order. Not many better ways to end it.

1 hours later 30005523 Anonymous
>Almost 2013 >Still caring about this stupid bullshit I'll do exactly as I would every other day

1 hours later 30005536 Anonymous
>>30005522 >no gentoo involved No thanks.

1 hours later 30005545 Anonymous
I just had sex with a co-worker, in the back of my car. It was amazing.

1 hours later 30005577 Anonymous
Finish off this bottle of rum I've got with a pizza while watching shitty shounen anime so I can start off the first day of the apocalypse with a hangover and feelings of guilt.

1 hours later 30005599 me_mysellf_and_i
im currently in hospital, with stroke like symtoms. im only 21 sit sux

1 hours later 30005618 Anonymous
>>30005536 gentoo is involved every other day of the year. Only time on the computer will be spent on netflix probs.

1 hours later 30005672 Anonymous
>>30005599 Anon, I made this post earlier today >>30001334 they are all saying I had a stroke. Do you drink lots of energy drinks ? My doctor said that they are causing a lot of young people to get strokes.

1 hours later 30005720 me_mysellf_and_i
>>30005672 ibgot some groth or something, butting ptessure on some nerves, cauing me to not see right, snd have no strength in my right arm & leg. this wifi sux too at least there is no medical fees in the uk, would be in $2000 mark by now

1 hours later 30005757 Anonymous
smoking weed, fapping and playing vidya of course

1 hours later 30005789 Anonymous
Getting drunk of free wine and maybe playing that new TF2 update, is it out yet?

1 hours later 30005829 Anonymous
>>30005720 I think I have the same thing, if you read the post, I started losing vision in my left eye. It seems to stop now, but I still get tingly feelings in the left side of my body when I eat spicy food and such, followed by head aches

1 hours later 30005843 Anonymous

1 hours later 30005865 Anonymous (b.jpg 472x356 28kB)

1 hours later 30005881 Anonymous
>>30004383 The same thing as every other day: try to take over the world!

1 hours later 30005894 Serkit

1 hours later 30005903 Anonymous
Fap. Fall asleep. Repeat until noon.

1 hours later 30005913 Anonymous
>2012 >listening to a bunch of ancients mexicans thousands of years ago >my sides.

1 hours later 30005947 Anonymous
i just shaved my balls, and my ass... true story.

1 hours later 30006047 Anonymous
I am in love with a camwhore tranny on a pay site. Probably my last minutes will be with her

1 hours later 30006080 Anonymous
>>30005720 >would be in $2000 mark by now I loled. No idea how expensive care is.

1 hours later 30006345 Anonymous
>>30005720 Good thing you live in a civilized country.

2 hours later 30006515 Anonymous
>implying the Mayans had ANY idea what the fuck a leap year was. >implying they didn't just get fucking tired of making the calender so many years into the future On topic, I will be taking all of our dogs to get neutered at 6 in the morning and then probably playing vidya games until I go over my girlfriend's house.

2 hours later 30006643 Anonymous
>>30006515 >paying money to fix a boy dog when you wouldn't have to deal with puppies Seriously?

2 hours later 30006672 Anonymous (flybynight.jpg 400x400 98kB)
Relaxing and listening to my beloved Rush collection (and other assorted Prog Rock) Piracetam for additional impact.

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