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2012-12-20 07:42 30004196 Anonymous Port on computer (2011-10-21-004-Toshiba-Satellite-L750-LHS-detail.jpg 1224x1224 326kB)
Hey, can someone tell me what the little jack on the back left side of my toshiba L750 is? I circled it in red. Can't find anything on the internet about it. But there is a little symbol above the opening.

0 min later 30004205 Anonymous
Kensington lock

1 min later 30004210 Anonymous
it's the cable lock port, you can buy security cables that lock into it

1 min later 30004212 Anonymous
mini-USB or mini-DVI

1 min later 30004217 Anonymous
>>30004196 lock

1 min later 30004219 Anonymous
K-LOCK i forgot what its called but its often k- \its to lock your computer to a desk or something

1 min later 30004224 Anonymous

2 min later 30004230 Anonymous
Its for a lanyard

2 min later 30004234 Anonymous
fan hole

2 min later 30004235 Anonymous
AC port

2 min later 30004237 Anonymous
>>30004210 pic related, one of these never understood the point of them, you could just snap the plastic surround and steal the damn laptop anyway

2 min later 30004240 Anonymous

3 min later 30004247 Anonymous (lock.jpg 350x275 15kB)
>>30004237 forgot pic

3 min later 30004251 Anonymous
It's the portal to another universe

4 min later 30004259 Anonymous (1353340157967.png 480x358 211kB)
to add more COARS

4 min later 30004260 Anonymous
thanks guys

4 min later 30004275 Anonymous
>>30004237 there are so many assholes who would just take it if it wasn't secured in any way it's like a 1m high fence, it has a psychological effect

5 min later 30004281 Anonymous
>>30004237 its a metal cable dude, like a bike lock, its wrapped in plastic to protect the product anyway it would at least prevent a snatching, you would need tools to do either thick rubber or metal

6 min later 30004301 Anonymous
>>30004275 I read on wikipedia that they're reinforced with metal inside the case, but still... didn't know there were ones that linked into VGA ports and things too, suppose that would stop the fuckers if they had to tear out the motherboard to get it free

7 min later 30004310 Anonymous
>>30004281 nah, snap the laptop case, not the metal cable

8 min later 30004326 Anonymous
>>30004310 Pawn shops don't usually accept laptops with broken Kensington lock slots.

8 min later 30004332 Anonymous
>>30004196 Kensington Security Slot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kensington_Security_Slot

9 min later 30004337 Anonymous
>>30004281 This, plus most people who steal are lazy and would pass up your laptop if they saw this.

9 min later 30004340 Anonymous
>>30004326 I'm labouring my point, but someone might nick the laptop to use it themselves. kensington locks are shitty!

9 min later 30004346 Anonymous
>>30004326 thats ok you wouldnt pawn a good laptop. if its damn good you would use it, otherwise you would get higher selling it to a person anyway who doesnt know a whole lot about computers

10 min later 30004360 Anonymous
>>30004340 well, tbh locks on majority of doors are a joke, could just make a bump key, and get into like 90% of household, and just steal shit. But a simple lock is enough to keep majority of trouble away. that's just how shit works.

10 min later 30004361 Anonymous
>>30004196 you stick a paperclip in there to reset the machine back to defaults.

10 min later 30004370 Anonymous
>>30004337 see >>30004310

12 min later 30004402 Anonymous
>>30004360 before I ever owned a laptop, I always thought the slot ran the width of the case, ie. you threaded a braided metal cable from one side to the other - still think this is a better idea, but obviously a no-go when laptops have to be as thin as fucking possible

13 min later 30004423 Anonymous
>>30004370 I think you highly overestimate the amount of work your average nigger is willing to do. 95% of them would see the lock and just keep walking until they found something easier.

15 min later 30004447 Anonymous
>>30004423 less work than smashing a car window and lifting loose valuables inside. out of interest, who here actually owns a k lock? nobody?

17 min later 30004472 Anonymous
>>30004447 just imagine how much more shit would be stolen if it wasn't for locks.

17 min later 30004476 Anonymous
>>30004447 I do but I never use it. I'm autistically clingy to my laptop anyway.

18 min later 30004496 Anonymous
>>30004476 same here.. I wouldn't dream of leaving my laptop anywhere public anyway, and it seems a bit much locking it up in the house

18 min later 30004497 Anonymous
>>30004447 I own one, my mom bought it with the laptop she got me as a graduation gift. It's been sitting in my box full of old computer parts and cables since I got it. I've never used it.

20 min later 30004528 Anonymous
>>30004237 >>30004275 >>30004281 >>30004310 >>30004402 I have yet to see a laptop with a kensington lock port that isn't made out of metal and part of the laptop's internal metal structure. I've taken apart a lot of laptops.

24 min later 30004589 Anonymous
>>30004447 I used one for about half a month my freshman year at university until I decided it was too much effort and that no one was going to steal it anyway.

24 min later 30004604 Anonymous
k-lock vs toilet roll http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SkKJ4yOKo8 lol

26 min later 30004629 Anonymous
>>30004604 that's for very old models

26 min later 30004631 Anonymous
and indeed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ge6sh4srzbI gone with minimal if any visible damage to the laptop

30 min later 30004688 Anonymous
>>30004631 >gone with minimal if any visible damage to the laptop yeah, no also, that video is probably 15 years old

33 min later 30004750 Anonymous
>>30004688 they don't seem to have improved much in the intervening 14 years http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6wRhrWl_2M

36 min later 30004817 Anonymous
>>30004750 >HP in charge of build quality Besides, you put that shit on Craigslist or eBay and everyone's going to know you stole it.

38 min later 30004881 Anonymous
>>30004750 I realize that you are afflicted with an uncontrollable and all-consuming hatred of kensington locks, and nothing I say will be of any relevance, but I don't really think that they were ever meant to make them impossible to steal. It's pretty obvious even in this case that the laptop was the point of failure, not the lock itself. And as Anonymous pointed out here: >>30004817 The machine is all but unsellable now. In my opinion, your video actually demonstrates the lock serving its purpose flawlessly.

39 min later 30004900 Anonymous
>>30004817 >you put that shit on Craigslist or eBay and everyone's going to know you stole it. Exactly no one would care.

39 min later 30004908 Anonymous
>>30004817 I can't be fucked looking for any more videos of how shit kensington locks are, HP or not they're just shitty shitty shit shit. I hope your laptop gets stolen and sold to someone on cragslist who doesn't give a fuck because they're getting a mildly damaged laptop - I dropped it mate, only a bit of the case is broken, you'd hardly notice it - for peanuts.

42 min later 30004950 Anonymous
>>30004881 >laptop removed easily >lock serving its purpose it's selling a false sense of security and tricking gullible people into buying shit that is of little practical use

42 min later 30004976 Anonymous
>>30004750 >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6wRhrWl_2M Top comment was actually a good one for once, and you are the faggot. "Kensington should use this video to advertise. Just recaption the end: "Kensignton Locks. Stronger than your laptop.""

44 min later 30005003 Anonymous
>>30004950 0/10 apply yourself see >>30004275

46 min later 30005043 Anonymous
>>30004976 and why in the fuck would you want to buy a lock that survives when your laptop is stolen? so you can use it again on your next soon-to-be-stolen laptop? you're the reason that this shit continues.

48 min later 30005072 Anonymous
>>30005043 No one said it was worth buying if your laptop couldn't handle it. We are just saying it isn't the lock's fault. It isn't the safe's fault if your fucking floorboard gets ripped out with the safe and allows the thieves to get away, so stop blaming the safe co.

48 min later 30005085 Anonymous
>>30005003 he didn't mention the psychological effect, and a metre high fence is unlikely to deter someone who wants to steal your laptop either. my point that these things deliver a false sense of security, detracting from other sensible measures, stands.

49 min later 30005095 Anonymous
They still put K-Locks on laptops?

49 min later 30005111 Anonymous
>>30005043 Instead of buying a stronger lock, the contention is to buy a stronger laptop.

50 min later 30005116 Anonymous
>>30005072 the slot itself is standardised and designed by the kensington company, who also sell the locks

50 min later 30005126 Anonymous
>>30004237 Yes, and good luck finding someone who'd pay anything for it when your laptop has a huge tear in it.

57 min later 30005229 Anonymous (Capture.jpg 554x653 138kB)
>>30005126 You don't live where I do, obviously.

1 hours later 30005383 Anonymous
>>30005116 it's still the manufacturer's fault for building the lockhole and ensuring it won't break under stress, kensington designed it but it's not their fault HP/Sony/whoever designed to build the lock part out of paper

1 hours later 30005393 Anonymous
>>30005126 If it works most people wouldn't care.

1 hours later 30005482 Anonymous
>>30005383 ...using the schematics provided by kensington to do so http://www.kensington.com/kensington/us/us/s/1704/kensington-security-slot.aspx

1 hours later 30005486 Anonymous
>>30005393 Most people know little about computahs and wouldn't buy a visibly damaged product, thinking it may affect the working of it. Tech literate people who weren't aware a Kensington lock was there will worry that however that damage was caused, it might have fucked up the hard drive. And people who know a Kensington lock was there wouldn't accept an obviously stolen laptop.

1 hours later 30005519 Anonymous
>>30005482 Nice finding the schematics. Where is your proof that this laptop followed them properly? Laptop manufacturer pls go

1 hours later 30005750 Anonymous
>>30005229 and once again, it is clear that the fault lies not with kensington for designing a perfectly acceptable physical laptop security standard but rather with you for living in such a third-world shithole where the trafficking of stolen goods is so commonplace that noone would bat an eyelid as such an occurrence.

1 hours later 30005950 Anonymous
>>30005750 I am: >>30005229 AND >>30005072 I was just saying to the point about no one buying a broken laptop that fuck yeah they do here.

1 hours later 30006027 Anonymous
>>30005750 The people that would be willing to try to buy a laptop on craigslist or somewhere like that are probably more likely to overlook something like a broken exterior if it's really cheap.

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