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2012-12-20 07:38 30004122 Anonymous Logitech speaker refit. Bad idea? (1073.jpg 2296x1593 1742kB)
Looking for some advice with home audio. The rear speakers I'm using for my home theatre setup are refitted logitech speakers from a 2.1 set. I don't have the complete set anymore and these were pretty good speakers when I did. Is there any reason that this would be considered a bad idea? p.s. I do find their sound quality to be better overall than the speakers they replaced, but they're a bit lacking in low end, naturally.

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>>30004122 What kind of home theatre set up you going for? how big is the room? how much noise are you allowed to make? do you want it 5.1? or is 2.1 good enough? Judging by the fact you're using crappy logitech speakers I'm guessing you probably don't have much room, and would be happy with 2.0 or 2.1 speakers. 1st) Get receiver (since this is a home theatre setup) Prolly anywhere from 60-100 bucks on craigslist. 2nd) get bookshelf speakers (prolly could craigs list a pair of old Yamaha bookshelf speakers for like 60 bucks a pair) 3rd) by dem audio cables. 4th) hook up, and jizz at your awesome new speakers system.

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Obviously more than a 2.0/2.1 system, but I'm going for a 5.1 setup. The system I have now I've acquired, but I'm slowly replacing everything I can with better parts, so it's not really about cutting corners, but how to make what I have stretch. I recently came into the posession of two quite nice tower speakers for my front l/r, and old, but damn good sub. The space I'm doing this in is about 12x12. Aside from that I have a reciever and other parts. I appreciate the advice but that's not exactly what I asked in the OP.

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Just to resolve any lack of confidence in my knowledge or capability, these are the two fronts I managed to score recently. Klipsch RF-62's My experience with the logitechs was good, besides their plastic enclosures (which I've considered replacing with wood ones I could make myself, but it's not worth it) they sound surprisingly nice, but lack any real low end because they're meant to be used with the set, which has a beefy sub. On their own they can be a bit screechy, but as I want to reitterate, I'm not asking for advice on which speakers to buy, what sounds nice, or how to get a better sounding setup. My question was: Technically, is this a bad idea?

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