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2012-12-20 07:35 30004066 Anonymous (heuheuheuheuheuehu.gif 350x320 2815kB)
stuff people do that tick you off >holding backspace instead of ctrl+backspace >Not using keyboard shortcuts >Having excessive toolbars >Not maximising screen-estate by having overly bars >Not reading documentation

0 min later 30004079 Anonymous
>>30004066 being this autistic

1 min later 30004087 Anonymous
>>30004079 >autistic for reading manuals >>>/v/

1 min later 30004093 Anonymous
>>30004066 >posting off topic blog posts on /g/

4 min later 30004146 Anonymous
>>30004066 i didn't even know about the ctr+backspace

6 min later 30004188 Anonymous
people who use scroll bar/wheel instead of pgup/pgdn

9 min later 30004249 Anonymous
searching for google in google

12 min later 30004290 Anonymous (1343602422651.jpg 251x251 7kB)

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