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2012-12-20 07:33 30004033 Anonymous (update.png 450x146 4kB)
I just noticed this message on my lock screen. What is this bullshit? I have windows updates turned off.

1 min later 30004046 Anonymous
windows 8 :D

1 min later 30004054 Anonymous
>>30004033 >Turning off Windows update. I shiggy.

1 min later 30004062 Anonymous
welcome to the botnet we warned you, bro

2 min later 30004073 Anonymous
I'ts a virus. The only reasonable solution is to install gentoo.

2 min later 30004077 Anonymous
>>30004054 I don;t use Windows any more but I always turned updates off and reviewed their changes once a week.

2 min later 30004078 Anonymous
>>30004054 I do it to stop shit exactly like this. Is there anyway to stop it happening?

2 min later 30004081 Anonymous
>>30004054 but...its to stop bloat!

3 min later 30004097 Anonymous
>>30004078 Doesn't seem like it. With 8 they decided to give you 5 days notice, then force a restart. I've been dealing with it since installing. It doesn't happen all that often though. :/

4 min later 30004100 Bathroom Humor
When the world restarts, the computer just assumes the default settings.

6 min later 30004150 Anonymous
>>30004097 It kind of makes sense, I've lost count of the amount of people I have told their computer is full of malware in part because they refuse to install Micr$hit updates just because they think it forces them to restart their computer the second it finishes or because they take too long.

7 min later 30004165 Anonymous
>>30004078 >He can't restart his computer once every week or two MUH UPTIEMS >>30004081 >He'd rather have a virus than bloat MUH MULTIPLE TERABYTES OF STORAGE

7 min later 30004175 Anonymous
>>30004054 >nearly 2013 >blindly installing updates without reading the description and waiting a few days to see if they cause anyone problems

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