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2012-12-20 07:21 30003844 Anonymous (elemos luna.png 1360x768 979kB)

2 min later 30003892 Anonymous
Mac OS X

3 min later 30003911 Anonymous
>>30003892 looks like gnome with a dock to me

5 min later 30003933 Anonymous
>>30003844 ITT: poorfag who can't buy OSX installing eOS

17 min later 30004114 Anonymous
>>30003911 Bingo. The Ubuntu Tweak icon gives it away.

20 min later 30004190 Anonymous
looks like vala

24 min later 30004254 Anonymous
>>30004114 You're kidding right? The top bar gives it away before anything else.

27 min later 30004299 Anonymous
>>30004254 Yeah, the topbar, wifi icon and envelope are what made me think gnome. Is eOS still using it gnome though? I think someone in a thread last night mentioned it had been replaced with something else but I'm pretty sure I have heatstroke.

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