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2012-12-20 07:14 30003720 Anonymous (Samsung-Galaxy-S3[1].jpg 600x453 39kB)
Galaxy S3 is the most pleb smartphone out there. >Literally everyone has this phone >Everyone thinks this is the best phone >The only thing average people get over this is iPhones How does it feel, owners of Galaxy S3?

1 min later 30003738 Anonymous
>muh replaceable battery >muh microSD >muh samsong

1 min later 30003745 Anonymous
iPhone 5 master race here. Enjoy your shitty store.

1 min later 30003754 Anonymous
>>30003745 Enjoy your longphone.

2 min later 30003770 Anonymous
>>30003754 I do it looks like something sleek from 2005.

2 min later 30003772 Anonymous
>>30003720 >everyone thinks this is the best phone Not by a long shot. Maybe a few months ago, but not anymore.

2 min later 30003773 Anonymous
>>30003745 >Not easily installing your own apps

3 min later 30003782 Anonymous
>>30003772 Average people think this is the best phone, what else would they think, iPhone 5?

4 min later 30003794 Anonymous
>>30003720 >Galaxy S3 owners feel superior to iPhone and BlackBerry users

4 min later 30003803 Anonymous
>>30003782 /g/ isn't full of average people. Nobody gives a shit what plebs think.

5 min later 30003815 Anonymous
>average_galaxy_s3_user.jpg >>30002857 >>30003803 Why would you want a pleb phone then?

5 min later 30003816 Anonymous
>>30003803 Anyone who owns an S3 is a pleb.

5 min later 30003830 Anonymous
>>30003794 >Blackberry >Relevant

6 min later 30003852 Anonymous
So is the iPhone 5. HA! I WIN!

6 min later 30003853 Anonymous
>>30003830 Oh yeah, not to mention all the BlackBerry users are switching to Galaxy S3s. That shows how even more pleb this phone is.

7 min later 30003858 Anonymous
>>30003815 >>30003816 That's based off the plebs' thinking. You're retarded.

7 min later 30003866 Anonymous
920 Master race reporting in.

8 min later 30003872 Anonymous
>>30003866 >Actually buying a Windows Phone

9 min later 30003902 Anonymous
>>30003872 Owned galaxy s2 w/ cm9, and i actually like this more.

9 min later 30003908 Anonymous
>turn on tv >Galaxy S3 commercials are like 4chan ms paint comics with us vs them mentality >meanwhile Apple commercials are classy as fuck with an orchestra and children and people enjoying themselves. Lost a LOT of respect for samsung when they made attack ads. It's gross.

11 min later 30003918 Anonymous
>>30003858 >you're retarded >>30003908 Apple commercials lost their class, with the annoying new voice actor and shittier techniques

12 min later 30003934 Anonymous
>>30003908 and the "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac" adverts didn't disgust you?

12 min later 30003943 Anonymous
>>30003918 Light years ahead of those stupid hipster vs nerd commercials from 2005.

13 min later 30003950 Anonymous
>>30003934 see >>30003943 But it's 2012 now and the tables have turned.

13 min later 30003954 Anonymous
>>30003908 >plebs think Galaxy S3 commercials are awesome for attacking pleb iPhone users >the Galaxy S3 users are even more pleb >>30003934 Those ads are old news, and they actually have some valid points at least.

13 min later 30003961 Anonymous
>>30003908 >apple >classy at all The reality distortion field is strong in this one

13 min later 30003965 Anonymous
S2 master race here. Enjoy your pleb phones.

14 min later 30003969 Anonymous
OP just mad because he has a Nexus 4, or even worse, some HTC abortion.

14 min later 30003976 Anonymous
>>30003961 Are you posting from 2005?

15 min later 30003990 Anonymous (jim sterling loses some weight.jpg 525x600 143kB)
>OP doesn't post what he uses Confirmed for jelly hipster

16 min later 30003998 Anonymous
>>30003954 >and they actually have some valid points at least. As do Samsung's ads. The iPhone is as ubiquitous and boring as the Motorola RAZR became.

17 min later 30004012 Anonymous
>>30003908 If commercials are enough to dissuade you from purchasing a product that you would otherwise enjoy, than i guess that's your choice. I usually don't include that kind of thing in my decision making process.

17 min later 30004013 Anonymous
>>30003902 You're fucking retarded. You should have just got the Nexus. Fuck 4. I was only looking forward to that shit so that the prices on the GNex would go down.

17 min later 30004016 Anonymous
>>30003976 Actually from any point in time after say 1998

19 min later 30004030 Anonymous
>11 days to go before 2013 >not joining the Lumia 920 master race

19 min later 30004041 Anonymous
>>30004030 Enjoy your tiles.

20 min later 30004047 Anonymous
>>30003990 >>30003969 >implying I'm pleb enough to use smartphones

20 min later 30004051 Anonymous
>>30003998 The S2/3 is the same. I've seen more Galaxy S3s than I have iPhone 5s.

21 min later 30004075 Anonymous (step up senpai.jpg 960x640 119kB)
>>30004047 Told you he's a hipster

22 min later 30004092 Anonymous
>>30004051 I've seen more iPhone 3GSs than any other phone, period. Apple is doing well, don't try an marginalize them anon.

23 min later 30004101 Anonymous
>>30004030 I might if it wasn't AT&T or that I have sprint and just can't remove a sim card and get a phone anytime i want for a decent price

23 min later 30004102 Anonymous
>>30004030 I know one guy that has a WP. His screen is cracked.

23 min later 30004109 Anonymous
>>30004041 Enjoying ur malware and viruses?

24 min later 30004126 Anonymous
i think the S3 is pretty popular. i even see a lot of the bus riders with it. i think samsung did a great job of making the phone the same on all carriers here in the us. it seems to have firmly established a brand. i love my gsm gnex however. it feels like i don't need to get something new for a long time.

25 min later 30004152 Anonymous
Want the LG optimus, >no SD card has 64GB versions anyway >non removable battery better, longer lasting battery tech anyway I just hate all these curves.

25 min later 30004156 Anonymous
>day before apocalypse >not enjoying the superiority of a Lumia 920 shig

26 min later 30004183 isac thread fucking hidden
anyone who own an apple product is a plebian

28 min later 30004207 Anonymous
>>30004183 Says the Galaxy S3 owner.

29 min later 30004233 Anonymous
>>30004109 Android doesn't have viruses, because it's completely open source. Android is a freeware OS.

30 min later 30004245 Anonymous
>>30004152 Optimus G? must be great with all the AOSP development for the Nexus 4 (same hardware)

31 min later 30004250 Anonymous
>>30003745 paying out the butt for extra row of apps on each page. then continually paying out the ass for brand new accessories, and port related accessories.

31 min later 30004258 Anonymous
Hmm I want a S3 but apparently there's gonna be news about the S4/Note 3 in February so I suppose I'll wait.

32 min later 30004271 Anonymous (1349438359178[1].jpg 501x648 40kB)
>>30004250 >>30004258 It comes out in the summer.

33 min later 30004284 Anonymous
What do you guys need the latest technology in a phone? Christ. Just stick with your GNex. It's not like you have anybody to call anyways. Speaking of which, what in the hell do you use your phones for?

33 min later 30004292 Anonymous
>>30004258 >note 3 in january >note 2 jsut came out kill yourself nigga

34 min later 30004300 Anonymous
>>30004292 he said news

34 min later 30004306 Anonymous
>>30004292 I said news, not a release date fag bait.

34 min later 30004309 Anonymous
>>30004245 no idea, i just know which one i would prefer to take out of my pocket. lol

35 min later 30004318 Anonymous
>>30004258 will it have a bigger screen?

35 min later 30004321 Anonymous
>>30004284 social status

36 min later 30004327 Anonymous
>>30004321 technology status

36 min later 30004329 Anonymous (slav formation.jpg 604x402 63kB)
Currently have S3. Kind of regret not getting a Note because I want to view my manga on a bigger screen.

37 min later 30004351 Anonymous
>>30004318 http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/tablets/samsung-galaxy-note-3-could-pack-a-huge-6-3-i nch-screen-1119021

37 min later 30004354 Anonymous
>>30004329 Get the Nexus 7

38 min later 30004357 Anonymous
>>30004321 I have a Rezound. I will be getting a Nexus 4... probably. Always wait a little while. Wait and see.

38 min later 30004367 Anonymous
>>30004354 Nexus 10

38 min later 30004374 Anonymous
>>30004367 MacBook Air retina

38 min later 30004377 Anonymous
>>30004374 Toshiba excite 13

39 min later 30004386 Anonymous
>>30004351 yay! my s3 was feeling a bit small.

40 min later 30004399 Anonymous (1355638714414.jpg 640x480 216kB)
>>30004354 No, I need my manga everywhere since I always read it while taking a dump in the school toilets.

41 min later 30004416 Anonymous
>>30004399 So you fap to mangas in the school toilets? Jesus, why don't you just fuck a slut.

41 min later 30004430 Anonymous
My S3 is better than whatever phone the OP has.

42 min later 30004434 Anonymous
>>30004399 Ah. You're underage, and probably getting mommy and daddy to buy your your shitty pleb tier bloatphone.

42 min later 30004436 Anonymous
poorfags jelly that they cant afford an S3

42 min later 30004440 Anonymous
>>30004430 How does it feel knowing that your flagship Samsung phone is as good as last generation phones.

42 min later 30004442 Anonymous
>>30004416 Because school toilets are cleaner.

43 min later 30004450 Anonymous
>>30004386 >said no one; ever.

43 min later 30004453 Anonymous
>>30004442 >not getting a waifu

44 min later 30004457 Anonymous

44 min later 30004460 Anonymous
>>30004453 >not getting a tulpa

44 min later 30004464 Anonymous
>>30004440 Feels fine. What phone does the OP have?

44 min later 30004471 Anonymous (Would you.png 1000x1133 631kB)
>>30004416 No slut. Read >>30004453 Waifu is the only choice.

45 min later 30004479 Anonymous
>>30004457 are you feeling a little bit butthurt? don't worry, sammy will release a bigger phone. that way you can pretend to be better than those iphone users

45 min later 30004482 Anonymous
Apple and samsong fags, give me one thing where lumia 920 is not superior to ur phones?

45 min later 30004491 Anonymous
>>30004464 He's still being a hipster and using a dumbphone.

46 min later 30004498 Anonymous
>>30004464 Waiting to get a Nexus 4, actually. >>30004479 Butthurt? No, fuck your pleb memes

46 min later 30004502 Anonymous
>>30004482 Some of us like to actually have these thing called "apps".

47 min later 30004513 Anonymous
>>30004482 NO APPS

47 min later 30004519 Anonymous
>>30004482 Uhh. Do you have an SD card slot? Galaxy S3 has it. Only costs like $20 to add 32gb to it.

47 min later 30004521 Anonymous
>>30004491 >dumbphone >S3 Eat shit, you consumerist fuck.

48 min later 30004523 Anonymous
>>30004482 OS

48 min later 30004535 Anonymous
>>30004521 Can you even fucking read?

48 min later 30004537 Anonymous
>>30004498 jeez, quit acting as if someone stuck a samsung note2 up your ass.

49 min later 30004540 Anonymous
>>30004482 8/10

49 min later 30004544 Anonymous (1354655615542.jpg 400x423 16kB)
>>30004521 >2013 >Still can't check e-mail on his phone

50 min later 30004568 Anonymous
>>30004544 What in the fuck are you even talking about? I'll fucking find you.

50 min later 30004573 Anonymous
>no valid reason for hating the phone Oh sorry wrong. Would have accepted "Has brittle screen"

51 min later 30004581 Anonymous (You're gonna want to see this.jpg 1280x1024 387kB)
>>30004568 I'm saying you are a dumbphone user who can't even check his e-mail in the year of 2013.

51 min later 30004591 Anonymous
>>30004573 There are way more reasons to hate this phone, just stating the phone is pleb. >Pentile AMOLED screen with disgustingly oversaturated, wrong colors

52 min later 30004597 Anonymous
>>30003969 I own and HTC OneX. And I will have you know good sir. It is mighty fine. Haven't had a problem with it throughout the 6-7 months I've had it.

52 min later 30004606 Anonymous
>>30004581 But dumbphones can check email these days.

53 min later 30004612 Anonymous
>>30004591 You pleb use pleb more pleb words pleb than pleb this pleb?

53 min later 30004613 Anonymous
Still using my iPhone 3GS fine Fuck y'all

53 min later 30004617 Anonymous (1353382501930.gif 490x490 66kB)
I play vidya games and iOS has the most vidya games. Had an S2 and was missing my vidya games so I got an iPhone. Problem?

53 min later 30004621 Anonymous
>>30004581 Dumbphones were able to check emails since the 2000s, just that it required you to do it through the carrier >>30004612 Ironic plebing is still ironic.

54 min later 30004633 Anonymous
>>30004617 No. Wrong board though, >>>/b/ is that way.

55 min later 30004645 Anonymous
I have the Galaxy Nexus and I'm happy with it. Does everything I need.

55 min later 30004648 Anonymous
I see fucking everybody with their iPhone 4Ss, and Tabs. It's happening /g/. Apple is trending towards Android habits. Microsoft is catering towards hipsters. Apple goes bankrupt in mid 2013 Microsoft releases a service pack to make Metro optional. shit/Linux reaches 15% market share The Nexus tablets sit in second place next to Levovo Ideapads in the lead. Your tablet is now your laptop replacement piece.

55 min later 30004650 Anonymous
>>30004633 >likes games >Must be from /b/! Ya nah fuck yourself.

55 min later 30004651 Anonymous
>>30004621 So pleb you pleb only pleb know pleb how pleb to pleb say pleb this pleb word pleb to pleb attack pleb people?

55 min later 30004658 Anonymous
>>30003918 >the zooey commercial >staring at window >siri: is it raining? Makes me think about the target market of iphone.

56 min later 30004667 Anonymous
>>30004650 >Adventure Time >vidya >problem? I don't know what board you're from with this reeking amounts of faggotry. Captcha: stallman llyitg

56 min later 30004671 Anonymous
>>30004621 Yeah. Next you're going to tell me you cells phones had texting in the 1870s.

57 min later 30004684 Anonymous
>>30004671 Cell phones didn't exist in 1870s. LE CHECKMATE

57 min later 30004686 Anonymous
>>30004650 If gaymen, I would've directed you to /v/. But not even /v/ likes you mobile gaymen scum.

58 min later 30004704 Anonymous
>>30004684 >>30004671 This shit is why I stay out of phone threads. At least it keeps the shitposters out of my battlestation threads.

58 min later 30004705 Anonymous (Raymoo goes driving!.jpg 1024x768 383kB)
>>30004684 I'm not falling for that trick.

59 min later 30004709 Anonymous
>>30004704 >implying battlestation threads aren't shitposts with "hurr my speakers are better"

59 min later 30004718 Anonymous (1353727597253.jpg 850x478 275kB)
>>30004686 /v/ is stuck in the dedicated portable past. Soon they will join the iOS master race.

1 hours later 30004731 Anonymous
>>30004718 Your precious iOS will be dead before long. I give it 5 more years, Max.

1 hours later 30004734 Anonymous
>>30004718 >2013 >Still playing Super Mario Brothers I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

1 hours later 30004742 Anonymous
>Sell phones >S3 is currently more expensive than One X+ or Optimus G >Still the only android phone that sells Even my coworkers position the options as "iPhone or Samsung". It's like someone made a wish on a monkey paw for people not to think all smartphones are "iPhones" and this is how it backfired.

1 hours later 30004754 Anonymous
>>30004648 the Nostradamus of /g/

1 hours later 30004755 Anonymous
>>30004718 It's the console faggots. Ignore him. PC master race.

1 hours later 30004764 Anonymous
>>30004718 Glorious Trinitron master race.

1 hours later 30004774 Anonymous
>>30004742 This.

1 hours later 30004789 Anonymous (this butt is actually a monkey's paw!.jpg 1920x1080 160kB)
>>30004742 S3 is more expensive because it's better. And iSamsung is the only competitor for Apple. Other Android producers aren't even trying.

1 hours later 30004790 Anonymous
>>30004734 That picture is old as fuck. Also, I still play Star Fox 64. I'm the best in my state. Go back to your Cowwa Dooty

1 hours later 30004803 Anonymous
>>30004790 Next you're going to tell me they had cameras in the 1980s.

1 hours later 30004815 Anonymous
>>30004803 >implying ISHYGDDT

1 hours later 30004819 Anonymous
>>30004803 They had cameras in the 1980s

1 hours later 30004829 Anonymous
>>30004803 lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo

1 hours later 30004832 Anonymous (1355459611714.jpg 634x490 25kB)
>>30004819 See. What did I tell you guys.

1 hours later 30004834 Anonymous (images.jpg 192x262 17kB)
>>30004819 >>30004803

1 hours later 30004849 Anonymous
>>30004834 yes

1 hours later 30004858 Anonymous
>>30004734 It's a classic. If you've never played and beaten SMB, you really should.

1 hours later 30004862 Anonymous

1 hours later 30004875 Anonymous
>>30004612 rooted users have color control mods in the kernel

1 hours later 30004882 Anonymous
>"This is the worst phone ever" >lists faults that literally have nothing to do with the phone at all Is this the same /g/ that bitches about people buying Macs for superficial reasons?

1 hours later 30004888 Anonymous
Fuck this thread. I don't even know why we still have phone threads anymore. The Gnex is still the best phone price/value/performance wise. This generation, or last. I'll still be using my GNex when you fags are in line to buy your S5s when Samshit finally catches up. You're plebs. All of you.

1 hours later 30004906 Anonymous
>>30004882 No. That's the jelly 920 owners.

1 hours later 30004909 Anonymous
>>30004789 I do agree with this. I think a lot of what's helped Samsung is the things that their customers dont care about. They've had a great reputation amongst people who've used android for years, while HTC and LG have missed the point entirely with things like locked bootloaders and non-removable batteries. Now that the mass market has been taught by apple how to use a smartphone and is able to handle having a choice, that reputation has had time to trickle down and people who dont care about these things still see Samsung as the only valid android OEM.

1 hours later 30004913 Anonymous
>>30004888 >The Gnex is still the best phone price/value/performance wise You mean the Nexus 4

1 hours later 30004916 Anonymous
>>30004882 No one said its the worst phone ever.

1 hours later 30004937 Anonymous
I can't stand fucking phones. My S2 skyrocket already feels ancient and I only got it a year ago and it feels like a fucking relic, and I'm here with this shit for another year.

1 hours later 30004944 Anonymous
>>30004913 Your battery is dying. I guess it's time to buy a new phone, right?

1 hours later 30004962 Anonymous
Galaxy S3 >Shitty design >Shit materials >hardware buttons/capacitive buttons >Touch wiz >Logos on front of device Lumia 920 >WP8 >capacitive buttons >No apps >Logo on front of device iPhone 5 >hardware button >iOS >scratches like no tomorrow One X >Sense 4+ >Capacitive buttons >Logo on front of device Nexus 4 >Fucking chrome buttons and trim >meh to poor battery >no LTE (for the most part) >LG All current gen phones are shit. Besides speed and obvious new technologies I'd say the last generation was better.

1 hours later 30004969 Anonymous
>>30004937 You should own a Nokia or BB phone.

1 hours later 30004993 Anonymous
>>30004944 >can't take apart his phone I've taken a part all the phones I've owned for kicks in the past 3 years (40+ phones), its easy as fuck and hardly even a hassle.

1 hours later 30005000 Anonymous
>>30004944 If it wasn't for the removable part, Galaxy Nexus has a legendary shitty battery life

1 hours later 30005015 Anonymous
>>30004962 >hardware button I guess Nexus took you in with marketing bullshit, didn't they? >iOS So? Enjoying your OS made entirely from Java and Flash? >scratches like no tomorrow >Not putting your phone in a case the very same hour that you bought it.

1 hours later 30005025 Anonymous
>>30005015 Are you Steve Jobs' Zombie Goast hiding behind that anon?

1 hours later 30005042 Anonymous
>>30005000 Nice get, but at least I have the option to upgrade my battery capacity.

1 hours later 30005046 Anonymous
what's the best phone that isn't gigantic and wont make my pocket budge like a nerd?

1 hours later 30005051 Anonymous
>>30005046 iPhone 5

1 hours later 30005073 Anonymous
>>30005046 Nokia 3310

1 hours later 30005092 Anonymous
>>30005046 Longphone 5

1 hours later 30005135 Anonymous (charlie sheen.jpg 852x480 27kB)
ITT: Butthurt Nexus 4 Owners bitch on a much much superior phone. Your poor fucks.

1 hours later 30005141 Anonymous
>>30005015 Hardware buttons are shit for quick navigation around the phone especially when trying to reach the notification bar and home button right after. iOS is completely restricting and lacks basic things such as setting default programs, applications being able to use native push notifications, and much much more that android has. I have an iPhone 5 right in front of me, I've owned more than 6 phones this year with all major OSs, I can do more on android and faster than on iOS. Android is in no way perfect but its years ahead of iOS at this point, why don't you take your head out of your ass and realize the faults in iOS instead of white knighting it.

1 hours later 30005151 Anonymous
>>30005042 I have the extended battery right next to me, it was still shit.

1 hours later 30005153 Anonymous
>>30005135 Maybe the Droid DNA or Note II or something, GSIII is just outdated at this point. No one here thinks Nexus 4 is superior anyway

1 hours later 30005191 Anonymous
>>30005000 >Galaxy Nexus has a legendary shitty battery life Indeed it does :(

1 hours later 30005206 Anonymous
>>30005000 the gsm version does alright.

1 hours later 30005261 Anonymous
>>30005206 Not really.

1 hours later 30005263 Anonymous
>>30005206 Its sub par at best, I had the GSM version and got 3.5 hours of screen on time at most and thats with wifi all day. Without wifi I'd be scraping for 2.5 hours.

1 hours later 30005280 Anonymous
>>30005141 >for quick navigation Says the jelly faggot whose poorly coded/ optimized phone lags like all hell. >notification bar You don't need one. The icon on the system tray tells me if I have a message or not. >iOS is completely restricting It's liberating to know that it is literally impossible to download a virus from the App store. >setting default programs You don't need Firefox on everything you know. I just want ot check my emails and my Facebook. >native push notifications So you're a hipster in denial? >much much more that android has Android also has horrible lag, shit contributers, an unregulated market, and an unstandardized platform. Your point? >I've owned more than 6 phones this year So you can't recognize an outstanding phone when you see it then? >more on android and faster than on iOS Maybe because you were so used to Android and doing things in an ass-backwards manner, that once you started using the superior method of doing things, you were immediately bitching. >years ahead of iOS Says who? Slashdot? >take your head out of your ass You can lead a horse to water, etc. >white knighting it Trying to bring plebs out of their shit way of thinking is white knighting now?

1 hours later 30005297 Anonymous (o u.jpg 576x452 33kB)

1 hours later 30005330 Anonymous
>>30005280 Nailed it.

1 hours later 30005343 Anonymous
>>30005280 >>30005280 >addresses half the points with empty witticisms >rest of the points are flat out wrong Nice going.

1 hours later 30005348 mafflez
>>30003720 Must really suck to have the phone with the largest development community behind it. It would be idiotic to buy a phone with a small user base unless you're just trying to be some sort of edgy hipster.

1 hours later 30005398 Anonymous (tesda logo.jpg 128x128 4kB)
As a 3 month GS3 user I gotta say a few things. This thing is fucking fast, Graphically intensive games like shadowgun or dead space runs without any problem (Temple run chugs a bit on some reason though) Camera is fantastic. Battery is decent. Browsing is ok for the most part. Emulating is great, I only tried N64,NES,SNES. All compatible games are great. Now for the shit part It's fucking awkward to hold/text at, probably my fault for putting a leather jacket on it. Wifi connectivity is unstable sometimes. TouchWiz is ughhh. Iphone is still better on playing music. Running on 4.1.1

1 hours later 30005412 Anonymous
>>30005398 Install a custom rom you moron. Also poweramp.

1 hours later 30005420 Anonymous
Black S3 with 64 GB internal + 64 GB MicroSDXC Come at me bro

1 hours later 30005451 Anonymous
>>30005420 Lag. Shit battery life Poor connectivity IE level browsing experience But hey, at least you've got a glorified portable hard drive. Good going faggot.

1 hours later 30005453 Anonymous
>>30005451 >lag 3/10

1 hours later 30005461 Anonymous
>>30005451 rekt

1 hours later 30005491 Anonymous
>>30005461 ur moms pussy that is lol pwnt xD

1 hours later 30005497 Anonymous (me.jpg 252x378 19kB)
>>30005412 I do idiot, I'm using Nova launcher with CM10. Stock music player does it job, I tried poweramp and it doesn't really makes a difference. >>30005420 That's a lot of grimes and gayporn there buddy.

1 hours later 30005501 Anonymous
>>30005280 >Says the jelly faggot whose poorly coded/ optimized phone lags like all hell. You obvious didn't read my post, I have an iPhone 5 currently so unless you're saying iOS is "poorly coded/ optimized phone lags like all hell." you need improve your reading comprehension. >You don't need one. The icon on the system tray tells me if I have a message or not. You're not making use of a really useful function but alright. >You don't need Firefox on everything you know. I just want ot check my emails and my Facebook. You sound like a teenager who got a smartphone with mommy's money, people who work have better things to do than facebook and as for emails the default client is horrible. When you have multiple email accounts for work and such you really make use of labels, tags, and other organizational tools for email, the default mail client is absolutely shit. >So you're a hipster in denial? You don't even know what I meant do you? >Android also has horrible lag, shit contributers, an unregulated market, and an unstandardized platform. Your point? Even with all its problems it still has better native OS features and better integration from one app to another than iOS, making it a much more capable OS.

1 hours later 30005510 Anonymous
>>30005280 >So you can't recognize an outstanding phone when you see it then? The phone itself is a fine phone, the OS is the major problem. >Maybe because you were so used to Android and doing things in an ass-backwards manner, that once you started using the superior method of doing things, you were immediately bitching. So doing things faster, easier, and more automated is ass backwards? You should try an old 90s flip phone that sounds more on your level. >Says who? Slashdot? Android had a OS wide share button, notification bar, hotspot, and other features ahead of iOS, Not to mention all the features iOS is still missing, widgets, quick settings, default application changer, etc etc. Every major iPhone 5 review stated iOS was stagnating when compared to the competition.

1 hours later 30005580 Anonymous
>>30005280 You argue like a teenager Present me a proper argument

1 hours later 30005588 Anonymous (561300_10151663938925401_1567002151_n.jpg 842x562 62kB)
>MFW everyone buys the Galaxy S3 and then runs stock android for light facebook/texting All that wasted computing power.

1 hours later 30005603 Anonymous
>>30005497 doesn't make a difference? does the stock music player on android even support gapless yet?

1 hours later 30005619 Anonymous
>>30005588 >wasted >implying it's not put to use making 4chan load & render faster

1 hours later 30005636 Anonymous
>>30005619 Teen socialites tend not to be 4chan visitors.

1 hours later 30005651 Anonymous
>>30005636 Teen socialites tend not to know how to install custom roms either.

1 hours later 30005657 Anonymous
>>30005588 What do you do then? Pirate?

1 hours later 30005734 Anonymous (Lana Del Rey.jpg 596x381 38kB)
>>30005588 That's what I do actually, I don't like to play games on my SG3. Emulating is shit due to controls but I play Temple run and Doodle jump from time to time. I don't read in that also, I'll be doing that on my free Alacatel TAB coming next year, I'm gonna do my fuckery there like watching animu, reading manga,reading e books and light gayman. My GS3 is mainly for music,facebook and some animu viewing.

2 hours later 30006055 Anonymous (We're discussing penises.jpg 235x226 15kB)
Fuck you guys. I'm an indecisive faggot in need of a new phone and in 188 posts nothing has been said that can sway me on what to pick.

2 hours later 30006103 Anonymous
>>30006055 >I'm an indecisive faggot in need of a new phone Do some research you stupid faggot.

2 hours later 30006178 Anonymous (WHY.jpg 800x600 196kB)
>>30006055 Cherry Mobile Flare. For 95 bucks you get a Dual Core Snapdragon phone. Its good to be practical nowadays and you probably can finally afford that purple dragon dildo that you've always fancies.

2 hours later 30006244 Anonymous
>>30005588 Personally I find the only useful thing about powerful Android phones is the smoothness and battery efficiency you can squeeze out of them. Any game that requires a lot of power is typically shit. All of the best games are 2D. Works better with touch controls. Besides that what else do you need power for? 720p video? I never watch that shit on my phone. Maybe if I had a tablet.

2 hours later 30006403 Anonymous
>>30006244 runnin apps

2 hours later 30006425 Anonymous
>>30006403 Why do you need shitloads of power to run apps? The post I was talking to is pointing out the same thing.

2 hours later 30006445 Anonymous
>>30006425 getting max fps on Quake 3 getting emulators to run full speed browsing the fucking web at decent speeds why do you hate progress?

2 hours later 30006625 Anonymous
I wouldn't recommend it now, but when I got it a few months ago it was the best Android phone available in the US. It sounds like your argument is that because it's popular, it's bad, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If I were to get a smartphone now, then the HTC Droid DNA is obviously the best. The LG Optimus G and Nexus 4 both rank 2nd after that.

3 hours later 30006704 Anonymous
>>30006445 >max FPS on quake 3 >quake 3 on a phone why would you ever do that? Emulators run fine without a modern phone. My Evo 3D blazes through N64 and PS1 emulation. Web speed depends on your connection speed. Progress should be made in battery life and eficiency.

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