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2012-12-20 07:10 30003647 Anonymous (14zz56g.png 457x900 241kB)
Sorry that I have to use a picture to explain my problem, but 4chan spam protection otherwise blocks me.

17 min later 30003968 Anonymous
Do the temperatures lead to my heatsink being defect or the CPU just being shit and getting really really hot.

23 min later 30004037 Anonymous
Just split it into two posts, you ass hole. I'm not going to sit here and read an image.

38 min later 30004312 Anonymous
>>30004037 It is not too long, it is counted as spam by the system. I have to write like a tard to bypass it. Bought 3770k @stock clock and room at 19 load temps with genesis up to 71C (3.9GHz ITB) load temps with stock cooler up to 88C or more now (3.7GHz ITB) shop manager says it is not the CPU doing bad, but my coolers heatpipes

47 min later 30004461 Anonymous
>>30004312 89 degrees is the new maximum now with the stock cooler.

59 min later 30004660 Anonymous
Christ. before you get all fussy about how your botnet piece of crap is overheating try => >Get a man's cooler. Cooler Master 212 Hyper Evo http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103099 >Get Arctic Silver 5 >re apply the set up. Should idle at 20 some. loaded at 50 max. MAYBE 60, if you are hotboxing it or clocking it. If that doesn't work, rma as its Intel being Intel. regards.

1 hours later 30004761 Anonymous
>>30003647 OP confirmed for idiot, my i3570k @ 4.8ghz idles at 50c Gets to 60c max load tl;dr op you're an idiot and should never buy or attempt to build a computer again

1 hours later 30004868 Anonymous
>>30004660 for extra points, you can strap 2 ultra kaze or 2 delta fans to that sink. Careful, with deltas the case might implode haha. And your ears will bleed.

1 hours later 30005268 Anonymous
>>30004660 >>30004761 >>30004868 You are stupid fucks! The Genesis plays in a whole different league than your Cooler Master. They are such master that they make fans to burn you. http://www.anandtech.com/show/6177/choosing-the-best-120mm-radiator-fan-testing-eight-fans-with-cors airs-h80/5 I think it is kinda obvious its the CPUs fault if it reachs 90 degrees with the stock cooler. If you cannot help and are unproductive and instead just want to bash don't post! Go and play forumwarz.

1 hours later 30005302 Anonymous
>>30005268 OP you need to watch your fucking mouth when you talk to people. You're a fucking acne ridden idiot. Fuck off and go somewhere else. this isn't a support board. It's not our fault you have no friends and can't ask for opinions elsewhere. There are plenty of boards for whining and this isn't one of them. So suck a fat nigger dick you acne ridden mexican.

1 hours later 30005411 Anonymous (TIMContactvTemp5.png 867x972 213kB)
>>30004660 >AS5 >Notshit stop suggesting this fucking paste.

1 hours later 30005443 Anonymous
>>30005302 You were the ones that started with the insults (see >>30004660 and >>30004761 ). You belittle me and insult me without any valid reason how do you expect me to behave. The reason he can reach 4.8GHz at mach 60°C is not because the cooler is superior, its much more likely that he just lucked out on the chip. Since not all chips from on wafer perform equally. What I wanted is an addtional opinion. So please since you started with the insults and think you could lecture me while continuing them, die in a fire. Maybe I should have come here when more than one adult (that is myself) is on /g/: i simply forgot what time it is.

1 hours later 30005462 Anonymous
>>30005443 No time at all Fuck off you fucking spic. No one wants idiots like you here.

1 hours later 30005476 Anonymous (madmen.jpg 285x298 34kB)
>this thread

1 hours later 30005532 Anonymous
>>30005411 Wonder how Indigo Xtreme compares to Coollaboratories Liquid Ultra.

1 hours later 30005674 Anonymous
>>30005268 wow you achieved 2-3 degree drop with triple the price. Than you replace the fans which was useless. *The only fans on the market cable of actually moving air is Delta[with an exception of ultra kaze... sort of]. I achieve 200 cfms with 2 roswels for 10 bucks if I want quite. And 500 cfms with Deltas if I don't care if everyone in seven block radius goes deaf(for same money!) * All of this I achieve with 25$. And now you bitch that your botnets inc. is overheating. Fucking 13olds. Please go blog about your problems where someone give a shit you fat fuck. >>30005411 price/money.

1 hours later 30005715 Anonymous
>>30005674 >price/money. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835100007 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835242019 Yep.

2 hours later 30005770 Anonymous
>>30005268 for THAT cash you can get Noctuna or Phanteks. Both of which won't break the flows of powerful fans. Confirmed for 13old.

2 hours later 30005810 Anonymous
>>30005715 i'll be damned. I might give it a shot one of these days and see how it goes if I need that extra degree.

2 hours later 30005926 Anonymous
than again if I want to switch paste I will rather get the best. 10extra bucks for like 10 applications on Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra. seems legit anyways. trying to pull the specs now/

2 hours later 30005953 Anonymous
>>30005674 over 20 physics student part timer in an electronics store regular bowler, going bowling with friends at least once per week The Genesis is in league with the Noctua NH-D14 and Thermalright Silverarrow.

2 hours later 30006211 Anonymous
>>30005953 hhhmmm all that and yet... still can't read. You see, many coolers are in the bracket of the Noctuna/Phanteks yet in most cases they are unnecessary. I don't much care for cooler-master as a brand at all. The 2 things they ever produced [aside from SOME cases. BIG question there tbh] are => Storm spawn mouse & 212 Hyper evo. Which is what I am looking at. I own both phanteks and cooler master's little monster[and few other coolers]. They perform exactly the same. Phatek gets a 2-ish degree difference. But cooler master doesn't cost body parts to get. When benches came back I almost rma'd the Phateks because there was no reason for their existanse. The only true reason to get phateks is more fan mount points[3 inline deltas anyone?]. With your genesis you can't do that or you would be pouring heat onto the board. Wouldn't break it, just defeat the point.

2 hours later 30006255 Anonymous
>>30005532 hey doesn't coollabs damages the heatsink? I mean if you applied it right the first time it would be fin until you take it off.

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