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2012-12-20 07:10 30003634 Anonymous (1351553458672.jpg 571x263 43kB)
Hey /g/, The phone I use is currently shit, and I've been looking for a cheap alternative. Right now, I can either can a Kyocera Rise for $50, or an LG Optimus Slider for $64. The Kyocera has Android 4.0, and generally better specs, but the camera has no auto focus. The LG Optimus has 2.3, but has auto focus. I'm planning to go for the Virgin Mobile $35 plan. I've read tons of reviews for both phones and am still having trouble making a decision, so tell me, /g/, which phone is the superior choice, and why?

3 min later 30003704 Anonymous
Optimus slider is awful. Next to no internal storage, ancient specs, and both these cameras are shit anyway. If anything fixed focus is going to make it easier since as long as you're at hyperfocal distance you're in the clear. The rise is going to hold up a lot better.

5 min later 30003742 Anonymous
>>30003634 The rise has the worst build quality of all time and is probably never getting JB. Typing on one right this second. Personally I'd pick up an optimus v for like $15. I still have mine and thinking about switching back. The rise isn't worth a penny more than the $30 I paid for it brand new.

7 min later 30003778 Anonymous
>>30003742 I can't use my left thumb to browse web and stuff because I'm constantly rattling the shitty ass hinge on this thing. And the first one I had, which went back due to screen issues, was the same. And both had GIANT FUCKING SCRAPES next to the keyboard after about 5 of the most gentle slides ever.

8 min later 30003796 Anonymous
>>30003778 If I jiggle my hand while holding firmly on the back of the phone the piece of shit rattles and bounces like a 91 Geo Metro.

29 min later 30004149 Anonymous
If it makes any difference, I'm looking specifically for a phone that has a slide-out keyboard, and will let me tether devices to it.

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