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2012-12-20 07:09 30003622 Anonymous (computer build.png 696x474 48kB)
Can anyone Identify any obvious problems with my current proposed build, or how I might improve it? Basically I only want it to run next gen games (Dead Space 3, Planetside 2 ect) at a steady 60 fps on maybe medium settings.

8 min later 30003785 Anonymous
To begin with, you have two different ram kits and both of them are horrendously overpriced. Any 8GB, 1.5v, <$50 ddr3-1600 kit will work for your purposes.

12 min later 30003857 Anonymous
>Two separate orders of RAM >1GB VRAM GPU >no SSD >no Asus mobo with built in Wifi >3570 instead of 3570k >Assembly???????

49 min later 30004465 Anonymous
>>30003785 I did not notice the two separate RAM's -.-, Ill sub that out for your recomendation >>30003857 >no Asus mobo with built in Wifi What is this?, Is it better than what I chose for my wifi adapter?

50 min later 30004492 Anonymous
You do not want the Lycosa, OP. Trust me.

53 min later 30004526 Anonymous (ram.png 248x236 96kB)
Will this do as suitable RAM? The G.SKILL DDR3 8GB (2 X 4GB) PC-10666/1333 F3-10666CL9D-8GBXL Ram

53 min later 30004543 Anonymous
>>30004492 Any specific keyboard you may recommend anon?

55 min later 30004570 Anonymous
>>30004543 Anything from Ducky, Filco or Das. The Vengeance K60 from Corsair is alright too, but only if you're fine with having some of the keys be non-mechanical.

1 hours later 30005318 Anonymous (computer build v2.png 693x370 38kB)
Version 2 of the current build, I'm not sure if the power supply I'm getting is necessary, being 500W. I've also subbed out the keyboard to make it a bit cheaper

1 hours later 30005378 Anonymous (Untitled.png 663x164 12kB)
Friend of OP, What about my build? decent? needs fixing? any ways to slim down on cost?

1 hours later 30005450 Anonymous
>>30005378 700W power supply for $77?, yea.. seems a bit suspicious

1 hours later 30005483 Anonymous
>>30005378 Ditch the 680 for a 7970 and that's almost $200 saved right away for about the same performance after overclocking. >$250 motherboard >$150 RAM? Am I reading this right?

1 hours later 30005544 Anonymous
>>30005450 yea but thats fine by me mostly, i can get something about that range for about that price from someone i trust in a few weeks >>30005483 haha i could of saved about 60 bucks on the motherboard but its clear sided so i want it to look nice. and i could save 50 on ram but im gunna upgrade it in about 3-6 months for video editing so i needed 2 sticks instead of 4

1 hours later 30005571 Anonymous
>>30005544 Way to confirm you have no fucking clue what you are doing

1 hours later 30005591 Anonymous
>>30005571 uh huh, when i need more ram for video editing, rendering ect, so when the motherboard only had 4 slots i dont want to just trash my old ram to spend 300 on new stuff, i can just get 2 more sticks for 150?

1 hours later 30005620 Anonymous
Thanks for giving me a good laugh at your expense guys, I'll leave you to wallow in your stupidity now.

1 hours later 30005628 Anonymous (1340260239085.jpg 1000x800 117kB)
holy shit this thread is fucking golden >but its clear sided so i want it to look nice

1 hours later 30005650 Anonymous
>>30005591 by the time that 16GB becomes restrictive and difficult to work with, you'll probably already be on your next computer and when you actually need 32GB ram, we'll be on windows 10 already

1 hours later 30005654 Anonymous
No need to buy Windows 7....and get the 7970

1 hours later 30005688 Anonymous
>>30005571 >>30005591 These two posts are the funniest I saw on /g/ today

1 hours later 30005694 Anonymous
You forgot the pop-tarts, OP.

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