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2012-12-20 07:08 30003604 Anonymous (specs.png 1173x679 99kB)
This will be my first time build. Rate it.

1 min later 30003635 Anonymous
Pretty decent, you could save 130 bucks by not buying WIndows though.

1 min later 30003646 Anonymous
also, any recommendations for a couple of good 23" monitors?

2 min later 30003649 Anonymous
You don't need that 3770K, get an i5-3570K instead.

4 min later 30003698 Anonymous
>non-mechanical keyboard lel

4 min later 30003702 Anonymous
>>30003649 Whats the difference?

6 min later 30003728 Anonymous
>>30003698 yeah, i really like that keyboard though. Any good mechanical you know of?

6 min later 30003739 Anonymous
>>30003702 Will you be doing anything else than gaming?

7 min later 30003757 Anonymous
>>30003728 Any keyboard made by Filco or Ducky.

8 min later 30003775 Anonymous
>>30003739 photoshop, word, FL studio

10 min later 30003812 Anonymous
>>30003775 Then you don't need the 3770K.

11 min later 30003828 Anonymous
>>30003757 And i like that one because of the macro keys and that the keys are backlit with red

11 min later 30003839 Anonymous
>>30003812 thanks

17 min later 30003925 Anonymous

19 min later 30003971 Anonymous
Buy a mechanical keyboard. You can get a coolermaster cm storm for ~55 after rebate from newegg

20 min later 30003980 Anonymous
>>30003698 mechanical keyboards dont make you better at anything

26 min later 30004057 Anonymous
>>30003980 They do give you a slightly higher WPM. But yeah, it isn't about being better, it's about it feeling a lot better. Getting feedback and shit.

26 min later 30004058 Anonymous
>>30003971 >>30003757 >>30003698 Fuck you and your gay shit. Im getting what I already had in mind

28 min later 30004095 Anonymous
>CD Drive Do you actually need one in this day and age? >G9x Lolno G400/Zowie or bust >Dome keyboard Lolno Filco/Ducky/Das/CM Storm Quickfire Rapid(Or TK)

29 min later 30004107 Anonymous
>>30004057 they really dont feel that much better, and you notice it for about a day before you dont give a fuck anymore. and no they dont give you higher WPM.

30 min later 30004131 Anonymous
>>30004107 Confirmed for never having owned a mechanical keyboard

31 min later 30004143 Anonymous
>>30004058 asking for opinions ignoring it

31 min later 30004154 Anonymous

31 min later 30004167 Anonymous
>>30004143 I listened to >>30003980

32 min later 30004189 Anonymous
>>30004154 Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

33 min later 30004191 Anonymous
>>30004154 lol

33 min later 30004198 Anonymous
>>30004167 why bother posting in the first place >guys guys mom just bought me a new computer check it out XDXD

34 min later 30004208 Anonymous
>>30003604 3570k instead of 3770k Hyper 212 Evo instead of Hyper 212+ The rest looks fine.

35 min later 30004222 Anonymous
>>30004131 not who you were talking to but im using mechanicak right now and my WPM is the same as my laptop

35 min later 30004225 Anonymous
>>30004131 my friend gave me his old blackwidow. the noise was just way too annoying. ive used a ducky dk9087 and yeah it felt good, but its really not worth an extra $100

36 min later 30004241 Anonymous
>>30004208 changed to 3570k, was on the edge about that anyways.

36 min later 30004242 Anonymous
Scrap Windows 8. You're wasting your time. If they still offer Win7 get that.

37 min later 30004263 Anonymous
>>30004242 are you sure? It has alright ratings

40 min later 30004313 Anonymous
>>30004263 To be honest, I tried it on a bro's laptop, and it's complete bullshit. The whole tablet like interface, is annoying if you want to actually get things done.

43 min later 30004359 Anonymous
>>30004242 Windows 8 is a lot faster than 7, and if you don't like the modern UI you can just get a tool to give you the regular start button instead.

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