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2012-12-20 07:01 30003463 Anonymous Made time for love. (Screenshot_2012-12-20-01-00-17.png 1280x800 564kB)
homescreen thread. lets see some ipad homescreens so I have something to sit this next to in comparison.

1 min later 30003499 Anonymous (newpng.png 1280x800 845kB)
Why do you want to see an iShit homescreen? They all look the same.

9 min later 30003645 Anonymous
>>30003499 you just answered your own question

9 min later 30003662 Anonymous (Screenshot_2012-04-03-12-07-25.jpg 1280x800 617kB)
>>30003645 Okay, I guess.

11 min later 30003690 Anonymous
>>30003499 which transformer, is than an xp launcher or just a background?

12 min later 30003712 Anonymous (Screenshot_2012-02-26-01-20-44.jpg 1280x800 956kB)
>>30003690 That's my old TF201. I just found a trove of old screenies on my computer so I might as well post them. And yes, that's just a launcher.

15 min later 30003766 Anonymous
>>30003463 wanna share that wallpaper OP?

16 min later 30003791 Anonymous
>>30003712 my nigga I'm on tf201! >>30003463 if you have theme chooser you may want to use this theme with that background. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teambroccoli.theme.pcbblue&hl=en

17 min later 30003802 Anonymous (1355783770948.jpg 1920x1200 533kB)

17 min later 30003809 Anonymous (2011-03-18-231103_800x480_scrot.png 800x480 258kB)
Can I join in even though I don't have an iPad?

19 min later 30003841 Anonymous (Screenshot_2012-02-11-20-49-44.jpg 1280x800 843kB)
>>30003791 Oh nice, thanks. Recently though, I upgraded to a TF700T.

19 min later 30003843 Anonymous (1355784307419.jpg 1920x1200 308kB)
>>30003766 you'll probably like this one as well.

19 min later 30003848 Anonymous
>>30003802 much appreciated anon

20 min later 30003868 Anonymous
>>30003843 already got that one, but if you have any more like that post em

22 min later 30003904 Anonymous
>>30003841 I was considering upgrading but I really don't have a need for higher resolution, not really willing to lose any battery life. The wifi / gps on this unit isn't terrible so I'm waiting for tegra 4 to come out next year.

24 min later 30003924 Anonymous (starlitnight1920x1200-1-1.jpg 1920x1116 214kB)
>>30003868 older one, looks similar though. wouldn't surprise me if you have this one as well.

24 min later 30003926 Anonymous
>>30003904 The main reason I upgraded was because I had several dead pixels. Also why I had that butt ugly pixel fixer on my homescreen. I'm really autistic about this sort of thing so I sold it and got a TF700. The tegra 4 looks like a real monster, my fear is that it might have come too late.

26 min later 30003958 Anonymous
>>30003924 nope, didnt have that, but it looks great, thanks

29 min later 30004006 Anonymous
>>30003926 I'm kind of worried about that too, I was originally waiting for Tegra 3 to come out, but ended up buying the tf101 because it was delayed for too long, traded with cash for a prime a few months later. Hopefully nvidia learned something from tjat and releases tegra 4 on schedule. Excited for the nand controller upgrades.

34 min later 30004074 Anonymous
>>30004006 It's not the delays I'm really worried about in this case, but the lateness of the final product. Considering that it has yet to be announced, and will probably be announced in february, it's likely that the actual devices which feature the t4 will be out only by mid 2013. By then, it's possible that ARM will refresh it's mali line with their new T600 GPUs paired with samsung's quad exynos a15s. With the T4's GeForce only 1.5x the power of a SGX554, it's sort of hard to say at the moment, but they might get some real competition upon release. But exciting new tech all around, which is good for everyone.

37 min later 30004132 Anonymous (nvidia-tegra4-leak.jpg 600x313 122kB)
>>30004074 it's being announced at ces.

38 min later 30004142 Anonymous
>>30004132 Yep. Looks like I was off by a month.

42 min later 30004223 Anonymous
>>30004142 as long as it comes before my squaretrade warranty ends in feb 2014 I'm happy.

43 min later 30004252 Anonymous
>>30004223 But the devices themselves won't come by then. If I remember correctly, it usually takes quite some time for the announced product to hit the shelves, typically to the tune of several months.

46 min later 30004294 Anonymous
>>30004252 I think nvidia announced t3 in February 2011 and it was in the prime by December 2011

49 min later 30004336 Anonymous
>>30004294 Damn, was it really that long? nVidia better push this one out much quicker or they'll be in hot water.

52 min later 30004397 Anonymous
>>30004336 I researched it religiously when it was announced it they were having yeild issues with alot of the early batches. So ideally June 2013, more likely to see it around back to school season so oems can catch up.

53 min later 30004406 Anonymous
>>30004132 >planning on getting nexus 10 >it'll be obsolete spec wise by the time I have the money. oye, at this rate I may as well just keep my money and wait for the next tablet flagship. Just once I'd like to own a piece of bleeding edge tech.

55 min later 30004444 Anonymous
>>30004406 do it, made me so hard having the first quad core tablet.

58 min later 30004486 Anonymous (2012-12-19 22.57.45.png 2560x1600 2983kB)

1 hours later 30004550 Anonymous (bbscreen.jpg 320x240 28kB)

1 hours later 30004556 Anonymous
>>30004444 >quad core tablet >4444 >4 Well fuck.

1 hours later 30004572 Anonymous
>>30004486 I like it, looks very usable.

1 hours later 30004578 Anonymous
>>30004550 nice ssid

1 hours later 30004614 Anonymous
>>30004556 bahhah didnt even notice. I wish I got to see >>30000000 but I couldn't find it earlier.

1 hours later 30004638 Anonymous
>>30004614 >>30004595

1 hours later 30004657 Anonymous
>>30004578 why thank you.

1 hours later 30004676 Anonymous
>>30004638 thanks.

1 hours later 30004771 Anonymous (Screenshot_2012-12-20-02-14-07.png 800x1280 827kB)
>>30003463 dat poorfag nexus 7 feeleroony

1 hours later 30004973 Anonymous
Man... I've been considering getting a tablet in the coming months. I'm really wanting to start reading PDFs, and my D&D group is thinking of trying other systems, so a tablet would be really useful. Are there any recommendations? I'm also thinking of upgrading my cell phone soon, so I'm not sure if I should just get the S4 when it comes out and for-go getting a tablet all together. Pricing probably shouldn't go above $300, any suggestions guys?

1 hours later 30005011 Anonymous
>>30004973 If you're going to read PDFs, get a 10 inch tablet. 7 inch is small enough to where you'll constantly be scrolling around the pdf because pdf text isn't adjustable. For a budget of $300, look into the Asus Transformer TF300. Quad core tegra 3, 1280x720 10" screen, and about $350, you can find it cheaper on sale occasionally.

1 hours later 30005115 Anonymous
>>30005011 Figured I'd have to go for a larger tablet. I was eyeing up the Nexus 7, since it's not too expensive. I'll check out the TF300, thanks. Any idea if there's some new devices coming out in Jan/Feb?

1 hours later 30005154 Anonymous
>>30005011 pdf text is adjustable.. what reader are you using?

1 hours later 30005165 Anonymous
>>30005115 CES is next month, so we'll see a bunch of stuff announced in January, plus supposedly Asus is working on a $99 7" tablet

1 hours later 30005195 Anonymous
>>30005154 Question asker here, I was thinking of D&D sourcebooks, which are just images, right? That's probably what he was referring to. >>30005165 Well that's exciting. I'll hang on then, thanks.

1 hours later 30005255 Anonymous
>>30005011 Nexus 7 for 7" Agreed with the Transformer for a 10. The ASUS tablets are pretty sharp and are also coming down in price. That said, really go to a store and actually handle both (specifically hold both at chest level for at least one minute straight, as if you were laying down and reading) to get a feel for the weights. Text/document size is a non-factor either way.

1 hours later 30005271 Anonymous
>>30005195 it will work for that, it's just a page zoom type deal for adobe reader on android. If you manually set the zoom you're fine to read stuff like that on smaller tablets. That said, get the tf300 - it's basically a prime with better wifi and gps. I just saw it got an arch port the other day. I'm sure if you put an aosp rom on there it will run great.

1 hours later 30005306 Anonymous (Screenshot_2012-12-19-10-06-00.png 480x854 700kB)

1 hours later 30005321 Anonymous
>>30005255 >>30005271 Cool, cheers guys. I'll hit up the tablets at the Futureshop near my work and see what I like, size-wise. I'll wait for CES though to make a decision.

1 hours later 30005334 Anonymous
>>3000530 best looking nebula background I've seen yet, mind sharing?

1 hours later 30005439 Anonymous (2012-11_CygnusHPd_2k.jpg 2000x2000 2229kB)
>>30005334 Mine?

1 hours later 30005504 Anonymous (homescreen.png 720x1280 694kB)
tfw no one rates

1 hours later 30005515 Anonymous
>>30005504 7/10 a little plain

1 hours later 30005535 Anonymous
>>30005515 o-ok

1 hours later 30005561 Anonymous (PegasusDustDavis.jpg 1600x1226 2440kB)
>>30005334 If you like nebulae and such...

2 hours later 30005896 Anonymous

2 hours later 30005912 Anonymous
>>30005561 >>30005439 saved, appreciate it!

2 hours later 30005970 Anonymous (rigelwitch_andreo_big.jpg 1800x1373 1298kB)
>>30005912 They're all real space pics (of course processed and such). >apod.nasa.gov >http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap121101.html >Explanation: Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble -- maybe Macbeth should have consulted the Witch Head Nebula. The suggestively shaped reflection nebula is associated with the bright star Rigel in the constellation Orion. More formally known as IC 2118, the Witch Head Nebula spans about 50 light-years and is composed of interstellar dust grains reflecting Rigel's starlight. In this cosmic portrait, the blue color of the Witch Head Nebula and of the dust surrounding Rigel is caused not only by Rigel's intense blue starlight but because the dust grains scatter blue light more efficiently than red. The same physical process causes Earth's daytime sky to appear blue, although the scatterers in Earth's atmosphere are molecules of nitrogen and oxygen. Rigel, the Witch Head Nebula, and gas and dust that surrounds them lie about 800 light-years away.

2 hours later 30006042 Anonymous
>>30005970 I can definitely tell with the resolution. I like space backgrounds because it makes staring off into space more literal.

2 hours later 30006165 Anonymous (simeis188_willasch_2200.jpg 2200x1459 870kB)
>>30006042 Yeah APOD is pretty much where I get all my wallpapers. They don't even have to try, they're just magnificent. >mfw I can't upload half of these because they're 4mb+

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