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2012-12-20 06:59 30003413 Anonymous (build.jpg 1082x623 481kB)
How is this? First time build. Also, I have no clue how to build a PC as I never have done it. Is it pretty straightforward? Am I missing anything? This isn't a gaming build. Just a general programming, office work build.

2 min later 30003488 Anonymous (dat efficiency dat heart.jpg 511x480 67kB)
for that price, you can get 1tb HDD if not more $80 more, get the 3rd gen i5-3570k but of course, this all depends on what you are going to do with it, seems like not much considering you are going for a budget, Micro atx mobo build WHERE DA GPUS BE AT THOUGH

5 min later 30003540 Anonymous
>>30003488 So I'm missing a GPU? Got it. Any recommendations?

8 min later 30003597 Anonymous
>>30003540 I recommend you don't waste money on a gpu if you're not gaming or rendering anything. You might see about getting a bigger hard drive if you think you might need the space

16 min later 30003752 Anonymous (build2A.png 1083x571 173kB)
Updated cart. Found a bigger (and cheaper) hard-drive. Got a cheaper CPU with integrated graphics.

22 min later 30003869 Anonymous
>>30003752 helpful bump

33 min later 30004022 Anonymous
i have a very similiar build for my htpc and it would be perfectly fine for video/office work. I would personally go for a different mobo but thats personal preference for me

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