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2012-12-20 06:58 30003389 Anonymous (1321764090059.jpg 700x992 97kB)
Parts I ordered last Friday still hasnt arrived How is Christmas treating you /g/? And why did you recommend me 7890 HAWK when the 7950 is only about 30 dollars more expensive?

6 min later 30003524 Anonymous (1331625752871.jpg 600x963 275kB)

24 min later 30003884 Anonymous (seeu.png 659x773 385kB)

26 min later 30003913 Anonymous
A 34 hour episode of a chronic migraine during final exams. Felt amazing

28 min later 30003932 Anonymous
7890 doesn't exist.

28 min later 30003940 Anonymous
I bought a T430 (not for Christmas, for uni) and it arrived two weeks earlier than expected. >Lenovo status: bro tier

28 min later 30003945 Anonymous
>>30003932 I think I meant 7870

29 min later 30003957 Anonymous
>>30003940 Enjoy your chinese laptop with a thousand trojans

30 min later 30003975 Anonymous
>>30003957 >using windows on a Thinkpad

31 min later 30003986 Anonymous
>>30003975 >buying thinkpad when you're not an accountant

33 min later 30004004 Anonymous
>>30003945 I think you did. You ended up getting the 7950, right? I may replace my 560ti with a 970

34 min later 30004026 Anonymous
>>30004004 No I got the 7870 HAWK because I foolishly thought /g/ knew what it was talking about But the 7870 isnt opened yet so I may just replace it with the 7950

35 min later 30004031 Anonymous
>>30003986 What do accountants have to do with Thinkpads now? I thought that was a stereotype for people who use numpads. Macfags get more idiotic and abstract as they get more frustrated.

36 min later 30004056 Anonymous
>>30004031 I'm an accountant and everyone in my company uses a thinkpad Good work making yourself look like the retarded faggot you are though

40 min later 30004120 Anonymous
There's no reason to use the 7870 HAWK over the 7950 right? Seeking as how 7950 has almost 10 more fps in certain games Well I guess the HAWK may be better built

54 min later 30004353 Anonymous (1330252425488.jpg 400x1000 61kB)
>>30004120 well okay 7950 is more like 70 dollars more expensive unless I go for some no name brand Fuck this is hard to decide

1 hours later 30004714 Anonymous (1314796805521.png 1047x1123 122kB)
No seriously, help

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