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2012-12-20 06:56 30003348 Anonymous 110v to 230v issues. (xbox.jpg 631x668 39kB)
Hey /g/ I bought an xbox360 in the US recently and brought it back home to Iceland. We use 230v electricity standard here so I hooked the xbox to an adapter and it worked fine. A few hours later however I went to play again and it's not working, the power brick light is dark and nothing will turn on. What do you think happened /g/? is there anything I can do about it?

1 min later 30003386 Anonymous
Just call up Microsoft. I'm certain they've heard of faulty xbox at least once or twice before. Though, I don't know why you wouldn't have just imported one from yurp

5 min later 30003467 Anonymous
is there a fuse in your adaptor? you might have blown it by fucking about too much. otherwise you're fucked, no chance M$ will replace it if you've fried it with the wrong voltage.

5 min later 30003475 Anonymous
>Adapter = almost certainly fried >Brick = very likely fried >Console = possibly fried

9 min later 30003554 Anonymous
Do all xboxes use the same voltages but come with different power bricks? Maybe I can buy/borrow an Icelandic xbox power brick to see if the console is salvagable.

12 min later 30003610 Anonymous
>>30003554 yeah, that should work out OK

15 min later 30003656 Anonymous
>>30003554 Yep, do that. I use a PAL power supply on an NTSC N64. No issues at all.

19 min later 30003740 Anonymous
I just remembered that I have an old US gamecube (which was the original purpose for the adapter) and tried seeing if it would power up when hooked to the adapter. It did not, so I guess the adapter is fried. Does anyone here know electronics well enough to tell me if the xbox is likely to have been damaged when the power adapter died?

21 min later 30003787 Anonymous
look at label on power brick, that will tell you if it can run on 230V

24 min later 30003833 Anonymous
>>30003787 It can't, 100-127v only.

24 min later 30003845 Anonymous
I'm thinking if the power supply was only rated for 120V and you used it on a 230V line it wouldn't have worked for a few hours before frying. Could be a simple coincidence and it just failed because it's defective. Of course, the power supply will say right on it what input voltage range it supports, so there's no reason to speculate.

25 min later 30003859 Anonymous
>>30003833 I am a math major and that is fried

26 min later 30003888 Anonymous
>>30003833 You'll need the proper power supply for 220-240V then. I think there's a good chance that only the power supply is fried and you'll be good to go with the proper power supply.

27 min later 30003898 Anonymous
>>30003845 I used a US to Euro adapter, one which I have used many timed before with American electronics. and based on my findings here >>30003740 it's the adapter that died. Now I'm just wondering if it took the xbox with it but have no way to know right now.

33 min later 30003979 Anonymous
>>30003898 not all american electronics support 230V yes, some do, but not all but you'd have to be a little crazy to note that the power brick clearly says "100-127V" and think "nah it's probably just the plug adaptor"

33 min later 30003984 Anonymous
This adapter of yours probably wasn't designed for the kind of power a modern console eats up, There's a huge difference between a Gamecube and an Xbox 360 power consumption wise. The console itself should be fine.

33 min later 30003988 Anonymous
>>30003898 By that you mean a full-on voltage/frequency converter box? Unless you use it for a lot of things (or things that have built-in power supplies that don't support your country's electricity), you'd really be better off just getting the correct power supplies for your electronics.

34 min later 30003997 Anonymous
>>30003979 It's not just a plug adaptor, it's a thick heavy converter thingy that I don't know the name for.

41 min later 30004103 Anonymous
>>30003988 >By that you mean a full-on voltage/frequency converter box? Yeah that's it, sorry I didn't know the english term for those things. Is it likely that the xbox simply drew more power than the converter box could handle and blew it out like >>30003984 says?

42 min later 30004117 Anonymous
>>30003348 Your shitty transformer overvolted it.

42 min later 30004128 Anonymous
Why do I have the feeling that by adapter, OP means a plug and not a transformer/power converter?

43 min later 30004140 Anonymous
>>30004117 which means what exactly? dead power brick? dead xbox? or just dead transformer?

43 min later 30004158 Anonymous
>>30004128 that would be hilarity.

44 min later 30004164 Anonymous
>>30004103 It's possible. It may have also just failed because it's junk. The converter should have some ratings on it. There should be an amps rating listed for the output.

47 min later 30004221 Anonymous
>>30003610 >>30003656 >Implying things The rest of the comments seem to assume you plugged the 360 in directly to the wall after using an adapter for some time. Not sure where you mentioned that, but if that's what happened, you are a retard and out of luck. That being said, if its just not working through the adapter, the adapter itself might be dead. If you have any other 110v appliance (granted, I don't know why you would), you could use that to check. I'd imagine most adapters would have a failsafe, but if it did end up giving your xbox a shot of 230, the power brick itself could have taken the hit. Its hard to say if xboxs are compatible with cross-region power cables, so I would recommend replacing with a 110v. Of course, xbox accessories are overpriced, so check the adapter first if possible. Finally, to avoid future possible damage to 110v appliances, you could buy a US surge protector. These are almost always built into power strips, and are usually along the $15USD for a off-brand to ~$40USD for a higher quality one. Also, I question why you would buy an xbox out of region, since all games are region-locked.

49 min later 30004261 Anonymous (20121220_064113.jpg 3264x2448 2379kB)
>>30004128 >>30004117 >>30003988 Here's a picture of the adapter/converter/transformer/whatever, I admit I'm a totall noob at these things.

55 min later 30004341 Anonymous
>>30004221 Thanks a lot, and same to everyone else in the thread trying to help. As for why I bought a US xbox, they are considerably cheaper than the ones sold here and I can just order US games off ebay or buy them direct through Xbox live.

56 min later 30004369 Anonymous
>>30004261 Is there any particular reason its not grounded? Does Iceland not have a grounding pin? Is there any light that used to light up on the adapter when it was plugged in? If so, and the light no longer comes on, the adapter is dead. If there never was a light, then again, you need something to check with. Now that I think about it, the xbox powerbrick has a light that glows red if it detects an issue with itself. Otherwise, it would be yellow in it's off state, and I believe turns green when the xbox starts up. If the brick doesn't light up at all, you either fried the shit out of it, or else the adapter is at fault.

57 min later 30004390 Anonymous
>>30004261 >75W Yeah, that's way too low for an Xbox 360. You'd need more than twice that. Almost certainly, you just fried your converter by overloading it. You'll either need to get a larger converter with more power handling or just buy a 220-240V power supply for your Xbox.

59 min later 30004420 Anonymous
>>30004261 >75w i think the xbox needs a little more power than that. you more likely blew out your power converter not your xbox

1 hours later 30004478 Anonymous (power-supply-comparison1.jpg 400x400 28kB)
>>30004390 >>30004420 yup look here even the most power efficient 360 consumes twice that amount... problem solved

1 hours later 30004487 Anonymous
>>30004390 >>30004420 Mystery solved it seems, I'll have to go buy either a new converter or an xbox brick in the morning depending on which is cheaper/easier to find. >>30004369 We don't have grounding pins here, I'm not sure why. Thanks again you all, you've done /g/ proud this day.

1 hours later 30004596 Anonymous
>>30004487 You'll need a new adapter in any case. If the one you have isn't fried, then it at the very least doesn't work with the xbox for long periods. In light of this, The brick itself is probably fine. It just tried to pull too much is all.

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