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2012-12-20 06:54 30003312 Anonymous (1355981568503.gif 260x189 92kB)
Hey, stop coming to /v/ and /k/ with your stupid /g/eentoo shit. It's annoying, nobody cared, take the nix* out of your ass and maybe you'll be less insecure. You're looking to get one of your little neckbeard shows shot up. -/v/ -/k/

1 min later 30003333 Lonely
>nix* /v/ pls go.

1 min later 30003336 Anonymous

1 min later 30003338 Anonymous
>>30003312 stop sending you "CAN I BUILD GAMIN PC 4 CYRISI MAXIUMUM 1100 FPS $300???"

2 min later 30003355 Anonymous
>>30003338 Stop recommending people to install the shittiest OS of all time then.

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